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The once-in-a-thousand-years forest dinner party will be held tonight I’m hamster Big Bull I’m tiger I’m rabbit Descendants of dragons The viper is ready to come out Who is it? Piggy Chen Dance Hands up Dance What happened? -No Poison Who? Someone is poisoned So horrible Someone poisoned the food Who did it? Today everyone is disquieted Now, 12 zodiacs, only 9 remain I want to find out the murder badly Is it you? -No, it’s not me All have ever came Something must be discovered I think maybe more than one person I think tonight nobody is reliable There is clue here Is there any relationship between them? Don’t you think he has motivation to kill Monkey? This is a misdirection I think you are the one with the biggest suspicion It can’t be Where is it? You can’t go to destroy the evidence only by yourself New mission? No I feel you are a little bit odd Bro Chao, do you want to live for a moment more? Ep8: The 12 Zodiacs Case 【Dayi Manor, Menghai County, Xishuangbanna】 Little bunny Deng Tiger I’m Tiger 【Deng Chao acts as Deng Tiger】 Don’t eat me 【AngelaBaby as BunnyBaby】 I have carrot I won’t eat rabbits, do you know why? Why? -My kid has the Chinese zodiac of rabbit Really? -Right. -Daddy Today Tiger will protect you The once-in-a-thousand-years forest dinner party will be held tonight Now we sent you two to pick up the other zodiac scattered all over the forest Who picks up less will receive punishment 【Start off to pick up animals in the forest】 Let me finish this painting concentratively 【Zheng Kai as Zheng Goat】 【Who’s that?】 Do not distrub me drawing It’s so hard for me to be calm to draw a painting Hi Baby Zheng Goat, where are you? -BunnyBaby I’m near the river You’re near the river, driver, let’s go to the river So beautiful here Hi, I’m very busy 【Wang Zulan as Wang Dragon】 I tell you, you are the first person I want to call The first one you wanted? But eventually the first one you didn’t Because I’m too popular, they all called me first, they can’t hold it I join you That’s great, I come to you first now OK byebye Coming right away Who’s cart you will get on? 【Luhan as Lu Mouse】 I decide to go with Bro Chao 【Luhan as Lu Mouse】 Tian-Ba Dong Ba Tua 【Chen He as Chen Piggy】 【Zhang Horse’s home】 【Plant researcher of the forest kingdom】 【Full of herbal medicine】 Hello, are you horse? BunnyBaby, I’m waiting for you Wait, can you ask it’s a man or a woman? You wanna ask me I’m a male horse or a female horse? I only know you are a pretty horse Excuse me, I suddenly change my mind Why? We don’t need you to pull the cart Let me think it over, OK? Bye

【Who will the hesitating horse choose to company?】 He hung up Bro Hanyu, is that Bro Hanyu? 【Zhang Hanyu, actor】 Hello Bro Hanyu Welcome welcome Hello hello Bro Hanyu, are you basked for a long time? Totally black already 【Zhang Hanyu as Zhang Horse】 Very black -Must be sitting here for more than 2 years, as to this skin colour Far more than 2 years, this colour has been the same as the horse Bro Hanyu, their cart haven’t enough seat for you We can change a horse if there’s truly no way Zhang Horse They all want you to pull the cart This horse is already unable to pull you to move It can, absolutely I’ve made my decision We still have you horse. -It’s unable to pull only one Chen He See you later, byebye 【Zhang Horse decides to go with BunnyBaby】 Wood piles there, this man practices Kung Fu Hanyu has gone with them 【Li Chen as Li BigBull】 How about coming with us? Bro Hanyu, welcome So we are gonna be divided right? Today you are the predator I wanna choose to be with the meek preys So that’s it, we have gave him the chance, no more words Just leave without hesitation, one two three, go Now we are going to find the snake 【Snake’s home】 【Mysterious guy in the forest, never know what he’s doing at home】 Bro Snake, here he is, Bro Chao Youpeng -Snake, we find you You finally come We have waited for you for a long time I’m hibernating here, just woken up by you 【Su Youpeng, singer, actor, director】 Youpeng, we have waited for you for half day 【Su Youpeng as Su Snake】 Really? -Bro Youpeng. -Hello hello Youpeng’s arrival makes us honored How’s that? we’ve thought the slogan -Well said Bro Youpeng, I’m your fan Who isn’t? I began to like you when I was 3 or 4 Nothing to say, team Tiger When you were 3 or 4? No, when I was 30 I can’t bear this kind of words -Lies Bro Youpeng Kneel down to you. Bro Youpeng Don’t fight like this, OK? It’s just a show. Don’t fight like this, OK? Come to us please I won’t get up if you don’t come Get up quickly Your hat is here We let Youpeng decide OK? 