The Tesla Model S Takes a 660 Mile (each way) Road Trip 2013

this is Carla driving behind Claude he’s driving the Tesla and here we are starting our trip on route to race in Virginia from Framingham Massachusetts and here we are at the intersection of Route 9 and temples change blood nice to see you see you too we hope you enjoy the ride because here we are taking it in the mud less purely electric car going to go almost 450 miles in two days no 600 Oh 600 are we just left home and in no way we’re going in a beautiful sunny day and we’re heading to New York on the highway with everybody else and here we are on the highway Oh cars moving Christmas Eve day and cars are moving patty like driving your Tesla it’s a nice car to drive driving still right in here for hours wait let’s look at this gauge for a minute CC you don’t have to look I alright so what I see there is there’s a splint ometer which is digital and analog looking there’s also an energy consumption chart it tells you that on average you’re using 181 hours per month a lot hours from well it’s over five miles per kilowatt hour that’s not too bad but it varies quite a bit love is a great along great right so they show you go overnight right now they show you that over a period of past five mile and then on the other side of that pedometer and odometer they have a little bit in case you didn’t work weren’t already confused about looking at your other map but they give you another man that’s where we are we’re in Connecticut we’re on highway number 91 and we are about to hit highway number 95 right Claude look at that we’re at the Tesla super charging station it says Tesla right here and what’s going on oh look it’s flashing green okay and look how stiff that beautiful charger is here it’s the car and we are on the highway we’re charging at 147 miles an hour that is pretty fast we’re supposed to be charging it up to 200 miles oh no you mean so it has to work up to its charm i started charging up it was ramping up 147 miles an hour is a lot more than 30 so here we are at the charging station and that’s the car on the highway 95 we are leaving the mall area of the charging station and you see that I’m walking alongside Claude here and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna be walking out of here now I’m gonna be looking at the car and as we get closer to the car Thank You Claude we should watch that car and it’s gonna light up for us oh look another Tesla all right I can I see this episode 10 maybe oh they have the same ideas us ode the same one oh now he’s gonna unplug the charging cable look now it’s gonna come out yeah I had to go

look at that nice light on the charging station all the throgs neck bridge in the Tesla at night all right we’re in Great Neck setting our trip meter and we are about to take off in the Tesla at 610 in the morning or so we’re gonna stay in the cash lane we’re hoping to get an easy pass on this on this trip we’re hoping this shop from ez pass right at the toll booth it’s pretty early in the morning here right now it’s very dark did you would lower the car right yeah we had to raise the car or just to get down the driveway now now we’re back in our regular profile here and the morning glow of to the east is really pretty except for now there’s just a wall what can I say it’s a wall of cement not a warning glow at all there’s a wall of mint in my face when I’d look what do I see cement cement all over the place a wall of someone we’re going for the cash and easy path name we have our regular transponder from Massachusetts in foil so it’s not going to foil us see that was funny hey guy buy one of these tags 37 I 295 towards crossbow insects bless way so we just got a new easy pass here we could get it right at the toll booth isn’t that exciting it’s very small compact sweet looking oh yeah we’re going toward the GW bridge look at this nice tunnel full of light let’s see how much church we have on the car we came home feeling to it I’m 35 miles left of range and now look that’s the fridge I just see wow it is and guess what we’re in New Jersey here we’re going by New York City and that’s the New World Trade Center with the big tall needle making it the tallest building in the United States hahaha and look the Sun is coming up on the day it’s Christmas Day Merry Christmas everybody here we are going by Port Newark and the sun is shining oh and we’re right by the Newark Airport to look at that Elizabeth at Newark Airport what a beautiful morning to be driving I wonder why those people get that part of the highway and we get this part of the highway are they on the express lanes oh look and here we are smokestack city this must be Elizabeth oh look at the pretty lights it’s the airport e light and wetlands they seem to go together don’t they very pretty there’s a plane coming in they have very bright lights and here we are on the Turnpike look at that the cars are losing yeah this is Elizabeth if you’re in Elizabeth Jersey Turnpike vs bail Oh I bet it’s well it doesn’t matter that’s all that people think about when they think of the new jersey turnpike is refineries smokestacks and refineries equals the Turnpike according to the world masses but of course they don’t know that New Jersey is the Garden State and an effect we’re even driving through a nice wetland so Claude has to feel to have crossed the whole state of New Jersey this morning pretty good pretty good great and so we’re on what route 95 going south yeah New Jersey Turnpike because we’re almost through the end of the state of New Jersey we’re about to be heading over into Delaware soon now we’re heading into Delaware or heading

