[Eng Sub] 여자친구가 사랑한 유럽 (GFriend Loves Europe) EP 5 Part 1

[The 5th story] [Melody for you, sunshine for me] Fortunately, the rain stopped It is a bit cloudy but the city is so picturesque [Cloudy but picturesque, quiet and peaceful day] The air is so fresh [Breathing in] [Breathing out] [Coughing] [Surprised by so fresh air] The fresh air makes you cough [In a better mood, where are you going, Yuju and Eunha?] [GFRIEND’s dorm before starting a journey] Mirabell Garden? This is where they filmed “The Sound of Music” We need to go there “The Sound of Music” Mirabell Garden? I really want to go there Let’s go there first as it’s raining Mozart’s birthplace [The place they postponed visiting due to rain] [The place where the cast sang Do-Re-Mi Song in green trees!] [Mirabell Garden where the musical movie “The Sound of Music” was filmed] “Doremi Song” of “The Sound of Music” is really popular I wanted to sing the song, recreating the scene there Let’s go to the Mirabell Garden to sing Do-Re-Mi Song [On the way to the Mirabell Garden] [Two visited the Makartsteg bridge again] [Clear sky, happy mood] [Lots of couples made vows for their eternal love] [We’re here to make a vow for our friendship] [Eunha and Yuju left a lock] Done [Like this strong lock] [Our friendship will stay the same forever] [#Good picture, #Lock of friendship, #Yuju & Eunha, #GFRIEND loves Europe] After leaving a lock for friendship, they started another journey to make a special memory [Going to the place that they looked forward to visiting] Is this the Mirabell Garden? [Time to enter the Mirabell Garden!] Mirabell Garden is the Baroque style garden in front of the Mirabell Palace The lawn, fountains and statues are placed in a well-organized way The garden looks so fabulous It became more popular after filming the movie “The Sound of Music” [Mirabell Garden: Statues of Greek heroes and Pegasus are around the central fountain] The Hohensalzburg Fortress is over there. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s like the model of gardens [Best model of gardens! Mirabell Garden] [The central fountain that is familiar to them] That’s the From this fountain Is this the one? [That’s right] [Maria and children sang the song] – Let’s take a picture – Good [Started taking pics again!] [Click] [Striking a pose at the fountain] [It looks familiar, too] Isn’t this the path in “The Sound of Music?” The children went into the path while singing [That’s correct] [The ivy tunnel in the movie] – Let’s be like the children – Shall we? 1, 2, 3/ [Let’s run!] Doe, a deer, a female deer [Singing a Korean version of the song] 1, 2, 3 [So excited[ 1, 2, 3 [Girls turning into the kids] Isn’t this the place in the movie? – A unicorn – Manager, please get out of the way [So excited in the place they wanted to come] [Various places in the garden were filmed in the movie] [Magical place to hurry their steps] It’s beautiful again when looking from here [Our journey continues] It’s so nice [Taking pics with the camera and their eyes] – If we take too many pictures, it’s hard to organize them. – Right [Falling in love with the Mirabell Garden] [I like Mirabell Garden so much!] The movie showed the history of the past and the background was so beautiful I wanted to watch the movie again

