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the greedy grabby old of a simple bunch so driving one of their commandeered carbs isn’t going to be a prob for a clever clogs like you you just need to be shown the basics and you’ll be away faster than a Cowpat of a hot shiny shuttle quick tour of the controller would be good Oh would you prefer to ask the X button or the r2 hey listen ah yes you didn’t get to see the intro because uh cup ride and stuff like that that would just be a pinion yes I’m sheep and we’re doing a sight unseen of little big planet karting um it had a very similar intro to the actual littlebigplanet game I’m live or not surprised to see that uh it seems more like in the individual individual title than an atom now so yeah all right what will we use this acceleration now this this is the first time I’ve seen you you’re able to choose this in your racing game hmm okay I’ll play lots of mundane racers I love that game I love that game and there’s r2 and r2 is gradually taking over every raising game isn’t it x is all out so we’re gonna choose our two when it’s actually in the beginning it was weird but you get used at all got a cute little car you can’t achieve some pretty exhilarating speeds in this game so let go with the button if you want to slow down for a corner slow down the brake button that’s pretty quick yeah so I decided to shut up Steven Steven steering is done by gondola stick alright got some yeah hunk are you happy with this gasps yes yes yes I’m very happy with that but oh there we go oh look at all these eyes just like a 3d world a little bit planet now that would be great a little big planet reading it I love a little bit yeah I know how to drift look at this I did it before he said it ah but I have to say right off the bat mmm it takes a lot from modnation racers only modnation racers looks better than this have two da honest and the drifting in one nation races is way more satisfying this is see I can link up and it’s the same thing I’ve already done that come on man see just like in mod nation racers after you drift a little your car catches on fire our your wheels catches on fire like that who do we used in this one yes pick up a weapon and fire it with square button so so far this controls exactly the same as Malaysian racers and modnation racers is in the middle game it’s just a try it it’s awesome maybe I will do an introduction of my cuz that is game that you need to play it controls really satisfying can I see the shield what’s the she’ll light oh ah but I like this I don’t I can’t figure I don’t think you can defend yourself in management I don’t think so casual opponent to race with what everyone’s a winner what everyone’s a winner a wiener let me choose I want to be a winner wait everyone’s a winner in the other one but maybe I should have just chosen that can I just do this through the whole map are you aware of how fast i would win this

driving like this I’ll win that finished it’s not God mmm i want is it right now rachel khoo lacing constructive criticism is always nice to know people care remember to rate other Creators levels after you play okay so you can create levels I mean what I remember when modnation racers came I don’t even know when this came out but I knew about money races way before I knew about this and when that came out I was like this is like you the little big planet of racing games that was why you that’s probably what many people thought you create you can create person share them you can create cars share them create levels share them and sharing sharing games like this like live like planet it comes with so much free content you can just go online and play anything no oh it’s terrific you weren’t a little big planet before so this is our way of saying a big they knew you for coming back you get free bonus busted I’ll play littlebigplanet card it’ll be where we share them I mean little bit plan is awesome I lyman lovemaking what okay the pot is getting big I’m way bigger for any new costumes otay that take your fancy fine okay but I can’t drive around here anymore is that it oh it’s got the same control mmm but stupid r1 l1 that’s good but it should have been our one this way cuz right but let’s see we got yup pretty much the same controls the pot is way bigger though uh we have the puppet it’s the same seriously this same we got like that they kept so many things but couldn’t we just hadn’t deal see where you can raise and uh no I yes I need another engine for this okay chat we got chat with ya my car’s interior decoration thank you put down one sticker on the ground well you can wave your hands holding r2 and l2 and you can flip your head what happens if I can I know only the head all right x okay we’ll start with the story mission guys will start with the story mission let the sack race begin as it’s time for you I’m gonna choose to play online in the same way you can in a little big planet that didn’t see anything stay in or eat out when playing vs levels on I can choose to play online or play on your own play online means that you want to meet up with new fun Bub’s to tussle with and play on your own lets you play pot lights play our butter by strange yeah so basically that’s what I just asked about you can join up with friends and not let other people join you can be alone like I know or you can have play online so play online doesn’t mean that you necessarily join a match well that’s the way it is a little planet doesn’t ensure that you join someone online on this but it means that if people press play online on there that will maybe join yours that King looks so angry in this autumn is nice I guess that’s the thing I’m the queen why you mad between negative it wrong we’re feeling much better yeah you guys just read that the hell kind of cards are they using but I need boost no okay hmm ok the drifting is really off in this game compared to male race I have to say ah it’s probably because I’ve gotten used to that of what’s going on but that’s pretty cool there are more focus on the animations of things the visuals in this than in London or system put me being a big fan of little big planet as I said that’s that’s the appeal from your hair deal because overall I don’t feel like it’s that good of a racing game has modnation racers but listen to this music get lit