【Snake’s choice will determine the result of the competition between Tiger and Bunny】 【Who loses will receive punishment】 I’d better go with this team ¡¾Finally decides to join Tiger’s team¡¿ Why? I feel these people are more tricky, safer to be with them Right, never lose anything to be with us Endless youth Tian-Ba Dong Ba Tua They even don’t have a slogan It doesn’t matter, we respect Youpeng’s decisoin OK let’s go 【9 animals have gathered, going to the forest restaurant】 【The forest dinner party has came】 【12 zodiac animals all attend】 【Among the laughters and jokings】 【A poison case suddenly happens】 【Who is the muderer?】

【How will the mysterious “12 zodiacs R lengendry” lead everyone to the truth?】 Deng Tiger BunnyBaby Li BigBull Wang Dragon Chen Piggy Lu Mouse Zheng Goat The story is fabricated from the 12 zodiacs folklore, it’s a merely coincidence if there’s a similar one 【Incident location: Animal village】 【4 hours after the incident, the police came to the location】 【Investigated the suspects one by one】 【Animal policeman: Shen Tao】 It can’t be me Very confused, my brain has almost broken What’s your current suspect? -I don’t know I will investigate the truth of this case 【A party became a complex case, what is the truth?】 【7 hours before the incident】 Forest restaurant Welcome everyone 【Who’s coming?】 Welcome everyone Teacher Li 【Li Liqun, actor】 Welcome Teacher Li Hello hello Welcome everyone Welcome Teacher Li, long time no see Doctor Animal Welcome everyone to the forest restaurant We will attend a forest dinner party at 8pm tonight And before it, of course we need to have a good meal, right? Now let’s welcome our Chef Duck Chef Duck 【Jiang Chao, actor】 Hello, brothers and sisters of 12 zodiacs I’m the main chef of the dinner tonight Because there are too many guests many ingredients haven’t been prepared, so I want you to help me Looking for the ingredient? -Right 3 animals have already arrived and started preparing 3 more? That are the 12 zodiacs Chicken, monkey, dog Next, let’s assign the works OK? -OK Su Snake My folk name is not bad That’s really snake, go to Swan Lake and get a basket of fishes Swan Lake? -Right Where’s Swan Lake -Go to find it Deng Tiger Your job is very simple, just help the weaving granny send the tableware to the kitchen Weaving granny? Right, send tableware to the kitchen Chen Piggy Seems very tasty just for one look Chen Piggy, your job is to go back home and make 12 zodiacs little matcha buns Little matcha buns? You let such a fat guy make little buns Maybe I won’t bring them to you after finishing them All eaten Little matcha buns A little bit difficult 【Goat: make tea cakes】【Dragon: make roasted dried fruit】 【Horse: fetch water】【Mouse: make BaoShao】【Bull: feed swans】 What about BunnyBaby? Very sorry, you lost the game, so you must go to pick horseshit as fuel That’s awesome That’s all, go to work now, send the ingredients before 7pm, thank you 【Incident day, 15:00】 Go back home and learn how to make BaoShao from the neighbour The only thing I know how to cook is, open instant noodles boil a packet, add an egg and some spring onions

