Western Australia Road Trip [44 Amazing Destinations] [HD]

[19 October 2014] I would like to try something different [20 October 2014] Doop! Hahahaha! You know those food variety shows Good! Hahahaha! [Flies Attack!] [Scream!] [Scream!] Here we go [19 October 2014]

[20 October 2014] [21 October 2014] I thought Mount Kinabalu was the last one. Hahahaha! Sunlight is very bright ah Sunlight is very bright ah Thank You Here we go Thanks! [Car Radio]

Yes sir! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers! This is also freaking awesome! Need to wrap this. [Laugh] Looks like a waiter! [Laugh] Let me hide behind, just nice. [Laugh] Can’t see me right? Ask the camera man Camera man, are you done? Ok [Laugh] Excuse me, I’m thirsty. Can you hurry up? [Laugh] Would you like to test? [Laugh] Narr… I don’t want [Laugh] This has to be good as we rushed all the way from the north just to drink this Hahaha! Cheers! [22 October 2014] This is a pink snapper! [23 October 2014] [24 October 2014]


Yeah Come! There you go Join your lines, move! Two in the lanes! Great! As you can see This is paradise and see you later

[25 October 2014] Really, it will be very noisy when it was working So this is the noisiest part of the brewery