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Frank Licari, Host: Arts, culture, history, you’ll find them all right here in the heart of West Palm Beach. From giant tortoises to buildings covered in art and an historic dance hall poised for a comeback, I’m Frank Licari, join us as we go Around the Corner in The Palm Beaches Narrator: This program is brought to you by Discover The Palm Beaches. Visit PalmBeachFL.com for more information Frank: You can’t talk about West Palm Beach without mentioning Henry Flagler. The oil tycoon called this place a veritable paradise He built the railroads that brought people south and the hotels for them to stay in He decided to make Palm Beach the resort community and West Palm Beach the place where all the locals could stay. Today, we’re going to visit the Flagler museum This is incredible. Tell me a little bit about where we are right now Tracy Kamerer, Chief Curator: Well, we’re in Henry Flagler’s vacation home on the shores of Lake Worth Frank: Not bad for a vacation home Tracy: In the early 1880’s he started buying up railroads and developing a railroad network and building luxury hotels down in the east coast of Florida and eventually, 1894 is when the railroad reaches what’s now West Palm Beach Frank: When you come through the museum you’re basically seeing how life was back then this is all preserved right? This is all original most of it? Tracy: Most of it is original. And the Flagler’s would certainly recognize the place if they came back today and we use the home and the furnishings and the works of art and the collection and the archival collections as a teaching tool to not only tell visitors about the life of a wealthy man and his family but really to teach visitors about the Gilded Age this great period in American history Frank: Sure Tracy: And what these furnishings and these artifacts can tell you about Americans at the time Frank Licari, Host: What has 300 pedals and goes all around West Palm Beach? You guessed it! It’s SkyBike. It’s a low-cost bike rental service and it’s available all over the city. Do you see mostly locals using this? Will Corrente: Right now it’s mostly tourists but West Palm Beach has I believe, about 3,000 plus condo units coming in Frank: Wow Will: Condo apartments. Over the next year or so that are going to be coming on line Frank: We’re growing West Palm, way to go! Will: So services like this, are a lot more important to an urban dweller Frank: Where are you located around the city? All the hot spots? Will: Yes we have 14 locations. We’re at Palm Beach Atlantic University, here at Bradley’s, over by Pizza Girls, up by the Chamber of Commerce, up on Clematis by Roxy’s Frank: But be honest after a while if I’m driving it gives me a shock or something… you can’t ride it anymore Juan: Nope Frank: So I could ride this to like Miami? Will: It’s GPS enabled. So we know where the bike is at all times Frank: Okay so you know where I am at all times. Ugh! Juan: Exactly Frank: We’re in the middle of the El Cid historical neighborhood here and what makes it so unique compared to some of the other ones? Nancy Pullum: Well I think each neighborhood has its own character. This neighborhood was characterized by a lot of business people from the city living here, bank presidents, attorneys, judges Frank: And as I walk through the neighborhood, the uniqueness of it is that sort of this little grid that all leads to the water, right? Nancy: Yes Frank: You get these great views, was that by design? Nancy: Yes it was it was the original planning All of the streets do run to the water there is no block….a blockage of the views of the water Frank: Do you see a lot of tourists come through to sort of check out the neighborhood…are you seeing? 06: 22 Nancy: There is a lot of interest and I think the thing…the big communizer is that our walk along the water is our park, we don’t have a park per say in this neighborhood Frank: Right Nancy: But it’s a linear park and it’s well-used by the public from all over the city Frank: You would never know that you produce this much food in this little space when you walk in Adib: Well you’re not the only one. There’s a lot of people that come here from far distances and they say what is it? This is it? So… Frank: Right yea. So now you make your own pita here correct? Adib: Yes we have a pita bread bakery in the back Frank: Fresh daily pita? Adib: Everyday Frank: Fresh pita daily. You make your own hummus? Adib: Yes Frank: Tell me what kind of hummus Adib: We make now we just started to introduce chipotle hummus, we make traditional hummus Frank: Any hummus I want? Adib: Well… Frank: Just… Adib: Basically yea Frank: If I came in here and I said I need a hummus that tastes like honey you could probably make it Adib: Hahaha. Yea possible

