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grafton imagine gentlemen my name is Barry am your host afternoon’s webinar my pleasure that you chosen to join me and today’s session should take about 30 minutes that will give you the opportunity to better understand the cruises that are available on carnival for 2013 in Europe where we have two ships deployed for the summer season now if you haven’t joined the webinar before just a heads up in the top right hand corner of your screen you will see a tool box or a control panel within that toolbox you have the facility to send me a few questions so ask questions bring to mind i encourage you to type them into that little control box send them through to me and i will do my best to answer as many of those as possible at the end of today’s presentation don’t forget as well but if you have dialed in via telephone that you can also pop into your audio pin into that area and I just allows me to control the audio that little bit better and within this facility you’ll also find the opportunity to raise your hand if you experience any difficulties with the audio or with the visual content of the presentation do raise your hand if I see more than two people raising their hand at the same time and it generally indicates that something may not be going quite a plan that we will get things underway and just to give you a heads of what we’re going to be talking about today is who is Sebastian who is a typical Carnival Cruise guest and looking a little bit at the 2013 itineraries for the two ships that are operating there and the enhancements that are taking place across the fleet including friendship 2.2 oh so let’s get things underway and first of all hask well it was Sebastian and if your name is Sebastian you have a friend a little on a colleague who is referred to by that name than I apologize it’s no way intended at them personally so that’s seen as the name of we’ve given to a little something in your head of that little person on your show love it has a few preconceived ideas not just about cruising but about life in general you know it might be that little thing in your head that tells you you don’t want to go to a certain restaurant or a certain party because it’s not necessarily your kind of thing and equally when considering the cruise you might not think cruising is your thing you might be a traditional resort state I person or equal you may be an existing Cruiser who maybe doesn’t understand the carnival concert so we’re asking you for the purposes of today just to zip the little mouth lil Sebastian or pop that little Sebastian in the corner and come here with an open mind have a better and and that will then give you the opportunity to have a better understanding of what Carnival is and really what makes the true ConVal atmosphere on board so moving on we’ll have a look at who is the carnival guest and a lot of preconceived ideas Sebastian may have about who are honorable guest is and it’s important to note that the average age of a carnival Cruiser is about 47 having said that though it does change from Costa cruise from season to season and one thing that is certainly true is that all Connor will gets austerity they are very energetic very engaging very welcoming to socialize other people we do carry about 1.8 million children annually but don’t let that put you if you’re not traveling with children because we have some of the most amazing children’s facilities available at sea to make sure that no matter what your age whether you’re two years evolved with your 92 years of almost something taking place on board to to keep you amused and entertained now from Australia would you attract a lot of extended families so whether that’s grand parents traveling with their children with their grandchildren maybe with a few aunties and uncles that seems to work exceptionally well equipped racked younger couples and groups of young more couples with similar interests maybe they’re heading away for just a general Pham just the general friends renewing their gathering from various different places around the world or maybe they have a special interest at heart but they’ll be sharing on board the cruise now one thing that caramel is exceptionally well is if you are a traditional resort style guest I in the industry we sometimes refer to them it’s fly and flop guests I be fly to destination and you remain within that resort area for the time there’s nothing wrong with that but we do know that the average satisfaction rating such a resort hovers around about 83 286 on bordick on Walker’s we know that our satisfaction rates of that ninety-eight percent so we know that by getting you on board the ships we will truly value and blow your way we also totally understand that you’re looking for a flight crews or flies they package now we are talking specifically about Europe today I mean a majority of you will head to your for about 20 days and duration it’s therefore important to know our longest cruise in Europe is only 12 days but you can put more than one cruise back to back or we can package that up for you with the help of your travel agent or ourselves to get your flights

