Model X Long Range Plus Road Trip || Branson Trip 2020

just in case you were thinking that it’s all sunshine and roses when we’re going on these trips we’re gonna see if this bad boy can uh can do a 250 kilowatts getting packed up let’s go you’re overly excited lately at the beginning of videos our dog is a little too heavy to jump up there she gets an elevator she’s old you’re a good girl though aren’t you bella she’s a good puppy there you go you found the spot this is our setup for bella back here got a nice little cover keep the dog hair at bay a little bit so a little bit she gets to stay with grand grand and papa this trip say bye bella wasn’t the right spot yet she’s still going all right she’s got it so we’re pretty excited we’re headed on this great adventure to branson like we go every year we are going to take a little bit longer of a route uh a surprise hopefully the children are yelling at each other but it’s cool that’s the way road trips go sometimes yeah our children really love each other yes they’ve been together for a long time now but anyway yeah so we are going through kansas city tonight to drop off the dog give the kids a little bit of a break in the car and then we will continue on our way to branson tomorrow i’m distracted by what is happening over here all right i will give you some of mine because we don’t need tons anyway yeah we got some water up front guys just grab that black one take a drink just in case you were thinking that it’s all sunshine and roses when we’re going on these trips yep she’s the boss she is so our first charging will be at Gran Gran and Papa’s yes uh in Kansas city it’ll probably just be a 110 so it’ll be super slow but then in the morning we’ll hit a supercharger or i’ll go tonight it just kind of depends what time we get there yeah so but we better get on the road because it’s getting late so we’re five miles into the trip uh our consumption is pretty low because we’re doing probably an average of 55 60 mile an hour but the trip to kansas city it says we’ll end with 23 percent when we started and saying 27 percent yahtzee lost camera um when we started it was saying that we get there 27  percent so now it’s saying 23 let’s see what it says when we get to kc this is easy there’s no fear in this yeah i know we’re used to fearing if we can make it or not yeah one percent per mile we definitely wouldn’t make it just got to our first stop i think we ended up going 196 miles miles uh we ended with 324 watt hours per mile so a lot better than towing that’s for sure but it did end up right at that 27 percent like it first stated uh when we took off which is pretty impressive uh for us that’s not really uh happened especially when we’re towing it doesn’t compensate very well i’m going to plug into a 110 outlet i get some juice flowing in here we don’t need

a ton in the morning if we do we’ll just stop at the supercharger before we head out of town but yeah we’re gonna head south so continue on our road trip see you in the morning well we got a whopping nine percent charge i think uh for about 10 to 11 hours of charging but that’s what you get for you know charging on 110 pull so um but we’re gonna wrap this up get it put in the car and then head on down to branson what are we doing bud um Going to Branson anyways we’re gonna head to Emporia because i’m excited i read online that when you get the 2020 2 8 28.5 I believe it is you can actually get a 250 kilowatt max charge on a tesla model x and an s so we want to go try that out but let’s hit the road all right so we’re in Emporia, Kansas we just got done charging here uh it’s a version three so we thought maybe it would charge 250 kilowatts it did not it only charged a hundred and sixty four kilowatts so um you know i probably messed something up who knows but uh definitely not there yet we’re even on the new uh update the 28.5 which was supposedly supposed to make the x 250 kilowatts but maybe we don’t have a new enough one or something like that or is the february 2020 build but anyways just finished up at ichabon uh getting some food now we’re going to head towards joplin missouri and then that’ll be our next stop but yeah we got a really good consumption coming down here uh and got some good speeds for supercharging it stayed roughly around that 90 for most of the time i wanna check what it’s getting right now 36 kilowatts but it’s uh at the 90 percent He thinks we’re going straight on to joplin he’s actually gonna stop and get me some coffee first oh yeah we do these coffee is essential and we have not had any yet today thank you for choosing scooters order when you’re ready yeah can we get a medium caramelicious blender coffee well sugar with a little bit of coffee well welcome to the joplin supercharger yeah this is not my favorite location for a supercharger a little sketch, like this building seems like it’s abandoned yes definitely abandoned, there’s creeper van back here hey maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised when we get a lot of juice maybe let’s hook up deterific

