Weekly Vlog #34 | Road Trip, Pigs & 24 Hours Notice | MoreOfLucy.

hello everybody its start of a new weekly vlog it is monday and i have been editing photos but not for my blog for ebay I’ve got like a bunch of photos here but I need to edit just for the simple fact is just change like the light in and everything like that just so that they are true to color so there’s nothing more i hate when you go to buy something and it’s not the same car as what it looked like in the picture so i’m just doing that and then I me bringing a load of stuff to go up on Thursday because I’ve been told that Thursday is the best day to put stuff up on ebay if you put it up on Thursday to run for 10 days it ends up having to Saturday’s in the listing so that’s what I’m doing right now because I have so many clothes that I need to sell and I still haven’t said I felt like the rest of this wardrobe all of that from like last time I had us all out so I need to talk the rest of my wardrobe and so out my shoes everything so should hope you have some quite a bit of money coming my way soon because i love this stuff still has tags on it which is disgusting really yeah i’m just going to edit a few more photos in i’m going to get dressed and have something to eat I’ve had breakfast but I’m living a lie it’s nearly 12 I’ve just been seeing on my computer sawing out the weekly vlog and then sorting this out and then I did something for my sister and everything so yeah should be not my computer all day since this morning so yeah I’m gonna um go to this and I will capture you ever i have lunch so I have my lunch I have this like spicy soup I can’t remember the name of it but I’ve got this soup I’ve just put it in mug because it matches my plate and I have a banana and a couple of strawberries and a few blues as I tried to actually like obviously this is liquid I try to actually eat something so my digestive system actually is trying to break down some pink so gonna have this and then I might have like a green tea afterwards i’m still waiting for my video to render and like i’m naked but i’m not i’ve got a towel on there and i’m just going to eat this and do some stuff for my ebay account hello so it’s much what’s up that much why am i doing Mitch I’m just creating from now for the weekly vlog before I before I even think about uploading I want to create the phone now yep saved before I hadn’t save my hair first picture like I take screenshots of the actual rock sometimes if I don’t have enough pictures to take so I’m just gonna like room screenshots this is any good ones that i can use and then in a little while i’m going to make dinner since I’ve gone for now so for dinner I am making this Mexican meatballs finger pop pics I weeks ago now when it was on offer because i thought i’ll try and I never cook my own to making it but it’s jay basically a like tomato sauce but it has a twist of Mexican herbs and chilies so I’m going to have that we’re going to have brown rice and meat balls and making this for me and my mum now everyone so much later I’m in my room I’ve got my hoodie on and my blanket and the heat it is all so it’s officially cold and that just says it all because I am normally the cold person in this house I’m like I’m freezing I’m cold and I’m like miserable when I’m called my mom put that heat you know cuz she’s code so it just shows that it’s actually very cold today this moody’s like I’ve messed up the hood part of in it it’s bugging me nice little samurai and so yeah so made dinner it was it wasn’t that spicy I was expecting to be spicier and it was hoping that spicy i would put more chili flakes in my mom hates spice inch even said it wasn’t spicy so i don’t know how to recommend that like it was nice but it wasn’t fantastic and I got this candle yesterday and I didn’t show you because I picked up the wrong sin so these are from home base and they are on offer at the moment for like I think 299 and this is cinnamon nutmeg and clove and it smells just just no was amazing but it’s orange and what threw me off was i picked up the rides like I’m gonna knowing about I was like no no I’m not going to get it and then I guess I was near the tails I know I’m going to get one and i picked up the one that was beige because normally i get drawn towards sense that have the same color waxes that goes with my room and the beige one was like frankincense myrrh myrrh so I’m thinking it was disgusting so my mom had to go back today to UM changed something codes for psych try think it in me the right candle so I actually enjoy the candle so I’ve got that so it’s really really good so it that you just cinnamon nutmeg in

