Sen. Beall: Navigating Unemployment Town Hall (8/19/20)

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it senator okay thank you so much for joining me this evening and- this is for my by navigating unemployment virtual town hall and tonight we have some interesting- an incredible expert analyst to help us answer your questions and give you the most up to date information. On how to navigate unemployment during this unprecedented time now to start things off we’re going to have my friend congresswoman Zoe Lofgren- after that we’ll hear from labor secretary- Julie’s who followed by a questions and answers period and then- we’re gonna have a congressman- Lofgren- answer questions as well as the- employment development. Department deputy director Michelle Sutton so she gonna answer all. Congress no another to introduce you so She Robert a core and nine district of. Is of the committee on house. As the chair of the subcommittee on immigration and citizenship she also serves on the house Judiciary Committee the house science space and technology committee. The select committee on my under my- of Connie. As well as chair of the California democratic congressional delegation. Our congresswoman Lofgren is well known for work on immigration policy patent reform. Copyright. Issues and digital rights. And not. I first met her in the seventies when she was working for I

respond Donna Edwards in in his office and- it turns out that my father Jim Bill senior. Work for congressman Edwards title insurance company so we have a little connection there so With the great congressman Edwards charter- result for our federal update and- this year from. So now thanks. Thanks so much Jim I really I. for met you you were. Working for the city of que as a planner. And you’re on the could be this of San Jose and you have done done great work all your life in public service and I thank you for that. No I’ve got- a new report on on the a but let me just say. That what are so are through is extra in so many ways. The cold he had de. Of the echo. Challenges that came with the pandemic then of course right now we’re looking out our window to skies filled with smoke. Evacuations of power it it almost feels like the year twenty twenty. If you have zero stars that’s what you would give it- but- we are strong we’re gonna get through this but part of getting through this is to make sure that the assistance that we- want to get to our people actually gets here so. I’m gonna start. As your can. Jim up with that. About people being able to through to get the help they need. It on employment all just give one example from a woman I talked to a couple of days ago- Laurie. File she is self employed she has a small shop in my district. Of a salon she filed. On April first. And she went through she’s been calling in interfacing and- not getting answers she doesn’t have a check yeah it’s almost September and she has not received the help that she was supposed to get from the federal funds yeah she is not alone I’ve talked to hundreds of people were tremendously frustrated I know Jim but you were for. As because we want this helps that we- a work so hard get Calavo is to get into their hands first let me just go through what we’ve done. Of in the carers act the first bill that we did. We provided substantial sums up for us self employed people a six hundred dollar weak federal extension over the base unemployment rate in the states. As well as the opportunity for the self employed who might not be eligible under the regular system to get access to help We’ve never actually believed that we would be in this vote almost September if you take a look around the world. Are Europe Asia you know they’ve squashed on the virus we haven’t we’ve got the worst case of the virus in the developed world and so we need to extend. The unemployment. In the assistance that we provided in cares and we did that through the heroes act now- that provides an extension. Of the federal pandemic unemployment payments through January thirty first of next year- four workers collecting traditional forms. Of unemployment insurance. Twenty regular state on point benefits part one Beth. Of and light know all. From for an extra of benefits for the self employed indeed contractors and business owners so that they can get the help as well that’s a 100% federal funded as was the here’s acted extends. A an additional thirteen weeks of benefits who’ve exhausted their regular unemployment insurance benefits through. June thirtieth of next year now all of. We are providing a 100% financing from the federal government because every state in the union has a severe financial problems. And it’s not really their fault when you think about the state of California in January California had a about a five billion dollar budget surplus Well in the may revise it was a more than fifty billion dollar budget deficit partly it’s because of the expenditures to deal with the crisis but it’s

also just a complete collapse of the revenue and the goes into state and local governments so the heroes act also provides. Funding for state and local governments so they they can go on and do the things we need them to do including having schools having one force meant that works having firefighters they get paid- we also. In the heroes act as that important which is for states to upgrade their- I said. We know that so states have a very antiquated computer systems I’m eager to hear from the state the secretary and the deputy. On what’s happening in California and why this has been so frustrating to all of us. In terms of getting money into the hands of applicants but it’s not just California happening all of the United States partly it’s just the this volume it’s hard for people. To keep up but also many of the states have antiquated computer systems and we need to help them successfully upgrade those systems so that we can actually get the money. Out the door into the hands of people who need it just a note on of president trump’s so called executive order. He purpose to provide. Four hundred dollars a week in extended unemployment benefits by saying that states had to come up with a hundred of that four hundred and none of the states can do that but also- by stripping the funds from emergency management we know this whole states on fire you can’t just strip the funds for a disaster- it didn’t get away with that and so we have a real problem and plus the estimate is a stage what. Into it and some will. And with for only a weeks so are we really need to have led. Action we passed the bill in the house in may. Of the Senate has not yet Really come to the table to discuss it- they didn’t even initiate discussions with the house until three days before the cures act expired and then of course now they have recess they’ve gone. Back home however- the Mitch McConnell the Senate leader call them back any day. Of the house been called to deal with the post office the issue this Saturday so I’m hopeful that we can get off the dime and come to a conclusion on extending. These unemployment then. Extending the small business loans that are necessary getting the funds to state or local government and there’s no reason why we can’t it’s worth remembering that the carers act was a unanimous vote in the house. So we can get this done it’ll just Come to the table we will we’ve heard to hi. Our whole by a in terms of may. And but we didn’t get- a response to that yet so hopefully we will and that is my report Jim. Of and I’m looking forward to. Hearing from your experts and maybe giving them a few of the problem cases that have come up to my office. Legs I really appreciate. Dodd no would you have to keep working out don’t worry and so next we’re going to hear from us surgeries to- Julie sue was appointed by governor Gavin Newsom is engaged to the secretary of the California labor. Workforce development agency the- the agency if sources workplace laws combats wage staff ensures health and safety on the job it connects Californians to quality jobs and career pathways and administers the unemployment. Insurance that comp and pro. Paid family leave it’s the agency also oversees seven major departments boards panels that serve California workers and businesses but provide improving access to training promoting high road jobs and limiting to employment And creating a level playing field for employers. US secretary sue is a nationally recognized expert on workers rights civil rights. And who has dedicated her distinguished legal career to advancing justice on behalf of poor and