your cruise maybe a little bit of print post accommodation or maybe even some touring in that particular region as well and who else we do generally advertise a lead in price of say 100 dollars per person per day or a seven-night cruise from six hundred dollars is an example we do know that use the Australian traveler have quite a certain tastes and you quite often look for ALP canoes or sweets when choosing your next cruise so let’s take a little look at what’s included in the price of a carnival cruise well all Connell pricing is and australian dollars it is inclusive of all charges taxes and gratuities and so there’s very little more to paid while store away in summary all of your accommodation is included most of your meals are included most of your entertainment and activities are included so really beyond alcohol if you soft drink maybe a little gambling the casino maybe a spa treatment to the shore excursion pretty much everything is taken care of so it really is exceptionally good value for money there is certainly no accommodation in the world where you can stay 400 rules a knife and at the inclusive aspect of a carnival cruise now let’s take a little look at what’s happening with the deployment if you’re a particular cruise both under a very keen to get a better understanding of what’s at me with our ships we do have a few minor changes for 2013 first of all Carnival Spirit is leaving the international fleet and heading down to Australia that means that it’s going to be handled by our friends and colleagues that complete crew solutions if you have a question or concern about carnival spirit whilst in australia i would strongly urge you to connect with them here at travel the world we represent the 23 other international ships and the for the displayed on the screen there have a few deployment changes first of all the carnival splendor heads of io South America and repositioned into New York where as carnival miracle heads through the Panama Canal army positions to the west coast in place on this blender carnival miracle will operate from Alaska and also down to the Mexican Riviera carnival splendor once over in New York will operate out to the Bahamas and the Southern Caribbean so let’s take a little look at what happens when legend and destiny disappear across the Atlantic or first of all carnival legend and carnival sunshine because carnival destiny does have a complete refurbishment switch will talk about more in just a second but both of the two ships that will be in Europe 2013 will be operating out of three ports so Venice boss learner and Dover for the UK carnival legend will operate from all three carnival sunshine which was previously carnival destiny will operate out of Barcelona and Venice are only the brochure initially the ceiling lights on side there is our latest year of 2013 brochure which is now available to order for you to peruse the various crews options that are there and the fast facts on these ships are pretty simple carnival legend is actually a sister ship to the carnival spirit that’s spirit the class of ships are known as the ship of 888 thousand tons they have eighty eight percent of the statement of the ocean views and eighty-eight percent of Earth oceanview staterooms also have a private balcony now she just carry a little over 2,000 guests and she was launched in 2002 but was completely refurbished at the end of 2011 so she isn’t looking pretty flush right now as I mentioned she just sail from Venice Barcelona and over and she operates on 12 night duration cruises but you can put those cruises back-to-back in some instances and self up to 12 24 36 or 48 nights carnival sunshine on the other hand he is a larger ship she’s actually one hundred and two thousand tons and carries just a little over three thousand guests and technically is being merged in 2013 because of course the changes that are happening to what was carnival destiny also dramatic in sweeping that we have actually completely renamed them are treating this chippers relaunch so she will be saving that adenosine boss learner only I’m a combination of 9 and 12 nights itineraries will take a detailed look at the ATM use that they’ll be offering in a little while but first of all let’s take a little look ship on what you can find on board so taking a little look at carnival legend which you see on the screen there in front of you this is your typical accommodation which if you sell the colonel before you’ll be very familiar with now in my honest opinion it’s nowhere near as orange or pink and some instances in real life and it looks on the screen it’s very much just the lighting that is set that’s a new your tone for the purpose of the photography and no matter what grade of accommodation you booked into you will always have that beautiful common comfort bed you’ll have your vanity area I’ve your small mound area and I’ve your expansive wardrobe on the storage space and then of course you’ll have your private bathroom as well now the left on top there you’re looking at the inside staterooms which of course can be configured as a queen if you prefer you then have the ocean views the bottom left now that is an old picture that TVs are actually flat screen TVs now they