clothes and it smells so yummy i’m watching dion who started doing weekly vlogs which is very exciting and sorry dear on like if you don’t like this steel I just pause just a rogue and I everybody idiot to sales and say Monday then and I am off to the doc rescue centers I am going with my sister and we were going to go look at dogs because she might be getting a dog so yeah I’m not going to film anything when I’m at the dog breath she says when I think it’s a bit and thingy so do that while there like in kennels ever food but just won’t let you know what i’m doing i might do some ontology bits and i will show you my outfit were you seeing it I just basically have my silene style bargain with the pom-pom America para leggings and the jumper that was from last week and straight hair there’s pig back the RSPCA how cute this one’s slightly go on in it’s in the house are spies are hello everybody it is Wednesday and I’m in bed right now because I just had porridge just right have my breakfast in bed there’s special rate for youtube videos and I’ve been looking on my phone for a Carm out and you’re actually thinking you don’t have a car why’d you need a car mount and my sister Amy will obviously out yesterday my like it’d be so good to be able to film in the car cuz we come up with some random staff we all sing like obviously not professionally we will sing along for the radio and that and yeah it would be quite far apart when I’m going on journeys with my sisters and that to actually get a car mount so we can sing in stuff I thought would be a fun addition to a weekly blog and it means that I don’t have to worry about like vlogging when I’m in the car and stuff like that so yeah I left you yesterday at pres ohms because I has come home and be my systems at falling asleep on my bed after like CarMax was just really shattered for some reason and we went to the dogs rescue sinners and it’s just heartbreaking like to see the dogs there were so many dogs in there that I actually saw a little bit upset looking in the first a lot of them and there’s this beautiful white border collie those issues like pushed itself up against the gate to try and get you to stroke it and I was like so upset this was like I want to stroke them but you’re not really allowed to and it just it was just really upset in and I saw a border collie I like my sister saw a cocker spaniel that she really likes and we saw this gorgeous little English bulldog and it was quite sad but he’s got she’s got home so that’s good for her but yeah i definitely recommend like looking at rescue scent is there some beautiful dogs in ER and a lot of people think i was all just staff scenario but there really isn’t this a mug like there are some lovely stuffs i don’t personally like staffs like they’re not like my dog for me but there were some lovely staffs in there now some really beautiful like of a dogs and everything can the rescue went to the RSPCA may have in like potters bar and they had picks their horses and like loads of other types of animals and everything like that and it just breaks my heart to think that all those dogs have been like you were abandoned or given up because they can no longer have them we went into Blue Cross as well when the woman was on the phone just somebody else he was giving up her cats because she’s now allergic to them and everything that’s just just quite sad like um we obviously brought Maddie years ago and if we didn’t rescue her but we’ve always said if we want to get another dog we would rescue one and there’s this website is well called dogs blog and the amount of dogs are on there is absolutely part break it makes me really sad and I don’t like here which I could take a little home and keep them all cuz odd actually about 20 dogs on this bed couldn’t I so yeah I’m going to get dressed in a second and I’m going to see if why do you want to go for a walk and I’m going to do some stuff with my computer today we’ll do lots of bits and bobs so yeah I will catch you later so I just ordered two car mounts yes to basically they’re two different types one it looks like it would just sit on the dashboard and the other one looks like it would sit on the actual my window and head look along a bit I ordered two cuz they were like free pawn something cage and it just meant that one’s meant to be coming tomorrow and once MIT do you have in friday or saturday and i’m going out with my sister thing called sunday maybe i’m not too sure and I thought their the

