Texas road trip April 2015 part 2 of 2

okay so this stuff is a lavender farm and somebody just came out of the gift shop door which is right behind me and you can smuggle aventure so hopefully I’m gonna go in and get myself some lavender stuff there I’m gonna go take a walk and walk around on the lavender around the lavender plants and show them over the place I actually got a small island everyone in this part of Texas Show nicely wasn’t okay sorry I’m still at the lavender farm I’m resting under a tree you can see I’m going to zoom in this is the public picking area and you can pay a small amount of money and cut lavender and as you can see there’s fresh living lavender so pardon me I got my basket ok I me a basket got some scissors I’m going to go cut some lavender and you can see this place is really pretty they’ve got a gazebo a pond and they’ve got places to sit you can bring a picnic just a real pleasant place this is really the only only time I think to come out here because the next round of lavender is in bloom in August and as part of texas in august you’re looking at 100 degree temperatures so i came with a friend once during august to pick lavender and it was like toiling in the field like a peasant and today I don’t have a Sun Hat and i’m wearing jeans and t-shirt so i’m not going to pick that much lavender but i’m going to go out there and then i gave you some lavender okay everybody come with me the lavender field to see if i can cut myself some lavender pardon the camera bouncing I’m walking across the field and I like it idiot and fit flops are great for walking on tracks and such but man fitflops freaking to walk around in the fields so here we are beautiful lavender beautiful beautiful lavender I’m gonna put the camera down while I pick because I got to use two hands and I’ll show you guys the fruits of my labor hello everybody my hair is blowing every which way cuz it’s Wendy I am taking a break from cutting lavender because I’m not gonna lie it’s sunny and it’s hot and it was starting to get to me so I found a nice bench in the shade and I’m going to sit down for a few minutes and then get back out in the Sun and finished picking the lavender and then I will be headed back towards town and I don’t now don’t know if this gonna be my last video or not but we’ll see what happens and if I see any sell anything else interesting on the way home I will video it and then I will do a little video a little recap once i get home here’s my basket lavender all picked I don’t know how many bundles are going to consider that maybe two hopefully not more than two cuz it’s five dollars a bundle but fresh kicked from the field grab it okay this is called a blue belt sweet lavender is its variety they’re nice and long and spiky and that’s because I want to make something called lavender wands or lavender bottles and I’m going to go ahead and do a video tutorial on that I’ve done them before made them before but over 20 years ago with a an old friend I used to have back in the late 80s Early 90s she and I came out and picked lavender one weekend and made lavender lavender wands for sachets put in the closets in the drawers so when I get back to town I’m gonna have

to put these in a little a little jar overnight with some water I’m gonna have to get some of the proper ribbon really all you need is ribbon to make them ribbon in lavender and you have to cut the lavender long so that is my basket and I got a shopping basket full of products inside the gift shop already so i’m going to pay for my lavender pay for my i got bubble bath I got so I got body and linens spray I got Earl Grey tea with lavender buds I got lavender and fused honey I got it if you can imagine lavender products I got it because I really really like lavender so when I get home I’m going to do a little weekend recap and show you all my goodies I got here and all my goodies I got in town who stopped by a to get independence coffee roaster coffee and tea so look at my pretty lavender and next time you see me I’ll either be on the road home home hey everybody i am back from my little trip and i am tired and I’m getting ready in bathtub bag of stuff in front of you I’m going to go ahead and do a little my trip all this bag of goodies came from the chapel hill lavender farm outside of Chapel Hill Texas and I know what most of the things in this bag are my husband picks some stuff for himself and just her gift so I was out picking lavenders and see that’s my pick lavender and a glass getting good and rehydrated because I’m going to do a craft project with it and i’ll definitely be filming that but we’re gonna go ahead I’ve got my little bag at a present it’s a lot of stuff in here so let’s see I’ll just unwrap this modern time you like that Smith stuff to show you first of all everything I bought they wrapped in lovely little lavender paper so i’m going to hold on to this paper because this is pretty wrapping paper and i’m just doing this in front so i can show you got his stuff i got two little sachets of simply lavender sea salt bubble bath and this is very very nice smelling this is not a product from their in-house from their farm so it but it’s something that they source out i suppose and i said it’s a really nice lavender scent i thought these little packets are perfect to enclose with a birthday card just put it in like a little padded mailer so I got these to give as gifts and then I got for myself lavender foaming bath salts cuz I love sick in the bathtub let’s just lavender aromatherapy bath and shower gel and these products are made from there as I’ll put it back here so you guys can see it those products are made from their farm you know the lavender they grow on their farm so they do also tell us of the world that they were out of it this weekend which is a little bit disappointing but you know it is what it is but it’s not like I’m never going back and then I got a lavender linen spray we’ve got another big bag this is bag is some of the stuff in this and hit see let’s see okay this is mine earl grey and black tea with lavender buds a small bath and shower gel that’s going to be a gift to go well i may put those in a little mini gift basket then and give it to the same person i just saw them and thought they would be nice same with this i got two so i’ll probably just put together little gift baskets see isn’t my husband’s tobacco lavender botanical beard oil so i didn’t smell this he went in and got this on his own

