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Rajesh! Ganesh! Get up! It is 6 o’clock You have to go to school Did you wet the bed today too? Didn’t you go to bathroom in the night? Mother, I went to bathroom If you went then why will you wet the bed? How many times should I tell you not to jump? I will definitely bring. After that your business will do really well Your head is drenched. Clean it Why don’t you sent your younger son for coaching? He seems interested A new batch will begin next month – First let the elder son learn

We will then see after that What are you doing when you are getting late for school? Hey, don’t you know that you should walk properly on road? Mother, I want ice-cream If you eat ice-cream in sun, you will catch cold Listen to me Please, mother Buy it, mother – Will you both come without talking? Cup-ice! Milk-ice! Cone-ice! -Mother Please, mother.. – I said no Madam, do you want cup-ice? – No. Please go Mother! Please, mother. – Come Shut up and come, otherwise you will get beatings. – Mother.. – Come Hey! What are you doing? She threw the paper down to see me When she smiled after looking at me, I felt she is everything to me I thnk she too felt the same when she saw me Today I am very happy This is the most memorable day of my life Excuse me, sir Prasanna? Who? Son of aunt? No, sir. My uncle’s son Excuse me, sir You are late. Come for the next class Sir, today only I received my demand draft I went to pay my hostel fees, sir Today is the last day, sir Get in. – Thanks, sir This is the last time Make sure you all come on time Or don’t come We are going to continue a discussion on the coverpage layout of the magazines Meena, refresh what we learned in the last class. – Sir You stand. – Sir, bike got punctured Didn’t you find any other good reason to say? Sir, it is true that bike got punctured Sorry, I have less attendance Please allow me If you allow you inside today then from tomorrow everyone will give the same excuse No, sir. Nobody give such excuse Nobody will give them, right? Whoever wants to help me, please raise your hands Come here You came to the college for studying, right?

No book, no pen, no bag Sir, they are all inside the desk You are not helping your friend for a good cause Come here. – Sir – Did you complete the assignment? Sir, you said to submit it tomorrow I said tommorow It must half complete by today Look at the get up. Jeans, shoes Does one come to college like this? It must be your dream to become a director But you should study for passing You should pass all subjects I am angry and moreover you came late Why do you still irritate me without any sense? Sorry, sir. – Go! Meena, you may start Hey, are you going? – Yes, buddy I have an urgent work. I will come Oh! Why is oil getting leaked like this? It fell down and therefore oil is getting leaked Bike is in proper condition Let us eat burger It has been many days since I gave it for service I should give it tomorrow Okay. Where is Jim? He went to the studio to bring the camera? Hell with him.. I am late Why are you in a hurry? What is the urgent work you have? I have some work. – Look, he has come Okay. Fine Okay, I am going Bye. – Bye! – Bye! Let us see Hi! – Hi! You don’t worry Hey! Bring it without fail tomorrow I will definitely bring it Bye, Rajesh! – Bye! – I will call you back Shall we go? – Okay. – I will give my bike for servicing tomorrow You should pick me up Okay. Keep this in front How can I drive by keeping it? Sit Okay. At least keep this phone Okay. Bye Bye Hi, buddy Hey, buddy Give one cigarette. – I have only one You must have smoked Give it. – I didn’t smoke yet If you want then let us smoke it together Okay. Come Hey, is this the urgent work? Wait, buddy We will go in two minutes Will you come or should I leave? What is it with you? Why are you running like a school boy after the bell is rang? Buddy, let him go You give the bike for servicing tomorrow and come by bus I will not pick you up, okay? Really? Okay Sindhu will call at night 10 o’clock I will talk to her Hey, wait. I too will come Come! Come! Come! This is what is going to happen if you act smart Wait Okay. Start Hey! Hey, it is getting cold. Drink it I told you many times but you still don’t ride bike slowly Hey! Why did you wear my shirt? Why are you shouting now? Why doesn’t he wear his shirt? New shirt, mother I wore it only once Shouldn’t brother wear your shirt? If you want then you wear his shirt tomorrow Don’t pass judgements as if this is a judicial matter If he wears my shirt again then I don’t know what I will do Give it What? Didn’t you bring money? Drink boost Do you want me to make bread toast? No, mother. I will eat after coming from play ground Why is the coat of milk more? I filtered it just now See what is this? – That is good for health You don’t like to eat good things Where? Salary is not credited yet I will give tomorrow Today is 4th It gets credited on 3th, right? See I am filtering it in front of you. Watch it Drink slowly Hey, drink water and go. – No, mother Let’s see next page Did you notice this fixing? There is no link between this and oru game hey, we should change Then only we can improve ourselves to the standard where we can play Did you understand? We are playing for fun. You are talking like a professional player Go away! Hey! Why are you pushing? Let us go to the ground Wait. Let Sanju come He has got the ball Hey, let us go to the ground Tell him to come there Anyway he will come this way What is the need to hurry You still have time, right? Hey! Nowadays he is showing more interest on football What is the reason behind your liking this game so much? Hey, it will get punctured Okay. Where is the ball It is here Hey, you took it to the school for playing, right? Ball is under your bed. Check it Get down. Go inside and bring it Sanju, you go and bring Why don’t you go?