disenfranchised communities and as a past recipient of the macarthur foundation genius grant we know secretary sue in my district she was. A town hall meeting on employment staffed made a presentation and stayed after I remembered to handle individual cases of people that were concerned about their wage staff issues when she was the labor commissioner. For the state of California so Sarah say no soccer so well we will from Julie’s Julie. Thank you so much Senate about I you gave a perfect segue because I wanted to acknowledge your incredible leadership and partnership when I was labor commissioner in the fight against wage theft- in the fight to support the lowest wage workers many of whom are now. What we’re calling essential workers- and who are really feeling the brunt of the a little bit and that may have appreciated. I don’t know for such a long time not be the chance be here. And I also want to state the hi. Everything you said about your work at the federal level we are so appreciative of the ship as labor secretary and abusive as a California and I you know I think. That the benefits everything that you talked about in terms of you know Federal money coming to support People as well as local and state government. Entities during this time has just been invaluable everything said about that is true and we you know I appreciate all you’ve done and you have to Dodd of immigrants also really appreciate your work. In in the I remember right. So me just say. Our that you know since the- began have. EDT implemented the pro. That talked about. Well we were the first example the stuff six dollars week. We ended on July twenty. We in at least eight set up Pan Am unemployed assist which was. The self employed as well independent. And there’s been a number of other federal programs including extensions of regular you why that we have put into place. And to answer the question about why it’s been so difficult I wanna just say two things by way of context. One is that what the congresswoman also said is true unfortunately and I nobody shockingly for many people. The California unemployment insurance. Benefits system is built on an arcane technological platform that employs a number of our Jean- programs in languages including cobalt. And EDT had identified the need to update that a few years ago and when the pandemic hit that that process had not been done yet so I know it sounds crazy I know people say well why can’t you just put in the cloud. What you’ll your your view of Silicon Valley you should be able to just make those changes. But our system is. It’s big you’ll tell is big the government was as were nee state reserve. All of people and so making. Change are you why system. At once a- has has he we look at this from every a and is not something we can do so. These new programs we have in. Onto a cyst that is not for the kind of M. that we face we need to Beth with that ET known I support the governor supports you know one of his first exam order. Was is great. Was our expedite. Take a- contract or Jeff bring instead got to go To not amenable to easy change and especially in the- urgent situation we found ourselves we were faced with either trying to make a whole bunch of improvements to it they could threaten its its stability or did you know just make sure that we can get benefits. Out as quickly as we could and so that what that got got his a definite challenge for us. The second thing I’ll just mention is that the pandemic **** at time of historic lows in unemployment right as the congresswoman said. We were facing record budget surpluses a decade long. Economic boom and the way unemployment insurance works is that it ebbs and flows with the economic tied in so at a time of economic boom. Thanks for you why staffing at the E. D. to

process an employee transfer Also at an all time low and so when. We had this massive stabbing surgeon unemployment- applications we also had record lows in staffing. So that those two challenges they have really been in something we- we try to navigate and- and you know and deliver for California’s in light of in light of those challenges. So to do that what that’s meant is that all of us- you know I want to acknowledge again Debbie director Mitchell Senate race I don’t know. What day that she’s worth less than twelve to fourteen hours is a kind of a beget began and I’ll say that for me and my whole team as well. So we’ve really been trying to. Meet the moment as the governor says- to try to stamp his dental programs you know EDT has we had over eight million unemployment shows claims filed since March twelfth. And we paid out Almost seventy billion dollars So the it’s an incredible amount of meat that you know in in many ways EDT has risen to meet- in July EDT averaged four point five billion dollars per week and benefits that were paid out- ET has processed more than ten point two million claims which is more than the next two largest states combined so these figures are the equivalent of about seventy thousand claims processed per day and over six hundred million dollars paid in benefits per day I sure that not to excuse any of the- of the shortcomings. Or to ignore the fact that as the congresswoman alluded to and I know Senate as you left out your your constituents are calling you and they’re frustrated they’re desperate and that your those constituents are our top priority- but these kind of figures have not been arrived at easily either and so they have been arrived at in the context of for technology and- and really low level levels of staffing and- we’ve been a really deliberate concerted effort to- to do everything that we can. In this time the other thing just to follow up on the congressman’s comment is that- I wanted to report on what telephone is doing in response to the president’s August eighth executive action we just a lot wages assistance program this is a program that provides a supplemental three hundred dollars per week for claimants who are eligible for at least one hundred dollars per week in unemployment insurance or other pandemic related unemployment and so California is submitting an application for that- you know we had hoped as the congresswoman I think. As stated M. was fighting for we hope for just the extent of the six hundred dollars per week right we have programs that that was you know that we were getting that out that would have made things far easier but We are going to apply or- for the for the new. Will come at least a three dollars. For those B. C. B. at least or L go for the one after we it leave lower income individuals who qualify for less than one hundred dollars a week in benefits which is unfortunate but that but but we are doing that- so let me just say a couple of things. As as I think California is no the governor recently appointed strike team to help provide additional assistance. To evaluate where we can continue to gain improvements. Where we can continue to speed up he demands and we’re we can especially improve our technology response- so that we are working closely with that strike team were really happy to have that. Additional and get a fresh set of eyes on the challenges. Of the governor also recently made a number of appointments so there’s a- a bunch of new executives that will join the EDT. And also a new adviser that will join my team to help with our oversight role and so we are taking very seriously the- you know that the challenges that we face and- and doing everything possible to bring in. Creative minds people who have a good understanding the implications systems and best practices nationwide to help us. Meet the backlog that that that we continue to face. Also I myself have received probably five thousand emails from Californians who are struggling through you know what they describe as the absolute worst times of their lives people are choosing your Bates like they’re gonna. They’re gonna have to live in their cars soon or you know that there they get up early in the morning to call in the ticket on the call lines alive person. They were choosing between- you know that they’re single mothers trying to figure out what to do because their children’s Schools are open and you’ll just a way of unemployment