have been replaced as part of the 2011 upgrades on legend over on the top right you have your balcony staterooms they’re pretty similar but you do of course have a private deck space for you to readable capable of one may be in jerusalem service and then down on the bottom right you also have the suites which are available in various different categories on board legend now the accommodation that you’ll see on the next screen from carnival sunshine is very different if there’s a very similar theme to carnival breeze which we launched just a few days ago and a venison that she launched on Monday of this week now carnival sunshine as you can see very clean very minimalist very bright and airy the top left there is of course an inside stateroom an ocean view down to the bottom left top right is a wraparound ocean view which you can see there with the expensive picture window and and the bottom right is the traditional balcony we don’t actually have any artists impressions of the Suites at this stage but I’m sure you’ll agree that the mood determine the lighting is very light and refreshing it says carnival sunshine for next year now on any of the carnival ships doesn’t matter what ship you were to sell them we do have some consistencies across the fleet the first of which is that room service is complimentary now I say that with the exception carnival spirit down here in Australia which may be slightly different and I always urge you to connect with the complete guru solutions team or your travel agent to get a better understanding of that particular ship when it’s down here in Australia the 23 other ships in the fleet do have complimentary room service they do have an expansive lido buffet area which is where you’ll find your rotisserie you’ll find your salad bars you’ll find your dessert stations you’ll find the indian buffet JH you’ll find the mongolian watch you’ll find the 24-hour pizzerias a soft-serve ice cream the list goes on and on now of course an extension Toledo area is also the specialty coffee store there’s beautiful cakes that you also see now there is a small surcharge for the cake and coffee in that particular venue we also have a sushi bar on board the ships and of course no matter who you’re traveling if you are traveling with children or you just prefer something a little lighter one day and we of course we do have speciality in and use whether it’s salad salads from this bar cuisine and order it’s the children’s menus that are also available now in the main dining bring you do have a choice of choosing traditional early or late dining that means you dine at the same time every evening and dine with the same people one of the same waitress later dining room at it since is very popular with Australian travelers most Australians however do prefer the flexible dining approach which means you can go into the dining room at any time between 5 30 and nine pm and just change time waste and certain destinations just slightly but let just give you a rough idea and on board all of our ships we also have a special sorry on most of our ships we also have a speciality restaurant which is clear steakhouse previously known as a supper club and that is the only restaurant we have on board where there is a surcharge that is 35 US dollars per person and it is certainly more most beautiful prime age states beautiful seafoods very attentive way to service etc now on our two later ships carnival miracle and carnival breeze we do also have Coachella capodanno which is a family dining t restaurant that is only found on those two particular restaurants and there is also a small search and I’ll just down in there but on 21 other ships the steakhouse is the only speciality down in trees and when it comes through to your accommodation we do have an abundance of choice for another set before two years of age apply through 292 years of age our accommodations are our activities for children start with camp carnival educators from 23 to 11 years of age now that is broken down into subgroups of that age bracket but you all want to have a shared vicinity so siblings will be in the same room but they’ll be doing different age-appropriate activities however once you get to 12 through to 14 years of age that’s where you venture into circles see that is a completely different and separate area of the ship and it’s only open to those age groups and then we have club 0 2 which is 415 through to 17 years of age which is exclusively for our teenagers now of course we also have to swimming pools 32 for sewing calls on board and up to eight hot tubs depending on the ship that you’re traveling on and of course we have the waterworks which is a splash area or water slides or flings an area for the children and the end of heart of it to enjoy that now if you’re not traveling with children or maybe you are traveling between them you want a little bit of time out of course we have the cloud nine spa and we have the fitness facilities that are associated with that we also have the serenity retreats which is an adult in the area on the aft or the back of the ship which allows you just have a little bit of time out we have extra thick mattresses we have very attentive way to service and adults only hot tubs and no children are allowed into this facility throughout the evening we have I in our right sorry high-energy dance shows and