Go to Swan Lake and get a basket of fishes First I must find Swan Lake Then I must find a basket, and then fishes Then put the fishes in the basket and bring it back So busy This is not easy, it’s a kind of physical labor, Horse Do I look like a water carrier? Chao, what’s your job? I’m your supervisor today Isn’t it BigBull? Why is there a whole street of horse shits? 【This is a smelly street】 I feel the whole street is fuming with green smoke Why me? So many treasure boxes along the roads So many boxes 【Any secrets in the treasure boxes?】 A little bit odd And there are many hidden missions, so horrible ¡¾What’s hidden mission?¡¿ This is my house My house is very comfortable There’s my photo 【Take out the E-book and search “12 zodiacs R legendary”】 【According to R legendary, Dragon borrowed horns from Chicken and didn’t return】 【Open box and check if the corners are still here】 Horns Then Bro Chicken maybe come to rob it Lock it first 【Chen Piggy also comes back home to finish his mission】 【Full of foods and tableware in his house】 Look, my house Many many foods Look at my back, Chen Piggy, very awesome Is this my home? Is this my house? There are not only bugs on the bed What’s this? Account book Borrowed 1000 from Lu Mouse. Borrowed 2000 from Zheng Goat God, I’m a poor ghost I’m a borrowing-money-pig I suddenly come out the feeling of a piggy bank It’s you borrowed, nothing related with me. It’s you, it’s you 【Chen Piggy borrowed money from many animals】 【Leader of the forest keeps supervising】 Son, are you doing this? Yes, BaoShao What’s BaoShao It’s a local dish This garlic is nice Son, come What’s wrong with the garlic? Do you want to eat a raw garlic? -No Try it. -No Com’on This garlic is really good, usually garlics in city are very big What is called Father-and-son affection? It’s eating raw garlics, com’on Cheers. One two three 【Change face immediately】 【This feeling】 Son, you have learnt to be bad 【Eat with you】 Tasty Is this able to be eaten raw? If eat raw one, you need to look for some green ones Why green ones? -Green ones are not spicy Give you a smallest one I’d better not eat Are you sure? show it to me Just dip some salt and eat Really? -Yes, eat with salt Bro Chao, she just bit a little

【Pretend to see nothing】 Why I did this? I saw you eat very easily, I swallowed it She just ate a little bit A little, it doesn’t matter. -No, I don’t want Trust me One more, fight poison with poison. -No It’s too powerful, let’s take it and let them eat it Even the local people can’t hold it She just bit a little, I thought it’s not spicy Tears have came out Zulan Try the little local chili No, I like sweat, not spicy It’s sweat. -It’s very tasty Too little, you can’t taste it They local people just eat it like this He bit more than us I was cheated as well. A local girl said they just eat it with salt directly There is never an end of taking revenge You were cheated and now you come to cheat me You go first, I’m doing my work 【Incident day, 15:30, Chef Duck’s kitchen】 These are called fish mints, it’s very good in Guizhou Province Did you see Bro Duck? Is chef Duck here? Here, who is looking for me? 【15:35 Wang Dragon came to the kitchen】 chef Duck, dried fruits are here, are these OK? Not dried enough, these should be called fruit bread I will do it later, but there’s an emergency, your daughter is having a fever now At home? -Yes, crying at home 【Is Dragon telling a truth or just letting him leave on purpose?】 Wait, what work I need to do for you? Whatever, I’m going home What work I need to do for you? Bro, help me, go home What work I need to do for you? It’s up to you, cut some vegetables 【15:45, chef Duck left the kitchen】 Bro, move quickly please How to do with the dinner without chef Duck? 【15:45, Dragon came back to the kitchen】 Chef Duck has gone back home 【Does Dragon have anything he wants to do?】 【Promotion of the drama “To be a setter man”】 【Dragon stayed at the kitchen for a moment and then left】 Today’s is interesting How could it be so easy that only let me roast some dried fruits? So nervous What I’m afraid of most is the brainstorm game 【Wang Dragon finished mission】