It was all the more meaningful to visit the garden – We need to sing the song here – Right Do you know they had the choreography? – Show me – It was the homework to memorize it [Choreography of the Doremi Song?] Don’t miss the beat Without any mistake, you know Follow me 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 [Was there this choreography in the movie?] – No, it is not! – It’s real – No, I’ve never seen it – This is the one This is it [Still doubtful but started practicing] That’s right I memorized this for 12 hours during the flight I memorized this Just do like me [Unidentified Doremi dance, what’s the truth?] [At a cafe in Seoul after the trip to Europe] How did you feel when singing the Doremi song there? We sang “Doremi Song” from “The Sound of Music” I teased Eunha saying there is the choreography to the song Eunha believed that [A frank camera which is approaching the climax] [Plot: Yuju Actress and victim: Eunha] [Eunha keeps following till the end] [Yuju is talented as a choreographer] This one You made it up, right? I think it’s different from the previous version – Is this real? – Yes, it’s real Let’s try one by one One by one? Please sing the song 1, 2, 3, 4 [Depending on Yuju] [So fresh and cute] – Please sing – 1, 2, 3, 4 [Cute, cute] [Smiling like a mom] Way to go [Yuju’s single scene] [Eunha starts showing a lot of interest] – What about coming out this way? – This way? – Turning like this – How? Like this. Here [Actively dancing] 1, 2, 3, 4 [Yuju sings for Eunha] [I got it] [Music video is complete with unidentified choreography] Well done [Yuju’s perfect crime went successful] I told her when we were back in Seoul. It was a lie When she started dancing, I thought she was trying to tease I didn’t believe there was no choreography in the movie She danced three or four times repeatedly So I thought it was real and danced together It feels like I was fooled, too As she asked me to show the YouTube clip, I searched for it Really? Please show the movie scene where this choreography was seen [The producer was fooled by Yuju’s perfect acting] [Innocent victims from her prank] – Was there any? – Nope It will come out soon when this is broadcast [Music video born by Yuju’s perfect crime!] [Eunha & Yuju’s version of “The Sound of Music] [Doe, a deer, a female deer] [Ray, a drop of golden sun] [Me, a name, I call myself] [Far, a long, long way to run] [Sew, a needle pulling thread] [La, a note to follow So] [Tea, a drink with jam and bread] [That will lead us back to Do, oh, oh, oh] [Oh] [Do! So! Do!] [Eunha & Yuju’s Doremi Song – the end Bill please [A bit embarrassed] I need to pay for the meal This is a high-end restaurant They’re bringing the bill to me Thank you [6,608 HUF including the VAT] – Will you pay with Euro? – Yes, please [Euro is OK!] [But the change will be given in HUF] – Is it OK with you? – Fine. Thanks [Hungarian currency is HUF] [Euro is accepted at tourist attractions] Thank you I was a bit nervous because Hungary has their own currency But I forgot changing Euro into HUF Fortunately, they accept Euro here

I paid with Euro Thank you [Completing the payment] [Got some HUF] It feels like I have more money Amazing This is the HUF Never seen this before It looks like 10,000 won and 1,000 won It feels like 2,000 won I’m done with the payment Bye Bye [Moving to the next course!] Bye I’ll go outside as I finished my lunch I’ll go to the Square Park Succeeded in having lunch alone I was not alone, actually But I ordered and paid by myself I am proud of myself Let’s go to the Hosok Tere I studied a lot about Hungary It was built to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of national foundation It’s been 130 years since it was built It’s been 100 years It is a historic place People in a car are watching me The weather is so nice I feel better now [So much better than Vienna where they had to fight against wind and rain] Cold Can you see the square? [The Hosok Tere seen behind the trees] The square is linked to the park We can have a tour in both I will show you how beautiful Hungary is on behalf of Umji Umji I wish you were here with me Leader of GFRIEND Let’s go bravely to the Hosok Tere [Glancing at] [Sowon loses confidence in front of foreigners] I’m shy The weather is so nice The weather is so nice [Are you smiling or crying?] This is You may think I’m too emotional As the weather is so nice, I feel two mixed emotions First, I want to be here with someone as this is so good Second, as it’s so nice, I am glad that I’m here alone I guess I’m hard to please The weather is so nice It’s so nice. I hope the weather continue to be like this, not getting cold My outfit for today is well matched with Hungary [Getting used to taking a trip alone in Hungary] [Then] She felt someone is seeing her, in this foreign city of Budapest Who are they watching closely Sowon? [Who are they?] [Two are following Sowon from a distance] They recognized me [Do they really recognize her?] Hello [She approached to them bravely] Hello – Do you know GFRIEND? – Yes [Really?] – Do you know who she is? – Yes Sowon of GFRIEND They know [Found Hungarian Buddy!] It’s amazing to see our fans in Hungary Do you know our songs? [Nodding] 1, 2, 3 (Singing) [They’re real fans!] [Real Buddies!] Thank you [#Hungarian Buddy, #Super star friend #Thumbs up] I’m posting pictures real time on the social media I guess they were following me based on that I read some comments such as “I’m living in Budapest, I want to join you” “It’s in front of my place” I read such comments So cute

