HFC Zeldathon: Skyward Sword – Part 26 [Hiding in Plain Sight]

before I move on can people tell me what the game breaking glitches with a thunder dragon so just to make sure I avoid it as I think your escapes at how this point is to do with the flooded woods okay so just go to Alton all right I said probably do them in this order I just wanted to make sure you might as well just the order you know the game starts you off on exactly avoid toss forget the stone faster we can do the last Silent Realm and get shield do the desert last oriental itches I’m British yeah I think they fixed in a patch but not everyone downloads patches yeah I can’t actually connect my wii to any internet so i have no way to download a patch and this is why i can’t really hate this guy because he comes in and kind of makes this possible mm-hmm hell even the first time you mimis la I’m sorry for being a dick here have some treasure huh use your friggin heart be sir yep Oh I’m gonna have to go splash some water in my face here in a second no where’s Matt get yourself a warm drink rosslyn I don’t have any warm drinks cylob rev there’s a line and you pushing me over good no I’m not I got PokePark stuff like that oh I PokePark on the way you I’ll be growing guys this digging puzzle too hard no no pepper irst yes go now eatin a bath on not really there will be another charity my friend we can’t decide on our topic will announce at the end fair result Ibaka locked else is definitely up though yes spectral that would be nice sweet I got ammo for a slingshot I don’t have Roland hey but you can plot these guys over the head using the hub if only I twine sorry Rose sorry I usually sell out the first ball someone shoes at home swaps have with the flap

I like having things like a boss risk because they send tend to be kind of the most exciting parts of a game yeah it’s optional it gives you about replay value it is in a ocarina 3d first actually yes a valve a fund it will go on until episode free or hollow free gets released harsh maxi maxi Rican harsh monkey gtf on yeah no taki we’re going to get are we doing the Silent Realm first we’re going to like open up the last dungeon then go to the bathroom whichever is easier to get to mm-hmm if you want to do while you’re out the fond of dragons be my guest like then that seems like the easiest to me wife winwick had a boss rush mode that would be nice it has a pass rush it’s just not an optional thing yeah I’m just going to say right now i like to be very careful during still sections like this so while we may want to hurry up a bit georgia tentative don’t Oh God forgot this was your brother’s here so what gets super pass from me as the fight there has like put music it’s brian colorful and the characters of fun when the story’s not bad that super paper mario yep yeah creeper I wondered why the viewercount went down what happened parrot where she died for someone hmm that’s fine girl not be caught in a stealth section and mini map I believe you about dick to get round the house one of these here too do you have to kill this guy don’t seem to be the case good good because when we came into this area a volcano exploded because Elton’s giving it all this I think this should be the gust nose yeah our disappointment treasure chest and boil in separate places just knock them into the lava so applying to sell them or use them from themselves biggest disciplines elder game never guess well they were in chess to begin with

Lord so let’s stop pointing out my logical fallacies totally can’t see me through this fence no sir there’s balls on this I’m not gonna say which one was the most disappointing to me you can figure out oh man framerate stuttering when I’m looking at the lava Oh and there’s the claw shots los Los they ignore the teenage boy flying on P hats place doing isn’t fair coin Oh oh yes floating wobble platforms a staple a staple yes the sword is basically at the end of this courses on the plus side it means to have to deal with fire during this to talk to tan tan tan tan tan tonto you have the whip without your stones actually I don’t have the whip right now on them on them framerate what are you doing that lava du du du du du Roi down knock the tower yeah Klaus also a stone I believe I crash no it’s got to worry about the guy that’s why you’re in here

points in the game where our mini map helps hi Mexicans to internet installed knows doesn’t even care that the tower was knocked down we can build more towers here’s the way his little marbling faces on them or a nice that clipping mm-hmm I guess we don’t have the sail cloth is the reason we can’t go back up to the sky yeah practice can’t go that way lava actually blocks you off as soon as you go that way are you doing this out of love apparently so why can’t we walk back up to the sky why can’t you choke the Marlins using it it’s too graphic tongue they stole my stuff too graphic for me I want my stuff back I’d like stuff can’t go this way until it for bombs back no smasher just the absence silhouettes mushrooms you could whip the fire and then weapon under me so it’s like a fire whip it’s two hours sometimes they wouldn’t allow why sort all that place only has let’s just go see what pills don’t think it has much in here no there’s nothing in them every few bombs are down lot river though yeah I think it’s just like a small treasure or something mmm yeah i think it is actually be 80 maggot it’s gone ignore the teenage boy flying on peanuts like you get to this point and then you have to wait for a lot of platform anyway who don’t mind me it’s ok we son who