quickest the calm then all that badly apprised and I’ve just ordered two because I can test out which one I prefer which ankles nice are which actually holds this camera bear and everything like that so I just all did too i know that sounds silly but in might come in handy because obviously i can do it in my mom’s car as well and my mom obviously or wind screens are slightly angled different so yeah did that I’ve just Chuck’s what i wore yes six I can’t bothered and I’m going to make myself some lunch in a second and and I don’t think the dog wants to go for a walk because she’s like sunbathing on my bed right now so yeah I’ve a worm catch ya later maybe so let me just fourth Gabby been watching her blog and catching up on loads of like YouTube stuff cuz my sisters being around haven’t watched as much but I haven’t denied just made it I have a bunch of baby corn of some orange peppers I have a whole orange pepper there’s like a Mediterranean vegetable things like onions aubergine and other things it’s like frozen in Morrison’s and I like that so you can just tuck a load of it in and it cooks and then i’m having some fish with a garlic what it’s smoked garlic and herb butter crust so yeah that’s my dinner no carbs which is fantastic and I’m just catching up on frogs and maddie is here aren’t you baby I’ve already so i am emma sister’s car and we are going to discos get the month and i just tried to use the car mount thing and it it really work to be honest i I’m gonna wait for the other one to come and hope that that warms a lot better but yeah I will catch you when I get back so I’ve just come back from Tesco’s and if I drew but I got I got onion bhajis and samosas for my lunch I picked up my favorite catalyst hips which all the mozzarella and pesto they’re really hard for flying I also got these for their limited edition and get them out for like all the weekend gingerbread flavored popcorn and I got whipped cream and my sister picked up the chocolate options open and I got the white one and whipped cream we’re gonna have a hot chocolate and she bought those and then she’s got some other stuff over there Maddie needs to go for a wee wee so I’ve just bang the past I think free to two hours and I got missing stuff on ebay because I wanted it would go up tonight at eight because my sister told me that the best time to list some pink on ebay is the thursday around seven eight and listed for 10 days because it has three weekends in it then so done that and that’s it thinking about ebay next week to swap the rest of my wardrobes I so much stuff I need to get rid of and now I have just put my candles all have a glass of coke which is very naughty this one’s about to die and so this one so I thought I’d using them up before I can start using my new lon and I’m going to clean all those out and put tea lights in them as well so they look nice my dinner is cooking and I’m going toward some YouTube videos and sorry do improv much if you’re wondering the clip you saw before hand I was playing clue de with my sisters my sister bought crudo and where might be playing it for Christmas it’s like going to be our Christmas game and yeah we was paying that living with wondering but I’m going to go and I have a date tomorrow so I’m gonna look a lot nicer than this tomorrow when you see me hello everybody so I haven’t robbed today because i thought i would wait until now because i was just getting ready and realistically you’ve seen me without makeup on all this week so let’s give you a make up for for hunts I’m often my day if no one owes I suggested that was going on a day and the date is with the guy that I went to the zoo live and that we went on a date with him weeks before i went to the zoo as well as I like I third day I didn’t see him last week if anyone’s wondering because he’s been working like crazy and now I get to see a lot more of him because he’s off for two weeks so we’re going out today and neither one of us has or not any idea of what we’re going to do so yeah we’re just kind of like let’s hang out but we don’t know what we’re gonna do so yeah I’m going to show you my outfit because I like showing you my outfit and I always I think it helps give others ideas to what we’re on dates and everything but my eye makeup is the Naked palette I’ve just gone gone a little bit more heavier under my eye and she put a little bit more for and then I usually do make up the same stuff it’s just my eyes are slightly different I’ve got peach melba by mac on my lips but I need to chop

that up because and Jesse Peach Melba peach blossom but yeah i’m gonna show you my outfit so this scarf is from ebay i bought it like a month ago came yesterday and I washed it because it had funny smell to it so that’s my scarf is very similar to azureus coffers in at the moment but that cost me like a fiver my shirt is from H&M I’ve just kind of tucked it into the top of my jeans I need to sort it out a little bit though leather jacket is from H&M as well my bag you’ve seen before some ebay the pom-pom is from ebay my jeans are the top shop jamie gene but in the exact vintage wash black sort of color and then i’m gonna wear my HT no flaps but everybody sees so yeah oh and I’ve got my Michael core necklace on because of course I have that so yeah I will catch you this evening when I get back