[Best!] [Hungarian fans came to see her] Are you glad that you’re having a trip alone? It’s so nice So glad Don’t leave me alone Don’t have a trip alone Never [GFRIEND’s fan club Buddy is the love] Amazing [She looks brighter after meeting fans] Thumb, thumb, up! [Feeling great] The weather is so nice No need of a padded coat This hand is empty Anyone who wants to hold my hand? Hello [He ignored her but she gained confidence after meeting fans] As I’m a bit introvert, I am not good at making friends, even of the same age I’ve never talked to strangers Now I’m saying hi [Buddy effect] [Sowon is changing] [Arrived in the Hosok Tere] There are a lot of statues Hosok Tere shows 1,000 year-long history of Hungary [Hosok Tere: Square built in 1896 to celebrate the 1,000th birthday of the nation] It’s the place where you can see great heroes who protected Hungary [Statues of 14 kings and heroes are on the monument] The statue in the center over tere is Gabriel, the Archangel [Statue of Gabriel: built by Zala György who won Grand Prix at the Paris Expo in 1900] There are a lot of angels below the archangel One of them is Sowon [Embarrassing] Why are you laughing? He’s my boss [O…OK] Now I’m more social, right? That’s the mindset I need to have during a tour Umji would like this a lot I can impersonate her If she were here with me, she would say like this “Sister!” She would do like this Really “Everyone! Isn’t it so nice?” Umji would have said so Like this “Isn’t it so nice?” [Umji herself evaluates it] I don’t think it’s similar Everyone! Isn’t this so nice? There are a lot of statues Great horses [Charismatic statues] [A wide view of the square] I’m getting closer to the heroes Hello [Being polite to the heroes] [Charismatic and magnificent] It’s a bit scary as their faces are so expressive I feel like this horse is staring at me [I’m watching you!] [Taking a picture!] Europe that GFRIEND loves! [#Buddy Effect, #Getting courageous #Grown up a bit, #Isn’t it so nice?] [Way to go] [Julian Alps] Let me take a picture It’s really picturesque While they are amazed at the beautiful landscape, they finally arrived in the Bled Island – Shall we go? – Let’s go! – Don’t hold the paddle here – Will they be mad if I do? – No – No [Beagle-like sisters who are telling a joke back and forth] – Thank you – Thanks Let’s go there [99 stone stairs to achieve the eternal love] It’s really high Pretty Do we have to climb up these at one go? – Pretty, pretty – Really… it must be tough for a husband Carry me on your back Please go up there – Are you serious? – Yes – Listen – Really? [SinB’s cute action worked] – She said so – Try [SinB gets up in her back] Hang on. My pants. Hang on Let me pull up my pants [Getting ready] [So happy] [Powerful Yerin challenges to climb up 99 stairs while carrying SinB in her back] [A long preparation] No, you have to jump [Climbing up 99 stairs] [Will they succeed?]

Go up Don’t do this I think we will fall down I need to do this with a boyfriend 1, 2, 3 We just went up three stairs 4, 5 [Taking steps one by one] 6, 7, 8 9 [Cute girls!] 10, 1 [Failed after going up 10 stairs] We failed to achieve our love – We can’t be in love forever – We can’t achieve our love [Great memory] [Happy beagle-like sisters] It’s hard 99 stairs until the end? [Sigh] – Sorry for my future husband – Me, too – I’ll lose my weight – Me, too – I’ll be back here with my husband-to-be – I’ll marry a good guy – Will you? – Yes, I will – Let’s climb up – All right – I’ll go straight – Don’t stop me I won’t get down I will go straight Tired [Successfully climbed up 99 stairs thanks to the going-straight strategy!] It’s so nice Pretty Church of the Assumption In the Bled Island It is the most popular place to have a wedding ceremony in Slovenia The groom gives a bridal carry to the bride and walks up 99 stairs It’s the tradition to ring the bell of wish inside the church Thanks to the legend that a wish is granted if the bell is hit 3 times The bell is always ringing, carrying someone’s wish Thank you [Purchased tickets to the church] – I guess this is the way – Where? This way. Here? [Enters one by one after reading the barcode of the ticket] [What wish should I tell?] – High – Very high Starting from the 99 stairs, I guess this place is full of stairs Right, a lot of stairs [Infinite stairs following the 99 stairs] There are a lot of stairs [It must be tough for my parents if I have a family trip here] – Where is Yerin? – I’m here, behind you – Yerin – Yerin is feeling tired It’s amazing Too high [Oh, tired] – Yerin – Yes, I’m coming. I’m coming [SinB is leading exhausted sister] – Clock – Pendulum [Not the bell of wish, but a pendulum?] We’re almost there Cheer up [SinB is looking for Yerin left behind] We’re almost there. Yerin Yerin is here [Something is weird] It’s not the place to ring the bell [Surprised] Where do we ring the bell? – This is not the place – There is no bell here Tired – This is not the place – Where are we now? You can see how a big clock moves inside This is the clock tower which is used as an observatory I’m here to ring the bell – It’s up there – How can we reach there? [Camera director shows the way] [Bell of wish] They got confused at the entrance Poor girls – The bell is there – Where? [Where?] I guess we entered the wrong entrance It’s in the next building [Ladder hanging over the window] Hey, a ladder Let’s take it down Hang on. Where is the key? [Ready to take the ladder down] – Let’s bring it down – Shall we try to lay it down? [Pie in the sky] – Pretty – Wind is blowing – It’s so pretty here – Is it? – Yes – You’re prettier – I know They couldn’t see the bell of wish after climbing up the clock tower It must be the valuable memory [Found the right entrance] Yerin, don’t get out of screen I see. I’ll be close to you – Let me take some picture – Me, too [Beautiful interior of the church] [Humble outside, beautiful inside] It’s the best

