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(dramatic orchestra music) (shouting in background) – Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! (laughing) – I think I need to go shopping (dramatic orchestra music) for some underwear So let me break it down for you The past 10 years, I’ve been traveling the world tour managing artists and showing them the best spots I know that anywhere you go you, need that solid connect We’ve taken submissions from people claiming to have the keys to their city Now we’ve traveling the country to take them up on their word I’m Justin Lizama, and this is “Gatekeepers.” I’ve just arrived here in Los Angeles I’m looking for someone that can show me LA beyond the Hollywood Sign, avocado toast, and juice cleanses I’m about to meet LA local Eddie Delahunty, marketing guru and a self-proclaimed unicorn whisperer – What is a unicorn whisperer? (laughing) Eddie and I actually roll in the same circle, but we’ve never really had time to hang out and kick it, so I’m hoping that Eddie can show me an exclusive side of LA that you cannot read about in the tabloids (whistling) Can’t stress this enough, but flying into a city like Los Angeles and getting here early just saves so much stress, so I’m on a traffic-free ride from the airport up into the hills to meet Eddie Is that him? Just standing on the corner? Wow (Western guitar music) My guy – How’re you doing? – Good, how’re you doing? – Wonderful, long time no see – Yeah, I know it’s been a minute man – I’m Eddie Delahunty, I’m 29 years old and I’ve been making moves out here in LA for the last five years So, this might be the first time I’ve seen you not behind a dubstep blaring DJ dude, (Justin laughing) in a different city that neither of us live in – Yeah, this spot’s epic – Yeah, this is where I kind of come in the morning before work or before I do anything Before I get into, you know, the madness of LA, I like to take in a little bit of nature, check out some dream houses that I might have one day See some birds flying by – Right – Get a little stretch before I look at my phone and get nervous about everything I have to do for the day (Justin laughing) – Well, you know, you’ve only been here for five years, like what’s gonna make you the gatekeeper of Los Angeles in that small amount of time? – Man, I just feel like I’ve literally just done the impossible, because like I come from nothing from Philadelphia – Right – Fulfilled most of my dreams, I’ve met most of my heroes I’ve just gotten to know some really special mom and pop shops and local businesses and hidden spots in nature, and all of it together has just created what my everyday life is now – You can show me some (beep) that I haven’t done here yet – Are you hungry? – I’m always hungry – You’re about to have the best light breakfast sandwich of your life You ready for that? – I’m so ready – Some homemade-ness? – Yup, let’s get it buddy – Yeah, bud – Yee, yee! – Justin is absolutely going to go nuts over the itinerary, yeah, there’s no shot he’s not gonna like it – I know he’s got a bag of tricks and I’m ready to hop in You got a stuntman? I can spiral roll down the hill? (instrumental music) – This is Dialog Cafe – This is actually perfectly located between all the dope hotels in West Hollywood – Yeah absolutely You’ll order from the counter, – All right – sit down, and then they bring you the food So let’s show you how amazing Welcome to my spot – Hi – This is Justin, good friend of mine – Hi, nice to meet you – So, we’re gonna do two sage sausage sandwiches – Say it three times fast – Sage sausage sandwich, sage saus, two orders of hot vanilla lattes please (instrumental music) – Hey, cheers, thank you again Oh wow, the coffee gods have delivered – This is totally one of those, isn’t it? Just like a low-key, mom and pop shop Run into your friends here all the time – Right – What’s up, brother? Love you too, what’s up? – What’s up man? – People always ask me, you know, “Should I go to New York first or LA?” And I always say, “Go to New York first, go East Coast, get beat up.” – Yup, that’s for damn sure – Learn everything you need to Keep that speed and pace of that area and come out here and you can just demolish it – Yup, you come out here, you kind of, – And if you don’t succeed, then it’s on you (Western music) – Here I got two sage muffins – All right, my man, thank you very much (Dialog Cafe chatter) – That’s pretty poppin’ – Yeah I take my rings off when I drink this thing ’cause it gets a little messy (Justin laughing) And I’m OK with that; it’s part of the process You ready to get into this thing? – I believe – Ready for it? – Yeah – All right (laughing) All right, salute, bite down killer – Wow (peaceful whistling music) Going on that journey right now – Wow We’re on that journey – Dude, this sage sausage, look at that, oh Can’t say I’ve had anything like this before – See why I took my rings off? – Yeah, but having a scratch kitchen is so key – The owner’s just such a sweet heart It’s ran by his whole family – That’s important – It’s a mom and pop shop – Absolutely – It’s not just a restaurant or a cafe A 24-hour operation for him, everything’s homemade, when it’s sold out it’s out You can’t just go buy more at the grocery store Hey, Ralphie, yes, come here real quick