Frank: And tell me the…. The flavor of the foods, what regions are we talking about? Adib: It’s Mediterranean, Turkish, lots of Greek product we have about 25 varieties of olives about 20 varieties of cheeses… Frank: Do you get any celebrities that come in here? Adib: Of course of course Frank: Pick somebody… Adib: Other than you, Mr. Frank Frank: Other than me, yes Adib: We have Dr. Oz comes in here. Every time he comes to Palm Beach… Frank: This is where he gets all of his cures? He gets all of his cures from your food? Penny: We have been in business since 1912 Frank: How do you do that? Share with us your secret Penny: You have to be able to change with the times; you have to be adaptable to the community that you’re serving Frank: Sure Penny: The items that we have here are beautiful linens that are not mass merchandise Frank: So you’ve got bed linens…you’ve got… Penny: Bath towels and bathroom accessories We have got really fun cocktail napkins. We also have some fun soaps or candles Frank: So if I come to your house, you would want me to bring a bottle of wine and some soap? Is that right? Penny: Well how about a bottle of wine and some beautiful cocktail napkins? Frank: I think that’s good pairing Penny: Well what do you think? Are you a back sleeper? Frank: I sleep like Dracula. You know how Dracula sleeps? He doesn’t move. I don’t move, my arms folded. Sometimes you got to check my breath to see if I’m still around This is… this is very comfy Penny: You like it? Frank: I do, I do can I take this one Let me also tell you that the sheets that you’re sleeping in right now are special Pioneer design and they also have matching towels to go with them Frank: Tell me more Penny: And a beautiful duvet Frank: Would you read me a story? Penny: Once upon a time… Frank: Oh see she’s ready Penny: Yes, I am. I used to be a kindergarten teacher back in the day Frank: Did you really? I used to be a kindergartener It’s amazing the way that works Penny: Very good! Frank: Well this has been a pleasure Penny: Thank you. I enjoyed it Frank: Thank you. Good night Penny: Alright, well sweet dreams Mayor Muoio: It’s “business, life, balance.” You can have a very successful and profitable business right here in West Palm Beach. We have an arts and entertainment district. Our city puts on 140 events a year and balanced, you can do it all without a lot of hassle or traffic. We love West Palm Beach! Frank: We’re here at the Virginia Philip Wine Shop and Academy and I’m about to go to school. You started this sort of wine shop academy tell me what got you into this in the first place Virginia: Well, I went to hotel and restaurant school for 4 years. Loved wine started drinking wine when I was really small my dad was Italian so little sips mixed with water Frank: Me too! Virginia: Exactly, high five Frank: Yes Italians! Yes Virginia: So I always loved wine Frank: What am I smelling for? Virginia: Well first you’re going to look for some fruits Frank: I’m looking for fruits? Virginia: You’re smelling for fruits Frank: I’m…. Oh okay Virginia: 85% of what you taste comes from your nose actually so… Frank: Right so once I’ve smelled it… Virginia: You’re going to hopefully get some golden delicious apple in there Frank: I… I got that Virginia: Some lemon, and probably some riper pear notes Frank: Oh that’s what I was smelling… Virginia: Yes Frank: The pear notes and should I… Virginia: Good and then we’re going to look for oak too Frank: We’re still looking for things? Virginia: Now you’re going to smell the oak Frank: When do I get to drink? Virginia: You smell that buttery creamy note? Frank: Oh there it is. Yeah I missed it the first time, but I got it Virginia: Now go ahead and drink Frank: Ok, ok sure. Yea all of those things, everything she just talked about went down my throat Virginia: Ok, so here comes the question: Frank: Your question or mine? Virginia: No for you. If I’m serving chicken parmesan, are you going to want a white wine with that dish? Frank: Uh no Virginia: Haha. So that’s why we are going to get a red wine Frank: I’m going to want a red wine because I’m Italian. And I don’t put…. I don’t put white wine with Italian food. Reds Virginia: No Frank: There you go Virginia: So you’re going to serve with red wine Frank: So smelling for all those things? Virginia: Yep, go for it Frank: Mmm thick! Virginia: Thick and rich Frank: Thick and rich wine Virginia: Great Virginia: Cheers Frank: Cheers Frank: The best part about Downtown West Palm Beach is that you don’t need a car. You can take the Downtown Trolley for free. How often do you go around the city in a day? Frank: You’re Pokemon’ng on the Trolley? Is that cheating? Shouldn’t you be walking? Frank: You just got here today? Couple from the UK: Yeah Frank: So what do you think, what do you think so far? Couple from the UK: It’s beautiful Frank: It’s beautiful, right? Beats the UK, doesn’t it? Couple from the UK: Yeah! Frank: Who’s with me?