At this beautiful church, what wish will Yerin and SinB make? So pretty [What’s this rope for?] Hey, hey – Yes? – Is this the rope to ring a bell? The bell Let me ring the bell first – Is this the one? – Yes Make a wish? Here? [Being serious] [SinB is praying] [She’s serious] [Please make my wish come true] [Time to ring the bell three times] May I just ring? It’s not working [Trying to pull down the rope] [Surprised] [Why is it not working?] What’s wrong? [Too heavy] [It rings by pulling down the rope so hard] [Bell sound carrying SinB’s wish] It rang. Three times [Succeeded in making a wish!] My turn – Amazing – Let me do this [I wish I can come here with my family] [Precious wish] [About to ring the bell] [As she pulls down the rope] [Clear bell sound is heard] [Yerin succeeded in making a wish!] – Hope it comes true – I hope so As you made a wish in a hard way, it will come true I can’t tell you about it, but I made a personal wish and a wish for the team [Leaving previous wishes in the Bled Island] [Going out of the island] Friend I’m the captain Yes, be the captain as you want I’ll explain something to you You need to listen carefully OK, go ahead There’s a famous local food in Bled They use a lot of eggs in the food What’s that? – Cake – Which cake? [I forgot the name…] [Yerin was surprised by SinB’s question] Aren’t we going to eat kremna rezina? – Right. I know an interesting story about it. – What’s that? They use a lot of eggs to make the cake They don’t throw away the egg shells and make candles – With the egg shells? – No, pouring the candle wax to the shell [OK! I got it] They make candles It’s around 100,000 candles a year They send the candles in this lake When? The 3rd Saturday of July A beautiful view you can see only once a year If you plan a trip to Slovenia in July, remember this! [100,000 candles lighting up the lake] They also have a laser show there It’s very beautiful A lot of tourists will come here The lakeside is crowded with tourists, as I heard Will you come again in July? Are you proposing to me? Let me think before we arrive I’ll gain strength to climb up 99 stairs then I can’t confirm it before we arrive – You’re so hard to please – I’m not easy I’m not easy to my dad and mom – Let’s come back in July – OK, let’s come back – If we don’t have a schedule – Did you hear that? – We need to come back in July – We will come back Saturday in the 3rd week of July. We will all come back The same crew members I will remember the one, who is rowing for us – Rowing – Yerin will pay for the tour? [Frozen] – If I become rich – Really? I don’t think you’ll be rich until then Then, there’s no hope It’s hard to open my eyes but it’s so pretty [The landscape is so beautiful that they want to see more] [Amazing] Picturesque They’re fishing there – Fishers – I guess fishes are living in the lake They’re fishing Let’s go fishing We are. You’re fishing me now Big fish [SinB is catching a big fish(?)] It’s not as cold as in the morning [Getting warmer than before] My heart is still cold As you left me [Surprised] What’s wrong with you?

Anyways, do they think the Bled Island is good for a family trip? [Star ranking time for a family trip] Let’s give stars I want to say first [Yerin’s points for the Bled Island] I want to give 5 Why? – It was perfect in everything – Why? Delicious food, we rang the bell and made a wish Beautiful river and great landscape Isn’t it beautiful? I will give 5 – 5 stars – Yes – I want to give 5 – What? It was so beautiful We rang the bell three times and made a wish Hoping the wish comes true, I give 5 stars 5 points! Can you tell me what wish you made? Thank you very much [Sad] Thank you very much Let’s clap the film slate. 1, 2, 3 [Stars for the Bled Island] Austria team in the Hohensalzburg Fortress – The air feels so fresh – Right [Eunha found something!] Look What’s that? [Camera was surprised to see this] What’s that? What’s wrong? Hey, stop [The best moment in the trip in Austria] Please, stop! What happened to them? [To be continued]