Procreate LIVE #02 : Landscape painting : Road Trip

Hello everyone, I’m Aui ** Wait ** colors will return them back together again to teach drawing Next time I might be upload every week Please follow me for today, I will bring you to draw a Landscape Let’s start to draw Start by opening Ref up before I choose a picture from Google street view images Landscape easily have pastures sky easy to practice drawing sketch in small for overview then. enlarge the space Hm I often paint the sky before Today we will draw easily ?? Simple Once the sky was drawn I created another layer Let’s choose a color to paint the mountains A picture of a meadow But want it to look bright To give the color a unique Texas (farm) look, I made another layer Create a grassland area with cows Separate the road layer to improve the perspective of the image to look further Create a new layer Set to be the front meadow Add a little orange

Add a splash of blue with a teal blue because the blue and green are close together Create harmony Let the grass in this area be a blue-green Are similar colors, blue, green, yellow, adjust the mountains to look further By making it smaller, try it Ref. The shape of the mountain has high and low It is very far away, it will be small. Flat, you will see that it looks far away I chose a color that is close to it, it will be a little pink Set the light direction first I want the light to come on the right hand side, like this, add a little more light Wait a minute to adjust the light. Adjust the sky first I used the Smug tool I used a color like this Blue, a little white

The light comes from this side It will be a little bit far away, right? I come back adjust the road, adjust the road to make it smaller, turn it into a curve, I might try Change the color, make it brighter Put the blue in. Into a soft light Is the light reflected from the sky The meadow right here Hmmm, I will pick this color That is far away, make it a little bright Let’s add something Will put the trees Make it look more interesting

I will check the weight value. Value is a little too bright. Too bright Makes the front color darker The color with high saturation was used to add light at the top of the grass I used gray to help spread Harmonize the colors I chose to use the Rough Texture brush to have cracks like the road Try to shrink it smaller and set aside before returning to the pasture I added other colors as well

Try adding a character to it Yeah, you’ve got a herd of cattle Next, adjust the color of the cow A little far away will be pale The cows are outstanding. Haha. You need to adjust the pasture I feel that it will not match It has to be squeezed down to flatten Those who are far away Will look more like a meadow The grass might be too big Making the size strange It will not look realistic If the size is wrong Looks farther Added trees as well I feel that there is a tree and it looks better Hmmm, like this first

Hmm … I’ll try to draw something more, shall I draw a car? Let’s look at it and see if it matches or not The shadow is on this side I put a pet in it. I look out to see me, I have added a light to me like a bumper

car after it was handed out Add some shadows on the edge of the glass on this side and make the color more fresh Hmmm, I drew a shadow like this Blending blue into the shadow About this first. Hmm I think it’s too bright Should adjust the front Give it a little darker color Here, shadow. The color has become darker and looks better

Is it good to add here? This side has not been drawn yet I’ll add some rocks too Here it is a little closer, I’ll draw a little closer At first, I didn’t think I would draw the car, I think it would be fine, I should improve the composition a little Would be like this We draw a little more roads Make a new road to the composition, it focuses on the car The sky here is not beautiful

Add more blue And add green as well Improve the clouds We should have Add a little shadow The overall color is very bright Need to adjust the mountain a little bit Is the car too small? Adjust the car color a little I enlarged the car Correct the cow color I’ll try to adjust the color of the sky A little darker Give the clouds a little purple Got like this I feel I have to fix the trees Ah, go to Curves, and then Gamma

I fixed the mountain a little bit The color is a little too dark The sky looks a lot of fantasy. Haha. I think it should be enough I’ll try to modify it again Would be better Thank you to everyone who came and watched Next time, let’s draw another picture See you next time