LazyTown S01E15 The Laziest Town 1080p HD

Time for breakfast! Apple! No apples?! Huh I know Door! # Welcome to LazyTown # A place where you want to stay # You’ll meet Robbie with his rotten plan # And Sportacus saving the day # Stephanie is new in town # And soon she and Ziggy are friends # With Pixel, Stingy and Trixie too # They’re gonna have a blast together # Go, go, go, get up, LazyTown # It’s the start of a brand-new day # Things are upside down here in LazyTown # Adventure’s just a moment away. # What’s on my to-do list for today? (Reads list) Eat the banana. (Gasps) Check the energy meter? Has it been a year already? Oh, my! Where’s the yellow ball? I don’t see the yellow ball (Gasps) It’s all the way at the bottom! Oh, my! Why is the energy in this town so low? Oh! Why aren’t the children playing? Step right up, kiddies, and get your triple scoop ice-cream cone All you can eat for a penny! Thank you! Yeah! I can’t believe how much ice-cream I’ve eaten Me too I’m next! Do you have any chocolate frosted crunchy sprinkles, huh, do you? What? Rrrr! He asks for the one thing I don’t have What did you say? Don’t go away I’ll be right back Oh, no! Children! You have to get up and run, dance, jump for your lives! I’m too full to move Me too! So much ice-cream Oh, boy, are we in trouble! (Bleep!) Someone’s in trouble! What’s wrong, Mayor? Oh, Sportacus! Oh, I’m a failure as the Mayor of LazyTown The kids are all eating ice-cream It’s OK to eat ice-cream sometimes But they’re lying around and not playing They’re not even moving They do look a little slow today But today is the worst day for them to be lazy Come on, I’ll show you You kids come too What? Huh? Us? I know what you need. Apples! Sports candy just for the energy Are you ready, guys? Oh, wow! Mm! Let’s go! KIDS: Yeah! You see, every city has an energy meter to show how much the people move And look, our meter is near the bottom. No way! If we don’t do something by 5:00 today, we’ll be named the laziest town on Earth We’re not the laziest town on Earth! No How can I make the metre go higher? We have to move How hard is that? I just have to move Yeah! It’s going up! Sportacus, look! The energy meter is rising! (Ding!) Yes! See? Oh, no! It’s going down again Zero Don’t worry, Mayor, the kids and I will keep moving

Oh, thank you, Sportacus, but there is a slight problem What is it? Well, you see, everybody has to move Uh-huh Milford! Oh, Milford, I need you! Coming, Miss Busybody Excuse me, Stephanie Miss Busybody! Oh, my I’m coming, Miss Busybody! Guys, are you ready to move? KIDS: Yeah! Then let’s move! I have an idea. Meet me at the sports field in five minutes, OK? OK Run as fast as you can? Why? The energy meter Oh, of course, yeah! Come on, guys! Let’s go! Hello there! No time now! We gotta go save LazyTown Stop right there, little boy! Ziggy, come on! Coming! Ziggy! Maybe later Let’s go! Later? What?! We’re all in trouble Trouble? We all have to move so that the energy meter stays high and we aren’t named the laziest town on Earth And that also includes the grown-ups Stop moving! You say there’s a a contest? But I don’t have a thing to wear! Oh, wait. Yes! My purple outfit will do I’ll be in my office watching the energy meter and – ooh! – pumping iron! Oh, Milford, you’re such a muscle man! Ooh! Guys, guys, guys, guys Here’s something that can really help us move. What is it? Ta-dah! Cool, the sports spinner! How does it work? First you spin the wheel, and out comes a card with a fun activity Yeah! That sounds great! Let’s give it a try! Ready to go? Are you ready? Give it a spin! OK, let’s go! And boom! Jump rope Yeah! And jump! Oh, Milford, What do you think of this outfit for my sporty activity? Oh, it’s quite attractive, Miss Busybody Oh, yes, I know Milford, are you sweating? Well, that is what happens when you – ugh! – exercise Oh! And you expect me to sweat in this outfit? Oh, Milford, how could you! Oh, dear, what did I say? SPORTACUS: Keep moving! I never moved so much without going anywhere Me too! Me neither One more time! Let’s go! And…push-ups! Yay! Let’s go! Ready? I’m taking this problem to the Mayor! Oh, Milford, I’d like your opinion of this outfit And this time tell me the truth Well, Miss Busybody, I think it’s, er, very nice It’s just like you to say that! But Miss Busybody, your outfit doesn’t matter How can you say that?! Oh, Milford! Oh! I’m so confused Yes! Those children are so wonderful Hey, Uncle! How are we doing now? We’re getting there! Keep going! Yes! Good! Come on, guys, one more time Ha-ha! Mr Rotten, is that a moustache? Sorry! (Laughs) I forgot to shave Ah Mayor, I want to file an official complaint I’m sorry, Mr Rotten, but can this wait? We’re trying to move and exercise so we won’t be named the laziest town on Earth You mean we actually have a chance to win that excellent prize? Yes! And we only have until 5:00 to avoid it We all have to be active or it won’t work Really?! Yes! That means soon we’ll be the laziest town on Earth! I hope not No complaint, then Whoo! (Laughs) I’m a happy villain! Once we’re named the laziest town in the world, Sportadoop will be so embarrassed that he’ll have to leave LazyTown forever! (Laughs evilly) Nice work, Mr Rotten! Your wild gyrations are moving the energy meter up! What?!

