hey guys how’s it going my name is ninja zombie and I am in a car as you can see i know i have not been uploading lately and there’s a reason for that that’s because i’m not home I haven’t been home for a few days also just real quick so i know i don’t know if you can see that gps I don’t know if you can see where i am i’m in the middle of nowhere pair of the night wherever that is not entirely sure i know you might be saying ninja don’t blog and drive it’s a bad idea if it’s a lookout big and empty this road is for the most part it’s straight sometimes it turns then it goes back to straight again so yeah besides it not looking Cameron look at the road will be fine we’ll be fine just probably share my views down all the way just so that I don’t get in any sort of trouble for copyright it was picking it up or not but I do not want to risk it in trouble so basically I’m literally just sitting here with cruise control on sitting a car I don’t know if you saw the GPS but I have to go another two hundred and eighty eight miles before I get off this the highway so that’s that’s fun and you may be wondering into what the are you doing well you see came to Salt Lake on Tuesday today is thursday not wednesday ik monday sorry came monday today’s Wednesday I don’t know when this going up because I don’t know when I’ll be able to put it up but you know whatever point is today’s Wednesday right now and what happened is last weekend okay so this weekend I was supposed to be going to Vegas to hang out with some family ok last weekend my grandparents went on a trip to that just got dark my grandparents were on a trip to help that still bright to my eyes so to go do some stuff and then they were coming back and then this weekend we were going to go in the motor home to Vegas to hang out with family so that was the plan we are no longer going to Vegas because because the motor home that I always stand when I’m in salt lake with my grandparents is broke down in nevada but not none vegas they went to novato to get to where they were going but it’s not near vegas point is is broken down there’s no way to move it now when it broke down my grandfather stayed there with the RV my grandmother and my cousin on the other hand came back on a train so they’re working on the motor home and they said that they’re going to rip out the back end because what happened is the back end the back wheels completely locked up while they were going down the freeway luckily they heard a noise and did not here we’re going to do this and I feel like I I feel like it’ll be better for a cut you can see a road so what happened you see little biggest rate this road is anyway see what happened is they heard a noise you know clouds on club and my grandma was like what is that so my grandpa slowed way down turn the radio off of slow down trying to figure out it was and everyone like five miles 10 miles an hour whatever and the whole back end is sent nope and locked up and they came to a halt real quick it’s a good thing they weren’t going 70 miles an hour when that happens or they would have they would have wrecked really badly and I may not have grandparents anymore so that’s that’s a good it’s glad then died but the motor homes in Nevada still and we’re going to come back over here just trying to keep the camera moving just try to keep it moving but um yeah problem is is it’s in Nevada and so is my grandma now that are going to work on that they ripped the axle out back end out and they said well once saw my grandma’s been staying there in the motor home so he can just drive it back when they fixed it but they don’t know how long it’s going to be he has surgery soon on his arm from when he fell off the roof I made a video about that earlier when he did fall off the roof he has to get surgery on his arm because he screwed it up and if been bugging him still so he went and hit search on that so that’s soon so he can’t stay with the motor home anymore so I am on my way to pick him up now i’m not going to vegas this weekend anymore like i was going to because i was going to go with my grandparents in RV but they can’t afford to anymore because it’s going to be expensive to fix the RV so they can’t afford to go anymore which means i can’t afford to go because I’m tour and I can’t afford to go places like that so going to pick up my grandfather in Winnemucca Nevada which is still 283 miles away anyways when I do a little bit of a vlog say what’s up because I haven’t been making videos and I didn’t really say to anything I don’t think I told Kenny video ever that I was going to leave I just kind of left I was like bye YouTube I’m going by uh-huh but yeah so we’re

good we good I’m still alive yeah if I didn’t die or anything I’m still making YouTube videos just down right now because i’m not home and i don’t flock a whole lot because i don’t usually do anything that’s interesting enough to clog or have anything specific to talk about and if I don’t have anything to talk about or I’m not doing anything and it’s kind of pointless blog but I will keep you guys updated on how I oh I have a nice chest which is good I got the yummy coca-cola to keep me going a home yes coca-cola keeps me going not sponsored by coke I wish that’d be nice but I will keep you updated on the long empty road of emptiness where I have to go through because either they have to drive on this for another 281 miles i don’t know via CBS but 200 281 miles is where i have to go and i’m speeding because these speed limit is 75 and i’m going 80 I don’t give a damn so i will talk to you guys again soon if there’s anything important i feel like say I will see you guys in two seconds