I have to remove shoes – I too should remove footwear You are too lazy! Move aside! Hey, we will not find a better opportunity. Let us use it Yes Superb, buddy! Superb! Hey, what is it? What are you doing? What is the need to stand here for it? Why don’t you stand out? You will say anything. You stand here and see. – Brother Do you want me to stand here? Hey! What is it? You should kick it Okay, come. – I couldn’t do it Hey, it will not happen.First you go and stand there I will bring the ball. Start! Come on! Come on! Play hard! You go left! Kick it! Kick! Throw it! Buddy, give it here! You run! – What are you doing? Kick it! – Come on! Pass it! Look around! Superb! Superb, buddy! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Come on! Make it tight! Tight! You go there! You throw the ball Over here.. Here Take it.. – You there Go! Over there! Okay. Block him Hey, what happened to you? You come here – Kick it! What are you watching? Over there! Go there! Get the ball! What happened to him? Hey, we are watching each other since few days No chance at all! I don’t know how should I say how it feels Do you think I am a fool because I am playing with you Hey, we are playing for fun I am telling the truth You will never mend your ways Sir thinks he will get job in campus interview and become a great person You are studying French so that you score good marks in Inter, right? No, madam We are learning a new language Don’t tell these stories to me You will study French in english but you will score 190 marks out of 200 But you don’t know to pronounce at least ABC in French correctly She is taking class to the boy’s father too What is there with me? You will pay me the fees If your son studies well then it is good for him He will learn a new language Do you doubt that she is in love with someone? Yes. – It is nothing like that But there is a big football player behind her Who? Ronaldo? Can’t you shut your mouth? Sorry, dear. I am bit late Why are you so late? She is waiting since long time Why don’t you call Kaushik’s mobile? He must be driving the vehicle Did you buy the entire medicine? – Yes, I did Did you find syrup? – Yes, I bought it Take this, dear. Give it to father Okay, uncle. How much it cost? This is no need to you Tell father to call me I will tell him how to use the medicines Okay? – He is saying 40 rupees per square foot 40 rupees? It is less Yes, it is less He says he will give for 40 rupees I don’t know what I should say I asked one broker to come to the shop in the evening There is no dearth for place in the city. Place can be found anywhere Let us talk after you come in the evening Okay. – Bye Bye. – Bye Bye. – Bye Brother, take the car out Okay Oh! Car is not getting started Brother, don’t play. Time to leave Car is not getting started Shall we go and tell mother? Am I afraid? Brother, I know you are doing it deliberately Deepa, you are genius What is it? Take out the car Is it the time to play? His father is already waiting See, mother. Car is not getting started. What should I do? What can he do if the car is not getting started? Aunt, don’t support your father unnecessarily Your son is pretending well He pushed the car. You start Hey! Car is going She has left. Wait, mother Rajesh, sir HOD is calling you Is it? You go without turning the light off I will see it Can’t you go that way? Hey, move aside! Come, sir. – Rajesh! Switch off the light! Hey, you are able to see the film, right? Shut and see Should I switch it off for you?

Rajesh, switch off the light and go What happened? I received shock. – Shock? It shouldn’t happen I received shock. Okay, you come Yes, sir Did you really receive shock? I am just acting Sir, you should have switched it off using platic pen You are educated and you know They don’t know that They are eagerly waiting to see when lights are switched off Come, let us go Okay. Why did HOD call me? I don’t know, sir He is sitting idle from morning Nobody has come I think that’s why he called you Come, I will fix you! – Sir! Come! – Sir! – Come! Sir.. – Yes, come in Rajesh, why didn’t you give your name for this? I want you to take part in this competition No, sir. I am not interested in competition You are drawing well Everyone is suggesting your name Rajesh, if you participate in such competitions then only you will know your potentiality Drawing is just a hobby, sir I wish is to become director Who told you not to make movie? See, Rajesh. We should develop the talent inside us all the time Who knows You could become a great painter in future There is nothing to lose, Rajesh You should participate in these competitions at least as an experience Okay? – Okay, sir Enrol your name today evening Okay? Okay, sir. I will do Hey, here.. – Here.. – Here Pass here.. – To me Hey, here.. Here Good Hey, kick it.. – Buddy! Here.. here.. pass there Here.. give here.. move forward Hey, come on.. come on Don’t leave there Pass here.. pass here Kick.. Okay, here Give here Sorry, buddy. My footwear came out Don’t you know that you should wear shoes when you come to play? You have shoes, right? Why are you lazy to wear them? If you want to do something then do it properly Hey, stop Hey, stop.. – Ready? Are you ready? Ready You cannot play if you come in the middle. Go and sit there You are playing friendly match, right? Give here.. – Hey, should we allow you to play whenever you come? Here.. here Come on.. come on.. good Pass here.. don’t miss it Take it.. take it Yes! – Hey! Come on.. come on.. – Kick it.. kick Pass here.. here.. here Take it.. move.. move Come on.. come on.. wait.. wait Hey. – Superb! – No! Come on.. come on.. yes.. yes Ball.. ball.. take it.. take it Pass the ball Leave it to him.. You kick it Take it Here.. Buddy, pass here Pass it.. pass it.. good.. good Excellent, buddy! Hey, did you bring money?

Hey! It is in your purse, right? I will take it Hey! How many times I told you to bring money today? Hey! Is there anybody inside? Didn’t I tell you to bring money today? I came at 2.30 in the night from office Sorry. You will go in the evening, right? I will draw the money and give you by evening Okay. Give your card. I will take it Why? To take 500 or 1000 extra? I don’t want your 500 or 1000 First give the card But I want my 10,000 Beat me with footwear if I ask you for money again Why is he saying 10,500? My brother gave only 10,000 500 is less. Will you give it? I will give you later Hey, am I running a bank? I have only 200 rupees He is quoting this price for the phone that is not available First find out if it is available here or not We checked in 7 to 9 shops till now Welcome, sir Nokia 7500 diamond cut.. Is it available? No, sir. We don’t deal used phones Not used one. I am asking for new one Sir, that model is not available anymore. It is stopped How many shops should we search for? What is the greatness of that phone? Take another model If you want then there is a new model with the same price. Will you buy it? What model is it? – This is 5800 5800 Where else can I find it? There are no chances There is a Nokia showroom in Abids Go there and try Abids Okay. Shall we go? Hey, I cannot come. It is too hot Moreover you are saying it is Abids I will buy cold drink. You are young You should be active. Come. Come Hey! Cold drink! – We can drink it later One cold drink? We will drink later I am thirsty At least let me drink water We both shouldn’t drink even water until we get that phone Come. – Why are you including me? Will you buy cold drink or not? I will buy it after finding the phone. Come This is the last shop I will not come to other place Sir, do you have Nokia 7500? No, sir. That model is stopped Production is stopped Where else can I find it? There are so many models here Buy one Why are you doing like this? I am feeling irritated What is there in that phone? One minute, sir Sir, give me your mobile.. 7500 Hey, this phone This one? Were you trying so desperately for this? Phone is superb like a diamond What a phone! Okay. Will you buy this phone for 1000 rupees in second hand? I don’t want used one I want a new one Sir, we had one 7500 phone for many days Just two days before One person like you came and asked for it Had you come two days before you would have got that phone You missed it narrowly Hello, has he come? 10 minutes I will be there in 10 minutes Tell him to wait Welcome, sir Do you have scratch guard for this phone? Yes, we have – I bought it two days back There are small scratches in these two days Did you buy this phone newly? – Yes How much you bought it for? – 10,000 Sir, many mobiles better that this are available with the same price Why did you buy this one? I checked everywhere for three months only to buy this phone First put the scratch guard I am getting late. – Okay, sir Sir, even if you talk normally, charging will remain for one and half day One half day? – Yes, sir Is there email option? – Yes, it is there What else? Shut up and buy this phone Is there other colour available in it? Yes, sir But today we have only black