insurance benefits. Their harrowing in her breaking stories that we know what they way on a it’s you know it’s what what we are working. To address every C. day. And you don’t good governor says all the time people don’t live in the aggregate so we share aggregate numbers because- you know we work hard to achieve them. And they do also represent individuals were getting their benefits but those will not receive their benefits need us to do better they need to do more and I just you know I knowledge that and I and I own the- so. What let me just have a call center so we what the governor- issued an order having- EDT open up a call center from eight AM to eight PM. The challenge there Was that again this relates the staffing is there just we didn’t have. That number of expert claims processors that we needed and those expert claims processors are the ones who would answer the phone to try to handle the complex claims the people calling about. We simply didn’t have the staff for that so the decision was made to put most of. The really still claims processors on actually processing quite. That’s why we have the- you know the really You don’t record setting- numbers of claims have been processed and amounts of benefits of M. K. so what happened with the call center was that we put people on the phone lines as quickly as we could because it was just. You know obviously the bad for people. To get questions answered that call center was meant to answer technical- you know simple or simple claim questions. And it is doing so but it was still. Quite quickly and so what we’ve been doing over the last five months. Is working to merge that coli with the with with with ease existing call I. which it has the more expert- expert call center agents. So that when an individual calls they can get a streamlined experience right that one to get through. But To they can be. J. to some who can really help with their- needs so we do working hard to do that we X. to be able to get at that- together produced- that kind of experience. By the end of October I know that feels really long but this is again you know people use all kinds of metaphors right we’re building the plane as we fly it there’s a whole bunch of. Wait is that we’ve been- that we bet you’re having to respond to the tremendous speed and so on the call centers we know we need to do better on that EDT has been On it- you know again I hear from people who are complaining and we use all those complete the informer our- you. The fixes and the biggest that that that we want to do so- you know part of it is we also needed to not just have people on the call lines. So we try to find more creative ways to communicate with the public. Up we’ve dramatically expanded the number of emails that you D stands out by just letting people know. For example you have to certify for a claim in order to get paid- and we’re finding a lot of people because they were new to unemployment transport certifying and that was holding up the payments. So we sent out an email to hundreds of thousands of claimants. And over two hundred thousand came came back and certified that that was that was a good result- we started a Text messaging. Just so there’s a number of messages and now Bob tech to claim. Over million Have been sent out. Again proactive communication to try to make sure people understand not just what they need to do But to the extent we can the status of the claims- EDT has also been a massive massive hiring- stays. We have worked closely. With our state’s college art to expedite hiring- and EDT has gone you know to herculean efforts to. Expedite the training that takes to put people on the front lines deployed them. You know because you why is a really complicated system. Traditionally it takes a new staff member about six months to learn how to process a complex click. We yeah we can’t work to so EDS major changes the clean we specialize trades at work streams of how to move cases through as quickly as we can- and then obviously senator we have heard you and we have heard- your you know legislative colleagues and the frustration it had in with and so one of the things that you D. has done is dramatically increased the number of people they’re not over a hundred- liaisons to the legislature while working inside M. EDT. I know this may surprise you but when the pandemic hit there was one person in the legislative office. And we got about a thousand. Jim from his in an entire year now we’re getting a thousand questions your five hundred thousand per day so that’s just again a sign of just a staggering increase in need and demand and the numbers. And so- we’ve put a

lot yes a lot of new staff on I’m just doing that legislative liaison work and working with you directly and try to resolve constituents- claims. So let me just close I know people have a lot of questions- inducted to just step back and take a little bit about what like a lot a longer look- you know we know that de um that are you why system needs to be modernized. It needs to modernize in terms of technology at easy modernized in terms of the quality and kinds of communications are made to claimants. So that is all a commitment that that I make to you as the labor secretary I know that the director and the leadership of EDG including those who are here share that commitment as well- and so those are- shortcomings that or were laid bare. You know in a in a pandemic setting and- and we are going to keep on working until we deliver a system that Can you’re not only. Meet the back. And you a current we- real step the system that is worthy of problem or is and that is the loudest in the. Her just using seize the justice Very much. Thank you so much for that update secretaries- Zhu and now dozens of you had submitted some questions- through my websites over the past few days and we hope to get many of them too many of them tonight are there still trying to submit some questions- by taxing us. At Four oh eight six eight four Seven one one seven. Or by car waiting on my Facebook or Twitter sites of please let us know we can’t take all the questions and we can’t take questions about individual cases. But order a regular basis- two three hundred. Cases week my of my- office staff J exert a case worker from mark my constituents. If we run out of time and don’t get your question don’t worry my staff will follow up. And make sure your questions answers now we’re going to begin with some of the questions we got Especially ones for congresswoman since she’s on a tight schedule- so we’ll start with her- so she can answer some of these and so is she kind of covered inter inter- presentation so are you still there. Will yes so the first question is around right here okay great so. Given that the Senate is on recess when can we expect unemployment to be extended and should we expect an extension and will there be an additional two to four hundred dollars from the federal unemployment you kind of answered that but maybe you can cover that one again because that’s a- Sir. Right you know it’s worth pointing out that the. They can come back on a day’s notice say they could be there Friday- if they wanted. So it’s really a question of whether we’re willing to come to a meeting of the minds a recently- McConnell introduced a bill he called it the heels act E. G. A. L. last but I was thinking about it as C. H. A. E. L. last. Act because it you know it really doesn’t provide the kind of assistance that Americans need for Californians there would be a 44% cut in weekly benefits over the what we had provided earlier it doesn’t address the issues and all of the state and local governments really going to have to go into massive layoffs. And reductions of- of service especially in these emergency I Tom lives it also doesn’t provide. The kind of assistance for nutrition and the like so it really is inadequate you know what’s the dynamic here I honestly think that who’s at the table makes a difference when you do these negotiate. We passed our bill we being the house in may it’s over three months ago and we know that that’s a starting point and then you have to sit down and you work through the