from my date because I’m definitely not taking you on this date with me so I’ll catch you later morning everybody it is saturday morning and basically like I suggested that was going to Brock when I got back home from going out yeah it’s quite funny because I went out about two and i didn’t get home until 12 i was out for 10 hours so you know date went well when you’ve been up to 10 hours and you work bored you still had fun and everything so yeah I ended up going to the pulp and add some lunch and then drank quite a few glasses of wine and then got an uber home because then the person I went on a date with [ __ ] light lives just down the road and if you know the artist tell you a few bit so like the person that I went on a date with works with my mom and they’re like my age but they’ve both got the same place as my mom dad he’s 24 and yeah I’ve known him beforehand so earth and a new earth him and we both like each other and my mom kind of like set us up I cannot even gala boy yeah I’m went on a date with him come home and it was so late everybody was in bed that I decided not to roll I literally took all my makeup off which was so proud of but normally I just like get into bed or like a night like that but took all my makeup off did all my skincare because today I have been invited to go to a wedding reception with the same guy um his friends got recently got married in Vegas and they’re doing a wedding reception over here tonight and he asked if I’d like to go as his plus-one the bit thing you’ve cost when it less than 24 hours now is to get himself ready I’ve gotta try and scrape pot like scrub some of this fake tan off to get a different layer on and I would do my hair again I had to try and find a dress in my wardrobe but I liked on me everything so little bit a hectic that I’ve sorted majority of my stuff out now and so yeah I’m going to a wedding reception tonight which should be nice meeting his friends I really met his brother before so I wish me p meeting his family I’ve in bed right now watching YouTube videos and then I’m going which waiting for the would get home now I’m going to start getting myself ready so I’m not washing because if I got like a lot of scrubbing to do especially on my legs so yeah I will cut she was a little while I’m really so I have had a shower and I’m now in my dressing out as I’m about to start getting ready I have painted my toes with the bury em lai chi and mine as if you’re wondering is the sensation now um hope chewed it’s a to dip type or not sure and then it’s like glitter nail polish i got from ebay this i did the other day I haven’t shown you i’m going to sort my hair about and then i’m going to whiten my teeth basically I’d like to do this before I go out sometimes just because mix my chief wire and also i am me in his I’ve only met his brother because his mother came to my party party yeah in August him and hit like his brother in his friend came to my party and like I’ve met them but I’ve never met his brothers golf like fiance I’ve never met any of his other friends I’ve never even met the guy that had I’m going to the wedding reception for so I want to make an effort because I want you improbably like impress them and I want to look nice for that simple fact so yeah I’m gonna go white my teeth and then sort this main out and I will catch you when i’m fully ready because I now

need to start getting ready hello everyone so I am now ready to go and I will just catch you tomorrow but i’ll show you what i’m wearing my hair is curly I’m gonna little stick-on yet this dress it’s not my ex Paris like a very long time ago but you do the same style but we’ve got a different flower pattern and at the michael kors necklace or inside yeah i will catch you morning everybody it is sunday and I feel like crap I got home about like two o’clock in the morning I’ll sign and i woke up at our like hey so yeah I just made some spreadsheets they’re gone post i’m about to edit this weekly vlog you can all that grass of coke up from there last night i did put your back like downstairs I’m gonna watch some YouTube videos and Eddie’s video and start editing this so it can be ready for tomorrow so yeah I will good eat my breakfast and I’ll catch you in a little bit better my bed sheets have been on now they’re nice and clean and I have a roast in I have carrot and sweet Jackie NP stuffing the works and i’m watching four in a bed i’m going to end the people here because I want to edit this and get it rendering tonight so it can go up tomorrow but yeah how you enjoyed this week level and it was a little bit more interesting and I saw this every week but I just basically hope you enjoyed the weekly fog and if you have please give it a thumbs up and if you haven’t really go hit the subscribe button and I will catch you all next week bye