taking place in the main chill lounge we have karaoke with a twist in that it is karaoke with a live band we have the punchline a comedy club we have the seaside theater the list really just go on and on so no matter what your age or your interested really is something on board everybody to on take it now we are undergoing a major enhancement program across the fleet which is referred to as fun ship to ponto that is quite a dramatic phase that we go through what we see five hundred million dollars being spent between two thousand eleven and two thousand five Dean now as we mentioned carnival destiny will go through friendship two-pointer to become a carnival sunshine she actually receives punch it to quinto and so much more but to give you an idea of function to point o in its general terms and what you will see added to the fleet’s as we go through this enhancement place and that’s taken them look at the coming slides starting off to the punch line comedy club no this has been an honor ships for many years but we have actually expanded upon this it’s now presented by George Lopez who is a comedienne North America he’s actually out and about seeking new raw talent for the ships and we have three comedians per ship every evening who will present their short comedy shows about 20 minutes to 30 minutes in duration they’re generally repeated two to three times Oh Mike so everybody gets a chance to see at least one comedian / night throughout the cruise and they have proven so popular that we’ve actually will introduce the carnival punchline comedy brunch Club which means that you can have a lie-in you can have a late breakfast or snack and have some light entertainment in the form of the comedy club as well so that’s pretty popular too now a couple years ago probably 18 months ago 22 years ago we did realize that the humble burger was using a little bit of interest certainly flavor of the month was mexican salad bars sushi bars etc and so to reinvigorate our dedicated burger areas we partnered with the gentleman by the name of Guy Fieri whose us the Liberty chef in North America and he’s really enhanced on what we had previously and you’ll see from the image on the screen in front of you now or coming to you now and it’s got very much an American diner style feel to it and it has a celebrity endorsement but there’s no surcharge so yes while you might be having a celebrity endorse or a speciality treat there is no surcharge to dine in the scenario there’s just an extension of the Lido buffet continuing on and this time I mean you quick look at the entertainment we are aware that with carnival and very much guest participation is part of the ambience and the experiencing you have on board and I know that there’s nothing funnier than folk so to have the ability to encompass 36 guests as part of the game show where families and individuals will compete through various different activities such as connect for basketball Yahtzee bowling sorry sliders to name just a few and ultimately win some really great prizes on board it’s proving immensely popular on the ships that we have it already and I’m sure it’ll be popular winces and enhanced on even further once it’s rolled out to the rest of the fleet continuing with one of the new improved bar areas we have sports files on board all of the ships we’ve actually upgrading them at the moment into the EA sports bars which is quite possibly the largest wall of sport to be found at sea I’m sure you look great from the image which will come through to you in just a second yes it does happen sporting memorabilia and it has a clean image form of a better word and but the ability to share so much water in one area is excellent news now what sport we show really to depend on where the ship is and what satellite it can pick up but in Europe it tends to be a lot of Europe intensive sport and of course in the Caribbean Mexican Riviera and the last day would be a lot of North American sport keeping with the entertainment thing we do have an of course dance clubs on board or nightclubs on ball all those ships we have dance classes etc but one thing that we did find and not to speak badly of for djs but usually holding to the wedding where that the DJ has the accounting ability to be able to clear the dance floor with one change music well DJ irie has been brought in to help with that and he’s pulling through all the djs on board through the spinner versity which teaches them new tips and tricks at home improves upon their playlists and it really has drastically changed the Bible and the ambience not only to the dance club but also to the public areas that we use the DJ’s in various different times of the day so on board most of our ship by early 2013 we will have a and addie an endorsed DJ born from pet alert and we’ll also have a DJ in training which will still be going through some University and to get back additional knowledge now on