If you want then I will get them tomorrow Hey, this one too is nice. Buy it Is it okay? Yes. Okay Make the bill. – Okay, sir How much discount? Only 20 percent? No, sir There is no offer available now? You can give it Sir.. – Okay, I will talk to your owner Okay, sir Here Okay, I will leave Wait. I will bring big cover You can keep it in that No need. I will keep it in front Okay Okay. Why are you looking dull? Didn’t you like the phone? Nice phone, buddy No, it is not like that. I am tired Yes, you will fee so when you search ten shops Okay, bye Keep the phone on charging after reaching home Keep it like that for whole night Finally my brother gave money today for my mobile I searched many shops for it I didn’t find it anywhere Finally I went to Cellzone Sir, do you have Nokia 7500? – One minute, sir Sir, 7500 mobile box is there Please give it My god! Yes, this is the phone Sir, you are lucky, sir There is only one piece I think this is for you Today I got the phone of my choice I am very happy Slowly.. slowly Welcome. – Welcome Hey, did you come to your house?- Hey, shut up Do you have college bag? – Please come in Select the bag? This is college bag There is laptop provision too Hey, we can keep laptop too He doesn’t have laptop You are wonderful Hey, shut up What is the cost? 4,500 Do you have bags with less prices that it? – Yes, I will show Tell me I am in VIP showroom at Koti We came to buy bag for Deepak See this. Double compartment First you wear it and see – Hey, this is nice, right? First you wear it and see – Wear it and see Wear on both hands Walk and see Turn around Bag is too small Show bigger size – Yes, we have other sizes too Really? When? – This is superb! You said you will buy next week, right? My god! – Which bike? Turn around Turn around Bags are looking small Little big size. Is it the last size? This is the standard size in these Little big size If you want bigger size than this then He always says like that This is okay for me Will you fix should belts to it? No chance Okay, we will wait. Come fast Hey, Dilip bought a new bike Really? He said he will buy next week Don’t know. He said he didn’t tell you because he wanted to surprise us Pack this bag He didn’t say He said he will come in 15 minutes Why doesn’t he come to the colony directly? He said we will go out for dinner That’s why Sir, is it cash or card? Payment Crap! Does he possess a card? – Cash Buddy, did you see a girl in green dress? I didn’t see Who? Hey, your candidate Hey, I am telling the truth It is your candidate Okay, leave it Why do you shout? Where? She went this way Buddy, I am sure she is your candidate She must be somewhere around I didn’t see her There is no time to think You come fast Hey! – Come! Anu, I forgot my mobile Where? – In the shop You always forget like this

Come, let us go and collect it. – Come Hey! Do you have sense? What did I do? I lost my entire respect Hey, who knew they will come back? They mustn’t have seen us running Why did you stop suddenly? I stopped because you stopped Hell with you! Okay, come We shouldn’t miss now. – Yuck! Go! You go. I will come Hey, where did you go? She is going this way There is some miscalculation You find me funny, right? Hey, I said correctly that she is your candidate You should give treat for it Crap! Anyway she will have to go this way Come, we will go there and wait I am bit frightened of your words Come Hey, why are you carrying it in hands? Keep it there Nobody will steal it. Keep it Buddy, your candidate Buddy, come. Come! Come! Leave me. – Why? She is going with her mother She will feel uneasy Did you hear? I am unable to bear it Why did you beat me? It happened by mistake Buddy, did you buy this bike? No chance! It is superb! Wow! How much it cost? On road One lakh ten thousand, buddy Wow! It is rocking! I too will buy this bike if I were to buy one But I will buy black colour Hey, red is superb Okay. Everything is fine but tank is small Hey, it will look like that when you sit This is my next bike But not this colour. It is black What did you forget? – Mobile, mother Hey, this has become a habit for you You go and take it Mother, I have to remove shoes Go, mother I am unable to run around ten times for you Mother.. – Yes, son Mother, get me married so You will not face these problems Do you have this wish too? These days girls are very smart They will make you do service to them Mother, I will get a good wife You go and bring the phone I will see it This is just rough I will rewrite again It will be superb How is it? – It is nice How much is the running time? Is it 30 minutes? It will be around 15 to 20 minutes Script has come up well Film should be made well Hey, what are you doing? Tell me. I am thinking of lightening Lightening? First listen to me. – Okay, tell me We thought our movie should be like this and that This short film is a good rehearsal for it Okay? – Okay. Okay. We will do it I am very tired Really? – Let us go to Sri Sri restaurant and drink lemon juice and get refreshed and then talk Fresh? Come Come. Come Suggestion shots are of old style We should shoot them in new style – We will try variety Good evening, sir Well, didn’t you go yet? No, sir. We are working on short film There is still time for it Sir, we started it early to take more time. – Good Are you all here? – Not everyone, sir All have left We are just five to six. That’s it Very good. Keep it up Sir, didn’t you leave yet? Just now the meeting got over. – Okay Sir, I am very happy Where are you going that side, sir? I am going to toilet I should be asking it Why are asking it? Ask it, sir. Ask it We should first give him divorce Buddy, I will go to hostel Why? I have work Hey, wait. You can go later It is great that he stayed today Why are you in a hurry Let us all go together Okay. But how should I come back I will drop you. Come. Okay? Why do you ride your bike so fast? Sound is being heard till here when you enter the street. Do you know? Aunt, we are travelling with a speed of one lakh kilometre around the sun I am travelling with 60, 70s speed Is it a speed? Is he inside? He is studying inside You don’t sit there. Come fast I have many works I will have to leave immediately Aunt, there is no response Is he sleeping? Knock hard Aunt, we can believe guys who go out citing combine study Aunt, we shouldn’t believe guys who say they will study separately in a room Why do you take so much time in opening the door? Mother, I thought Anu is knocking the door She didn’t return from tuition yet How will she knock the door? Henceforth don’t do works that require you to close the door What is it, buddy? Hey! What is the matter? Can’t you keep quiet without talking something? What did I do, buddy? You are saying it for fun but my mother is taking it seriously Okay, leave it. Did she come today? Hey, you don’t have sense By the way, what is your problem? Did she come today or not?