not bad jumped up to 136 right away looks like it’s probably going to max out there yeah which is fine we’ll see how long that lasts if you are in joplin and are using the supercharger you better have your sam’s club card with you because i mean there’s like a Chedders like up over here or something and like there’s some sit-down restaurants but as far as a quick drink and a bathroom sue or sam’s club is about all you get so but you moved the car and you did some things what’d you do yeah so um putting the cold rag on the handle of the supercharger does really work so it was at about it cranked up to 140 kilowatts and then it dropped way down to 60. i did that it went back up to 90 but once it heated back up then it dropped back down to 60 by the time we got a sam’s club so i was just kind of playing around with it i uh moved the car and did the cold rag again and it’s staying at 115 kilowatts with 50 60 percent battery uh for a little while so i definitely think that that works i can check it again and see where it’s at yeah so it’s dropped down to 110 right now so now we can hopefully charge faster when we’re towing and have to charge all the time yeah so you just got to definitely i’m going to put some more cold water on it and see if it bumps it back up and maybe getting to the point of the battery that it won’t let it charge that fast but it’s worth a try yeah and it’s super hot so i’m getting back in the car we got here to branson so today we’re going to go do the fun things in branson yes uh we got here with 30 charge we’re already down to 19 just from uh the heat and all sorts of stuff so we’ll definitely have to charge Branson is a little bit more difficult charging um because they don’t all they have is level two they don’t have any level three dc fast charging but uh they have a lot of those level twos around town so we’ll be able to find it and as we’re exploring that part of the town then it’ll just be charging but okay so yeah we’re gonna go grab some lunch and do some more exploring we’ll tell you what we find out about having a tesla in branson yeah so steve sent me to go charge the car at tanger outlets here in branson and it was a no-go i mean the car charged but we were there probably an hour somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours and we got three percent so it was free but you know only six kilowatts that thing’s wobbling all over the place yeah it is um but yeah so sometimes we don’t really know where to eat and things like that you know become indecisive and so we’ll just let the tesla charging decide and so a lot of restaurants and stuff will have destination chargers uh and so the place that we’re going to now

what’s it called Pascetti’s it has a destination charger so we’ll be able to charge while we eat we hope we’ll see we’ll find out yeah we drove by and i didn’t see it earlier but it said there was one so but we’ll see if we can’t get a better charge there and then we’re going to a show tonight we’re going to the presley so it should be fun lots of fun so the destination charger was false information we received it’s for the best western so and the etiquette is for destination chargers you only use the charger if you are patronizing that particular business and it’s for the best western so yeah that unless if it says on charge point or plug share that anybody can charge there if it says public charging than anybody can charge there i’m going to rip my head off hi so but we’re going to go get some tasty dinner now so yeah so i am picking up the tesla from its overnight charging we ended up bringing it back out to tanger um and just having a family member like pick us up and drop us off so that we could actually charge because it took so long and it was on the charger for a third no how long was it it was 14 almost 15 hours i think and it just got up to 90 so that was the slowest charge ever but now we have 90 so we are good to go and we can uh get some some adventures in for the rest of the day so let’s head back and get the family this is one of those moments where we kind of lucked out a little bit but it looks like the parking lot is pretty dang full it’s definitely full and uh the EV spots are all open so yes we’re lucky yeah we’re gonna grab some dinner in branson charge the car while we’re here it’s probably gonna get like a whopping what six kilowatts or something again so yeah it’s a six kilowatt charger but it’s free so whatever it’s free and we leave tomorrow so we might as well get a few extra percent before we go so yeah we might it’s been since we charged all night last night we still had 79 left and i don’t know we’ll have to calculate it but maybe we don’t have to charge in springfield we’ll see we’ll see but let’s get it plugged in and go get our names in for dinner because this place actually looks busy and it has not been busy. And then we need to go to the arcade i feel like their cords are kind of a hot mess here that’s because they broke off stretch one you see that yeah so we just use our what is it called passport wallet our apple wallet apple wallet we just use our apple wallet stick it up to the screen and cart is authorizing so then each tesla comes with this so you can turn the this j1 i don’t even remember what’s called j-1 something into a tesla charger let’s go plug this bad boy maybe these are jacked up over here abracadabra blow on it like a super nintendo video game it didn’t work all right let me move it go plug that back in here i don’t know they’re all over the place all right let’s try it again attempt number two your card is now authorizing your card is now authorized plug in this fancy thing