Carnival Magic just a couple of years ago we saw last year in fact we did launch the Red Frog hub which also served the frost thirsty thirsty Frank red which was a beer now on the some of the ships we don’t have the space or the ability to have to add the full pub atmosphere so what we have to move some cases is introduced the Red Frog rum bar and Lynn the Red Frog one bar knowledge is a color scheme is predominantly red the drinks are predominantly run based or the draft thirsty for bread beer and where is just across the way on the opposite side of the ship we also have the Blue Iguana tequila bar and the Blue Iguana tequila bar has colorings believe so we very quickly identified that guests tend to have a sporting team and my mother’s either red or blue in their predominant colors yes either prefer rum or tequila or they prefer draft or bottle beers and from one of those treaties they naturally gravitate to one or the other of these two bars and this actually become a camaraderie type of atmosphere and quite competitive and once the various guests that do frequent the two venues it’s approving the immensely popular again an extension to the Blue Iguana tequila bar is the Blue Iguana Cantina which follows the same Mexican theme which allow our guests to enjoy complimentary tacos nachos tortillas to name just a few beautiful home made suggestions and it certainly is flavor of the month we do have the cantina on board majority of ships but it is slowly being improved upon as we roll out the Blue Iguana across various different ships in the fleet and to go back to a different bar facility and for those of you that may have cruised on colorful and the past we previously had a aft bar or a paparazzi bar which it was also known as and which was very very popular but we wanted to improve on that even further and we look to use the alchemy which has been rolled out on one ship so far has proven very very popular what the alchemy is is the theme of a pharmacy or a chemist of yesteryear or bar staff or lab technicians all wear the white coats and rather than you choosing from a drink menu you actually choose from the periodic table or alternatively use feats are one of the lab technicians and they will note down some of your ailments and prescribe a drink or concoction to to lift your spirits or change your mood depending on the flavored ingredients that you mentioned now they have a whole array of infused herbal alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks that are available and again it is very very popular and we’ll slowly see this progressive we rolled out on a few of the chips when the fleet not all ships have the ability to host the alchemy go and equally not all ships have ability to host the library so you will find that most ships get either one or the other the library of course is as the name suggests a library we have a small library on board all of our ships but what we accrue sively increasingly have noticed is that many guests will take a cling to the library because they want a little bit quite a time to be there a little bit of quiet conversation so to provide a service we have actually introduced the self-serve wine dispenser where you swipe your cell and sign card you choose your wine of preference and the size of the serving that you prefer and that’s available from the self-serve kiosk also in the evenings we also have bartenders who mix of maybe a cocktail or a specialty drink of some description for you as well so that kind of summarizes what is happening with function 2.0 which is very exciting indeed now what just to quickly touch upon carnival legend which will not have fun ship 2.0 prior to starting at European seasons is important you know that but she is looking stunning the machine message i’m sure you look away from the images on the screen in front of you she’s a very contemporary tight ship she still has lots of colorful areas but having just gone through a dry dock in the 2011 she really has no need to receive the function to point o berry 2.0 upgrades at this stage so let’s take a little look at what carnival legend offers in europe for 2013 as i mentioned at the starchy be homeported in venice dover and barcelona the first itinerary that you see on the left-hand side there seas sailing from barcelona to venice calling in majorca which is one the Balearic Islands calling Marseilles for the French Riviera Albia facade in New livorno for Florence and Pisa civitavecchia which is the port for Rome Naples from our Vesuvius Capri or cern to and Messina for Sicily always a very popular port and then to prov Nick for Croatia before arriving and having an overnight stay in venice so it’s a true highlight to be able to stay on board the ship and enjoy a day and a half there in Venice itself you’ll see the twelve night cruise thoughts thirteen hundred dollars for an inside cabin but I am aware that many of you

