Powered Up! | Journey to the Savage Planet | Ep 21

Welcome to another episode of the Journey to Savage Planet series I almost said Kynseed series, which is this this is not Uh we need to go power that crystal today So let’s see how that goes Hopefully it’s not laser jump rope again Oh yes the stomp thing All right Huh Good I’m so glad it hurt So platforms We’ve got three of those and four of these? Oh dear! okay Where does that go? Not seeing anywhere to put these weird little things I’m gonna do something kind of strange and I’m gonna pull them all off Please don’t fall in the lava E.K.O.: “Cool Cool So just uh… just a quick note Now that you’ve cleared the gears the um, the lava that power in this tower has started rising towards you I would I think we should go up… fast!” Okay I gotta wait for a hole Okay I’m out! I don’t like this one bit *panic sing songy* It is laser jump rope again! Come on! oho, That was incredibly close Okay I need to go up onto this guy Ah! What!? I don’t know what just happened Okay Oof Lasers hurt as one would imagine Keep getting pushed off by something invisible Okay Ah! All right E.K.O.: “Uh the lava is really close Is this helping? This isn’t helping, sorry” All right I’mma just wait and start this over It seems like the wall has a real tendency to push you off And I’m not entirely sure why This is very gracious lava I feel like all the other lava was a lot meaner than this E.K.O.: “Just remember, you did your best It wasn’t very good, but it was your best.” While we’re here… did I scan- yeah I didn’t think so Uh “cares not for leg day but we should shoot its glowing weak spots” Okay that’s pretty much what the other one said I noticed when I was edit, I was like “hm I don’t know if I got the second one” I also don’t feel like this was the easiest way to get where I was going What is this? oh I think it’s my body! Hey me! “Shamefully bury your body” *Digging sounds* I’ve done it huh number six Is that’s something I’ve always been able to do? I’ve never seen uh anything like that before So is this the sixth time I’ve died? Cool I mean I’ve been able to collect my loot before but I’ve never seen my actual body I wonder if it’s just because it… where I intend to die? I’m so glad something decided to put all these back where they belong oops Guess we don’t care if they fall in the lava I care if I fall in the lava though! E.K.O.: “Cool Cool So just uh… just a quick note Now that you’ve cleared the gears the um, the lava that power in this tower has started rising towards you I would I think we should go up… fast!”

Aaah, Okay that didn’t work Ouch Okay This is the one I seem to struggle with is getting on that guy Oof Okay Grab on! Okay we need to wait for… the hole to open Not like that Okay next floor Now what? E.K.O.: “ooh we’re good, you’re good I was… is this what panic feels like? That’s new, I hate it!” *snorts* That lava got up here real fast after I got up the jump thing “Push” So it looks like uh the aliens must have had… little their hands must have looked like that So we see those there I wonder if that’s just where the beams are gonna come from E.K.O.: “There it is, the button of legend.” Button switch All right I guess we better push the button E.K.O.: “All right time to find out what the hell this tower is for Either it’s something dangerous and Kindred gets the defense corpse to scorch this planet or it’s not Just head inside the central tower and power this bad boy up.” Good! So excited for that E.K.O.: “Okay I don’t want to freak you out but here’s the latest recording from the tower [Monstrous roar] I think he’s talking Not sure we can translate but I’m archiving it so we can work on it and immediately sending it to Kindred in case you die here and never return home.” Oh good that’s that’s very reassuring So I guess we better go to power the tower huh? Probably… stop messing my gun up Just trying to reload it when it’s full um Should find a plant, to heal Apparently this uh island doesn’t feel like having any plants on it aaah! Okay we’re just gonna do this backwards I guess all right *laughs* At least I didn’t die Not where we wanted to be but there we go There’s the front door But I might go back to… the javelin See if I can get some health there Aweeee! Here we go! All right, to the big door! Ominous sounds Uh okay “Tower control room” We’ve got a bunch of skulls uh I wonder if these are what the aliens faces look like? So we figured out their faces and hands Uh wait! “Seems to control the master tower attached to two dormant power generators” Uh this is a sample Armored beetle Angry lizard Tongue mother! Goo cube, hey! Hurricane bird Rock lobster, I think we’ve seen that Thick anphibian Spike pod Big eyes big mouth, I wonder if those are the things that sound like farts up there Vomit monster A panicky plant

Fecal fish, hey we know them! Inhaling tooth monster?! Annoying loud thing, probably the screamer oh that was a small thing Aggressive claw creature Elastic squid Quick rodent oh that’s probably the little stealer guy Vacuous bird… had to go how to say that word Tongue bug Ugh annoying tongue bug Mucus burrower All right Kind of looks like it’s looking at ya, eeh Get too close… gross! All right got all those guys scanned Hit the button I guess ooh E.K.O.: “Getting readings on uh…everything? The tower’s active.” Oh okay! So there’s a problem at the bottom That’s what we’re getting here? Okay… wonder if this is going to change change anything outside? So let’s see what our quest was “Investigate the tower I should journey back down to investigate” It doesn’t look too much different I mean these guys have glowy eyes but I don’t remember if they already did or not All right Weee! weee Okay Uh *unsure sounds* I’m trying to decide about the timing of the episode *laughs* I think if I did here it would be short but if I go forward it may be long To uh *oddly sing songy* The broken bridge! I was right about the- stop it! about maybe the last area here being the end boss area I still like more the fourth best Given the equipment that I’ve been given I would say we are definitely the fourth best I’m really sad we haven’t gotten this last explorer log but what’s interesting is it’s five out of eight but we only have six listed? So there may be quite a bit more left, we’ll see k, here we are at the tower *worried sound* This beautiful sun! All right Activate the teleporter… panic! Okay “find the planet seed” “Within the Spire” Oh! “Grotesque opening Much like stepping into kinder Kindredmart, it seems that we have been immediately greeted by a festering butthole” All right… just… walk around that Just dropping bones and stuff This area is pretty! E.K.O.: “Whoa! I’m reading thousands of individual life signs below you