details but the Senate never came to the table. They never came to the table now who’s the new girl she later that successfully reached a deal on the cures act was Nancy Pelosi negotiating for the house and the secretary of the treasury I’m not his biggest fan but Mr Mnuchin and the secretary of the treasury. And the speaker of the house work through the details and came up with a deal that was unanimously passed in the house of representatives so I think if we could get the secretary of the treasury. And the speaker together we can cut to the chase and get something Of knocked out. I actually like the cheapest to the- mark meadows is a guy Sir we the how we don’t agree on a lot of things but- he I consider my friend we like each other. He’s never made a deal with his life he he voted no on everything that came up in the house and I don’t think. He’s the right guy to negotiate anything that’s going to end up with a deal so I’m hopeful that- we can. Get serious about this it’s really up to. The president and McConnell- decide that they want to do something in all the economists are telling us it is urgent that we do this it’s urgent that we do this not just for the individuals who are suffering. But the economy is going to go into a further tailspin if we don’t provide something along the lines of the heroes act. And as I say we’ve already offered a cottage the money by a third. While waiting for a counter offer You know give me another one so Are there two separate- unemployment insurance programs one from the state one from the federal government and if so do we need to submit several claims for that now there’s just one unemployment system in each state each state sets their own- parameters are different amounts example Florida has a very low amount of those benefits for them and they put all kinds of. Hoops in the way of Floridians a qualifying California has you know made an effort to not Prevent people. From qualifying although technologically it is as we had mentioned has not worked out as well as we all wanted. We provide the funding and so the for the federal benefits 100% federally funded we’ve also provided. A fund that states can borrow from to advance the money and the state of California is taking advantage of that it’s an interest free loan so that the states can get that money out of the hands of. Their unemployed a residence and- it is primarily a funding. Issue that we deal with count on the states to administer the program. So we’ve got another question you know so I’ve been And you have- always concerned about our constituents. De live in and- with disabilities so this makes it extra hard for them in the environment that they’re in now and- they are the question is- many people with disabilities- being negatively impacted by both coalbed nineteen and by the attitude of employers. What can be done to encourage telecommuting and others for them as we have been doing now for the past nearly six months so what we do have to do telecommuting mandate at all in- the heroes act work in the cures act. As the chair of the house administration committee sometimes called the mayor of Capitol Hill we have promoted telework. In the federal workforce and we’ve also taken steps to make sure that those who moved to telework can be reimbursed for example- in the Medicare system a lot of physicians are doing a telemedicine and we’re making sure that the physicians can be reimbursed about through the Medicare system. Of through with Ted telemedicine but you know it may be given our experience here that we need to revisit. The ADA yeah the that’s the Americans with disability act we just celebrated. The anniversary of that. But maybe we need to update that with this in mind it’s a good reminder thank you Yeah okay we got one last question for you so this is- here’s a hardball question many believe that the six hundred dollar federal subsidies with the state. Unemployment insurance as and negative impact on the community and businesses directly- unsubstantiated now says of course that has been cited by

Democrats about the amount and its benefits versus it’s far However the amount. To be renewed was a main sticking point with the Republicans in the Senate why do you not supported two hundred dollars offered by Senate Republicans Well first it’s worth noting that until two days ago the Senate Republicans had not in fact offered at two hundred a month and what they have offered now is of limited duration- and also includes a 70% reduction. Which the states many of them at all say administer that there are K computer systems and will not be able to import that. I’ve heard recently from some businesses in south county concern that the US six hundred dollars would discourage people. From taking low wage jobs I can’t say that’s never happened in the United States- you know I don’t know but the studies that we have seen indicate that if that is happening it is happening very rarely. And the dollar amount is actually help keep the American economy afloat there was a reason why we didn’t have the kind of catastrophic economic decline- and it was because of the cures act in the money that we were making available to American working people not a trickle down. But to make sure that ordinary families had the capacity to keep themselves together and part of that. Was the- unemployment system now we’re certainly willing to discuss the amount of money but really the main sticking point. From what our negotiators have said is not the unemployment benefit the real sticking point is funding for state and local governments- we’ve been told that there is no way. The states just have to eat at that you know the president. Thinks they have plenty of money There if the evidence is otherwise. It now. Of both parties John just a democratic governor position Republican governors and mayors are starting to you know be in touch with their senators saying that you know this is a catastrophe and it’s not just a blue state catastrophe. I mean if you have to lay off police officers because you don’t have enough money to keep. People employed that is a serious issue you cannot keep your fire department fully staffed because of you don’t have the money that’s a problem and that’s not. A democratic or Republican Party that’s an American problem and we have to address it. Yes the state government- budget did which I’m on the budget committee Sixty per cent 65% of the budgets. Education so you talk about the schools Auburn all of the safety things for the schools- that’s that’s- making the school safe for students and their teachers and the staff we have done an analysis and reviews the expertise of some outside- experts on this it costs as much to run a virtual school as it does. In in person schools so- if we want our children to be educated whether it’s going to be online learning or in person learning and I personally believe Mike my son and daughter adults now but my grandchildren are a little None of us want kids to go get sick we want them to be in classrooms when it’s safe for them to be in classrooms and we’ve seen around the country some of these states where. You know they open a high school next thing you know there’s hundreds of kids testing positive. For code and they have to close it so we need to make sure this is safe for children and those who teach them. And it is and we need to have the funds to do that the state. Of need that the funded capacity of the federal government to do that and it’s disappointing to me that we can’t come to an agreement on that as as a speaker Pelosi as mentioned that is the single biggest. Point of contention between. McConnell in us it’s state and local government funding. Yeah we always say the state budgets of education of we have- healthcare so hospitals you know it’s not like we don’t need them now right hi the healthcare system public health. And then- of the third big area is- criminal justice- the state prison system which is in we’re having problems so. Thank you for all