Frank: Could you teach me some salsa right here on the Trolley? Lady on the trolley: I probably could Frank: Thank you Jen: We got tired of eating pepperoni and cheese pizza all the time. Customers would see us eating something with like Portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers goat cheese Frank: And they’d go like hey how come you get to eat that and I got to eat this? Jen: And they would say I want some of that! Frank: Right and that was it you made it Jen: Yea. That’s really how it started Jen: We’re New York style pizza Frank: New York style? Jen: By the slice, you know we like to give a little attitude when they’re coming in so we’re like eh, say it the right way, New Yawker! Frank: That’s right. Oh yeah wow, really authentic here Frank: What about if I got to make a pizza today? Jen: I think you should try to toss one Phoebe: Would you like to? Yea! Frank: Let’s do it, let’s toss a pizza! Jen: Alright! Frank: Am I doing it right? Phoebe: Yea. Put it over your hands like this… Frank: Yeah, yeah, yeah… I’ve seen that Phoebe: You’re going to really hit it hard so that it stretches Phoebe: Oh you’re a pro Frank: Woah that’s not working Jen: Try to toss it up in the air Frank: Woah! That’s not bad Jen: Watch your knuckles Frank: Made with my own hand. Home of the Frank! In the heart of West Palm Beach on Clematis Street there’s a street art revolution going on. Let’s meet some of the artists behind making the mundane into the magnificent. We’re here with Tannika James of the Downtown Development Authority and Eddie Mendietta one of the artists responsible for all of this, right? What do we call this? Is it street art, is it tagging? Is it… because it used to be graffiti but it’s not anymore. This is art, this is like a full blown… Eddie Mendietta: I call it street art. Graffiti is something different it’s more letter style Frank: Yeah. Now is it all and again, I’m a novice at this, is it spray painted? Eddie: Yeah. This is all spray paint Frank: All spray paint. Fantastic. So tell me about the experience. I mean you walk up to what seems to be a white wall, a canvas I mean, its three stories high. Is that overwhelming to you as an artist? Eddie: No I prefer working large. It’s actually easier to me Frank: Go big or go home, that’s what he’s saying. The fact that you can create something recognizable this big, to me, it’s amazing So you’re bringing… I’m going to imagine that families come here with kids. It’s a great way to introduce art to kids, right? Eddie: I like the fact that, you know, public art is for everyone to see. You know most people don’t go to galleries, museums. But you can’t not see a huge piece like this Frank: Sure, you can’t miss this! Frank: When you’re out and about sometimes you’ve got to do some shopping. And one of the hot spots in West Palm Beach is City Place. There are restaurants, shops, there’s a movie theater, a comedy club and everything you need for a little night on the town. Check out City Place everybody Frank: We’re about to go into one of my favorite places in the world: A theater. It’s actually it’s a theatrical school. It’s called the Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts here in West Palm right near City Place. Students from all over the world come here to study acting, dance, music and singing We’re going to go have some fun. Let’s do it! Frank: Tell me a little about what’s going on in this classroom, what’s everyone working on? What’s the skillset? What are we preparing for? Brad Belford: So we have seniors here that are getting ready to go off to audition for the best programs in the country. They’re working their contemporary monologues – something within the last 50 years Frank: And when you said seniors, you meant high school seniors, not seniors. Okay? Brad: Yes, high school students Frank: So they’re going to get up one at a time and they’re going to deliver a monologue for us and we’re going to simply tear them apart Brad: That’s right Frank: We tear them apart Brad: But only to make them that much better Frank: For the benefit of the students! Not for our own fun and amusement Brad: 100 percent [Student performing] Brad: Good, good, nice. I like this, but stop performing it. What she’s saying is that if they could really tell them the truth they would. So tell her the truth [Student performing] Brad: Good, very nice! A round of applause! Frank: When you’re out and about sometimes you’ve got to do some shopping. And one of the hot spots in West Palm Beach is City Place. There are restaurants, shops, there’s a movie theater, a comedy club and everything you need for a little night on the town. Check out City Place everybody Frank: We’re lucky enough to have the CEO Judy Mitchell with us in the middle of this amazing theater. How did we get here? How did this all happen? Judy Mitchell, CEO, Kravis Center: Well we are excited to be celebrating believe it or not, 25 years! So it happened about thirty years ago or more, a group of community leaders got together and really felt it would be important for the community to have a place to showcase the arts and culture here in Palm Beach County