dinner I just adore the music in littlebigplanet I that’s one of the things that makes it the best I mean playing up for the first time you see the cloth oh oh can i grab people come here everything’s cloth and material like that and then you have oxs jump in this one too surprise ah I can’t finish a thought before I start talking about something else final lap this is very chaotic Jesus I can’t win this oh yeah that’s pretty cool ah yeah so that makes it worth it for me if this was just another racer that didn’t I mean I’m already connected to this before it’s out you know I love little big planet I actually believe or not i have barely played little big line two I don’t know why I just never bought it and then when after a long time of never buying it I just never got around to actually play it yeah yeah I mean I’m new oh I can change the emotions I guess these are 10 SEC bots China hmm demen fox 9515 sample [ __ ] i should just delete every friend on my friends list i can’t get be humiliated like this look at that Batman say dead blood awfully wrong she names exit to pod let’s try convenient one I hope you don’t have that’s the sucky thing about the apparent when you start with first time you have to do lots of stories off before you actually get to do community level I mean notes what hours of gameplay but it’s it’s a while garden Griff that’s the one we just did strike an mean anyone i bet those are really fun cool levels does this control the same actually does not control the same way as come moo moo farms mario kart yeah may I might as well let people join I’ll go for an interesting game I stay down opposed nay finding game oh but if I have to wait only know a few people play this yeah for some reason Liars fail because no one’s playing it give me Mario Kart play on my own yeah oh my um goostin that’s not copyrighted right that’s the way it works right charging our weapon a Turismo mufa this is cool you can also create if anyone’s wondering you can also create your own maps on Monday generations and there are so many awesome laughs there are jumps in that game god I I am doing a video of that Oh kidding me they can change like this brights of of the oh god this is just listen to the music how do they do this how did they do this Wow I don’t even know if this possible in my nature is I guess you can make a mario kart edge map.put oh my god is cool mario kart look at that mario kart look up and are you kidding me this is just amazing boost pot but I find it difficult I get it oh so those are like turtle shell it’s really difficult at in modnation racers key to winning it was really just drifting all over the place now you can collect if you collect like three first you collect one power up and you get like a red missile and you have to aim its to actually all you have to go back like this and be straight behind someone to hit them but if you collect

another power up your gonna upgrade the current one so the speeds in this game isn’t they are fun listen to it impressive really this is fairly slowly this the tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip it is chase Lena the only thing that’s missing on this mario kart level is the turtle shells actually like going around here oh can see my guard ha ok forgot that little earlier maybe I would have one eighth place place Sebastian sucks bear oh that’s just great Judy bot mr.sag sec alicious God all these names yeah whatever skip exit uh-uh thousand words sometimes worse won’t do incredible confuses the Justice they deserve you can upload your photos to LBP k dot me sad me can they afford calm or what still let’s do another one karting lessons oh I have to finish that lattice not do another one let’s do another community month let’s do one that is not Mario Sonic oh so we only got from other places I mount Hades god of war ok that sounds awesome climbed a lotta mouth down into the pit stop my what was that did you see that it was a chart of three I don’t have do I have that as my avatar no i don’t i have this dog whatever i’m the dangerous festival weapon a toe hurts hurts she hurts you through time and space spy good thing you’re wearing your seat belt yes they shouldn’t be safe oh god yeah what I’m fascinated a little fascinated about in both this and Malaysian race is how do they how did they get BOTS to raise levels perfectly like this what it was to learn swimming I guess they have a designated track maybe they have ghosts recorded to be a bot I don’t know it’s just a little weird it’s all don’t know how they do it I don’t know how they do it and if I don’t stay on like okay hey you don’t cheat Stephen Fry taught me to use my weapon when I have a chill me I’m a but I never get a few when they shoot me on and second place guy oh we can spin that you can do in modnation racers to this game is they’re both Sony exclusive place is very exclusive so I guess it’s fair but it’s kind of silly come on let’s be honest it’s kind of silly that they are so similar and little big planet for me as yet not proved to be the better one my love for the Little Big Planet franchise cannot triumph they awesome controllers and feel of the modnation racers game seriously I don’t know how much this way I wonder what this will cost on the lease that’s cool what I like about this though the power-ups are really cool I mean you have more generic power-ups you have the same power-ups basically as in any other battle race type game but they really I feel like put some effort into into the power of animations ah even in oh what it’s like can even integrating a little big planet into it you got this boxing glove we’ve seen them boxing gloves in the game look

at that push awesome however I think this game fell into the depths of Mount Hades as they couldn’t find players that’s one thing on Monday nation racers I have no issue and what I love about that is the meetup place or the hub or whatever it’s called mod spot is that it can just raise around I mean fun everyone’s competing to be at the top of this thing in the middle I’m gonna show you guys this one everyone can beat this thing about you even challenged people in the hub it’s more it’s very social in a way at the same time and it’s not I guess I don’t and when I think about it I love the pardon the big planet but any game that has a hub instead of a menu I think that’s just really cool I mean I’m not saying every game should do it many will probably fail doing it would like instead of just entering the game putting it in your drive enter opening up and press start game or play online or whatever you have here’s your mods but this is your menu to go play career you have to drive over there and press X if you want to play online you have to drive over there if you want to challenge someone just challenge them drive up to them it’s more it’s more it’s just awesome that’s what I’m saying ok god I’m on time so I said that’s what I’m saying loud he knows ah yeah I haven’t comment on this map girls I didn’t think it was that often should be honest if you just joined my video right now you wouldn’t know that this was actually god of war yeah yeah let’s smile perfect but it ain’t that bad yeah you wouldn’t know that this one’s got a 4 let’s face it ah and you would know the Mario Kart one was actually Mario Kart all right let’s it’s it’s an interesting game that’s why I chose to make a video about it and I didn’t want to play it first I just want jump straight to the action and show you it experience with you and it wasn’t disappointed the control is the drift the drift was very disappointing but the music is great it seems like there’s a good bunch of maps there for free yeah and that the story is based on the little big planet universe the negative what was that negativity on i- make make it to the cheap king and queen yeah so little big title is in general a awesome game libera client gardening car carrying not that awesome but you know school but if you want a good racing game like this cartoonish stuff i suggest you just go get modnation racers sony you love me either way cuz both are your exclusive alright well that has been all and the rapper to like comment subscribe check out delay this driver episode i struggled us up with that and the last school of got deleted so i’m having a pay with that i’m going to celebrate some birthday today so i’ll be off later yemen I hope you enjoyed this video hope you decided that damn i want prison racing game now this is so fun uh goodbye though don’t be a douchebag goodbye i love you muah muah