your hard work on that we appreciate it thank- well thank you Sir for your time I know you’re busy so we’ll go out to- some questions for- thanks very much. I’ll see you again soon yeah you bet so thanks. We’re so lucky we have her. And now now we’ll move on to some questions from the for the employment development department and joining us now is Michelle a certain rigs unemployment insurance deputy director. For the employment Gaines well department she’s down there with your team Michelle was worked as an employee for the department for twenty eight year here’s most of which is bad. In unemployment insurance Michelle was recently appointed deputy director of the employment surest- program in early March and prior to that she served as executive over statewide policies and procedures Governing the administration of the unemployment insurance Program and welcome Michele- so Michelle we’re here to answer some questions so let me let me- throw some questions to you in the Jean when you respond- the first one is I can’t get into my car. Unemployment Insurance online account. How can I get check. The message at the phone number provided explains that can’t be helped And then says goodbye disconnects so- that’s the online- our system can you respond to that question Certainly in good evening and thank you so much for inviting me to the C. that and I’m very happy to be here to answer these. Questions for you and so there’s a couple ways that individuals can get assistance if they need help like resetting their password for example sort through the for the U. Y. online account- one of the primary ways of courses By telephone- and as secretary C. you had mentioned you know we have had challenges with the overall overwhelming demand in calls- you should be able to assist all of the callers- but those staff that we have trained to help in that technical assistance center They definitely can help with any issues getting yeah. Are you why online accounts and another way is- we do have on our DVD website there’s- through our ask EDT you can submit a and- a question and if you are having difficulty with the password or username so Those are a couple of ways that individuals can- seek assistance G. to get- through to their you I. online account Okay and- second question here you go. There are errors on my application my name is absolutely I never heard of anything after my U. L. U. I account was approved can I can I get a hold of a E. G. by phone my emails were not returned. How do I contact he can you give us an answer that one. We hear that a lot Certainly and again- this is this is one of our challenging areas that were- trying to hire aggressively so we can have more staff on the phones to be able to take those types of calls- in terms of. Completing an initial application especially online we have scenes- reports where customers are making mistakes on their application- that have caused uncertainty delays in their in their claims as well as that through their continued playing certification process as we’ve been doing a lot of information just to help individuals understand the various questions so they can avoid mistakes to begin where- what we do recommend again is that- there could be many reasons it may not actually bend and error on an application that may have been. An eligibility issue that somebody and how they answer the question the unemployment insurance program is an eligibility based program- and so for example if somebody answered that they were too sick or injured to work- in the employment program individuals must be able and available to work and so that raises a question that has to be reviewed by staff and we schedule a telephone eligibility interview. Jim chain more information from the from the individual chicken specifics about that that particular- issue. So what we recommend those if anyone does have questions about the status of their claim why they have

not- received any current updates is they can try calling again- we are seeing some- more success we are- open seven days a week from eight AM to eight PM on our our main telephone line- so do just that Ted tempted. To get through on on that line when. Do file an application said us your of so they shouldn’t received. Giving them information. About their claim that it was process with their weekly benefit amount is and if they were scheduled to that telephone eligibility interview they would receive a notice telling them about the date and time to be available so we can call them and speak to. Okay okay good. Here’s another one I was unemployed for over- much he but I am close to reemployment what are my options receive retroactive unemployment benefits for the time I was unable to work. If someone in this case hasn’t already submitted an application they can go ahead and I would recommend that they they do submit an application online- they can always try to call students to have their claim filed my phone as well- if they submit their application online- separately they can request to have their claim. What we call back dated is generally when I claim application is submitted the claim takes effect in the we when the application was submitted so we are doing- what we call the acting thing so in this case someone could segment through- again our online enquiry through ask EDG we have a specific topic- where they it’s call back to eating- a claim and they can request a specific date that they would like to have the claim adjuster geo. And then they’ll just have to certify for that- the back weeks- prior to going back to work- anything meet all eligibility they can be paid for those prior. Prior week’s Okay I am some here because we do get the quest and I that this is this thing. We would like to clarify which is. Up if you are eligible for other provisions benefits- during the time period in which the federal six hundred dollars per week was also- that when that program was in effect right is no longer an effective one your- people are. The country if you’re dropping benefits and you know I was M. Lockwood and others have been fighting really hard for some kind of injury still. But if you have not been paid yet but you were eligible during that period you will still get those benefits the benefits for that type Which you know of course you would get but you will also get this is coming after a week for that time period. So we’ve had that question is just really important to clarify I know that you know if you’re waiting it feels like. You know you you’re not getting anything but that that just there there’s an important point to be made about that particular benefits that people who are eligible for it will. Get even though the program is now expired Okay thanks Joe bully us to and we’re going to the next question I applied for unemployment benefits and was awarded the minimum US the six hundred dollars from the cures act subsequently I have not received any communication or payments from the each day what should I do. Okay well generally somebody. Excuse me so- we always and as I just mentioned when and we file a claim an initial claim individuals are- mail various packets of information giving them information about their monetary award with their weekly benefit amount will be if you need additional information individuals would receive a request to give us information such as identity proof of identity documents- so they should have received that kind of information with instructions about next steps- but it is somebody has not received anything. At all- yes I would be concerned I don’t know if we got the address entered incorrectly by and by the customer- but we definitely recommend that try calling- our phone lines so that we can try to see what is happening and get- any any other claim that information updated and. And I’m going on track yeah. Okay there’s- question is rolled right in here it’s can you explain the how the special claims office works. And then