Swans, dinner time Why do they leave? Is it because I have accent? 【Bull’s accent?】 His mission is to feed the swans, but when he went to them, all gone Don’t run away, come back 【Don’t be afraid, I’m meek prey】 I think your mission is so hard Borrow your hat to me, maybe they only recognize this hat Borrow it to me please Maybe it will be OK when I wear this hat Look, just different when wearing this hat Truly swans, not ducks I thought they were ducks Well, check it Wow, so many fishes We can eat these for 3 days Master, let’s go back Byebye thanks 【Su Snake finished mission】 So everyone all don’t know what we are going to play next, right? Right 【Meaningful expression, seems to know something】 【16:30, Su Snake came to the kitchen】 Nobody in the kitchen? You just put the goods there Just put there, so what I need to do? 【Stayed for a moment】 【16:40, Big Bull came to the kitchen】 So simple? I’m done? There are fishes 【Went close to the cutting board, and touched the ingredients】 【Animals are doing missions, “A bite of Animal Village” is on air】 Yunan Province is located in Southwest China It has a unique natural condition The locals have unique methods to handle the ingredients Chen Piggy loves flour-made food the most He can’t stand the sweat smell after combining the water and the flour We have 3 attentions in making flour Dough smooth, pot clear, hand clear Zheng Goat is making the tea leaves, the heat is very important A fragrance of tea come out with the process It’s filled with clear fragrance after the Pu’er tea is fried repeatedly Look at my cutting skill Nothing is happier than making a dinner together All the ingredients used are the gifts to us from the nature During the rainy season, plants grow carzily, bloom and bear fruit Cooked and eaten by people Pu’er tea leaves I just fried After the whole day’s dry in the sun, they have became loose tea Now we will make these into tea cakes These are all combines intelligence and nature Temperature changes the texture of ingredients The passage of time allows the food to bloom The unique cooking methods abstract the soul of the food That’s the unique Chinese cuisine culture Pu’er tea is used to make flour-made food, it will have many effects 【Added Pu’er tea into the flour】 Will it keeps sticking on my hand? 【Just because you added too much water】 Will it really be? Well, master, what shall we do when encountered such a situation? Very easy, put some flour Just put some flour, then it will drop down from my hand? Really? So now it’s time to prove the miracle How to let the over-watered flour drop down from the hands? Friends, let’s begin. -Because you added too much water I keep mixing It’s time to prove the miracle. Such awesome Type and make the screen full of “6(awesome)”s, OK? Thanks my VG Xiao Fei gifted me 200 “6(awesome)”s Master, honestly speaking, are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Pull it down I can’t So what shall we make? Make a snake If I make the snake well, please all gift me 100 “6”s, OK?

Thanks Bro Chao gifted me 200 “6”s Look, good brother is so awesome Very awesome, it is called awesome snake It doesn’t matter, the process must be slow. Slow work, better product You can’t… Habit becomes nature Which one you made first? Snake Which side is the head and which side is the tail? Snake’s head is flat, it’s a cobra 【Another side, Zhang Horse is fetching water】 Let’s go Really treat me as a horse Granny asked you to hold this tea board and go to Chef Duck Go to Chef Duck, OK, thanks Granny It’s time to go back and check their works How is Baby now picking horseshit? It will be miserable if all the horses keep shitting I have supporters all the today 【Goat came to help Bunny】 It seems to be a good day Although picking shit, I have received supports from everyone We pick faster and faster, do you feel it? -Yes I never thought I will Little boy picking shit. -Don’t make it touch my neck The first time walking and carrying a basket of horseshit Zheng Goat, you’re really not afraid of shit It’s OK I’ve been very skilled. -Oh my god We do it faster and faster, isn’t it? -Yes. These are so big Did some spill out? -Yes NO I feel one clipped on my back Does it fall? -Yes Horseshits spilled to all my body You have received a baptism of horseshit, you must hug with them later Prince Horseshit Horseshit(Ma Fen) is an English name, Malfoy Make an aura for me Prince Malfoy Hello, my Prince Malfoy, I’m your horseshit collector OK, help and help to the end Thank you OK. Byebye 【Prince Malfoy feels totally