[IN-FLIGHT] Onur Air Airbus A321 [TC-OBF] Take off Antalya Airport

ladies and gentlemen and dear kids this is own Airlines Airbus a321 we kindly invite you to pay attention to the following video about important safety instructions for your flight please put your baggage in the overhead compartments and keep them locked by leaving exit and aisles clear during all flight portable electronic devices must be switched off during takeoff landing and while the seatbelt acts along operation of mobile phones radio and TV receivers walkie-talkies remote-controlled toys and all electronic equipment transmitting electromagnetic waves is not permitted during the flight those devices should be kept switched off until the arrival at the terminal building fasten your seat belts and adjust it when the seatbelt signs are on unfasten your seat belt as shown for your own safety keep your seatbelt fastened throughout season smoking is quickly derivative during a flight all laboratories are equipped with sensitive smoke detectors there is an emergency oxygen system in our aircraft if there is any loss of the cabin pressure oxygen masks will drop down automatically from the service units of a blue suit in this case for the nearest mask place it over your nose and mouth adjust the headband walk and breathe northern from and it is important that passengers with children must attend themselves first before helping their children oxygen masks are also available at the laboratories your life waste is underneath your suit don’t remove life west unless you’re informed when you’re informed by the cabin crew remove life waste from under your suit slip it over your head as shown adjust the belt around your waist breasts will inflate when you pull red handles down if not you may also inflate by blowing the tube on both sides inflate your life vest while leaving the dorm if his life vest will be provided by the cabin crew and should be inflated right after put on in case of emergency landing suitable safety positions should be taken as shown in order to prevent injuries be sure that your seat belt is tightly fastened place both feet on the floor and press the arm rests down put your arms together on her head tuck your elbows in towards your face and lean forward as much as possible our aircraft has a texted to in the forward area for in the middle – at the end ladies and gentlemen in case of an emergency passengers occupying the exit row seats will be responsible for opening the exits and directing passengers towards these exits if passengers sitting in these rows don’t accept to do so they should inform the cabin crew to change their seats before flight our aircraft has an emergency exit illumination system in case of an emergency through the aisle beside the seats and above the emergency exit door lights would illuminate the exit directions these lights will lead you to reach the nearest exit each door has an evacuation slide operating automatically when doors are opened in case of an emergency leave all your hand baggage at the aircraft remove all sharp objects take your shoes off and put them in the seat pockets in front of you please study the safety cards to get detailed information about safety instructions for hygiene reasons do not throw any paper metal or any other objects into the toilets now please fasten your seat belts approach your seats and close your tray tables we wish you a pleasant flight thank you let me do bro okay good idea which literally other nikuman on the futures advance any loss which is either go down shell cough I don’t watch any pressure ingots are ticking off that actually brought away the money to nutrition significance which is cinemas in each style can fish they keep all our character this Grover you know just edible that’s a good each America decision factor either the body that’s close to the big muscle is a couple of a connection that you put a magazine is coming up it is often they’re coming in through your journals

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