because magic of editing means i’ll see you in two seconds you know whatever stay in the lane note to self don’t look at the camera to turn off the camera because then you start to open up to watch I look for this what happen I wait for the and I was I found out I dunno what to do it so the key is just put your finger on the button like this and then when you’re done recording you just don’t like totally for God’s mentioned that i will be back to making blank normal gaming videos on like i think i’ll be home monday so maybe monday tuesday the reason I I actually was home for like three or four days without without uploading anything before I left but I didn’t want to start because I’m starting a new let’s play probably gonna be enough away from devil may cry but I didn’t want to start so let’s play right before I was going to be gone for a week because I didn’t want to like have like two or three episodes and then nothing for a week so that’s why I didn’t start the next let’s play yet either because I wanted to wait until I could just consistently do it every day so yeah there’s there’s wedged and upload for a couple days given before I left because I came down on like I said monday sunday monday oh I came Sunday actually sorry if I said Monday earlier I actually gave Sunday I with the lagoon Monday which is a which is a park like his six flags or whatever amusement park in Utah but it’s called goon went there on Monday was there all day I was gonna I was gonna record I wanted my chest bounce so I can before the rides but I couldn’t find my chest mount so I didn’t report it all so that that’s a thing that happened so I was doing all day Monday Tuesday I went donated plasma got some money for that and now it’s today so yeah just a little fun bags there’s the bone a little speed late that’s why do they do all the salt flat races where they do like the world record like you know speeds because for those you don’t know so that’s a hit in Utah like pirates caribbean you know the big sand place yeah that was here we live in the middle of nowhere we have that here we have the middle of nowhere here that’s a thing salt flats are the middle of nowhere and people do races on there a lot that your car shows I’m stuff I’ve ever seen ever been to one of the car shows for the races because it’s way over here they don’t know where and I don’t have that much of an interest in racing cars so yeah I don’t know I mean it would be fun to get in a car and go super fast don’t get me wrong but uh no I just been over here to do that not my thing look look how close I’ve got it to the PLT in no cal close I’ve got into the mail pan now maintained one was to wind over holy crap which is not what I’m going but you know whatever I still have two hundred thirty four miles to go but you know wind overs good checkpoint wendover is like a it’s like the gambling place a few top you know some people yourself so no matter has Vegas Utah has wind over resort there’s casinos and fun stuff to do so there’s that but look the mountain is yeah that’s amazing this is kinda I wish I kind of have like a like a self-driving car so I can just kind of chill there’s a music snack

enjoy the scenery it’d be nice no I’m done I have to pay attention to the road I want a stash about I want to pray to mount in and they’re pretty nothing okay you might give me Frank Utah scenery being literally like big open nothing but you know what it’s pretty mountain the mountains are pretty ok fine by the way just so we’re clear when I say wind overs for Utah it’s actually still technically in Nevada because gambling is illegal in Utah so yeah it’s right there on the border people when I say it’s reuse I mean people who live in utah go to wind over because it’s closer than vegas it’s right there on the border and I just barely entered wind over which is right there you can see the casino maybe and it also just said sign Nevada and I totally forgot to say that it technically it’s in Nevada because it’s right here I mean I just consider it part of utah it you know whatever but then I remember oh yeah that’s right utah doesn’t like gambling so you have to go here point is this is where you dumb people go it’s just right outside of your job but up I’m in the Badger now yeah man for being in Nevada only 230 Mahama’s more to go I’m still on a big ass road they just burn just but I got into cloud town now there’s clouds now which is cool and mean it made it so it’s not as hot so I don’t have the air conditioner super on without dying heat if I turn it down which is nice which is very nice still still the middle of nowhere though I still got 212 miles to go quite a ways to go quite a ways ah sorry hi this is how I was holding this danny well so when I had to turn my fingers were like what are you doing brah I really shouldn’t be doing this while i drive but I really really don’t care because cod yolo swag I don’t give a damn but hopefully hopefully just gonna be nice right so far I’ve had a pretty good ride I’m not really bored I’ve been a good time the town just enjoy myself me myself and I and of course you guys I’m gonna crash anyway his blinker sir what are you doing what I do it wait do it oh this is this oh god he’s coming over because I gone ha ha don’t you come over anymore you son of a [ __ ] in you mean I hey semi trucks hit me turn off my cruise control he scared me just gonna set that back to 80 miles now continue boozing along anyways I can’t get my coke my coke is back there and I ate some evidence I can’t reach the coke like I can open the ice dish by can’t reach down into the ice gesture grab a coke it really pissed me I don’t want to pull over