Well, why didn’t you come to the ground? I had some work in the college Oh! Do you have more important work than her? She too didn’t come Oh! Maybe she didn’t come because I didn’t come I don’t know how will I live without seeing her till tomorrow evening I am missing her badly It should be tomorrow evening when I close and open my eyes once It will be superb, right? Hey, don’t talk non-sense I have lot ot work I have to finish all assignments Why do you talk without understanding? Ever did you see me running behind a girl? I like her as much as you like Aruna I am serious, buddy – Find her house by following her You will not have any problem then You can see her whenever you want Follow her? I will lose respect if I follow her Following doesn’t mean to chase her Okay, leave it I will tell you a plan What plan? I will find her house without her knowledge I will plan for it. You go Why did you come out soon? Is your friend studying? He is studying. There is an important project tomorrow He is drawing the plan for it What project? Your son gave the idea. Ask him Okay, you ride your bike slowly I felt it will be good if she comes wherever I go Today it happened in real But I didn’t see her first She saw me first I didn’t know she will come back to see me and so I ran to see her After I saw her seeing me running I somehow felt but shy But she enjoyed it She felt very happy The way she looked at me when she left from there It conveyed her love inside It is not possible to explain the feeling in words I am feeling very happy What do you want? Ask Ask whatever you want Do you want that star? Where did he go?

Why did you bring here? I am doing everything according to the plan. Wait for some time Hi, brother! – Hi! Where did you go? I went on some work Brother Rajesh, all the best Hey, why did you tell him? He too is helping us in our plan You wait Brother, bring it Key is here on bike Bring them Brother, we will come in maximum one hour It is okay, brother It is okay if you take more time Brother, keep my bike inside Okay, brother. I will keep it Come and sit! Catch! What is all this? What is it? Hey, wear it and sit on bike Why? Are we going to kidnap her? Hey, you only said she mustn’t know that we are following her That’s why all this. Come and sit Is this your superb plan? This is only the set up Plan will start from now. Sit Move in front Hell with this! Crap! Hey! What is it? Wait Brother, what is this? Turn the choke and start Crap! What kind of bike is it? We should have taken your bike You said you will lose respect if she knows we are following her It has got helmet Hey, if she sees both of us on my bike in future then she will find out we both have followed her This is for your safety What are you doing? You wore shoes too What plan did you make? – Wait for some time Everything is for you What is it? Watch! What is this drawing? Map This is spot A She goes this way daily Hey, I too know that Okay.. – Hey! I said it for fun Tell me! Tell me! Listen to what I say? There are three colonies in this route One is Nehru colony Second is Teachers colony Third is Shivaji colony My friend Vinod stays in Nehru colony You know him, right? He said there isn’t any girl like her there Second is teachers colony My class mate Karthik is there in teachers colony I inquired with him too His date base is more strong He too said the same thing Finally Shivaji colony is left There are around 70 house and four streets in it That’s why when your candidate reaches spot A we should go to spot B on bike It will take five minutes for your candidate to come to spot B from there After she reaches spot B, what we have to do is We should turn around first cross road and go to fourth cross road and wait there Your canididate will enter one of the four streets from there And then it will be very easy to find the house Don’t think anything This is my plan Okay? Sorry. – Why? All these days I thought you are a fool But you are a great genius Okay. See if she is coming Otherwise your plan will go waste Hey! She is coming

Start! Start!! Start!! – Okay! – Start!! Fast! Start! I am starting! Hey, remove the helmet I think she might see me I will not give the chance This is spot B. Your candidate will come here in five minutes I will start the bike and take you around the colony We can find your candidate’s house How is my plan? Superb! Hey, my legs are paining I am sure her house is not in this area It is one and half hour since we came here. Shall we go? I am very sure that her house is here She will go this way. She has to come Hey, idiots are waiting for hours for their girl friends Why do you get irritated in just one and half hour? You will not believe it if I say I waited for six hours She will come. Wait Will it take one and half hour to come here from there? Hey, she must have been to her friend’s house You are talking as if she told you before going Will you shut up for some time? Talk something different Go away! What do you want? Nothing Why are you here since long time? Hey, what is your problem Do your work Why are you talking like a hero after coming to our area? Your area? What rubbish you are talking! You! – Hey, leave him! Leave him! – Go! Go! Rascal! I will see you! Hey, leave. Leave! Leave I say! Leave! Acting smart! Come, let us leave Did you tell your parents? No. They too will feel surprised if I tell them after confirming it Okay, let us meet tomorrow I will call you. – Bye It is puncture How it happened? Flat tyre! – Seems it came under a nail Is there a puncture shop nearby? You have to go till Ameerpet My father took my bike It is okay. Rajesh is at home I will call him and tell him to bring mechanic Okay, try him Why is he not taking the call? How far is it? – You can go by pushing it Let us go. – Okay, let us go I will wear footwear and come – Okay He held your shirt, right? But why did you beat him We stayed calm He came and fought with us unncessarily This is our area. We will ask if you stand here for long time Will you fight with our guy if we ask you? Why did you come? To flirt? Look, don’t talk more Hey, why are you watching like that? – Hey, wait Leave it! – We will see later. You go Leave him. Go! Go away! – Let us go Stop the bike Why? – Stop I say Get down. – Why? I will ride Get down. – I will ride. You sit Get down. I will ride What is it? Hey, where are you going? Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Shall we go to movie? Second show? I will come And you? – I will not come Movie? Which movie? Not movie Why did you come here? It seems he will not go without getting thrashed Keep quiet He is Rajesh, right? Yes. What is he doing here without even taking the call They are all our guys Why did you come again? I didn’t come to fight He came to beat my friend That’s why I bea him So he should only beat me Why did you beat me? Who are you lifting your hand Hey! Stop! – Hey! Rajesh! Rajesh! What is the fight? – I will kill you! Rascal! Come! – It is him! – Hey, take your brother away! Go! Go! Why do you leave him when he beat me? – Come Ganesh, leave from here – Why are you fighting with them? Hey, I didn’t fight Hey! Don’t think you are escaped You will get caught one day Hey! Where are you going? My bike is here Whose bike? – I came on this bike. Leave me I am telling you to calm down I will see to it. Go