awful】 Good friend 【Animal brothers have finished missions in succession, and sent ingredients to the kitchen】 【20:00, forest dinner party began】 Dense and tasty Let me have a taste Not bad? I taste as well Everyone, it’s almost the time, let’s have seats It seems there are 3 haven’t arrived Little Cha, go to call them 3 There are really 3 more? They are up there, they are coming 【Actress, Dai Lele acts as Sis Doge】 【Director and scripter, Yu Baimei acts as Bro Monkey】 【Actor, Qin Yue acts as Bro Chicken】 Please have seats Doctor, can we start eating? Wait wait, more dishes here Good news, Bro Giraffe has made a flower cuisine This flower cuisine is very tasty, I take it to you Com’on, have some Could it be eaten really? -Yes, very fresh This is flower

Doctor, try this one Wow, what’s this? Flower, really flower I take it myself Are these Pu’er flowers? -These are gardenias Chef Duck, many thanks to you Today is the forest dinner party, let’s cheer together OK? Best wishes to our forest All the animals in the Forest Kingdom can be harmonious Good, cheers When people are really happy, they have nothing to do except singing and dancing Let’s sing and dance 【Forest ball began】 Seamless connection Hands up Put your hands up Why there’s wine on your back? What’s wrong with my back? Really, why your back has a part of red? Her back has been splashed by wine 【Why Sis Doge’s nametag became purple suddenly?】 Why her nametag changes colour? What? So do you Old Baimei, what’s wrong with you? 【Monkey fell down as well】 Does mine change? There is spy! Bro Chicken, your back 【Chicken fell down as well suddenly】 Someone get poisoned What? What poison? Cordon off first Securities bring the stretchers, carry them out and do some emergency aids first I feel so scared. -So do I Don’t be afraid. Carry them 3 away first 【Why the 3 animals get poisoned?】 Should we check the food if they have poison? Of course yes May be not the food Where’s the silver needle? We have Who cooked this? Have a look Who cooked this dish? I did it Doctor, have a look Black, toxic 【Silver needle became black means the dish is toxic】 Chef Duck Chef Duck keeps sweating Because I’m hot, truly it’s not me Don’t touch me, Chef Duck Such a honest man I am, I’ve been cooking for a long time Did you leave the kitchen just now? Yes, he wasn’t there when I sent my thing to the kitchen That’s because Wang Dragon came to tell me my kid was sick How about the girl? -Keeps having fever Quickly find Chef Duck Did you see Bro Duck? I’m here, who’s looking for me? 【Did somebody poison the food when Chef Duck was absent?】 It’s made by Chef Duck, but not sure it’s Chef Duck who poisoned the food Right 【Does Zhang Horse know some secrets?】 I went to the kitchen, I believe everyone went, coz we needed to send the ingredients I have a point that when I went to the kitchen, there was only his assistant there Little Cha Little Cha, did you see something? How many people did you see that went to there? Only you 9 persons All of us have ever been into there Doctor, all 9 of us So all 9 are suspects The silver needle appears like this, it means the food was poisoned by something called hemlock This poison is very horrible to everyone But the reason why we still stand here maybe is the murder is careless The gardenias sent by Bro giraffe are just the antidote of hemlock It can neutralize the toxicity of hemlock Taste some No, I’m predator That’s why we survive Now we must solve this case ASAP The bridge of the forest to the outside was broken, police will only arrive after 12am We must solve the case and find the murder before the police arrive I recommend everyone go to the houses of the 3 poisoned ones and looking for some clues