another question- from the same caller was- is EDA hiring matching- the demand. Can there be subcontracted out of reprise option sourcing to help expedite claims during this crisis. Okay I’m the special claims office- that’s really turned the DVD uses- Fortuyn referred to our office at primarily handles claims under the work sharing program and that’s an employer initiated program- where an employer needs to reduce the hours for its employees instead of completely laying them off so that they could get at least partial benefits while retaining their their jobs That’s that’s the office that handles those particulars planes and in terms of Stone subcontracting- the state- has already we’re using- temporary Allen vendor agents to help us with our telephone calls are helping answer some of those technical assistance needs like- getting passwords reset and answer each other based that claim- questions and they’re helping- bolster our- our current staffing levels while we’re undergoing this aggressive hiring plans- as secretary you mentioned that the- you are programmed weird we’re hiring thousands of people are trying to hire up To a total of five thousand three hundred and- it’s we’ve already reduced our training time so we can get people on the phones as well as just processing the other claim. As quickly as possible. Okay I got it. There is a question that people are when you give is so Valley so we to kind of houses you said cold was as the platform ended is that correct that’s- so what else what version what year hello my gosh well I know it is. Sold so I’m not a technical experts. I think. Seven sixty eight there’s different you know versions yeah I’ll yeah I’m I’m not technical experts. No I do not. If you really want to know I can follow up and get you that. You know there was updated versions. Eight years ago I believe so. People yeah I was kinda you raise that issue and people so what version are you talking about you know. The question okay- here’s here’s a here’s a concern to somebody has. My friend who had two heart surgeries and no income in twenty nineteen he started working as an independent contractor status February. And the job went away in March lockdown is he eligible for unemployment. So for someone who didn’t as an employee or and what we refer to as having the W. two wages- during two thousand and nineteen especially that that calendar year of twenty nineteen but instead- perform services as an independent contractor or self employed individual they couldn’t be Allen eligible for the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program. They are now unemployed or can no longer perform their their self employment services as a result of one of the code nineteen reasons so we what we always encourage individuals not to second guess- they should apply and we recommend applying online. And the department will make that eligibility Determination for them. Well this is the big more generic question of require a maybe a more extensive answer. What is the basic version when does the ET expect to be caught up on the backlog when cleans and issues. What is the primary issue facing ET al. People want to know an answer to that one that’s that’s kind of. That’s a question all my colleagues asked to so. Yes no it is- as secretary sisu- so eloquently explained our our predicaments- that issue is with our our antiquated system and just coming into the pandemic. With the record level playing being being filed- and it pains us- deeply that we that individuals are experiencing delays- we are doing a multitude of things we

are triaging and we redirected A number of staff. Departments even to help as we quickly trained and we’re working those all those claims first so that We can get through those all those things to get people- paid and then on their way to- continuing to receive their benefits- I will tell you that the two big pain points for us have been and- is identity verification so for- we have a rigorous- identity verification of the claims filing process- should prevent fraud in the program. And so there are a number of individuals when their- information cannot be verified then we have to send a request for them to provide proof of their identity and because we are working in our older system Allen and it requires train staff- it has it that’s where the one of the big bottle necks is and we have an automation project under way that will help to streamline that- we’re going to be implementing a document. Upload in September that will allow individuals to unload electronically their documents so it will help- streamline that process. We already. We went from having some of staff in that work load to or well over three hundred now and we’re continuing to hire four hundred. People’s you together get through that workload- so we’re we’re doing everything we can to get it process as quickly as possible. Somebody sent me a check they said- so Probably a good number of Alzheimer’s and no cold ball In Silicon Valley you can probably contract with the fixture Hopewell problems you know so. One of the questions was this a different type of question what kind of programs are currently available to help the recent college graduates Who may have been unable to start the job that they hadn’t intended to work after graduation. College graduates that come out the I know this is difficult for them to do these times the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program might be one- that are eligible for if they they didn’t perform any kind of part time work while they were- going to college- where they may. Have otherwise qualify for regular unemployment insurance claim- if you is long as they are- we’re not able to go to work and had. A job offer because of the pandemic situation the cove in nineteen- couldn’t start that job because the business closed and that is definitely something they should up. Klein form we can determine if they meet the eligibility criteria For that program. The. Why does California pay such low rate front opponent maximum we are one of the most expensive places to live Massachusetts based eight hundred twenty three dollars a week so question. So that was. That’s an excellent question- currently we pay a minimum of forty dollars- and with a maximum of four hundred and fifty dollars and this actually requires a legislative change at the state level- the last time we did increase the maximum awards- was in two thousand and you so it has been awhile especially with the- cost of living increases and inflation. Is yeah our our our analysis- leave much to be desired in some cases so- but it would require a statutory change okay well that’s that’s good to know that. Hello this is just a fun in additional unemployment claims. Hi go ahead I think there is always talk about the bar Monning of the federal barring program but okay the they want to know how the state funds the additional the additional employment so yeah couple of things and we are and that’s another- the financing structure of the state’s unemployment insurance program is also outdated it has instead and- adjusted since- nineteen nineteen eighties so is overdue for an overhaul as well and so the additional unemployment claims we do from the federal at the federal level we have- were allowed to borrow. And so ultimately employers pay the costs of that loan through reduced