Frank: This isn’t the only space you have here, right? Judy: No, this is our largest: Dreyfoos Hall, our main concert hall with just under 2,200 seats. But we also have two additional venues, black box theaters. The Rinker Playhouse, The Marshall Rinker Playhouse with about 300 seats. And the Helen K. Persson Hall, which is also about 300 seats in another building Frank: Over the years how many people do you think you’ve had come through the doors? You probably know… Judy: Students, I can tell you it’s over 2 million students. We average about 500,000 people a year coming through the center so that times 25 years Frank: And down the Street, just south of West Palm Beach you can visit a funky, arts filled destination: Lake Worth! Known for its Annual Street Painting Festival in February, Lake Worth has beauty both manmade and all natural. Take a stroll by the water on the William Lockhart Municipal Pier… or check out the city’s unique architecture… featuring the largest concentration of cottage homes anywhere… one thousand in all with their whimsical colors and tree lined streets. And you’ll find classic Deco buildings like this old theater that houses the Cultural Council of the Palm Beaches. And don’t miss the robust food and nightlife scene. It runs the gamut from roadside tacos at Tacos Al Carbon to jazz at the Bamboo Room and theater at the Lake Worth Play House Now let’s head back to West Palm Beach Frank: Tell me a little about Sloan’s. How long have you been around? Manager: We’ve been here since 1999. We’re the first Sloan’s Frank: This is the first one? The flagship location? Manager: I believe it’s the best Sloan’s Frank: Oh, a little competition between each Sloan’s. I like that. So what do you think that makes Sloan’s different than any other place? Manager: All of our ice cream is homemade Every Sloan’s has a bathroom where it fogs up Frank: When you get in the bathroom here at Sloan’s, they can actually see in and you can see out until… you lock the door! Frank: What’s the 2 for $5? Manager: Bud or Bud Light Franks: Wait, you serve beer? Manager: Yes Frank: An ice cream store that serves beer! So when did that come about? Manager: We’re the only Sloan’s that serves beer Frank: Ok. Give me your top flavor. What is it? What do I need to try? Manager: Oreo Cookies and Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookie Frank: …MMM, together. Wow, you know what would go great with this? A beer. And they got it Frank: This has become a staple in the community, right? I mean, this is a hot spot? Chef Kenneth: I don’t know about a hot spot We’ve been here a long time Frank: I’m telling you it’s a hot spot! Chef Ken: Well we’ve been here a long time Frank: Tell me about the food Chef Kenneth: Our menu has evolved over the years, we started off with a very small menu with 3 starters, four entrees and three desserts All hand written and we made changes to the menu every day. And in 2009, we reformatted the whole menu because it had grown to a six-page menu Frank: Am I going to get to try any of the food? Both: Absolutely Frank: All right, well let’s do it Frank [eating]: … MMM… I’m going to do that first. I did not expect that. That’s really good. Should I eat it with the couscous, together? Chef Kenneth: There are no rules! Frank: There are no rules. I like that. Wow! Because there are no rules I can eat all of these things, right? I don’t have to stop at the first plate. This is the salmon. You should have this job for a while. I would think, right? You might want to think about doing this for a living Kenneth: Maybe when I grow up Frank: Yeah. Coconut Quiche everybody! I don’t even know what to say Dennis: Four layers of soft moist delicate chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing Frank: Stop it! That’s unreal. Good stuff! [Music} Frank: Now where does this coffee come from? Sean Scott, Co-Owner Subculture Coffee: All over. We just got a coffee from Columbia, it’s a direct trade. Guatemala, the Congo, ah Kenya Frank: And is the process here different than my big-box coffee? Sean: Yeah, it’s much more hands on. It’s