(Gasps) Then I won’t move a muscle I won’t blink and I won’t breathe Aaa-choo! Sportacus, this is so much fun! Yeah! It’s better than lying on the ground with your tummy full of junk! Let’s keep going Yeah, let’s do that! And now What’s next, huh? Skiing! KIDS: Yay! Come on, let’s go! KIDS: Whoo-hoo! KIDS: Whoa! Ha-ha! (Sings) # Dance and swing and jump and run # Moving turns your motor on # Left and right, now up and down # Rock your body all around # Turn your workout into play # Go all the way # Get up on your feet Go for it # Jump to the beat And go for it # Come on and follow me # It’s easy to get up on your feet Go for it # Jump to the beat And go for it # Throw it, catch it, kick the ball # You have the power to do it all # Keep it moving, never stop # Till you reach the very top! # Turn your workout into play # Go all the way # Get up on your feet Go for it # Jump to the beat And go for it # Come on and follow me # It’s easy to get up on your feet Go for it # Jump to the beat And go for it # Go for it # Go for it # Come on and follow me # It’s easy to get up on your feet # Go for it # Jump to the beat And go for it. # Did we do it? The energy meter should be going by now. Yeah! I’m gonna go to Town Hall and check it out. Good. Perfect! Go, Stephanie! Go! It must be at 100 by now Hey, guys, keep on moving Come on, come on! Oh! Oh, Stephanie Alright! We’re almost there! Yes, but we have a long way to go and time is running out That must mean that someone isn’t doing anything active Who could it be? Bessie! Keep moving, Uncle! Yes, of course I’ll give it my best Bessie, we’re all supposed to be active, aren’t we? Oh, Stephanie! I’d like to help out, but I’m just not that good at sporty things But I’ll help you You really think you can? Of course Alright, Bessie, we’re gonna start with some warm-up exercises Oh, warm-ups! So run in place (Phone rings) Oh, phone! Hello? MAYOR: Miss Busybody, I just touched my toes! Oh, Milford, not now! Oh, dear Sorry. You sure picked up that phone quickly Well, answering phones is the only thing that I’m really good at Only thing that you’re… (Gasps) Bessie, I’ve got an idea! Oh, good for you! Uncle! Uncle! Bessie’s really great at answering phones, right? Ugh We have to make phones ring all over LazyTown. She’ll run and pick them up! You know, I think that just might work Great! I’ll go tell the others! Mmm… Ugh! Ay, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba See? I have two waters Ah! Great water! Yes, because when you’re moving, it’s important to drink Isn’t it, Sportacus? Yes, it is! Guys, guys! Bessie needs our help Really? Pixel, I need a map of LazyTown with every phone booth on it I’m on it! Great! Ziggy, get Bessie and tell her to meet us here OK, I’m on my way! Hey, guys, let’s keep moving! Of course! Come on! We start with the push-ups! Yeah! Push-ups again? Ohhh! Here’s the map. Where are we going? Stop pushing me, Ziggy OK, now listen up There’s a phone booth there, there, and there