– So does the whole family do it together? – Yes – You guys all working together? – Yeah, whole family’s here – Beautiful, and where are you from originally? – Italy – Which part? – Rome – Oh amazing, beautiful – What I like, I like it simple and fresh nutrition What I like to eat, I sell you guys – I love that, fantastic – Thank you, very good talking to you – This is my boy right here, cheers, cheers – I love you – Thank you – You know, when someone brings me to a place where they know the people, you know, it’s a mom and pop shop, and you don’t find too much of that anymore – He’s always here The only thing I never have a chance to learn is the females, they come in, their name Because soon as I learn one name, next day another one, it’s like can you stick with the one? (laughing) For a couple of days – Think Justin liked the place? – I think he did He cleared his plate faster than me, so I’ll let that speak for itself – The food was amazing Experiences like this genuinely make me happy – What’s up next? – Up next, we’re gonna go to the most legendary skateboard shop in Los Angeles Not only am I gonna make Justin skateboard on the ramp, but I’m gonna have potentially a special guest there waiting for us as well (guitar music) So this is Melrose Avenue, I’m sure you kind of figured that out or are familiar with it at this point – Many times, tattoos, shopping – This is a skate shop that I really like I like to chill here, and what I learned is that you can actually skate here too So let’s put a board together, and then go try and ride this ramp a little bit – Sweet (upbeat guitar music) – What’s up? – What’s going on, guys? – How you doing? – ‘Sup man – Josh, Justin, Justin, Josh – Nice to meet you, man – He’s gonna help us put together our perfect skateboards This guy’s wide, it’s above an eight, so it’ll cover our bigger selves This made it real, all right (light rock music) All right, so, not everybody gets to come back here, but I’m gonna show you the boss’s headquarters real quick – Oh, I’m not the boss (Eddie laughing) – What’s up, brother? – I’m the janitor – How you doing, man? – Thank you so much for having us I’m Justin, how you doing? – Dom, Justin, Justin, Dom – Nice to meet you – King of the house, amazing How long you guys been here? – 25 years – 25 years – I’ve seen it all – This was like one of the first places that I came to and felt like I could actually call home when I moved from Philly to LA – Like cockroaches call home (laughing) – You know what I mean? That’s how. Let me in! – I’m a testament for the older crowd I am Peter Pan; I am never growing up Guys come to me in their 40s and 50s like, “Dude, you have a shop, and you’re hanging out with skate stuff and you’re hanging out with Hosoi and Muska, oh my god, and I got my wife and my kids and I got (beep) nine to five,” and yeah man, you know – It’s like never grow up – Never grow up I am Toys ‘R Us kid, you know? I never grow up (hip-hop music) – I think our boards are ready Let’s go rip, let’s go it – Go, go kill yourself Break a leg, literally – Oh no, thank you so much Appreciate you telling us to break a leg I wanna do some grinds (upbeat music) If you get in the back, there’s private slopes (dramatic music) – It’s like the skate version of the speakeasy, you know? – Let’s go hit this ramp, brother – Yee! Oh man – Been a minute, right? – Yeah, you all right? This is Justin – What’s up, man? – Justin, Shaun – Nice to meet you Walking outside to a private ramp and seeing Shaun White – You mind if we shred with you a little bit? – Yeah, let’s mess around – That’s pretty legit – All right, let’s go – Seriously, it was just me back here I was hoping somebody was gonna show up (laughing) – Yeah, let’s do it then! (laughing) – Do it, bring your mustache – It’s been a while – Bring your mustache (laughing) – Bring your mustache, let’s go I don’t know how I officially met Eddie, but probably through a group of friends him and I always hang out with – Do you call him a unicorn whisperer? – Is that what they call you? – Yeah (Shaun laughing) I love how you never know what to expect back here – [Shaun] I know I’ve been back here and they’re like filming a rap video (Eddie laughing) It’s like a bunch of dudes with – Always something – Piles of money (Eddie laughing) – Justin, you wanna go down the ramp? – I’m going up to drop in You guys do two more – OK – Like when I’m done snowboarding, I go back to skating I’m the worst, I’m terr-, it’s horrible – It’s freaking good – And it’s supposed to be delivering some sort of skill set (Eddie laughing) I’m just terrible; I gotta figure it out again Because I’d be terrified to go to Venice or something like that – Yeah, right outta the bat – It’s just such a scene You’re like reworking, – Look, there he is, the phones are out, it’s like, (camera shutter sound) – I haven’t skated probably for 10 years – You got it – All right – Just lean all the way forward, till you get to the bottom Don’t overthink it too – He looked a little shaky, but he went for it – It’s been a minute (clapping) (tense music) – Yay! – But I got it (upbeat instrumental music) – There he goes Oh, whoo!