over the bridge across the Delaware River that actually goes to Delaware at this point because in other places in the Delaware River bridges don’t go into Delaware this is the one that goes into Delaware and look we have some smoke stacks that aren’t smoking today there is the river this is a carp se yes there’s the river and she loved that name Delmarva I wonder if we’re gonna be anywhere near there well we’re gonna be del and we’re definitely gonna be buff the question is are we gonna be the la Mar Baltimore that’s the mar okay look we’re in the Tesla charging station the supercharger station that’s the Tesla that’s our tank that’s art that’s our filling station right behind us you can read that and there’s me there’s me right in the mirror and there’s another type of being held up here’s another test looking cultivate next to where we are as just another Tesla charging station I weigh 95 heading into Maryland or Baltimore’s Candela somebody else’s husband swing into his Tesla and he’s driving away there is no way in his Tesla going down the road and here’s another Tesla going in to the parking spot unfortunately he’s going hey he’s gonna go way he’s gonna get right he’s getting it right boy just getting the gas tank hook up oh look it’s the wrong side for him looking luckily it’s just enough long enough oh no they’re not lugging up you’re gonna have to get back pull up and pull back and up look up Oh and now he’s kind of been now we’re in Maryland and we’re traveling south on highway 95 in Maryland we’re just passing Rising Sun must be a high point on the East Coast and that they get a lot of green flashes there this is the Susquehanna River we’re crossing on the Tydings bridge in Maryland we’re crossing the Susquehanna River very simple bridge though no extra decorations on this bridge it must have learned from some other bridge x-men we’re just taking a regular tunnel that goes under the Chesapeake Bay called the Fort McHenry Oh driving an electric car to Virginia from New York but here we are in the tunnel why Oh some green and red it must be Christmas wait Tunnel music will speak to this is a long tunnel this is a long day and we’re heading south in the bay so we’re heading south and west so we’re really crossing under the bed big piece of it Wow

we’re having fun in the tunnel we’re driving through it it’s we’re going fast it feels good well 195 miles of range left run the baltimore-washington expressway here like the song Mill River Parkway or hutchinson river parkway a two-lane road with trees around her suburban houses we just crossed into Virginia from Maryland via DC and the same bridge across the Potomac River Wow and now we’re in Alexandria at the junction of 495 and 95 it’s a pretty interesting route and they have these parks that go over the roads but trees on them I actually think that their cell phone parts oh yeah and Shelby centers just the Glenallen like opposite ups and there’s nobody here but nobody here but us Tesla’s charge it up and now we’re at the Tesla supercharger station number four be Tesla supercharger general parking we’re on highway number one okay here we are at the Tesla station all right he’s undoing it and he’s putting it back leaving the gas line back all right and there’s oh wow we lost you last one and we got another one hey do you think this is a Tesla Model Model S what’s his aunt likes and sleep alright clots in the Tesla now he’s closing the door as it gets everything settled and he’s falling out he’s falling out of the slot there he is he’s going he’s going and he’s out he’s gone alright and I’m going to get in a car to in routine very close to our destination brush the brush stick well we made it off the highway and now we’re on the little country road called refeed road we’re going to go five miles on raping road we’re in the town of a feme I believe that’s the Volunteer Fire Department we just passed and when you go five miles into out of town to the countryside where the homesteads are and that’s where we’re headed Catalan and homesteads 79 miles left range going zero miles an hour here comes the Tesla in the wee hours of the morning we’re going on 95 north into new r-delaware and look here is a

great s look charging the black Tesla sergeant there’s the white toast lethargic in point two miles fairlight towards New Jersey Turnpike we’re just about to enter the New Jersey Turnpike from Delaware and now we’re in the traffic jam on the New Jersey Turnpike going north closing in on Trenton so getting close to the Philadelphia and New York area traffic here we are jam right by New York City we’re taking the very to Connecticut we’re in the fairy this is what the video camera looks like when it’s raining just a flood of lights wash a vapor you