Is this necessary for you? What happened now? Are you going to ask her hand in marriage after finding her house? You fought on road for a girl Don’t you feel ashamed? One girl? Mahabharat war took place because of a girl Lord Ram killed Ravana Use these dialogues in your movies First focus on becoming a successful director Rest will come on their own You need not search for them You still didn’t understand the life Close your eyes and think once after I leave You will understand whether you are doing right or wrong Become a good preacher! You will get good money You will never mend your ways Thank you, sir Vinod! – Sir. – Check if there is stock of this product Okay, sir Really? – Yes Will she come to the place I tell her to come if she doesn’t like me? When my mother told her that I am not doing any job and talking of business she said it is your luck to have such a son Anyway she liked you So if you want to impress her then why do you tell me act smart? Not acting smart Hey, she is coming. I will go inside Hey! Is she the girl you talked about? Yes. – Really? Yes! I feel jealous if you marry this girl I am going inside Don’t let anyone inside Is it? Hey, Rajesh! Why did you come here? Mother, I came to meet a friend Why are you here? Aunt Sharda’s house is here She said new saris have come I came to see them. – To see them? It seems you bought few Wow! How many saris, mother? How many saris? You are talking as if I buy saris every week Okay. Don’t roam around and come home fast How are you going? In bus. – In bus? Okay, wait. I will drop on bike You said you came to meet a friend It is okay, mother. I will talk on phone. You wait. I will come. – Okay First tell me the important matter that you want to say I came for the same Why are you in a hurry? First eat this cake Why isn’t there anything to hold? You have a grown up son Hold me! – Okay. Start Your mother is dreaming that you will become a great buysiness man My mother’s dream will definitely come true You don’t worry. I will see to it I don’t think it will happen by watching you wasting time like this You are wasting my time too Since you undestood me to some extent so you are giving me advice You are saying not to waste time and concentrate on work If we meet often like this then only we can know each other We can understand each other deeply, right? What you are thinking will not happen Why? Don’t you like me? Or do you love some other boy? Go away! I think you will shoot this all night Walk slowly. It was bit fast Sorry. Sorry. I should walk bit slow Now I will walk slowly Hey, first take is okay You go ahead Let me see it Action! Hey, not like that See here Come like this Okay? Why don’t you act instead? No! No! No! Come on! Did you write the number? Give clap Taken! Ready? Camera roll! – Rolling! Action! Cut! Rewind it! Okay! Take okay! – Yes! Hello, mister. This is 17th take You acted like stupid and saying yes I acted well Hey, you can do only this. Leave it

Hey, I said first take is okay You shouldn’t say it Write take one as okay If you talk more then I will change the cameraman Okay? Pack up! Hey, who will carry all these if everyone leaves? We can see it tomorrow. Come Hey! He will scold he if comes tomorrow morning Let him scold! Come! -Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey, she is not here. Let us go Hey, let us go Hey, this is superb! It looks as if it made for me Isn’t it? If it falls down, they will ask for me. Keep it there Come. – Wait, I will ask the price Sir! Just a minute! Sir.. One minute, sir Okay. – Thank you Yes, sir. What is it’s price? Just 800 rupees 800? – Yes Okay. Thanks hey, it is just 800 I don’t have money Keep it there and come Hey! Hey, what will you do it after buying it? The price is very high in showroom If you bought it on platform, you would have got it for 100 rupees Hey! I feel everything has become mine after buying this Forget 800 rupees I would have bought it even for 8,000 rupees Dear! It is my money I will return it. Father has come There will be no problem for few days Is it six months? Yes, he went in last june So you should have got the money What is the need to ask you if I get it? Come Is it necessary for me? Welcome, sir There was a salesman here just now Sir! Sir! Come! Suresh There was a crystal bar here Did you see it? The one with chain.. – Yes Just now a customer came and purchased it I said I will buy it You said your credit card machine is not working And I said I will return in 15 mintues. Didn’t I come? Sorry, sir I went out on work for five minutes In the meantime it is sold I said I will buy it definitely You should have kept it aside At least you should have told me I didn’t think that someone will come and buy it so quickly Okay, leave it. Are the same models with chain available? Sorry, sir. It is designer model I have to find out, sir There are many new models than it Will you see them? It is okay. No need. Thanks Go away! You and your over action Wait. I tried it only once. See now Hey, there is so much space there Why don’t you move and sit He kept the bike inside the compound Keep it outside You keep it Why are you so lazy? Yes, I am lazy. What do you say now? Hey, what is it? She is coming early today? – Go away! I am feeling bored of seeing her daily Today I will not see her She should think why I am not seeing her today There is a thrill in it Tell me when she comes close I will turn away Nice idea, brother There are many more I will teach you when you grow big Hey, are you ready? Okay? – Yes, ready Okay. Count Don’t disturb See here Hey, come here. Later he will say he didn’t kick it because of you Sanju, count properly Kick it. First you kick it One.. two.. three.. four Five.. six.. seven.. eight Wait! Wait! Wait, I will go! Hey! You said you will not see her Where are you going? Don’t you have shame? – Shut up! Why are you behaving like a kid?

Give the ball. Let us play What is your nuisance? She touched the ball with her hand and I will not let anyone kick it with leg Hey! Are you mad? Hey! – Come! Hey! Catch! Catch! Catch him! – Give it! Catch him! – Come, guys! Hey, give the ball Whoever kicks the ball with leg will fail in their exams Go away! What happened to you? You took it focibly, right Now go. But you will fail in exams Go, dear. Go Didn’t I tell you? Write on the board that I will come by I will come by 11.45 How dirty are they? Go and remove the socks Leave it, mother Class is finished, right? Why is that girl waiting daily until I come? Which girl? – That green Doesn’t she have a name? We should talk such things like this only Okay, aunt. I will leave Bye, madam. – Okay, dear She is going only after seeing me Did you observe it? Anu! He says you are waiting till now to see him Is it true? I am thinking whether I should come or not because of your son Your son is not as good you are thinking You will feel bad if I tell everything in detail He should change at least for you What did you do? Why are you bringing disrespect to me? Mother, we both are friends We meet outside What? Mother, she likes me. That’s why she is showing more interest on me No, son. Do your work properly Don’t do such stupid things So do you want me to do good things? There is a limit to everything Is this how you talk with your mother? Mother, I said it fun Mother.. mother Excuse me, sir Yes. Come in, Ganesh. Sit down Congratulations Your US trip is confirmed Thank you, sir You will leave in ten days After one year on site project you will come back and join as a project leader Okay, sir This is what I wanted to tell you Contact HR for other details All the best – Thank you so much, sir Rajesh, give your bike I have two days work before I go out of station Take your bike I sold it He came and took it in the morning Can’t you do this for me? I have some work. You go in auto What is the work? Tomorrow is sunday