I was like watching you, and I was like, “Oh this could go 50-50 here.” (laughing) Literally, it could go either way – It’s gonna go either way – I got a little bit of skills (laughing) – And then he started doing this, I was like, “Ah, that’s looking a little more 60-40 now.” (laughing) (upbeat instrumental music) (laughing and exclaiming) – There you go, we got that (upbeat instrumental music) – Yeah! – OK! Whoo! – How does this show your credibility as a gatekeeper? – I mean, we got to come in the back with the code, we got some boards, we got some shoes, we got to see the king’s office, we got to skate with an Olympic gold medalist, I don’t know, does that work? – Watching Shaun skate in person is probably one of the most unreal experiences you can possibly have I can’t think of a better day to have in LA or really anywhere Maybe snowboarding with him would top this, that’s about it – Nice to meet you! – Ah, man, thank you so much That was amazing – Nice work, I’m proud You dropped in You could have backed out, but you didn’t – I could have backed out, but I didn’t, you’re right – You did good, I’m proud of him I got in there a little too, come on – Hey, yeah yeah – You did good, OK, OK (laughing) – Ready to get some dinner? Do pizza at the D’Amore’s, a good slice? – Nah, no pizza – Do you wanna get a Chinese chicken salad from Joan’s on Third? – Been there – Of course you have – We’re in Los Angeles; I feel like we need to find the best tacos – I know the best taco spot, I mean the best The taco truck, it’s not a restaurant Is that cool? – That’s great -‘Cause it’s some real stuff here – Some of the best taco spots in Mexico are in gas stations, so totally cool with a truck – Off we go my friend Leo’s Taco Truck it is (Western music) – All right – OK, OK, OK – It’s at a gas station, huh? – It actually is at a gas station – Wow – I probably left that part out All right – When we rolled up to Leo’s Taco Truck and I saw it was at a gas station, I already knew this place was gonna be the jam – Although Justin’s well traveled and has eaten at a lot of places, this is gonna be the spot for him for sure Look at that baby – Is it al pastor? – It’s real Oh baby Look at that. Look at them cut it, look Look at it go right on that, oh – Wow Oh man, it’s so beautiful (relaxed instrumental music) – Look at that I could watch this all day – Yeah man (relaxed instrumental music) Aye, oh – Yeah baby look at that, I can’t take my eyes off it, look, muchas gracias Whoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! – Aye – We should probably do – Yung Pinch – Yung Pinch – I need a little bit of this Little, that’s probably real spicy, hold on Little bit of this Go chorizo first – Not gonna kill you – Little chorizo – I’m gonna go in for my kill first – Down here at Leo’s – Ah (whistling music) – You know, I was kind of joking about tacos But these are, these might be the best tacos I’ve had in LA (mariachi music) Wow I would come here every day I’m gonna go al pastor – To the bottom (mariachi music) – Oh wow I mean, this is like a little trip to Mexico City You want an al pastor? Some New York taco food trucks have nothing on this – Gotta let ’em live – There it is – Oh yeah You know who actually told me about this place? – Who? – Andy Milonakis, remember him? – Yeah – Yeah he’s the best He showed me all the best food places, it’s amazing I had this little list in my phone called Andy’s List (mariachi music) That’s cabeza – Whoa, the fish cheek is my favorite part of the fish; it’s the most tasty and you get all the brain juices (creepy sound effect) What are we thinking about doing after this? – We’re gonna check out this bar that I really love that my friends own, and I have a a couple of my buddies meet us there Can I take the last chorizo? – You get the last chorizo – Whoo! – I think tonight’s gonna be a great night – Come through – Eddie’s already on the phone, doing his unicorn whisper thing – It’s gonna be fun I’ve been reaching out to a few people Whispering to a few to come out tonight, should be a good time (upbeat guitar music) – All right, so we are at BLACK bar in Hollywood And this is the first and only bar that I call my home bar here in LA Primo location, with all the perks of a dive bar I’m gonna bring Justin in, introduce him to a few of my friends, kick it in the back patio a little bit, hopefully loosen up enough to dance, we’ll see (bar chatter) – How are you? – Give me a hug (laughing) – OK, what can I get you guys? – Can I have two Oakland Old Fashioneds? – Yes you can – Oh, I love Old Fashioneds, my favorite – Oh yeah? – Yeah – Well this is an Oakland Old Fashioned, my brother – All right (piano instrumental music)