If you have some problems, you can come to my home and discuss with me If you still aren’t clear about the 12 zodiacs, just read “12 zodiacs R legendary” 【Who is actually the murder of this toxic case?】 【To prevent the murder from continuing attacking, animals start investigating】 This is monkey’s house 【20:15, 15mins after the incident】 Let’s go together Honor of courage against injustice, presented by Deng Tiger Come and look this Little monkey enjoys a high popularity, may be the next mountain king 【Why are these on Monkey’s wall?】 The King Tiger fell, then, Monkey has a big possibility to become the new King What did you see? You’ve come Look, these clues on wall all point to Tiger In the E-book it is written that Tiger and Monkey are good friends 【R: Monkey has ever saved Tiger from the hunter】 Right, Monkey has ever saved Tiger’s life So these things like “Monkey may be the next king” must be mists 【Clues clearly pointed to Deng Tiger, are these true or false?】 Now I’m very sure about some realities First, Tiger once fell, Monkey saved him, so Monkey became very famous Maybe someone is jealous of Monkey then came to poison him 【Is Deng Tiger related with that Monkey got poisoned?】 Here’s Chicken’s house, let’s go to have a look quickly 【20:30, 30mins after the incident】 Charger This drawing looks a little bit insincere At least it can be recognized it’s chicken not duck There’s only chicken, no duck in my heart 【Relax by singing】 I really can’t bear Qin Yue(Chicken) plays hula hoop Such a heavy hula hoop And have protein powder Is Chicken a martial artist? 【Fitness equipment scattered on the floor】 【At the same time, Li BigBull came to Chicken’s house as well】 IOU(I Owe You) Where does the IOU come from? To participate the 12 zodiacs competition, I borrowed a pair of corners from Bro Chicken Wang Dragon So it means Dragon borrowed a pair of corners from him Yes, in the book, he didn’t return them Dragon took the corners and kept them to himself So he doesn’t want to return Bro Chicken, maybe come to rob them Lock them first 【Just find Wang Dragon】 Dragon What? Where are you going? I’m going to Doctor’s house Is it you? No I just saw a clue, very possible that it’s you The corners? -Right No Go back and check it, truly 【Is Dragon telling the truth?】 【Sis Doge’s house】 Dog 【A medical record on the table】

She was sick Patient had diarrhea, without apparent reasons She had diarrhea for a whole month So she kept taking medicine All these are vitamins Is this Doge’s bed? She usually slept in it, and gave herself a drip Too funny, her diarrhea came out the symptom of losing water Instant dog bone All have drown in drama too much What? -Scared me Such a strong smell in dog’s house -So stinking in dog’s house There are injections, she must be uncomfortable And I found her sleeping place, and gave herself a drip everyday Lack of water That’s a serious diarrhea, no wonder here’s so stinking Doge has diarrhea, will it be that she know she has fatal disease, so she want us to die together Diarrhea is not fatal disease I like your inference ability, truly Go out and see 【What does Snake find?】 Here’s a half pill All her pills are small. This one is bigger, it was on the floor There are words on it, do you want to have a look? Laxa, Laxative Laxative She had diarrhea obviously, why she needed to take laxative? So someone changed her pills Only Horse is a plant expert, his house is full of medicines So only him has the ability to possess the laxatives They must suspect me, coz I’m the plant expert The 3 just now were murdered by plants, so 【Someone is in the house】 【20:45, 45mins after the incident】 【Snake’s house】 【Who’s already in Snake’s house?】 【They are Deng Tiger and Chen Piggy】 Bro Hanyu, come in You have arrived here earlier than me You ealier, what did your find? He just found some shreds, and put them back then I feel Chen He is odd today, look These are what he found? -Yes 【Chen Piggy found a shredded newspaper under the garbage can】 【Do the mysterious newspaper pieces have relationship with the case?】 【Tiger shares the clue with House initiatively】 No. These all point to you The news about Monkey saved you are hung on the wall of Monkey’s house Monkey maybe wanted to replace you to be the Forest King 【Surprise! Horse suspects me!】 【What’s this? Chen Piggy seems to have found something】 【Monkey’s house】 Deng Tiger for Monkey Animal Pioneer Newspaper, you see Tiger King fell, then Monkey saved him Deng Tiger as the king of the forest What’s this?