You got it? You have to answer those phones when they ring I will do my best Oh, great! OK, Mayor, we are ready! I hope she hears the phone ringing! (Phone rings) Swoosh-swoosh-swoosh! Go, Bessie, go, go, go! Go! Alright! I’m coming! You’re really doing it, Miss Busybody! Go, Bessie! Go, Bessie, go! I’m coming! (Pants) Yes! Hello, this is Bessie Wonderful, Miss Busybody! Now I’ll call the second phone Marvellous Bessie, go! The next phone! (Phone rings) Come on, Bessie! I can do this! (Inhales) Yes! Yes! Go, Bessie, go! She’ll never make it But what if she does? I’m so unfit! Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh (Phone rings) She’s running! Go, go, go! Wow! I need water, water! Can you see her? No (Bleep!) (Phone rings) I’m…so…thirsty I think Bessie’s in trouble Hold this Water! Bessie, I’m coming! Go, Sportacus! (Bessie puffs) Oh! This will help Oh, it will? I’m sure of it! Yay! Whoo! OK, off you go! Keep moving Come on, Bessie Yes, here I go! (Phone rings) (Puffs) Oh! Number…two You’re almost done, Miss Busybody! Bessie, go, the next phone! Mayor, call, call! One more to go! One more to go. Where is it? Tired (Phone rings) Keep running. Yes, that’s it! You can do it, Miss Busybody! That’s right. Feel the burn Keep going. You go, girl! Wait, we’re losing ground! Come on, guys! Oh! Push! Keep pushing! Come on, guys, keep pushing She’s getting away Why do we have to push? It’s my car Oh! 14! Keep going! Keep going, Miss Busybody! Oh. Oh! I have to stop her We need more! 13! Oh! Oh! Huh-huh-huh-huh Bessie’s in trouble again (Phone rings) I know what she needs Bessie! Catch! Must get to…the phone Stop Oh! Oops! Mm! Oh, yes, I feel so powerful! 12 Keep moving, everyone Only 12 seconds left Where is she? Almost there (Phone rings) Look, she’s there! There she is! (Inspiring music) I did it! Yes! Whoo-hoo! Good, she did it! She did it! It’s not enough, and we’re running out of time Now the meter’s going backwards! I know what to do Sportacus, please! Running. Jumping. Jumping jacks Stretching Basketball 10 OK, I got it Come on! Oh, no! Yes Eight. Keep going! Come on! Seven! It’s still too low

Six. It’s still not enough Everyone keep moving I can do this OK Out of my way! Keep moving, moving! Five He’ll never make it! Yes, he will! He’s Sportacus Four! Three! Arggh! Super Ziggy! Time’s almost up! Oh! Uh Ooh! I beat Sportacus I did it. I did it! I won, I won, I won! (Ding!) Hooray! (All cheer) Mr Rotten, you did it! You saved LazyTown! You did it! I did that? Yes! Good, Robbie! Don’t move Come on, kids, let’s go congratulate him KIDS: Yeah! Yay! No! Congratulations, Mr Rotten No! Miss Busybody, it was wonderful! Oh, Mr Rotten, you’ve put us over the top! Three cheers for Robbie Rotten Hip-hip Hooray! Hip-hip Hooray! Oh, noooo! (All laugh) # Bing-bang digga-rigga-dong # Funny words I sing when I am dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing # Bing-bang digga-rigga-dong # Silly words that can mean anything # Get on up, it’s time to dance, yeah # It’s so much fun being up on our feet # So we go up, up, do the jump # Move around and clap your hands together, together, together # Down, down, turn around # Having fun is what it’s all about. # I’m never going to move again I’m gonna sit here like a statue forever! (Phone rings) Alright! Hello?! MISS BUSYBODY: Oh, sorry, wrong number. (Laughs) Arggh! (Ding! Ding! Ding!) Closed Captions by CSI