to get one but I really want one I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know I really want a coke I can’t can’t reach it hi ma’am alright so i just saw sign as I’m driving down this lovely road still you know driving into an hour anyways I saw sign and it said dear crossing next five miles only in the d there was like a I was like like a like a little dot so it looks like a bee so I thought I said beer crossing I was like what the is beer crossing what does that even mean I could not comprehend for the life me and then I got closer to sign realized that it’s a deer crossing is like oh I think the book is beer crossing does that mean like there’s gonna be like beer people salesman thing I don’t know it was it was weird man if it’s weird also I see a lot of semis out here just so where where guess what I got I got the coca-cola okay so i love this big straight road i mean if you see behind me like this road was going straight forever I was like there’s no curves I want to damn coke so you know what I did I let go to staying well the car went straight I pretty much under my seat belt was like completely out of the seed and go back there and got myself a coke is great go mean don’t do that at home kids don’t get out of your seats to grab a drink but I thought it was good plus there’s no one around so like even if I started to go to the left or right a little bit and didn’t matter it’s all good it’s all good I didn’t have to pay too much attention I got myself a nice refreshing coca-cola and we are good to continue our 183 miles with left we have 180 pounds left max are going to stop before that because as you can see that says 180 300c then and if you see right down there the range i have left is our 24 miles per round guess that’s a car since anyways so that means i need to get gas before i get to where I’m going so I’m going to stop at some point and get gas then maybe I

don’t know maybe said that no it’s not enough I get a snack for a monster having had a monster forever energy drink I used to drink monster all the time like the way I drink Coke now um this is Rick monster like that but then I just kind of went to drinking coke and stop drinking energy drinks so yeah my pickle watch they’ll have them for a while I sounds pretty good right now I’m coming up on what’s that sign say what’s it say Oh what’s it say Oh what’s it say it says not more I admit more well bore no services mineral know where is basically what it’s telling me so I’m still no no we’re by the way if you look way up there where that little car is doesn’t it look like there’s like water like it’s so weird when I’m on a big stretch of flat road always when it’s up there it looks like it’s like water and like that it looks like look you can see its reflection you can see the cars reflection I just went away because it wasn’t a good day I don’t know if the camera picks that up pretty well but it looks like water far away and I can see the reflection of the car okay now i can’t because there’s like incur to the road and I can’t see it anymore but is that the thing that is like what is that why can I see a reflection off of road that is it’s not a reflective surface but look you could totally see oh not right now ah it’s not the car is not far enough away anymore you can totally see a reflection off the road it’s super weird someone please explain to my little brain how that works because I want to do I just got one question for you one of those seriously what the is that though none of this they have me look if I go a little bit left hey you know that that thing there’s a strip thing in the middle of the is this put your shirt I don’t know if the you bring that over time I’m sorry I mean there’s a sign in to Beverly Hills that’s why the oh oh oh wait oh my god look I’m on the road again like 20 miles later jeez man seriously like 20 miles later I am funds at side because that was a I’ve really got to learn how to read I just passed a sign that said Death Star Valley I thought I said Death Star Valley like that star you know I was like what the good night so I’m gonna die and then I looked at it closer it says deep deeee not DEA look I’ll show you the sign it’s right there there you go I don’t know how well the girl Pro picks this up but as you can see there is deep star belly I thought it said Death Star Valley I was like one of those I’m in saying a lot this blog how and I highly Matt damn you should hear how often I actually say what are those on a daily basis I actually say it quite often to just about everything if I questioned anything my response is what are those because yes because yes it’s one of the few things out of mine that has actually something i like very very very few oh yeah don’t don’t don’t judge me I’m implications raining ah ah so I am in elko just cannot free were here listen to highway to hell talk about an old song oh and uh I’m getting gas cuz I’ve got 45 miles but I’ve got Oh Jay doesn’t say because it’s all confused that I’m not on the freeway anymore I don’t know how much farther I go probably like twice that maybe I don’t know a hundred miles I don’t I wasn’t paying attention all’s I know is I need gasoline before I continue so I’m gonna get gasoline although i really don’t know what’s going on here I mean oh look there is another airplane I wonder what he has in Nevada play another you top rate haha okay uh I’m a little fun gasps I’ll get gas and then I’m going to okay I brought this way cool cool I hope that the gas is this way that the signs did not say they said food was this way they said everything was this way food wise so I’m assuming there’s a gas station over here I hope this gas station over here um hello how are you uh gasps I need gas gas gas tourists out there chevron children this wasn’t for someone we gas the continued on my way to Winnemucca Nevada oh my