Anyway you don’t have college What else you have? I have some important work Will you please go? Hey! Hey! Stop! Hey! How is it? – What is this? Hey, new bike? It is superb! Will you give your bike now? Hey, did you really purchase it? I cannot believe it Tell me! Can I use your bike for two days? Forget two days! If you want then take it to America Then here is the key Let us offer prayers in the nearby Lord Vinayak’s temple I am wearing shorts It is okay Wear footwear and come. We will go Okay, we will show it to Michael on our return He will feel shocked if he sees it Drop me at home and you go anywhere It already ran for 12 kilometers Yes. Shouldn’t we bring it home from showroom? Ameerpet showroom, right? – Yes How will it take 12 kilometres to come from there? You should have checked it before buying By the way, you should have taken me – I wanted to give you a surprise What surprise? You are acting haste nowadays Hey, you are acting smart Come, let us go Hey, keep this cover carefully Where is your ticket? It is inside that pouch, father Mother, what is the need for all these These are not for you They are for your aunt I kept all her belongings in a separate cover. Remember it This will remain safe if you keep it in handbag That’s why I bought the pouch, father Pouch will be with me and also safe Keep it carefully Don’t forget it anywhere. – Okay I will call you after reaching airport What is it? What happened? Why are you crying? I am going for song shoot I will come in five days I have activated international roaming for you Don’t cry I too can take you with me But I will see only you after going there And then shooting will get late Is it not getting late now? Rajesh, mango bottle is there in the kitchen. Bring it Hey, I am telling you Mother.. Go away! My legs are paining Mother, we can keep these things later I don’t know how much this will weigh You don’t do any work properly Will not your legs pain when you roam around? Mother, why did you keep it here? – Learn from your brother Hey, you bought him a bike Mother, why did you keep it here? – Learn from your brother Hey, you bought him a bike Now see what he will do I don’t understand what he will achieve now Don’t you understand what I will achieve? I will become a director and make a movie Why do you discourage him? With such confidence, he will definitely become a great director Yes, son. You will make the ship story first, right? I talked to my boss You can shoot everything in our ship Okay? – Yes, father Don’t support him unnecessarily Making a movie is not so easy Do you know how hard great directors worked in the beginning? You don’t know very well about me Yes, brother Are you getting ready for going to US? Well, I am getting ready Come, Michael How are you? – I am fine, uncle How is your mother and sister? – All are fine, uncle Michael, I am feeding a person for waste At least will you bring the pickle bottle from kitchen? Okay, aunt Hey, I want to tell you an important matter. – What is it? Come. – What? Come! Is this the important matter? I already told you that I am not interested in yoga You.. – Keep the legs down Why do you spoil the bed? Hey! Don’t touch this bed Will you marry that? Hey, it is very good for your mind and body if you do yoga Your personality will develop This personality is fine I am not telling this Body will receive energy with yoga Mind will remain focussed You can achieve your goal easily I know how to achieve the goal Don’t talk anything for company First go. Go Oh.. Is it? Okay, I will leave now. Bye If I see your candidate tomorrow in Yoga class then tell me what I should say Hey! Is she too coming there? Yes. She too registered when I went to register. Do you know? Then why didn’t you tell this first Anyway it will take half an hour for you to come and in the meantime she will leave That’s why I came here Okay. At what time do you have class tomorrow? Why do you need time? Tell me the time Buddy, they will not admit you even if you want to join Are you a friend? Go away! Okay. Give me 500. Why? Hey! I have registered your name too First give the money 500? Mother will not give if I ask So you go and ask her Hey, she scolded me badly when I asked her for 800 that I gave you before First give my money Stingy fellow! First tell me the class time tomorrow Class is at 6.30 Wake up at 5.30 and pick me up Okay? Will you wake up at 5.30? Hey, why do you say it repeatedly? I am bored of hearing it Mother, it is not jogging It is yoga class

Who gave this idea? is it Michael? I took him to the class and registered him Mother, yoga is good for mind and body Don’t you know? Okay. Come and make this Vermicelli? Make dosas, mother Hey, will you not get bored if you eat dosas daily? Come and make this It is hot. Be careful Mother, wake me up at 5.30 tomorrow I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning If you want then set alarm Mother, I will turn the alarm off and go to sleep again Then change it to evening batch Mother, we shouldn’t do yoga in the evening You don’t know anything. You will not understand it if I tell you Do you want to see me make progress in life or not? If you want then wake me up in the morning Otherwise throw water on my face and wake me up It will become a habit after few days Okay. Okay. I will wake you up It is finished. Take it Hey, one more plate is there One more? Give it, mother. For whom will I do it if not you? Give it Did you wake up? Did you take head bath? You are going to yoga class, right? You could have taken bath after coming I was feeling very sleepy Now I feel fresh Okay. Go Hello.. Hey, I have come Come out fast We are getting late for the class Hey, what is this dress? How will you do yoga in this? I am not coming to do yoga Today is first day She never saw me in style like this before. That’s why You have become very intelligent Okay. What is it with you? Will you come like this? Go and wear pant. Wear pant and come Everyone will come at 6.30 Why are you in hurry? Anyway you will see her in the class You come. We will go slowly We should always go early on first day You don’t have responsibility. Go Go away! Why didn’t she come yet? Hey, this is not the time to start the class Everyone will come in leisure Will they come in hurry like you? Wait Maybe she came before our coming All this happened beccause of you You got late in coming Like a girl Is it necessary for me? Sir, you came to the class, right? – Yes, sir Class is about to begin Come inside. – Okay, sir It will take one hour for the class to finish You come after one hour and pick up No, sir. We too came for the class It is not possible to do yoga in this dress It was very cold in the morning That’s why Come. – Okay, sir. It is not possible to do yoga in jeans I think they told you at the time of registration I didn’t come for registration He came Why didn’t you tell him, sir? You have come wearing the right dress Why didn’t you tell him – No, sir. I told him Hey, don’t you know it? Okay, it is okay Today is introduction class >From tomorrow we will not allow you inside if you wear jeans You come for now Who is he? He looks like a Hitler Yoga sir. Come He doesn’t look like yoga master – Keep quiet Did you finish registration? – Yes, sir. -Okay Master will come in five minutes Is everything ready? – Yes, ready Okay.. – There are no girls here She will come. – Come Is everything okay? What is it? Where is she?

