Let's play Spyro 3 part 14 It's A Free Country Speedway

good evening everybody subjects 84 264 14 let’s play spyro 3 year to dragonglass and left all with just uh well we just went through bamboo Terrence but uh will not be able to get everything just yes we I like the Pacific character and so we already unlock the boss level but before we do that we’re going to take on another’s bway mission call country Speedway so let’s get to work and I believe this is the speed this is this is the speed just be way mission that uh that Justin glitched online because he did he did some missions out of order and he couldn’t get the egg I tongcheng as usual so you gotta start with the Rings didn’t get all the tractors cows saved the planes for last all right he say the usual so we’re gonna start our bikol going through the ranks then the tractors then bachelors cows to take out the planes now I kind of screw this I kind of screwed his part up once on my practice file kahi go so freakin fast hard to stare home and why I just knows every time I every time I found Speedway almost call it a speed run you know no speedruns on YouTube yeah oh god no see moves to extremely too fast it’s hard to stare home in the second part that you can’t you can turn on make him slow down you just gotta fight his pace and this is why I prefer this in a slow down but because I came too fast whatever now so how you guys been doing today is a January fourteen thousand fourteen Wow me 14 to sv okay I almost passed african carol s got done playing on Neptune your victory right now trying to go for your online I trophy all right oh god damn it I got do a u-turn all right hopefully I hope I’ll have enough time take out of airplanes yeah sure i get my part number to get a level nine now so I can get a trophy out of it all right yeah man yeah you want to just plan selling your first go because you can easily lose sight of home oh man I got do this all over again so yeah this might be a long video because i plan on I playing on fresh Speedway Michigan dislike the boss world so then if I stop recording will take a shower then go downstairs and watch Pretty Little Liars oh yeah and yesterday’s episode forgot to mention dad well it’s calculated mission is now because after I fed recording last night I went to watch the season 1 B premiere of the Fosters and it was a pretty depressing episode hey Susan’s girlfriend had to have to leave deliver parents look good okay okay good at that plane and Kali ran away and they still detonate and they still identify nur but the guy she was sleeping with well she didn’t really them but it was slept in the same bed he he almost he he almost gave her up when she left again did I hit that I hit that plane did I wait I did hit that plane goddamn hit detection it isn’t this gonna be a long night that’s what I hate God felt rough shooting those airplane because I hit the hip attention is so wonky and they have you second that uh they took the plane down but you didn’t and the fact that spawn fries too goddamn fast you can’t anticipate I had the terms huh oh my god oh my god are you kidding me how are you mr alright but we still got to be still got

to take all the place out to get the egg oh we’re not gonna make it we’re not gonna make it unless I would if I would have had that last plaintiff to hit the test me I’m gonna me over this is gonna be a long long night as you can tell disputed mission is kind of tricky even the even mission number two is tricky all right take you down and please enough with oh god please slow down spiral slow down I can’t answer paint that all right see some time you want to skip the booster because they can really you over I got it and I i really hate the fact that when you shoot down your target it you talk don’t extend like in the first two which is kind of gay all right want to go all right come on come on yes finally our time now give me that egg which we gotta say just give me that egg yeah I earned it took me like five trust Gavin well here’s the thing my practice father this one only got just only got this done my second try now the racing mission raised to buy planes maybe I know the drill the red dots is your path and you will go through the green rings all right nice party is so tricky dis dis dis took me a few trials my practice file all right shoot that thing down and we get me crying got past it so don’t be surprised my commentary kind of died out that’s probably my intense focus but I do love the music yeah take you down I don’t go for that speed boost Ashby brucer troll all right oh it’s sometimes it’s hard to get that booster under that freaking house that bridge I mean oh I forgot about that boosts it down there I would have passed that I would have passed that ah I’m gonna pass him right now Oh goddamn it’s too fast partner do you wrap it second place dog ah alright he’s got fun later Oh God see that boosted right there is hard to get sometimes all right let’s fly low downwards all right oh wait that wasn’t that wasn’t a leader all god damn how to you pass that booster how the you pass that booster come on what the Davies life far like what the is he acts all right there he is shoot that took long enough and why I keep splitting man right that’s not the leader damn hiss hiss are fairly