choose to book about them and even at nineteen hundred dollars into library because the port charges takes annuities that it’s exceptionally good value over them to the right there you’ll see that we have a reposition cruze we’re having spent a few months up cruising in the Baltics and the Norwegian fjords we then head back from London back through to the Med so this will see you calling in lisbon portugal malaga spain marseille in france monaco livorno for florence in pisa Rome of course to vecchia and ultimately ending makeup in Barcelona that reposition Cruz there is $1,500 for the 12 maturation for an inside cabin now whilst we are in Northern Europe with the legend so you do get a great opportunity to sell and have overnight stays in st. Petersburg so why not cruise on a round trip out of Dover and take in the beauty of Copenhagen where I’m under which is the port for Berlin house inky for Finland overnight in st Petersburg tell Talan for Estonia and then Amsterdam in the Netherlands before returning back into Dover and other taxes in this particular part of the world tend to be a little bit higher so the lead in price for the Baltic cruises is actually eighteen hundred dollars which is still great value for money for twelve night round trip cruise alternatively you may want to go through to Norway and Western Europe this cruise again is a round trip Dover over to the right there and sees you calling in else and Bergen scavenger and Oslo in Norway 24 Norwegian courts there before then heading into Hamburg amsterdam in zeebrugge ER and then finally a half for France before returning back into the UK and that’s a sixteen hundred dollar lead in price for twelve night cruise the great thing about the legend by ten Ares is that in some instances you can do more than one cruise back to back so you can do 24 or 36 or 48 nights in the same ship and only repeats a few key ports of call so the first example there is the barcelona through to dover which will see you depart and take in the western med so from barcelona through to london and then do the round trip london continuing on into the Baltics that twenty four night cruise is 3250 australian dollars equally in the 36 night cruise in the forty eight night cruise are also available but you see the majority of those departures or an either june august or sep tember carnival sunshine on the other hand will be sailing out of only boss learner or venice she has a choice of nine or twelve day itineraries in a nutshell the nine day itinerary does the best of the mediterranean sending round trip out of barcelona a 12-day version of a round trip barcelona also incorporates trips into dubrovnik and also having the overnights in Venice as well so a lead in price for nine night cruise starts at about 1157 australian villas the twelfth night cruise not only fourteen hundred and seventy five australian dollars equally alex of venice you can do a Venice to Barcelona or Los learn it through to Venice on either nine or a 12-night duration as well as some alternate options just populating on your screen now and last but by no means least we are talking predominately about Europe today but I did mention that the carnival splendor which is a very well-loved chip with Australians having many people cruise with her down to the Mexican Riviera she is repositioning through South America and you’ll see the various sectors that are located on the screen now well that’s Los Angeles to develop erasing valparaiso through to Buenos Aires but one is there is through to New York Los Angeles to Valparaiso that first sector has a nice balance of sea days from port days our presence of 10 Cerys monasteries to New York has majority port de severe water intensive and so slightly price there and but you can actually do the three cruisers combined back-to-back which equates to about a 42-day duration and with your flights from Australia one night’s accommodation and the full voyage you’re looking at a lead in price of just over 5,000 australian dollars incredibly good value to see that particular part of the world now if I was to leave you today for just a couple of key facts the first five points that are located on the left hand side of the screen the most important thing that is carnival with carnival it is cheaper to book further out so if you’re booking more than five months out and do be sure to ask your reservations consultants about the early save affairs IES what do notes they are more flexible their terms and conditions are quite strict but if you are prepared with any money in committee movie you’re definitely going to go then the IES would certainly be the way to go don’t forget we have fun ship 2.0 happening across various different ships throughout the fleet between now and 2015 and in Europe you’re looking at carnival legend out of barcelona venice cordova al carnival sunshine from barcelona and venice if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to speak to local travel agent or call our friendly consultants on 1

385 7437 or you can drop an email through to travel to travel the world come value if you happen to have a groups inquiry maybe there’s a group of eight cabins or more in groups a traveler will accompany you may be able to assist you as well for any further information about carnival legend carnival sunshine or the fleet in general that hesitate to go to www travel worldcom but au / carnival and that will give you all of the latest information as new things happen across the various ships within the fleet I hope you’ve found today’s weather all beneficial and it’s a pleasure that you’ve taken 30 minutes or so Tia to join me today and we hope that we can welcome you on a future webinar and we do have others in the pipeline including a link style webinar 27th of two so let’s just head over to the question box now to see if we have any questions in the inbox if you do need to dash off I completely