unemployment taxes at the federal unemployment taxes- so the states are always able to continue paying benefits no one is at risk of losing their benefits we have our own mechanism and then under the federal shares acts- for those programs the- for the extensions as well as a pandemic unemployment assistance- those. Are fully federally funded. I here’s a quick my disability benefits ran Jim M. I. eligible for unemployment benefits. So definitely the individual should apply and we will determine if they they need the eligibility technically- as long as they have- employments and meet the monetary criteria for regular unemployment claims if they have now been released and ready to- to work and be available for work they would be eligible to apply for unemployment insurance. All right- what is after my regular twenty six rays of weeks of unemployment ends in September Beth and they should I guess they started a claim in February what’s next how many more weeks more does it extend twenty twenty one is that automatic. So under the federal terrorist acts- the next extension claimed that they would have is a thirteen week- pandemic emergency unemployment compensation and we automatically file those for individuals when they run out of their benefits on their regular plain. Now the chairs are currently is expiring at the end of December so individuals will only be able to collect through that period unless Congress takes additional action to extend those programs further. That’s what the congressman was talking about the I this September’s fifth so they have thirteen weeks strong September October November that would take until the probably the end of November and then there’s a program. Called the federal extended benefits- duration program which can provide an additional twenty weeks of benefits if the unemployment rate reaches a certain target so it’s in effect right now. So they run out of there- thirteen week extension they can go on to that next federal extension and- that will continue as long as the unemployment rate remains at a certain threshold Okay here’s one- what can I do if I’ve been denied benefits it’s I believe I’m entitled to and what is the appeal process how does it work. Okay so whenever we- issue what we call a disqualification for an eligibility issue. Individuals are informed and they receive an appeal form that they can complete and they need to submit it within thirty days of the notice state and they return that form or they can send a separate letter and they need to- return it to the EDT the address on that notice and they need to explain why they disagree with. Disqualification and- when we receive that EDG we review it. The entire claim- often times. Individuals will provide additional information- so we’ll review it to see if that changes the original disqualification we in those cases we can do our a redetermination to- make them eligible and issue any- benefit payments that they were previously disqualified for under the- issue. If it does if the disqualification remains we then transmit the appealed to the California unemployment insurance appeals board- those are- handled by the ministry of law judges who scheduled a separate hearing by phone. With individuals to attend and basically to present their case and just state- provide evidence information about why they disagree with the disqualification. So that the administrative law judge has the right to basically either overturned the department’s disqualification- or basically a hold it. Either way no internet G. EDG- so if they do overturn it and we will be issuing that- payments. To that individual. Is that take a lot of time to do. I on a is take about thirty three days. Okay for them to render a decision Okay I always get this question on anything. I I’ve heard a lot

about fraud recently hello how is the EDA working to combat it and how do I know if they call or letter is actually from ET What was your letters in the mail or- there’s a lot of strange stuff going on I could tell you that right now there are and just to let you know we do have the information on our website that gives advice on this very topic and we recommend that- that individuals go in and look at that information- when we do call- we really. Individuals will receive information that will should display as the caller ID- state of California EDT- or army our telephone numbers that on the main public numbers which is the 1-833-978-2511 number- generally we identify ourselves as employment development department- and- it and everyone has. A legitimate reason to be concerned and make sure they’re really talking to NDTV person be given the amount Of fraud and- what all of states are seeing right now G to you know they’re always fraudsters- who are looking to take advantage during an emergency situations like our current and democratic- because of the suspicious claim activity that we are seeing in in California’s program as well as across the country. The EDT is currently actively involved in a nationwide investigation conducted in conjunction with federal law enforcement- partners and- so we’re actively change the trying to- make sure we can prevent and detect any fraud. We do have- a robust tool box- college and should prevent fraud. I am deterrent as well through our- claims processing are our application processing such as that’s one of the reasons we do verify individuals. Identities out front. So judges were very Monitoring ads and- they said working with our law enforced a law enforcement partners. Okay that’s good if anybody has any other kinds of scams and frauds so they can call my office we have worked- with community we’ve had these. Town hall meetings with Sanders especially on our fraud. Senior to scam programs that are being run all over the place and- is we hear all the stories is just horrible here in our office got one woman that- I got cheated out about half a million dollars. Home owners in our district and she admitted for the first time in my program so we- had some people it should she said I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to tell anybody in my family. And so we were trying to help her. But that’s that’s a major issue for a lot of my constituents. Okay I quit my job. Seekers my employer wasn’t taking precautions for Corbett nineteen can I still qualify for benefits. So under California law Jim in general and individuals have to be unemployed through no fault of their own to be eligible for unemployment benefits and by the law does provide for individuals who do quit their jobs we look at the reason why they quit. That for quitting so in this situation if somebody was in a work environment where their health and safety are at risk- we would basically when they file their claim schedule them to work the telephone eligibility enter we went Connie. The end of and asked for this. We would ask- Mike what was- the employer failing to do in terms of protecting their health and safety- did they bring it to the employer’s attention to get them young. To cry the SCID. We are read the- and because of are the ones who the cost of granite and then we make it. About they would be Allen so if there is a finding that there really wasn’t issue then that individual would be I be found L. for. This is it