far here he is a fairly far how fast this is plain I don’t believe this how far this is plain yeah I’m gonna make it all track what’s the point cuz I came in second place right yes racist is so rigged it’s rigged because that plan came and came and go that fast all right or maybe he came gun maybe the game kind of glitter on or what because I could I should have passed later by now Oh see what the how can you easily pass that booth right there a ton of a pet that boost and we do you go passes oh man I would had a products booster but of them mm kind of me over a little bit all right it’s going that house I’ll be get you missed that booster there partner yes I’m gonna shoot but can actually target home son tell me these despite plane which I’m still locked base oh man this is so loud bass this is why he 30 game of objects I’m sure it’s broken can easily outrun those planes god damn it but how is it they can’t keep up those flew airplanes he got real rings that’s this is why I bail again logic can go suck my dick yeah whoever made this piece of need to get shot in the balls oh god shoot just wait till we uh fight the boss of world too he’s crazy but I fight the boss I’m not gonna hunt him sent the hub were right away this is probably along as video because of this see this is why i’m not really i’m not really a huge fan of country speedway when it comes to racing these by plane because it is so slow you can’t hit the fast blood in unless you see a booster and sometimes probably easily missed a booster all right and with some reason sometimes the place will get ahead of you for for some stupidest reason even though you will you race through this course flawlessly I’m telling you these recent missions are so wrecked your rage oh god get out the way you Oh God yeah I was bound to miss that booster ah alright don’t miss this one at least now where its lair cuz I just saw him please don’t some he’s far are out they got seen him always up there come on that plan is not moving that fast I know it slow them down get that dick we out of my sight I want you slowing down come on we got to may

have a chance Oh God come on we can do this oh my god oh I could have had him too that plant cannot move that fast this game salt is so I’ll tell you this it is rigged this Ricky ass mission oh what the hell even the patrols are rigged I think my plan kind of kind of screwed because I don’t know if I have enough time to get to the boss in this episode yeah I don’t know if I don’t have enough Tyga to the ball because it’s good thing the boss is pretty tricky and he kicked my ass my practice file oh god I was dance too fast so yes so this look like this month while I 1 i’m going to go to the balls in the next video did not do the sparks mission afterwards because if i if i go to the boss after I get done with the country spirit then it’s going to be a long long long long long recording and that’s just going to be tired all right my first place like I should be but it I did for the boss my practice file oh god Marcus oh my gosh bro you a dick eater man oh god no get get my dick man get off my dick all right that was close okay now I don’t want to get too gritty with the all yeah I don’t get to group that booth over there because I’m my practice file when I went to add to that one booze on my left that knock me in the water and I was racing like a too ah see I probably aprenda a calm I feel yourself s-s-san wasn’t I wasn’t get to agree with speed boosters because you never know what’s going to happen all right now we have first place when finally got damn it well I don’t want go to that again Sydney geek I’m not a pretty fancy flyer this this game is wrecked shup shup the elephant from George of the jungle but it’s the dragging the bow all right now you come back to what I’m attack and fine hunter all right and after this we’re stopping this video because now we went we might have time for the for the boss in this episode we went to feminine in the next video sorry folks but blame country Speedway all right he’s in this house right here do your heart sir saucers and space cows all over this place we gotta stop up before they abduct anybody I’m gonna strap on my jet I can blast some space cows as Denny Colonel racing would say go for it but but that’s actually TD that says

the TD the talking clock all right this is pretty simple just shoot those freaking saucers and if if the syphilis gets captured your missions to failure all right dickweed dick wait oh yeah I would have went to the mall today but uh I overslept again I wake up to like till four de [ __ ] my god damn it at least I hate a hoagie today but here’s the thing i like hope he’s better when it’s cold because here’s the thing right it’s right the Hokey after i brought from the puerto rican store their marriage is all warm because it wasn’t it Fisher rated so I prefer a cold hoagies who else eat cold okies is now there’s another UFO mission which is completely and I’ve less in the next world right now back all right where it’s all worth those lists all right it’s right there get that UFO this one over there I believe thats it yep that’s it you see them just in time so yeah that mission was pretty easy contain goodness well robot room Rob Robert oh and we got saved wakes in total I’m getting the out here because this we’re demoing country speedway for good all right and yeah I know ourselves gonna take on the boss this episode but we’re at the 22 minute mark which means we will take on the balls in the next video and this time I’m serious I’m not gonna could all agree and go for like I’ve been like I did back on my my sayonara bonus video where I said I’m sure that uh the daily 6th edition one today but I decided let’s go head and shove the UH Yoshi’s Island a Louisville why not all right that’s what that’s what happened so next time let’s play spyro 3 we’re going to take on the boss named spike so yeah Ivan Ivan wrong way on skype status and we’ll fight spikes night but due to how tough cookie Speedway is we’re not going to do that in tonight’s episode but I will go to my stopping point and now see you guys next time we take on spike the second balls of world to so until next time subjects a foal to out