goodness fun fact they’re from you tattoo yeah I’m gonna do you live from Utah here that’s great man then I’ll excitement i have i was like i wonder i looked at the car in front of me in poop and there are you chocolate I was I was kind of excited about that so yeah I’m getting gasoline gasoline gasoline away and then and then oh well good and then I’m gonna go so we’re gonna go now because they’re just barely finish feeling I guess so yeah I’m actually really kind of excited that I got to come over here and pick my grandpa because I’m very used to going on road trips from my childhood like I always win on road trips the family we went on like one big road trip every summer pretty much always like almost every single year growing up we went on a big road trip once a year and you know sometimes it was just the other side of the state sometimes it was like to California or you know once i went to Ohio way across the country always in a motorhome like I’ve always go I mean I’m not the motor home right now obviously this is broken down but I’m so used to road trip so lately like I haven’t gone ahead any road trips lately because you know I don’t live with my grandparents where I don’t worship to them or other stuff like you know I remember a year ago they went to Canada I didn’t get to go and then you know this year we were supposed to go to Vegas which didn’t happen or it’s not happening it’s supposed to be this weekend but you know I was actually really the board of that because I’m so used to road trips that not going on a road trip for the past few years has really give me an inch to travel I love traveling traveling it’s super fun I love traveling so I actually really don’t behind being out here on the road some people might find it boring but I’m so used to road trips that it’s just like I get to be on a road trip and I love exploring new places so I want to get there i’m probably going to you know be there for a little bit then i’m probably going to wander around and i’ll try to record but if it gets dark GoPros don’t pick it up for but i’ll still try to report be venturing around maybe i won’t do anything too crazy I’ll probably just walk around and see what I can find and go to a gas station or something I don’t do anything crazy I’m just you know I’m gonna want her around nothing nothing too crazy anyways I will record more when there is more to record but yeah look bully Oh insane by I shouldn’t say bye I say bye to the camera but then later when I headache it’s weird because I say by like a thousand times is that okay it’s not okay it’s not all getting someone help me I don’t know how to are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready are you ready by the way earlier when I was the gas station know how I said I ought to be like 90 or 100 miles away right I lied because I built up 22 points seven miles ago according to the car and according to the gps I’m still 101 miles just switched 101 miles away from the exit of which i am taking so i lied i was like 130 miles away not a hundred or 90 whatever a bad all right look I’m [ __ ] I just pulled over it’s been 50 miles since I got gas okay 50 miles since I got kids I looked in my mirror real quick just kind of looked in my mirror for not any particular reason I just looked at my beer do that a lot ha so I looked and I saw the gas cap just hang it I’ve been driving for two miles without the gas lid back on the gas dirty it’s okay again we I forgot to do that for 50 freakin miles I have been driving what Jews nope that’s nice don’t worry about me I swear I know how to drive at the heck up Joe Joe Joe Joe Joe yeah jumper jumper jumper jumper to the shelter chacha-chacha-chacha-chow choo-choo am I the only one who she’s probably that right there 605 arrival 605 and 60 miles I want someone to explain something to me all right now if you look at UPS says exit 178 infrared sees

the matter 289 now every single exit in Nevada has just that it has a normal exit over up top I’ll show you a sign una momento anyone lives in a battle or knows why this is maybe you have this in your state as well it’s not in Utah so I would like to know what to focus with the alternate exit number like here’s a sign okay I don’t know how well you can see that but you can see exit 229 I can see to exit 229 up top and then it says in the little Nevada State silhouette 304 what’s that about why why is there to agent numbers why Nevada why can’t you just stick with the exit number that exists already why you gotta have your own damn magazine number tell me why seriously though if anyone knows what’s up with that I would personally love to know excuse me sir I’m gonna have to ask you stop polluting the air fun fact Nevada is straight out what people were talking about when they say to go nowhere well I swear I have been driving on this earth forever and ever since I’ve been in Nevada I mean holy I’ve seen so few cities okay dude like Nevada is the middle of nowhere I am turbid little lower like I haven’t seen a dumb thing I suppose the time I found this road like I see mountains and fields Thank and occasionally I’ll see a little town just feel what does anyone actually live in Nevada or is that just as edge tool I don’t know what actually I’ve seen it’s a lie i tell you get to that just so we are aware those over there are absolutely beautiful it’s nice that’s big heels over there when I guess I could call those mountains but you gotta realize I’m from Utah and