much more craft. Every drink is not made by an automated machine with pre-dosing Frank: So you have real baristas here? Sean: Yeah Frank: They’re doing the art of it. Every coffee tastes different Sean: Every coffee does taste different. And that is a challenge in this culture where people are used to automation Frank: What’s your signature coffee here? Sean: What’s your signature what’s your signature coffee here… Sean: Well it depends on your demographic Frank: Well you know my demographic! Look at me Sean: So if you’re… Frank: I’m ambiguous, I’m ambiguous Sean: Well let’s just start with… Frank: Something simple? Sean: Yea just a standard latte Frank: Okay standard latte I can do that, he’s not taking any chances on me Sean: Right Frank: Whoa! That was like a magic trick Look at the design on that. It’s like a little leaf. A fleur de lis Sean: It’s a flirtatious leaf for all the ladies. Decaf, decaf latte. Give it a sip Frank: Okay, okay. Very cool. I am going to Sean: Temperature, texture? Frank: Oh wow. Yeah, it’s creamy. It’s creamy Frank: West Palm Beach has been experiencing a true renaissance in the last 15 years and one of the latest neighborhoods to see that happening is historic North West where you can find the Sunset Lounge. Let’s go have some fun Frank: There must be such a rich history here Tell me about that? Genia Baker: Growing up here this was the destination for entertainment in this particular neighborhood. And I was told about some of the greats that used to come here: Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Lionel Hampton and the like Frank: This is what it used to look like and how it has changed over the years? Genia: That’s correct. Early 1926 this was a sunset roof garden and grill. As you can see the top of the building was actually open and it was a true roof garden and then in the 1942 era, that area was closed in, creating 2 floors within the interior of the building Frank: You want to open this up and make this sort of a hot spot in the area and make it a place that people will want to come back to, a reason to come to West Palm, a reason to come to this neighborhood and also you’re bringing the community together as a whole Genia: That’s the goal Frank: Come check out the Sunset Lounge in historic Northwest, West Palm Beach. Have a fun time Frank: Things are about to get wild! Frank: We’re here in this sort of tortoise pen, it’s got birds in it, she knows the name of it. I’m here with Emily, she’s Keeper #3 Emily: Keeper 3, yes Frank: I’ve changed my clothes so we don’t get the pants dirty cause I know we’re going to get down and dirty here Emily: We’re in the aldabra exhibit right now and we’re going to go and meet some beautiful giant tortoises Frank: You’ve got turtles and kangaroos that are hopping all in the same… and they don’t… Emily: Yes! Well the ibis come in on their own so they can fly in and out Frank: And they don’t bother each other? They live… Emily: Right. Mhmm Frank: Harmoniously Emily: So Noto is 80 years old believe it or not and Noto… Frank: There he goes Emily: And Noto is a gentle giant. If you’re a gentle giant you eat…herbivore snacks right Frank: Sure Emily: So that’s fruits vegetables, see he’s got a nice sharp beak there Frank: Wow. So is there a…is there a mate for him? Anywhere? Emily: He’s got 2 would you like to meet his friends? Frank: Yea! Emily: She’s also my poising tortoise. So during the experiences I can scratch her little leg here and she usually will pose Frank: It’s like a jack on a car Emily: That’s right. Do the oil change Put the turtle wax on Frank: What’s the most unique animal you guys have? Emily: You guys need to come see our Komodo Dragons. And we have frogs, we have tortoises, of course we have mammals too. And things like that Frank: Come check it out you’ll love it Thanks Emily, we appreciate it Emily: Thank you Frank: We’re at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden. Tell me about a little of the history here. I am overwhelmed by this right now Karen Steele: Ann Norton was a direct carver And what we’re looking at are her pieces in Northwestern cedar that she was doing simultaneously when she was building her iconic brick monumental sculptures that are in our gardens. She chose this media because it’s what the Indians did with the totem poles. And so all of her art she had in mind would last forever Frances Fisher: Well, I think that Ann Norton’s sculptures really defy imagination, they’re one of the most powerful offerings at this

garden Frank: Well let me ask you the obvious question, how does this woman get… I mean obviously there’s ladders and scaffolding involved here. This is not an easy undertaking, right? Karen: She in fact had help in doing these large pieces. And the neighbors, some of the neighbors were here still here and they could hear her there’d be people on scaffolding and they could hear the noise and she would be standing beside it shouting directions Frank: I really appreciate this. I feel like I’ve learned so much Frances: Happy to have you Frank: Thank you so much This town that came to life with Henry Flagler’s railroad is a unique combination of history, art and new ideas. Whether you’re walking along colorful Clematis or taking in the breathtaking views on SkyBike, West Palm Beach is a family friendly place for fun, shopping and great eats. We hope you enjoyed discovering West Palm Beach and that you’ll join us the next time we go On the Town Narrator: This program is brought to you by Discover The Palm Beaches. Visit PalmBeachFL.com for more information