There is not a single girl here Swamy, at what time do girls come here? It is nothing I want to join my sister too This is the same time for girls too There are no girls here Today you came Girls will come tomorrow You will come again like this day after tomorrow Tell your sister to come and join tomorrow Also take registration form before you leave Fees is same for her too Hey, master has come. Master has come Friends, yoga is It is derived from the word Yogam Yogam means prosperity What kind of prosperity? Our body, life and mind Three of them working in tandem In this center, we will teach the required methods to keep our body strong and healthy Shall we all medidate for a minute? All of you close your eyes Hey, close them Close them! I waited for long time thinking she will come to yoga class Finally she came I am a student of telugu literature Nobody told me about camera I have learnt everything on my own It is necessary to have interest to learn something Okay, we will start it in a simple manner Can anyone tell about photography in one word? It is a recording still image It is okay Any other answers? – Hey, sit over there Sit It is okay. Tell whatever you know It is okay if it is right or wrong Come on. Feel free What is the class about? Photography – New friend has come. You tell us Hey, it is you Sir.. – What is photography? Tell me in one line To take photo with still camera Now I don’t have any doubt why you came late. Sit down Simply speaking, photography is painting with light We use colours in painting We use colours to light in photography He is just boasting If he had talent, he would have become PC Sreeram He couldn’t become and therefore he is scolding us Work is in progress, Shankar We will open studio in one month We are planning to provide latest equipments to students this time Very nice. Already your facilites are very good – We want to provide more Okay. You watched that short film, right? You asked who made it He made that short film – Hello, sir. – His name is Rajesh He is very intelligent. He prepared story board for short film and made it You can understand it now I watched your short film You made it very professionally – Thank you, sir Keep it up. – Thank you Well, what do you want to do after the course? Sir, I want to join as assistant director under a good director Venkat Prabhu is my friend I will join him under him Will you go? – Venkat Prabhu? Maniratnam, Shankar.. Don’t you have any contacts with them, sir? Venkat Prabhu too is a good director Rajesh, I will give sir’s number to you Don’t spare him and call him daily He will put you under Venkat Prabhu – Okay, sir You will have a bright future Okay? – Okay, sir Now thank him – Thank you so much, sir All the best – Thanks. Bye. – Right, Shankar I think power will not come soon I cannot prepare chutney Eat will tomato chutney today Okay. First listen to him

Yes Now you should take the decision What will I say? Okay, should I talk to Prem? First I will talk to that girl Will you talk to the girl about marriage? You should talk to her parents Did she really tell you that she will marry you? You talk to her father and she will become the daughter-in-law of this house Later on as you wish As if she is a good girl, she warned saying your son is not as good as you are thinking Can she not talk to her parents when she could warn us? What if her parents don’t like our love? That’s why she is thinking Hey, do you know I like love? I liked love until I married your mother Now I don’t like I will not go and talk Leave it, father. Boy’s parents should ask. Will girl’s parents ask it? Am I telling you to talk to strangers? It is our uncle Prem Look, recently we invested 15 lakh rupees in business And you said it will take one year for returns You got one lakh rupees salary per month after finishing the college You said you will do business instead of job. I agreed If you had joined taht job, I would have talked about marriage First you concentrate on business Business and personal life are different If she is with me then I will receive moral strength Are we not your strength? We brought you up since childhood What strength will she give as a new person? First her father should agree What should I say if he asks about boy’s salary? She praises me a lot She says I will become a great businessman with my confidence and talent They talk like that But they don’t give their daughter After one year, your business will develop What is the need to hurry for marriage? Business will grow automaticallu What did the astrolger say that day? He said I will make it big after marriage So why do you still talk about it? God has said it! Go and talk tomorrow Where are you going? Eat and go Mother, one friend has come from outstation. I will eat outside Yes, someone or the other will come every saturday Thanks, son Aunt, where is Rajesh – He didn’t come from college yet Didn’t come from college yet? Bike is here He didn’t take bike today What is it with you? Why are are you asking like a policeman? You are asking like a thief Wait, I will decide it right now Hey! He slept saying he is having headache. Don’t disturb him You are not allowing me to see him now If he becomes a great director in future then we should forget him You not even allow us to enter inside – You roam around like this and he will become director and you will become engineer Hey! Hey! Get up! Hey! Time is 4.15. Get up! Five minutes, buddy Hey, friends are waiting. Get up I will sleep for five minutes – I will not spare you You will not change if we leave you. – Stop! Stop, I am not wearing anything inside I will not leave you until you wake up. – Wait Wait, I am coming – Get up! – I am coming. – Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! What is this? – Go and change the dress You turn that side Hey, it should be there, right? How did it come here? – That one? I used to wait it daily when it was here and feel something It fell down one day and broke Hey! Don’t touch my candidate Your candidate? Call her. She will turn and see Do you have any sense? What is all this? – What? Will someone write diary like this? It is a wrong to see others diary Are you asking questions after seeing it? What are you watching? I will write anything? What have you go to do? Come front. Okay Hey, you move there. To the right Ready? Hey! Hey! Catch! Fielding! Throw! Throw! Come on! Two! Two! – Come! Come- Throw it! Throw it! Throw! Throw! Fast! You wrote everything as if they happened in real Will someone write diary like this? Moreoever he says he will feel happy after reading it I am afraid he will become a psycho Yes, buddy. I too observed it His behaviour is strange He doesn’t even have guts to talk to her He doesn’t even know if she loves him or not We should put an end to this today Okay. Last ball. – Hello! Hello!

Stop! You bowled only four balls Hey, I bowled five balls No, you bowled only four. – Hey, I am counting. Only one ball is left Okay. Count the five balls One ball was hit offside One ball was hit straight Hey! What is this like kids without any discipline? Leave it. We will do bowling We can see it then You bowl Hey! Wait! Michael is coming Wait a minute. – Where? – First you come. – I will not come Come! – What? – Come, I will tell you Tell me where Why are you climbing on top? Come here No, I will not come. – Come I say Are you coming or not? – Come Where? It is an important matter. Come No, buddy Don’t create an issue unnecessarily If you don’t come now then I will create an issue in front of her Get down! – What is it? Why do you do blackmail? Come! What are you going to do? – Whatever I do, it will be for your benfefit Come. – For my benefit? Come! What is it? Okay, you wait here. I will see Hey, Rajesh! What is your number? 9444008860. Right? It it is yes then call otherwise don’t do She will definitely call you if she loves you Otherwise leave it here What if she didn’t hear the number properly? It means she is deaf Why do you look at me like that? If she calls you then she will definitely call you She must have heard the number Okay? Come What is it? – Wait a minute What happened? – Nothing Then why did you stop the bike? I thought my mobile rang Start! Start! 60 Hey, how to send it? Yes, I got it See he will call now It is him, right? – Wait, it is a landline number. – Hello Hello. Is Michael there? One minute Call for you. – For me? Hey Tell me. – Hey, fool! How many times I told you not to play games with me in such matters?