oh that’s nice and it’s a little shaker it kind of not quite old spice but it’s got a nice smell to it and this isn’t from the lavender farms in-house product that it’s still nice they have products they make in the store and then they have products that they sort out that it’s all lavender and lavender theme and then here’s a body spray and I love me some body spray oh yeah this is a lavender infused honey I got that to go with my lavender tea see this is a halt luscious lavender cleansing bar this up so my husband got this okay you got this from the little tea bar area instant ginger honey crystals to go in the lavender tea I guess he thought ginger ginger honey with lavender tea would be good i think it will so you got that and then he got something they also sell local source out products mimi’s kitchen zucchini relish zucchini onions sweet pepper salt sugar spices in vinegar and we were talking about this kind of relish over lunch so he found something that he wanted that you really liked this relish so I’ll set that there and then I have one last thing I got a large pouch of lavender buds that’s lavender from the farm dried lavender buds to make sachets and things like that from and I don’t know if that will stay I’m just going to set it right there so that is my little hall from the lavender farm you can tell it’s quite a little ha ha I do love love love the smell of lavender and this is going to keep me in lavender lavender bliss for quite some time so that’s that now I’m going to move on and stop this and pack this all these kiddies back up and show you something else okay everybody I’m back same little backdrop but this is another leather little treats we got my in-laws live very near town called independence Texas and there is a coffee roastery and independence call the independence coffee company and its local they roast their own coffee beans and make their own blends and we stopped at a store that carried their full line of products and we got some good stuff for my husband and I he really likes this one the Madeleine’s backyard pecan pecan coffee and these are the k-cups but they’re the biodegradable k-cups and so we got ourselves two boxes of the backyard pecan k-cups and then I got myself some can’t cups of tea the this one is summer peach apricot and this T is incredible and one thing I like about this T is if you’re going to make iced tea with it a kid you not one little cake up makes a quart of tea I breed myself some tea earlier as soon as we got home that’s why this is open first thing I did was loaded the Keurig with water and paid myself tea and i always get at least two brewing’s out of a teacup usually i used the reusable k cup and but with these i brewed two cups it was coming out perfectly strong brewed a third cup it came out perfectly strong brewed a fourth cup and it came out just slightly weaker so I got a full court out of this bag of get out of one cake up and there’s 12 in the bag and then I got two more T’s and these are filter bags to each make a gallon pitcher and this one t is for Texas tropical passion iced tea and I have never had this one before so I’m really looking forward to trying it this one it says it can brew in a coffee maker you improve the concentrate and make a gallon picture I’m actually what I do with these little things like that I cut them open and just put a little

