that’s set up righty-tighty crank this up a little bit okay I know if you notice my giant stack of kettlebells fact I was too lazy to clean up such is life right you know how it is okay so we’re gonna do our level two king of clubs today so let’s take a look at what that is going to entail delta level 2 gamma level so we’re going from all of these exercises so that was our guard squat side swing lever press side cross pendulum in front swing and we are now headed to an arm cast squat a side semi a clean a shield cast and a front pendulum so get you to follow along I’m not gonna do too much explanation today we’re just gonna go right into the workout so preferably if you haven’t done any sort of warming up wouldn’t be a bad idea to do some kind of general warm-up before you start this each exercise is going to be 90 seconds long we’re gonna rest for 30 seconds and then do the following exercise with the next exercise and for that forty if sorry for that 90 second exercise we’re gonna alternate or Rinna’s change or a grip at the halfway point so we’re gonna do say for example the cast to squat so we’re gonna cast and squat with this orientation for 45 seconds and then at the halfway point we’re going to switch our hand orientation five exercises and that basic program is twice through but we’ll go three times through yeah so 10-second countdown grab your bill and you grab 25 we’re gonna start with our arm cast squats so we eats come up into ordered position bring it cast and then squat cast and squat cast and squat when are in order were slightly off to the side we want to go down the alley not over the head down the alley and then squat down the alley and it’s why keep the glutes engaged as you do your cast and that’s just going to help keep you from going into that sway back position okay and we are going to switch our grip and now since we’ve switched our grip we’re over to the opposite side bottom hand dictates what side you’re on my concern it wasn’t yeah

and that’s good sit down shake those hands up we’re moving to our side city so side cities aside swing we’re going from one side all the way to the other switch it grip keep that Bell close to your body should be swinging just in front of the legs not way out in front of you when I keep this in a linear trajectory I sways from one side to the other and that’s good so now so for the side semi it’s our usual side swing so we’re driving through the feet and driving that distal hip it’s a full extension that’s going to torque those hips a little bit and create some rotation and then we just want a slight break in the hips as you do the same thing on the other side okay moving on to a clean set the end of the barrel at your heels so we’re a little bit behind your heels grip hand over hand written jump up and then lock it order set it back down emphasize the jump push through the feet pop up so I’m jumping and I’m sort of almost like high pulling the hilt of the handle and I’m trying to get that as high as possible and I’m gonna drive the handle down so the bells come up here oh I Drive that handle down okay every chart grip hand over hand and that’s good so down remove to shield cast and the shield cast has a rotational component in it as opposed to our normal cast which is just moving into that cast position and back this one well you’ll see we have to get the order first so let’s pop it up hand over hand I want you to turn slightly to one side I’m going to keep the belt on the side closest to to the camera so I’m going to cast I’m going to rotate to the opposite side so slight turn and I’m going to pull it back over on the side of the camera over turn and over over turn and over remember to get it over when it pact with the lacs we’re using the lats

to pull the elbows back into our body and this term comes from the hip so I’m turning out the hips miss reach that great hand over hand well down towards the hips we should be able to see over the top of the bell if you can’t you’re probably too high with your grip although I hit to the heavier weight it’s heavier than 225 that might not be always true back at those let’s pack it in elbow is tucked in okay that’s good you guys so yeah okay I’ve got one more in the series that’s going to be our front pendulum so instead of just our straight up front swing we’re gonna do that tuck for the pendulum just like last week where we did our side cross pendulum we swing to the side and then tucked this time we’re checking in from okay so I am her in pop up in top pop up and tuck get that full hip extension feel the weightlessness of that bowel and that tough so you want to make sure we get that send off first before we think about pulling that melon we start pulling the arms before you get those hips all the way through in a complete transfer of power to the Bell then we’re going to be personally using our arms to lift that belt if you don’t have all the inertia yet okay switch your grip and that’s good here we’re gonna break grab drink so quick review yeah so quick review we’re looking for that crown the coccyx alignment so we’re thinking about maintaining length from the crown of the head down to the tailbone so glutes engaged typically that’s gonna draw that tailbone under and then thinking about pulling that chin back a little bit and staying up tall through the crown of the head make sure you’re getting that shoulder pack we’re also looking for arm lock particularly on those swinging motions so as we drop up from border we want to hit that arm lock that’s gonna set the shoulder as an anchor we’re packing that shoulder also so that we can have that more efficient swing pattern grip confirmation let me just give you a better definition of that because I feel like it wasn’t that great last time grip conformation includes the actions of aligning the wrist to sustain traction and on regulating the gripping configuration of the fingers wrist should be aligned with the forearms flat so that you don’t exceed flexion or extension or deviate with lateral bend so we don’t want a whole lot of motion like that

in back position the thumb and forefinger pinched the strongest making an okay grip sign with your hand while the pinky side of the hand is used to help push through the rotation of the swing so when we’re swinging were more so like that and gripping with these bottom fingers when we’re in an overhead cast type position we’re hitting that okay position so it’s that okay and then ice cream cone position that Scott Simon talks about okay ice cream cone okay ice cream color okay ice cream cone okay so when we have that arm at length we’re in the ice cream cone position and when we’re back here we’re pinching more with ease and what that does is it helps you alternate the muscles of the forearm so that you’re not hitting fatigue as soon okay so we’re gonna go through that again I’m going to increase my way to the 35 and you want to make sure that you’ve got at least a little bit of chalk because contrary to our kettlebell stuff in which we have more of a hook grip in the sense that we’re creating a hook and the handle sits in there with the club bells we need to utilize more of a squeeze grip because we’re holding the the the weight of the bell the Bell itself is longitudinal to the direction of the centripetal force so it wants to slide away so we have to squeeze it whereas with the kettlebell we can just hook in and then we’re fine so the grip requirements are very different when from when we use the kettlebell so chock up and here we go again so we’re starting with our cast to squat can I get a hell yeah okay clean it up cast and squat and that’s good it’s kind of that I forgot how fantastic that 35 feels Thanks okay we’re going into our side setting really be patient tune into the motion of the Bell we always want to be counterbalancing to the Bell so if you start turning too early you’re gonna create some horses on your backhand side that you’re not going to like change the grip

okay that’s gonna sit down you guys still hanging in there removing onto it clean when we get to a wait let the 35 this is where we start to really feel the necessity of the mechanics of the cleaning when the weight is heavy enough okay position the end of the barrel at your heels or a little bit further jump up and lock it back down jump up and lock into order back down cameras which regret as you come up maintain just enough grip to not let it slip from your hands but don’t reef on the Bell you want to think about feeling the weight of the Bell in your traps as you jump up and shrug it’s going to help you keep those arms relaxed on the way up okay sit down antek breather we’re gonna move to that she’ll cast you ever have like an intro workout drink that is tasting case we’re spit or something like it okay she’ll Cass is hitting order position so it’s slightly turned to one side cast and then let pendulum over to the other side you gotta match that movement Wow can I switch that grip it Oh Oh okay we have one more that’s in your front pendulum guys ready three Oh and we’re gonna pop

up and talk sweet your trip you got back flat walk through the spine crown to coccyx alignment right pop those arms to the ribs for that connection and that’s good alright guys that concludes level 2 and we’ll see you next week with level 3 alright hope you enjoyed it see you next time