never platform down hey so it’s actually possible for a link to have been like under the tower when it fell slingshot yay now we can actually do stuff so it wasn’t bombs quite bulbs furling stealth gameplay I’m just chilling here watching this of the moon uh-huh I’m waiting until that guy on the other side is walking away what that was almost bad Oh Oh yep don’t hear me like no why is this even here oh can you even go that way if there’s nothing there because fo the patient mario music amla signature does not fit with us see now that I’ve done I think it might be the Coopertown music it’s very jaunty very conveniently left the same amount of bombs in the back is what I had before hey we’re monsters not scum ain’t gotta take him under bomber which I mean there’s bomb flower right here anyway one for you lots for me and just restock here now big Oh well that was wrong that was also wrong kaboom sploosh now I did not play Pandora’s Tower

lots of slime shot down low okay missing something I couldn’t upgrade the bomb bag I never had the materials mmm probably tireless born no I’m actually still missing one ornament of school what gives all the battle schools ah convenient I guess it’s they have the bombs I just go back the other way now yeah there’s no searchlights mode it’s the searchlights I get your call i believe yeah just hop on over difficult a runaway from bonsaitruck multiple ones we could do that Ron you crazy bastard run well Maxie what’s going on oh that’s right the fire earrings actually put out fire if you catch on fire that’s pretty cool so you don’t have to do spin attack let’s go if Griffin everybody Joe anyway your sand bad hey look it’s the Master Sword place that bastard sold for a second look that too why is this chest with five rupees here um some guys lunch box yeah left oh wait I think it did leave a hole in the ground nevermind can we just have the sword and not take fee no I know gamer boy you can get bastard sword in a dark Chronicle or dark cloud 2 yeah sheath magically appears oh alright cool a fairy too bad I don’t have my adventure pouch yep one are you what you really needed the ferry oh I guess I got have to go through here after be the other way don’t yep cool pies now we have to soar drama’s done with us mm-hmm you got all the stuff in the main area right yeah okay I don’t think you can actually get this far without doing good porn you know you can solve all the problems with 5 / simple toggle like a hint i broker yes or no yeah I have to remover to have to alter a character just boom there you go nintendo is insisting that the you play the game the way they want

to that’s why there’s no difficulty choices for the most part nothing I could do this without the beetle all right yeah you need the bill that’s where this can Tran so yeah once again please go ahead myself yep although you have to go over there any way to go wrong oh and that must be some strong ass war are you happy tom I used to spin attack thank you spell my anger has ebbed for now it’s like the rest of your items are here too because we couldn’t think of a way for you to cleverly get them back I know you the gameplay of what charcoal if I had a try sense of humor I had a sense of humor i’m going to say all the motion control sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t the aiming is a step down from her [ __ ] princess I can tell you that much just a scrolling banner that has like a single line on it do you dislike the design choices and Skyward Sword yes just scrolling over and over and over and you’ve got a rose and a spot but I haven’t been able to use the Foy’s upgraded Skyward strike until now fine okay that stays them barros up bo goes fast yep and we don’t know people were saying i forgot the shield before i had equipped rod so don’t don’t get angry that i have the show now because I did forget to equip that once like a pouch man okay oh hey didn’t see you there just thinking about dragging things I’m sorry did I make it difficult for you to get up here yes you did thank you this is alden he has the least character development of all the dragons the least involvement of all the dragons this is basically all he says in the entire game yep I don’t even think you can come back here to visit him to his credit his part of the song is very much Boyd prime ask uh-huh just got to the coop of Rose phim well that’s true are free nice huh