I have a bad feeling about this place but not a really bad feeling because if you die i’ll just reprint you!” Thanks Thousands of life force under us? E.K.O.: “Crap, your signal is weakening *static*” “The spires heart” “Our world was once beautiful, these pods are proof Each one a perfect record of a creature, a flower, a form of life now lost We gathered all of them and hoped that they would allow us to recreate our home if the worst came to pass.” I may need to reread that in post *Small laugh* but it was saying that hopefully someone can rebuild this place if something happens to them Okay I don’t want to just shoot these cases though It gives me the target but that just seems like a bad idea Secret nearby… oh! “An intact preservation pod designed to safe keep thousands of seeds.” Um… corrupted eye… pustules pop them [Monstrous Roar] Uho Okay So it actually looks like cracked ones have maybe those are seeds? I thought maybe something was growing through it I did notice a door we could go through maybe that’s what I’ll do Let’s head up to this door Ugh, that’s awful meaty Oh, I don’t actually need to- Ow! Are you guys a different version than normal? No they look normal Killed one Got another one, all right! Anything to scan in here? Oh I can uh “parasite branches kept alive by a host If we kill the host the branches will break” [Monstrous Roar] All right, I think the door opened after we killed that Okay Ruuun ‘kay There’s also something over there Where was that? It’s kind of hard to tell from when you change heights what you were just looking at Up there maybe? Or up here? Yeah there, see there’s something up there! I don’t know how to get up there I can’t help but feel like this it’s probably not supposed to be so difficult And that I’m either being silly or I don’t have an upgrade that I could? Because I can not get over there! Oh maybe this… maybe I can do it from here? I don’t know that I’m supposed to be able to do what I just did but here we are! Aha! I did the thing and it was so not worth it! It say there’s a secret nearby I wonder where it’s at I wonder if we can go in there?

Kind of looks like we could right? Let’s see if we can do this Crouch Okay Ah, message! Excited to be able to go back and read that! But I don’t know how long until we’ll be able to um travel Until we find a teleporter Kind of afraid that if I die i’ll have to redo all of this I guess we’ll go down one more There’s another one of those… glowy eyeballs Uh I hate that these have gotten broken! Oh I forgot I could be doing this There’s a secret nearby but I don’t know what secret I guess that means it’s doing its job well! All right I guess we’ll shoot this guy [Monstrous roar] That made something happen You gonna stop there? All right I’m gonna get down here and take a look around Oh health plant! Feel bad for breaking the glass but I’m worried that’s what the secret is behind Okay it’s got a aluminum in that one Weird… this one has I think one of the explorer logs? Yeah, I wonder why it was encased in one of these Okay bombegranate We’re full on those Uh one of the light plants Health All right, aluminum Ah yes and we’re full on that now There any other unbroken ones? That’s something I’m curious about… that grapple up there I don’t think there’s any way I could get to that I can try though Oh yeah not even remotely close, okay I don’t think I’m getting the secret nearby anymore So I think it might have been that… log that I found Okay so I guess I can go down one? This is a faster elevator I’m scared! I don’t like it! Oh good… more buttholes “In the face of mounting tragedies and planetary crises, we were not swift Crises multiplied and escalated at a rate we were we had not predicted Our leaders had no interest in forcing a solution and the people had no ability to affect meaningful change Our plans cracked and fell apart and then so did our world.” Oof, okay New butthole to scan? uh “dripping orifice gross and or cool” Okay… anything else? They seem to be dropping like acid *laughs* So I think maybe we’re not supposed to stand in it Some zombie birds below us All right I guess I just need to break these even if I don’t want to Oh there’s a… whoop! One of these down here Scanning Oop I released a jellywaft I was expecting more monsters to be honest I’m surprised it’s taking this long for one to show up Okay so that’s definitely not supposed to be there Aah face full of acid Aah!! Why is this such a strong jellywaft? How long does this acid last on the ground? Good lord the strongest jellywaft I’ve ever fought!!

Ugh, I really need health now Ah, there’s another place we can go Oh a grapple, okay! I was wondering how I was gonna get over there from here There we go We can land here Big jump All right that’s fine… you don’t you don’t have to do what you’re supposed to do that’s fine I think this side’s the lower side? Grab on! oh thank god! okay bombegranate door *startled yelp followed by laughter* Nooo Woo, started out hard! I suppose if I die I could uh go back to the ship I accept my fate Take me Thanks buddy! “Retrieve your loot?!” Ooh Oh wow! All right so now we start in these um…things All right, well I think I’m gonna end the episode here So uh I hope you guys have enjoyed it and until next time I hope you have a wonderful day!