i guess if it doesn’t work just make like leave it plugged in and pretend like we’re charging there we go there’s a green green means go getting a whopping seven kilowatts hey at least this one’s getting 240 volts the last one was getting 207 so all right well charge her up so we’re ready to hit the road yeah we’re leaving uh we thought we might have to stop at springfield but it doesn’t look like it we just got the car all loaded up yes but we may stop in springfield for scooters oh yeah we gotta get some coffee somewhere so but let’s get her closed up all right so it says 218 miles we’ll end with 14 energy so let’s see where that ends up starting off with 88% on the road again just can’t wait to get on the road again no yeah we are on the road again thanks so one of the things we’ve never done because we come to branson every year i don’t know if we said that or not yet but one of the things that we’ve never done is stopped at the osceola cheese company and so we figured it was a good middle of the road break for us to stop and go potty and grab some goodies there is so much cheese in there and that place was so busy then we also figured out that we’re gonna go to the olathe supercharger that’s where we’re going to stop and meet up with katie’s parents get a cooler for our cheese our cheese don’t go bad my first bite of cheese was pretty good i can see why it was busy you don’t need any stinky cheese we got about 89 miles to go to olathe supercharger from osceola cheese so cue the b-roll no b-roll of me eatin’ some cheese what’d you do overloaded it frozen frozen let’s see what happens my guess is you’re gonna have to reset it yeah still like on autopilot breaking and all that so that’s good all right let’s reset it so you press these two wheels here you press them in and then i’ll reset everything it freaks me out it’s freaky it all shuts off you have no blinkers until we smash into the person in front of us even the lane change works I guess uh this is funny we need the uh jeopardy music here she comes you can tell the air shut off pulling into the supercharger in olathe kansas yes we’re probably gonna be about eight percent by the time that we get there this is a 150 kilowatt charger uh the trip planner says we need 55% to make it all the way home we’ll see if we do that or there’s supercharger in between here and there if we get antsy we can always hit the road and supercharge there a little bit this is officially the most cars that i’ve ever been to the supercharger we live in the midwest and uh yeah there’s never this many there are four cars charging right now like we had to actually like calculate which charger we needed to pull into so we were using proper etiquette because normally we don’t have to deal with that oh there you go but let’s see what kind of charge you get now

no kidding battery’s very low all right let’s see what she ramps up to and another tesla left so we’re just down to two that was short-lived it’s a model y too pretty looking one it’s like we’re at 1 15. we’ll see if it jumps up i’ll show you if it jumps up let’s go we have been reunited with the car yeah 9 to 94 so hopefully that’ll be enough because we do have some rain and pretty heavy rain it looks like we’re gonna run into so yeah some storms so yeah um yeah i got up to only up to about 116 kilowatts so i’m not sure what that was about but then it kind of settled down to 81 82 kilowatts for you know most of the time until he got close to that 90 percent yeah but anyway i’ve never seen the instructions on how to park you see it let’s go take a look at that in case you don’t know how to reverse into angled parking that’s funny well should we go get the puppy let’s do it hi bella hi puppy okay baby oh goodness it’s so hard hi puppy hi baby girl get the dog jump in there wow such a fantastic job big jump bye-bye see you bella got our own vents and everything back there alrighty well got a punched in here we said we’re gonna end with 14 so we shouldn’t have stopped at st joe unless if somebody has to go to the restroom and then we will just to get a little extra juice the only thing we worry about is that we’re gonna hit storms right around where uh Mound city mound city this area here so yeah finished our last leg from kansas city to lincoln and we made it he did 361 watt hours per mile our kids are ready to be home lightning yeah we definitely hit some weather coming home but yeah 361 watt hours per mile uh for the last 200 miles and we’re gonna plug her in when we got here because we ended with i think 13 we’ll put that up almost somewhere i’m bella’s forehead make your eyeballs stick out you have to be home bella can you say bye bella say bye guys bella wave bella wave she’s like i don’t know what to do bella wait wait good girl good girl all right you ready go inside let’s go i know this video is a little bit different than our towing videos uh we just wanted to show you how well the car can do when you’re not towing it’s actually a pretty easy road tripping vehicle so and if you like this type of video we can continue to do them when we’re going on road trips just let us know in the comments below we’re like never home we’re always going somewhere so if you find this interesting we can uh learn with you on some of the charging and that’s that’s the interesting thing is we put some of these things out there and then people comment below about how to do that or how to fix that and so we actually like

it yes we learn so anyways yeah so if you liked it definitely give it a thumbs up uh if you want to what nothing we just continue to have whiny kids keep going it’s family life yes so anyways uh yeah we’ll see you guys in the next video yeah uh make sure and subscribe if you want to what do they need to do if they like the video ollie all right