bit in my reusable cake up at a time so that’s how I make them and they work just fine so I’m hoping that’s going to be nice and refreshing now that the weather is warm and then the other one I got is raspberry iced tea which I love and I actually have had this one before so and if you see on the back you know there it is independence Coffee Company brenham texas their local it’s just tea with natural and artificial flavors is your basic raspberry tea and it’s good too so I got myself some teas got raspberry passion the summer peach apricot then we got some backyard pecan cups and that’s gonna that’s going to be a nice little treat over the next couple of months so if any of you guys are near and heb stores carry the products if you have your in the Texas Texas region and there’s a big heb look for independence coffee company products because they’re there shit’s good I know the backyard pecan coffee is awesome it’s really really smooth and I’m not a coffee drinker and I’ll drink this coffee and I’m definitely a tea drink I drink iced tea every day and I drink I love the peach apricot and I like the raspberry too and I’m sure I’m going to love the tropical passion so they also have herbal blends and other kinds of teas and they also have a different you know different coffee and you can get the whole beans and you can get the ground so look in the heb stores f naught you can look online and are even call them it’s let’s see WWE independence coffee calm and I’m sure they would have information on where to buy their products where you live if you can’t find them in a store then I betcha you can order them and have them shipped to you so that’s the other little goodies the I stocked up on on our trip okay now that I’ve done showing you all the kiddies that I bought along the way at the the store where I got the coffee and tea and then at the lavender farm gift shop and market this is just wrapping up my video of my weekend road trip to the brenham Chapel Hill Washington navasota independence texas area and as you can see we got to see neat little old old small-town stuff we got to see some wildflowers we got to see the Rose emporiums see the lavender farm see the kiddies I got the coffee I got and the tea i got and all the lavender products i got and on the way home we had to stop at beckys because you don’t take a road trip in texas and not stop at bucky’s so i got myself an iced tea at buc ee’s because it was a hot hot weekend it was a good weekend I really enjoyed it there were a couple things I didn’t get to do but now that my in-laws live in that area now we can go back in the not-too-distant future one thing I miss doing there was a candy shop in brenham that I wanted to stop in to but it was closed yesterday and I didn’t have a channel on sunday at all so i miss the i miss the candy shop and then there was a meat market i wanted to go to you to see if they had some stuff i remembered from childhood but we didn’t get into the area it sat in time so they would already closed so i didn’t get to go I didn’t get to do some shopping I didn’t get to get my candy I didn’t get to go to the meat market I didn’t go into any of the little antique shops in any of the small towns because I just in gift shops because I just wasn’t wasn’t up for that this weekend and we had plans to stay with my in-laws so we were kind of in a little bit of a hurry to get there I could only pick and choose certain things to do but next time when it’s too hot and I don’t want to be out at Rose emporium are out at the lavender farm I’ll do more indoor stuff and we went so we went on the way up stopped off at the buc ee’s on the way up and then we stopped at the Visitor Center and I picked up a bunch of brochures for my mother-in-law in just for me to have to of things going on in that part of Texas and then we had lunch which you saw in the little cafe and we went to

the store that had the coffee products and then we went on to my in-laws house and visited with them had supper with them watched a movie just SAT up and spent time together spent the night I got up this morning had breakfast visited a little more then went and looked at wild flowers which you saw i went to the Rose Emporium when she saw went to the lavender farm which he saw and then headed back home to the Houston area and stopped at bucky’s on the way home to get some cold drinks and deli sandwiches the buc ee’s has a full out you can’t call those giant Bucky stores gas stations convenience store stores or road stops there it has a full delhi they serve BBQ they serve anything you want so you can order like edit deli and they have the computers were you key in your order and you can get sandwiches so we stopped and got drinks and sandwiches and that was our very late lunch on the way home and I just got home and everything’s unpacked and I’m getting ready to go soak in the bathtub because like a dumbass I thought oh I’m going to be walking around a lot this weekend I’m gonna wear my fit flop sandals and only brought my flip-flop sandals and a pair of house slippers fit flop sandals felt great to walk in for the first hour and then after that everything was just ridiculously painful so not that it in that I injured myself or hurt myself using those shoes but my leg muscles got more of a workout than they’ve been used to and probably a decade so I am sore from my thighs to my ankles and I’m going to go soak with some muscle soak in the bathtub and I just took some tylenol so as soon as it kicks in and i can climb in and out of a hot bath i’m going to take a hot bath and then that’s probably going to be it for me for the night I don’t know if I’m going to get this uploaded today or tomorrow depends how i feel after i get out of the bathtub probably try to work on it tonight because while my body is weary my mind is still wired from all of the neat stuff I did so hopefully you guys enjoyed my trip and you know got to kind of vicariously go along with me to the edge of the Texas Hill Country and that you like things that you saw and I’m planning another road trip I don’t know exactly when but my husband and I like to do road trips so when I do road trips i will start documenting them so you guys can enjoy them too and with that i’m going to take another drink of tea because i’m thirsty and I’m going to go ahead and stop this and run my bath water and take it easy