– Thank you very much (piano instrumental music) (laughing) (dubstep dance music) (bar chatter) – All right, cheers Whoo! (dubstep dance music) That’s like, Runyon’s like, old school Tinder though (laughing) Like before Tinder existed was Runyon – [Female friend] Is that how you and Eddie met? (dubstep dance music) – When people ask me, they’re like, “Hey, should I live in New York or Los Angeles?” – [Female Friend] You have to hustle to get here, so definitely New York – And then once you get here, you gotta get past the falling on your face period – Six to eight months BLACK bar was a great time, amazing end to day one Look at this guy Eddie, still unicorn whispering You know, it’s an instant party with Eddie – Day one was action packed and Justin had a ball, but he doesn’t even know what’s coming tomorrow I’ll see you in the morning (rock music) (birds chirping) – You’re about to see as we turn right into this lot here, this is my buddy Robin’s airport – Oh (beep)! – And a lot happens here We’re down at my buddy Robin’s aeronautical museum and flight school We’re gonna do a doors-off helicopter flight around all of Los Angeles It’s gonna be sick What is good, G? – Brother, where am I? What is this place? Oh man – This is Justin – How you doin’? – This is the best kept secret in LA, right? – It looks crazy – Your little Jamaican’s been busy man, whoo! – Oh yeah? You guys one up the airstream here – But dude, you gotta see in the inside – Booyah, we cut the cockpit – OK – This thing actually flew combat in World War II This is a gourmet kitchen (laughing) Any Jamaican food? (Robin laughing) – That’s the Jamaican chef right there – Hey! (Jamaican music) – Oh, you gon’ dig this baby – Oh, let’s go – C’mon, man – Are you kidding me? (Jamaican music) – So how long have you been at this location? – Oh, I’ve been here for 18 years, but it feels like we just got here Check this out – Geez – So in mission control, kids design rockets, rocket engines – Wow – They can design a jumbo jet in here They have the same software that Boeing uses, and this is the area where they build stuff – The pilot, owner Robin is a pillar of the community, doing amazing things for the kids in the neighborhood – These are solid fuel rockets that the kids have designed and built Sometime in the next five months, we’re sending this rocket to space That’s the schematics for this rocket that the kids have dubbed the Compton Comet – Compton Comet! – Wow – You’re gonna send the Compton Comet up? – Yeah, yeah, straight out of Compton (laughing) – Wow, wow – I’ve never seen him speechless before (calm instrumental music) – Have you ever been in a helicopter before? – I have – Have? – Haven’t been in this one – Really? – Have been, yeah – Oh, done it in Europe, done it in, you know, New York, done it in DC, done it at, – Floor manager – Yeah – Oh, OK, well this flight’s gonna be a little bit different than what you’re used to, OK? – OK What’s about to go down? – I have no clue what’s about to go down (guitar riff) I think Justin may not be nervous going into it, but the second that thing leaves the ground, he’s gonna be shaking in his pants (guitar music) (helicopter propellor) (dramatic orchestra music) – We had a beautiful take off, nice breeze going, I mean you could hear the wind in your headset Cruising over, you know, parts of Compton into the city up to the Hollywood Sign (dramatic orchestra music) Saw the Observatory, little dangling, little hanging out the chopper (dramatic orchestra music) Then he talked about landing on top of a building, like I’ve always wanted to land on top of a building (helicopter propellor) (dramatic orchestra music) – Let’s stop Oh my god Oh my god (nervous laughing) Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,

oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, ah! I think I need to go shopping for some underwear (helicopter propellor) – It looks like he just got (beep) (laughing) He’s just shaking his head (laughing) – I don’t even know what to tell you – The moral of the story is never talk (beep) to the pilot – Have you ever been in a helicopter before? – Done it in Europe, done it in, you know, New York, done it in DC, done it in – OK – The number one rule is don’t talk (beep) to the pilot (laughing) – Thank you – No problem man (laughing) Glad to be your first real helicopter ride – That was gnarly, dude – Thank you – Thanks for coming Just hit me up next time you’re in LA I have to like breathe and come down after that I’m gonna need to go take a nap or something (laughing) (dramatic orchestra music) Eddie was an amazing gatekeeper Everybody he introduced me to was an individual with a unique story, and then you realize that it takes all those different people to make up an amazing city like Los Angeles Los Angeles is a wonderful place to come if you have a dream, especially if you have the motivation to make it happen even outside of Hollywood (upbeat dubstep)