At first, we wanted to create a performance, which contains indonesian dances And then we decided to make an open recruitment And I was very much pleased, that actually there are still a lot of people from youths, students, children Indonesian in frankfurt area from every age who were very much interested in taking part of this dance theater It shows that Indonesians here in germany still have a big indonesian passion and spirit Especially in expressing our rich culture One more time? One… Two three… four five… six Don’t kneel that way! So, five, six, and than the other way to the back! I think the socks are slippery Watch out your ankle, don’t injure yourself This dance theater is a modern interpretation of the folklore (Why with handphone?) We combined it with indonesian pop culture Because we want to show that Indonesia is growing Not trapped in the past, but bravely coexist with globalization (singing “Buka Pintu”) Because we use some pop music in our production we had to adjust it so it helps in creating a scene We re-recorded it with the help from many talented indonesian artists in Frankfurt, amateur or semi-profesional We change the genre into accoustic and ballads

We also responsible in event promotion to advertise this production We decided on a promotion plan and social media management For example, how to create these ads informative, also educative And then, we came up with the idea of creating editorial videos to describe what indonesian culture looks like There were also teaser videos which gave sneak peak of the story in this dance theater We also had photoshooting in professional studio by indonesian photographers One of our targets is german people, we tried to introduce a foreign culture, such us indonesian, subtly So rather getting whiplash from culture shock, they gained curiosity Hiiiii, photoshoot day! There’s Etty! Hi! There’s Priska on Make Up There’s Meryl There’s Kendra This is a photoshoot a la Puteri Indonesia (Indonesian Beauty Peagent) You are Edrina right? (LoL) Hiiiii! She will be my photographer Put on make up so I’m beautiful! Priska is looking for something He’s on make up. Hi Etty! We certainly hope that a lot of indonesians and germans would come and watch us Even for indonesians, I’m sure this production will give a new experience Because we told a story but presented it in a modernway With variety of dances, combination of indonesian music So it was something impressive Different from other indonesian event For german spectators, can get an experience, as if they are actually in indonesia, and learn new things about indonesia We hoped we can show how vibrant indonesia is We were not only showing a region, like Java or Sumatra, but indonesia as a whole Finally, the character Candra Kirana herself We would like to highlight a heroine that represents feminist and gender emancipation, though she came from our old folklore I think this character is relevant to the situation today we showed female roles We hope we can give foreigners a few perspectives and can get to know us, indonesians

Hi Gita (Art Director) ! It’s locked, Gita! You need a key from the theater She’s waving LOL So smart!!! Go ahead, reclamation, Gita! Love reclamation is more likely For the broken hearted Kendra! (Dancer and Make Up artist) Is it photo or video? video Hi!! Welcome! Hello, are you nervous?

Very!!!! Try it out? Is it too small? Is it mine? Just try it out Did you get headache? It’s a little bit more secure, right? It’s alright, nice The spotlight hangs from there? It’s a video! Where’s the walkie talkie? Three times change make up? One is this one, and then for Enggang and then for Deer. All are different This room will be filled because the tickets are almost sold out Don’t forget you expression, because on stage we can see everything Don’t forget to smile! What about pimples? LoL The make up will be very thick I don’t know if you are visible The foot is so sad Oh! You surprised me Don’t take photo of me! Strike a pose! One, two, three.. One! Oh gosh, so tired It’s D-DAY! It’s a video! Tante, can you please look on the road I’m so scared! I want in!! Is it still recording? I want to eat your wild side is busted There’s a cat? Where am I going? You guys are so prepared Stressed!! I’m so nervous I’m still not Really? But now starting to, because I can’t find the box for hairsprays Now is starting! Etty is already on stage What about my make up? Whatever, let’s go on stage You guys are practising? Hi Deni! (Music Technician)

Meryl, have you put on fondation? Not yet Oh, the make up is on point Oh, I swear, I have posed, It’s actually a video Where’s the cheekbone? Where’s Griyana?(Costume Assistant) Look at my eyebrows, only the half is done

LoL the expression It’s Done! It’s Done! It’s Done! Indonesian Consulate General in Frankfurt : Toferry Primanda Soetikno This is a good way to introduce Indonesia in Frankfurt Hello, we are currently cleaning up the inventory What are even cleaning up? So much stuff Ouch! Oh no, your head! There’s still a lot, what’s with the grass? Saman is already organized! Thankyou, Inke!