my mountains are bigger either way those are very beautiful I would love go over there and just I just I just clam just go out over go for a nice Hank get really tired really quickly but over that’s fun I’m just have to see oh my goodness gracious i am only 3.2 miles away from the exit which i will be taking to get to where I am going I’m so heavily super happy so I’m gonna call my grandfather and ask him where he actually is in said town which you can actually see oh but Dad I don’t know if you can see it cuz GoPros don’t pick up stuff it’s far away very well I don’t know it’s over there you can see it what about go town boom that’s why I’m going that’s what I’m going to be until tomorrow morning when i leave to go back to Starling city so yeah I’m going to get off the freeway here I’m going to call my grandfather asked him where he is and I’m going to go find him so yes I’m going to do that also going to be no cloud I’m still writing to those hills looks like i said i was on the other side of like another side i was on a nother settled on the other side I was on difference I’m so where I decide I was understand I love that made sense to you but I’m gonna go now because I have to call him because I might have almost the next exit i believe i believe it’s in 1.4 miles oh yeah goo I have a problem I am parked somewhere that said no parking uh so I went to McCall and it’s a no phone connected because I brought my grammas phone because my phone is not in service it’s shut off so I had to bring my grandma’s phone because it’s actually on and working my phones are just basically i Pods at this point you say phones yeah I have to don’t don’t worry about it that one has the music on it this one doesn’t have a broken screen and i use it when I don’t want to deal with broken screen anyways I don’t know the phone is I totally connect I said connect to grandma’s phone it says connecting and then it says not connecting make sure it’s on so it’s either a fell out of the car earlier when I got out of the car way back and to fix the gas or it died which I’m really hoping a diet but I don’t know why’s it was on this seat what’s right here I don’t know where went I’m going to cry because I have no idea where my grandfather is and I have no idea what the phone needs to call him and I mean it’s not a big talent I could probably drive around for like 20 minutes and find him but I don’t want to do that I want to find the film hey whoa why can’t things be simple man simple so I’ve literally just kind of put GPS i searched mechanic on the GPS hoping that there wouldn’t be rated cannock shops here since it’s such a small town and there’s only well I starts mechanic and one shot popped up that was close so hopefully it’s that one or you know I’m

screwed because I have no idea where the phone win like not a clue um so she’s gonna have to really hope that the mechanic shop I’m going to is where they are at um idea if these are an ad a mechanic shop I’m just assuming is since obviously the motorhome got towed to somewhere here and I’m assuming that would be a mechanic shop not entirely sure about that but there’s I just I just really hope because I have no way of content I know you could probably look bro just go in somewhere nest use her phone never I got this in the back I can’t believe if Mike if my grandma’s phone fell out of the car anywhere oh yes I know not what I’m a seat belt I don’t care if it fell out of the car where I went to like gala car to fix the gas can a gas tank or whatever that’s far and it’s it’s dead it don’t there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get it because I don’t know specifically where I pulled off and did that so I mean it was 50 miles after Elko but that’s all I remember hopefully though will be good i’m gonna go to this place and hope then I see my motorhome shoulder all right i’ll put my seatbelt on be quiet with jewel and now I don’t have any hands on the world because it wants me my car is my grandmas cars make me drive unsafe because it made me take my hand off the wheel I really hope it’s over here where I’m going like I hope that this is the right spot I don’t know where it is bad day I dude I hope this is good it’s raining okay it’s raining cold outside it’s not a cold but I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt so I mean for me it’s kind of cold ish just cuz it’s you know I don’t know man and if the card ever said phone disconnected or maybe it didn’t I wasn’t obviously was looking at it the whole time but I wish it would have been like phone disconnected and talked to me or something I don’t know I hope I find them on roll I really do so I’m gonna hopefully go find where it isn’t going hopefully or maybe I’ll pull over again and look for the phone again I don’t know where does it looked I don’t know where woods but I swim was on that seat I don’t know how I could have possibly fallen out of the car like that’s the thing unless I picked it up and put it like on my lap or in my pocket or something earlier and then forgot about it and then what’s it called and then you know got out of card but that’s just weird oh I don’t know where the food is I really hope it’s just in here somewhere i’m stupid and it’s just dead does that double yes but i’m gonna go now to something shop so i will talk to you guys later good news that’s my motor home i’m so happy i found it so anyway I’m gonna go now finish on tomorrow gotta build it that was crazy we’re gonna we’re gonna go in there now I got simmer down and stuff so yeah I will talk to you guys in a bit when I started watching adventure if I do I don’t wanna cooperate beside you guys want to talk to yes