I’ve heard before quite a bit if on C. took a vow twenty fives a reduction. Why for autumn and if so how far back can they go. And for just pay raise does not. Someone items insurance unless also are under Yeah Holly until or- unemployed more. How will payments be administered I’m not seeing our state on the a list of approved applications as of August sixteenth which is upsetting since we have the highest unemployment. Yes I agree with L. as secretary C. you mentioned we are in the process of applying for the and it will be the three hundred dollars per week- we are currently analyzing his words we’ve been- getting the last minute clarification from our federal partners being on what’s required to administer this- Ben EDG is working aggressively to. Be able to implement if we are granted the monies from from Jean led to be able to pay individuals. As quickly as possible. Good I get this one what the from of many of my- this is Roth I’m a small business owner who is still working but I think in any pay to help keep the company afloat Do I qualify for benefits. Yes we get that question a lot good question and for- this would be in relations to a self employed individual probably flying for the federal pandemic unemployment assistance program and under the federal guidelines for that program a self employed business owner- still must be either fully unemployed not it’s not operating- their their business or at least. Partially so they can apply for the that program- but again they do have to be Fully or partially unemployed Okay here’s another one for business people as a self employed business owner files a schedule C. do I use my gross or net income one of five for unemployment benefits I was told by each day and play use net income when applying but this does not reflect the actual income I need to run my business if this was Mr Beth from misinformation from Edie how do I rectify that. At I recently opened up my business outdoors you’re the county orders and as and the city alfresco initiative and have only made 20% of my income I would normally receive if allowed to work outdoors indoors how do I figure that that income with my business expenses when certifying for bi weekly unemployment benefits Sure that’s a about. That’s scraping by Morrell need to do an outdoor- dining or you know other kinds outdoor kinds of activities to. Scrape by in How do they apply for the do I use gross or net income and- how how does he determine the status of the right way to do it. So it is they should be recording their net income that’s what it’s the federal law requires under the pandemic unemployment assistance program- if somebody needs to correct that they can always call us at one of the main toll free numbers- they can also when they received their monetary award- which tells them how much they’re receiving per week they can also- right the information that needs to be corrected on that form and send it back to the address on that notice make a copy of it and send it back and then we can research. To make any adjustments in terms of- continuing to try to operate which- I know it’s really tough- they do need to records- their income on their continued claim forms and I- believes they need to report it in- when they they pay themselves for the week yeah about I think he’s talking about the landlord said okay- will give you a break on rent but you got to pay us back the money. Those kinds of issues said- come up with these businesspeople

supplier’s job. Putting off the gyro little show like the income. And that the I need to have to sustain their business without having to do those kinds of things and put themselves in a hole if you want to set up right what we really look at is- their income that they’re earning from their their business so when they have an agreement to. Not pay rent so to speak- for a month or so we I don’t we wouldn’t count that as as income they shouldn’t report that because- but that they won’t pay the rent. Is usually that. Leffler said we got pay it it’s made but- maybe it you have to pay later we are just kind of a I owe you. Andy for all right as a deferral and a lot of suppliers do that I mean there’s right. You know I mean People are trying to help each other okay so yes. That’s what’s happening out there let it trickle down so all the other people and everybody has to lay off people. So the they want to know how that works. So that really falls in the expense category- and then they don’t need to report that to us it’s really you know if there- what they’re asking themselves so to speak for their their business and for being. Okay let’s talk about how well the best- this let’s get down to the end here last one more question and that the last question is kind of the obvious one can you give us- how to best number to reach a live person at the rate. Yes we’ll keep asking that how do I get a hold of a live person Jim That’s a question people ask what’s good for my constituents because that’s the real question yeah absolutely and again we are very sorry that it’s been difficult to get through on the phone lines but we are aggressively hiring and- every day we’re hiring people training and we’re putting them on the sounds and just. Trying through the main toll free numbers and- we are hoping to have three thousand employees on the phones by October so that’s that’s how aggressively work we’re hiring so we should be seeing improvement in. The calls by then. So if you want we can. Closer Crawford for those jobs and- get people to apply for. Legally we welcome that we are looking for qualified individuals- come join us the jobs they are Certainly the one that the classification one of the classifications is called the employment program representatives and you can find the information on our how- California human resources website EDT also has information about these job openings on our website and I’d be glad to- we can provide that to you your office- later as well- these jobs are excellent way to get and your state government into service fellow Californians- we offer good training programs. And we’re looking for individuals- who are just desirous of serving and helping us. Improve our service says. What time of odds That down so it does require and I think bachelors degree or some level of college and education yeah. Okay sh okay- of the that was last question will. Let people know from my standpoint Wilk this is a good caring process to work on we’re going to continue to work with all my constituents on it as we have we take orders of people Holly my officer every week and- will continue that. Effort for you I want to thank everybody for their attention today I know you’re gonna have other questions we will take the other questions and get back to you with answers as we can- if the responses. So I appreciated very much and- if

you know Kobol. My brother just text based- though you know- but he’s got a job. We actually use cool ball in the title company- back in the late sixties. Well but there’s different versions so that’s why they’re called and they asked the what Thursday. Maybe you can get back to me about the global issue sure. And the technology because a lot of people are kind of interested in that kind of stuff. So thank you very much we want to thank our great congresswoman Zoe Lofgren she did a great job. Of forest on the on the panel secretary Julie’s who did a great job and again I wanted to. I start her her compassion empathy for people to have wage fast because you know she was out there. And over from high school. Listening to the individual cases of people that had problems so she I know she cares and thank you- Michelle certain rigs for your staff and your time that you gave us today- please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office. And will assist you in any way through this rough time on any of these issues and thank you very much we have. Actuation order in- some of the hills up in the San Jose- take care everybody from the- fire that we’re going through. And we’ll continue to give you updates on- the situation emergency has been declared by the County Board of supervisors and the governor’s so we will get assistance for people. In Santa Clara county on the fire situation so thank you very much. Thank you we really appreciated thank