It is nothing like that – Don’t you know I love her sincerely? Do you think I am loving her for passing time? Who is that friend of yours? Are you playing with me with him? Don’t ever show your face to me Sorry, buddy There is nothing between you and me. Keep the phone down He is in tension Now he will not talk tomorrow I shoudln’t have sent it Hold it It is him. Don’t know what he says Hello.. – Where are you? Okay. Shall we booze? – I will inform Deepak You call up Dilip and tell him Okay My god! He has calmed down! How did he find out What is it? Why did you write sweatheart instead of sweetheart? Sweatheart? Sweat is sweet, right? Hey, it is sweet Is it? No! I have sent to Aruna like this till now She never saud anything to me She knows that you didn’t pass UKG too Hell with him! Why are you staring at the cell like that? You will hear the call if it comes I am trying him Call him up and tell – Why don’t you call him? Hey, you call him It says network busy Hey, who is it? Why is he honking like that? – Mother, it is Rajesh Why do you scold me? Come out and scold him Hey! Why are you honking like that? Is it? Hey, can’t you wait for two minutes I will wait.. I will wait Hi! – Hi! Night duty today? You should give me treat me making me upset I don’t have money to give you treat I will drink if you buy Okay. Come to the bar Hey! Hope you will come Hey, give a missed call Hey, I will come soon Where are you going? I am going to bathroom – You can go tomorrow Go! Pick the call. – Cut it Buddy.. – Yes If we drink some beer with wine It will be thrilling Hey, it is not sufficient for him He will give tension if he comes and sees Hey Hey! Who drank my beer? It fell down. – Where? In my mouth Order a mini beer for me Otherwise things will become different Mini beer? What mini beer? Take credit This is Rajesh’sparty Hey, order beer Hey, what happened to you? Why are you silent? His love has failed Today I shouted his phone number in front of everyone and said she will call him if she loves him But still she didn’t call him – Leave it Tell some good matter Will you talk about ethics in life after boozing? Ill-fated people should talk about fate only! Hey! Does my love look like ill-fate to you? Hey! – I mean You drank my beer, right? Order one beer for me First you finish it Topic is getting serious Buddy Don’t think I am talking because of drank heavily If she doesn’t love you What will you do? Buddy, don’t think I am talking more after drinking heavily How can you say she loves you? Hey! You drank raw! Everyone knows what you are talking Shut up! I didn’t drink more I will talk to her tomorrow I will prove she loves me Will you believe it then? Buddy.. At what time you are meeting her tomorrow? Why do you come? I will go Buddy, I too will come Why do you come? I will go No, buddy. – Why do you fall over me? Hello Yes, mother. Tell me Mother, I am not outside I am with Michael Tell me, mother I will come in ten minutes

Okay Why did you tell about me? I shouldn’t get caught alone All of us should get caught together Go away, rascal! Give the key Hey, I will drive Give it. Don’t torture me Do you have cigarette? – We will buy inside They sell packet inside Go out and buy in loose Okay, I will bring Buy four. – Four? What is it? – Shall we go? Buddy, it will become a problem if we go Dilip! – Give it! – Come here! Hey, wait! Dilip! – It will lead to a fight Give it I am telling you. – Wait Buddy, see he is leaving without listening to us Take out the bike Hello. – Will you do anything as you wish? What did I do? – How did you tell your parents that I love you? Answer me! How did you send your parents to my house without asking me? If you are talking so much then why did yoy agree for marriage? Your parents came to my house They said if you get your daughter married to my son then his life will become good So I agreed by thinking one person’s life will become good becauyse of me Oh! Is it? Tell me the truth Can you live without me? How is it possible? You will always stay with me? Will you leav me and go? Say I love you once Anyway our marriage is fixed I love you Hey.. Say it again Did you really say? Tell me Hey, are you still there or did you go home? I am there only Hey, she has come Keep the phone down I can’t talk to you anything here Let us meet at Nest tomorrow evening at 5 o’clock Yes, buddy. Did she say yes? Hey, Don’t you have the habit of stopping the bike outside? Hey! Tell me! Did she say yes to your love or not? No, buddy. – Oh! Have you become mad for it? By the way, what happened? She toldme to come to Nest tomorrow evening at 5 o’clock Why are jumping in excitement? She can even say no tomorrow No. I felt awkard in talking to her She only came to me and talked without giving me any trouble Hey, I am asking you seriously What will you do if she says no tomorrow? Mother, I am going to meet a friend Also I will go to the ground while coming Will you go to groundin this dress? Come and change the dress? Is the dress superb? Wait for five minutes and drink milk No, mother Friend is waiting. Give me 200 200? Why? I don’t have change, mother There is 500 in your purse Will you take money from my purse without asking me? First give it Mother, I didn’t find any other option Give me 200, I will give you this Stop your studies and roam around like this I never saw you studying even for a single day If I say something then you are studying Viscom What are you watching? I will not keep money here tomorrow Give that First you give. – I said give Take this Okay. Mother, bless me. – Oh! Does 200 make you do this too? Bless me to go safely and return with benefit Okay. Get up First bless me. – Okay Go safely and return with benefits Bye Did you call for this? You should have said that you love a boy and marriage is fixed I would have taken care if he disturbed you later Disturb? He doesn’t have guts to talk to me I only told him to come today and meet Why do you get into this matter unnecessarily? It is not what you are thinking it to be like. He is very innocent guyy If any girl goes in my disguise, he will lover her He doesn’t know anything about me, He should know that if two people look at each other then it is not love at all That’s why I told him to come here Why are you laughing? If you take class like this then he will flee I think I got trapped unncessarily Hey, did you get angry? I just joked. That’s it True! I just joked

What is the surprise? – I will tell you Hey, why did he come with his candidate? Their marriage is fixed. – Fixed? Come! Did you think it is me? She is my twin sister Do you love me? Do you really love me? Sorry I hugged her tight when she said she loves me That is the most important moment in my life I reached my destination in my love journey What is all this? Why didn’t you tell this matter to me? I trusted you a lot You promised so many things saying there are no secrets between us Why didn’t you tell me that you loved? At least you agreed that I loved All my friends used to make fun Nobody believed it Why do you take tension unnecessarily now? Listen to me for a minute Whatever I wrote in the diary is not true I wrote it based on my imagination I don’t even know her name Why do you cry now? I worked with two heroines in my last movie? Was there any gossip with anybody? Let it be anything There is another girl in your heart Driver went to bring Micky Oh! So are you telling me to leave the house? Don’t call your mother immediately Of course Cheers. – Thanks Daddy, why didn’t uncle and aunt kiss in the movie? Aunt and uncle don’t kiss in all english movies Sleep Hey! It is late. Come and sleep What did you say? Hey? – Micky, I am talking to you. Come fast Don;t eat chocolate at night Mother will scold Will mother scold? Twinke twinkle little star Micky, tell mother to come close Call Mummy is sleeping Don’t insult me in front of kid. Come I am a kid, right? Okay. It seems mother will not come today This pillow is your mother today Hold it tight and sleep. Okay? Imagine this as one of your mothers Come. Let us sleep Micky, do you want brother or sister? Tell me. Who do you want? I want brother From where will he come? Shut up Okay, sleep Till now I don’t know the face

of my dream lover Aftger marrying you I understood that you are the star of my life