Dj SS Fantazia Second Sight 21st 2 1992

who do we like to turn you later come on stick it to us today come on today are you ready to the brain it oh yeah over the hardcore you know you know you know you know you know you know that it on the ground cool check out yes ssssss oh my god over the top what’s going on what’s going on do what you want to do what you want to do the guy says it announced we’re gonna go crazy wrestling Lee Mitchell’s gonna work it bring the noise bring the noise pjs Essendon ass we’re so cool whistle while you work just whistle while you a pic it in we’re wonderful and wonderful did you see a clue it on the ground check check chill yeah CJ a good time this is where it’s at people Rick it to the match come on like a stance on the attack coming back well for this it’s a little crazy in the place where’s my whistles I they’ll never hear your slide come on

space i come to the mantra move to the bay sidekick to my cool back please just keeping you down check the new gas tivities down ecstasy i can page to get your face to the moon come on kick the bass on with my room we’re through under the air time people there’s no holding now come on now the base is in a thousand ain’t trickin to your face watch out oh god here comes what’s it in the birdie little baby plan of your hands if you don’t watch out you’re dead Russ what come on our essence on the attack yeah come on people casa move it feel my motion Cox innovations little bit whistle party in a place people come on y’all taking you into the fifth dimension I’m beyond watch out Richard oh yeah what a people this is the party idea oh you didn’t put a leg up on a native pollinator rich it your bass your wickedness specs here my man big shot to the Plymouth through the house tonight yes come on y’all based on to the page to the moon to the baseline is my cool but a little emotion rappers devotion come on a stage that like an illusion kicking again to stop making my time tific is a new bond with a new face not a new level to the game to the plan was a puppy in effect come on you know it where’s the noise screws off whose sword in the house tonight in who builds on top of it my way till top pocket I’m I wanna do the pocket I’m i like to the party I thought they’d be a kitchen I’m my way through the party on my way to the party I my way through the party I saw that ad yet kick it kick it to your souls

rushing you out watch out it’s time to move it water pitcher oh yeah here comes here it comes oh yeah let’s have some more guys in the place people this is my man action listen to this one’s for you whoo watch out I am people are you feeling either respectable man break off rock into the text on rock into the milk room sit down here comes here he comes people 20,000 was a 2nd Lieut that you watch out here come oh the basement the movements whistles in the house it’s time to go crazy boy come again that’s what 324 class mix after 2 20 foot traffic data to hey this is the SS on the attack get you ends up it is stick-up respects this till so all of you you gotta move with the grill oh yes one two check check check check Oh way to go crazy why are you way to go

crazy haha Reba noise poor boy could you handle it we’re so close yeah yeah good you Evelyn big check out the Chokey now oh yeah rizz break this news get down get down go crazy down kick it in bring in the rush stretch let’s go respected our kupuna ha tonight we’re a wonderful love my neighbor weird wonderful risk of it let’s go drinka might detract an architect away coming down to get our blue krazy glue these typically diggin it rabbit outta prison it absolute chaos who what you wanna do do what you wanna do pick in the rush do feel a goofy let’s go haha we’re walking with our heads up in the cloud we’re floating just go with the flow we’ve got your heart will stop it that back that big happened hey y’all let’s take control what you want to do through what you want to do kick in the road watch out for the pass the time hey please please i wanna see the ball to be in the ground crew down hold on cruises take your job because I that’s the car this button

clicks a casa de Manchester Cruz will break your fruit oh yes people who feels it tonight who feels the wrath come on hahahaha Rick shot to the Bristol crew you just don’t just want to do so damn cool yes get those engineer where I can see them this is where we news aids come on come on this moving jump is it applies jump it into place jump is in a break come on jumping on let’s go yes I do know it check check check check check come on we got you grooving now close your eyes come on duck duck jumbo jet go let go jumbo techno I want the team ejs napkin hi gone mesilla go on in your face with the place EJ so make some noise come on duck duck double techno your DJ’s yo DJ my cohort this cereal I gone well right hold in charge you start to look into the mitt come on skip skip skip skip to the mitt get get get let’s take the troll come on ring on your standard 21st century taking you there is an SS it’s a boy spit on let’s go Michael Michael Michael Michael beautiful come on alright cool Lissa oh ha ha ha pontipine pop up don’t be too eager SS yes Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross Ross moving you up exit to town

come on DJ SS Coogan sit sit skip to the beach come on skip skip skip to the base open wound up goals come on make some noise for DJ mixer boys pick the boys make the noise make some noise your teachers your teachers your DJ DJ SS let’s go roughing you up boomer come on with a picture you look again skip skip to the mix off rockaway boys and girls come on skip skip skip to the mix skip tillamook step-step-step de lavit work ray boom come on my boys these boys the boys be boys the boy is in your face cygnet home for crystal forming out like that Gloucester crystal and the door good morn double-deck no come on jumbo techno to unzip more listen more do it some more Rania do it the more hardcore the way to the place yet coming right at your face it out in your shell what are you doing you yellow look again look again with us coming on who feels the rush coming on man people Fantasia ah this is your corner foo Yong this is her corner foo Yong this is where we pick up the pace 30 day I said this is the set to keep your honor sweat that’s a sweat yeah switch out your skin where the hell you been Phil mamu good time yeah what the fool to feel the motion little waterfall would be wonderful just do what you wanna do come on Zack DJ SS on their time honey’s not holding back just

cool whispers are gone this will ponder that keeps you kicked in the physical part of the TV kicked a villa is now in New York City Asia Oh bow bow down let’s keep the baseline hahaha come on oh yeah he comes and baggage baggage blowing up wicked to the maximum this is Fantasia this is your party breadfruit como como really folks enjoy this topic in the blue possess s on the attack once cooled it down repertoire come on please work in this work in now the kiss the new group recognized on its game fell by the second you’re crazy oh yes we’re steps in an evidence

barbuda how’s your timer from now on crazy situation for crazy nation two access give me a son watch out for the is crazy we got you you the double we need to know oh are you feeding on every whoa what right brisbane gadgets but we got stopped I’d you got every goal right people we gotta let it fool we got in for the night but tonight we’ve got in for an announcement too late I love really up because this is SS is set and we’ve got stuff in forming it now listen up listen up quiet quiet respect the Cylons respect to silence one minute one minute right listen listen listen hush it down a minute hot down wash it down hush it down right we’ve got a little problem in here we have got some people in here some bad boys in the house that are posing as undercover security we want you to ignore them the only security that I here tonight is top god they are IDs and you know where they are if you see anybody here posing as undercover here just ignore them do you understand what I’m saying people top god only top on SS I’m sorry about that I’m sorry about that make some noise fastest in the house yes let’s get back on with the party whistle bloody nose you’re wicked about your magic crazy come on where’s my dogs is gone Oh figured out my daughter now make some noise clearly now

you go to school come on you know this school I get out pick some up your nose the base in the place kicking it down but a zoo is in town with you crazy don’t be lazy you wanna come and amaze me this is the face that they should be you know with me and move it shall feel my motion now I’m to lock up oh continue with the loving rhyming kicking with devotion wizard come on no more mind games we want taxable face in the halls before before sup Lars people are sparse roof bar before we part Oh before hoo boy now face opposed no teachers no teachers whisper whisper cool shackled okie oh please do the big news in a bay bay we’re gonna have this party started right look at this party started run hold it down for a song no let’s go double check no let’s go ready

who so cool you and I’m so daddy no coming not tonight i’m so damn no not tonight

your name’s Oh daddy no coming not tonight you like so i don’t know coming united or down you know coming you you Oh whoa much analogy

you respect to DJ s