BunnyBaby Monkey wrote letters to you, do you know it? I don’t know. Let me have a look first He loves you secretly You see, here are some photos He keeps filming you secretly for a long time Teacher Baimei (Monkey) Teacher Baimei, what are you doing? Teacher Baimei loves you secretly What are you doing? You are discovered I took courage to write down this letter, please don’t be surprised Hope to talk and smile with you everyday The happiest thing for me is that you are happy Listen to my inference, maybe there are other animals loving Bunny And someone found Monkey is his rival in love, then he killed Monkey This is a misdirection Coz Bunny is impossible to kill him This is an obvious and absolute misdirection to me You have admitted it, right? No, that’s because You love Bunny Yes, I love Bunny, I like to eat rabbit We two are best friends that can talk everything I like to eat rabbit So don’t you think he has the motivation to kill Monkey? I don’t think so I saw Monkey kept loving Bunny secretly And I saw there are photos of BunnyBaby and Zheng Goat So I think maybe Goat has the motivation of love to kill Monkey 【Is that the truth?】 【Time: 21:00, one hour after the incident; Chen Piggy comes to brother Monkey’s home】 The monkey even made a cap with the character “King” How eagerly he was to be the king 【Brother Monkey got the ambition】 He did want to be the king The king of monkey Handsome Monkey King【What’s up, piggy】 Brother Monkey【Let me sing a song for you】 I shouldn’t have sung a song here【He said he’s gotta be serious】 You are really…【He said he’s gotta be serious, but…】 【He can keep himself under absolute control】 There are some news【Chen Piggy discovers brother Monkey’s love letter to Bunny】 Monkey got so many things to do No wonder he’s so busy all the time He not only wanted to be the king but also fell in love with Bunny Baby【He’s so greedy…】 What did he think the goat is【He’s ambitious】 【Chen Piggy is ready to check brother Monkey’s computer】 【He is looking at the playing list】 【This is…】 【A huge discovery】 【He’s having a closer look to grasp every details】 There’s a character which means laxative on it 【Laxative】 【Ten minutes ago, Chen Piggy discovered a laxative at Dog’s home】 【He’s watching it again】 【The carrot looks familiar to him】 【It’s exactly the same as Baby’s carrot】 【According to R book, dog once bit rabbit…would the rabbit kill the dog because of it】 The rabbit killed the dog And the tiger killed the monkey 【Rabbit】 【After he watched the video clip at brother Monkey’s room….Time: 21:10, 70 minutes after the incident】 【Chen Piggy comes to Bunny Baby’s room immediately to find more clues】 I don’t think this is the style of the rabbit’s apartment It’s different from what I have seen in the video clip【Why does it look different from the clip】 【A girly room in pink】 This should not be the rabbit’s room【But it’s filled with carrots】 Then where’s the room that showed up in the clip 【Looking for something】 Anmuxi yoghurt 【If I’m right】 【There’s a secret door】 【This is Bunny Baby’s room】 【All in pink】 【Full of cosmetic】 【It all looks familiar to me】 【This place looks like the one in the clip】 【How did he make that clip】 【This is…】 【The bunny table lamp】 【It’s the same angle from the clip】 【The surveillance camera】 【The love letters】 【The candid photos】 I don’t understand How can the Monkey install a surveillance camera in this room The monkey was monitoring the rabbit And it drove the rabbit crazy

【What would happen later】 And then who does the rabbit team up with【Does the rabbit got a helper】 The one that the rabbit teams up with helps her to kill the monkey Or help the rabbit to exchange the medication 【What happened】 Oh geez 【Zheng Goat】 The monkey is monitoring the rabbit【Brother Monkey is watching the rabbit closely】 that drove her crazy You admit it, don’t you【As the rabbit’s best friend】 You like Bunny【As Bunny Baby’s best friend】 Yes I like her Don’t you think he got the motivation to kill the monkey【It’s probably that Zheng Goat killed the monkey for Baby】 I don’t think so 【Did he kill brother Monkey】 【It turns out to be a conspiracy of Goat and Bunny】 Zheng Goat killed the monkey 【Is it the truth】 Bring me to the doctor’s home 【He is going to tell all these to the doctor to see if it’s true】 Go to the doctor’s home 【It’s good that I can read even at the night】 Chen Piggy【Chen Piggy】 Hello wait Stop it please【Who’s calling my name】 Hello Mister What do you want to tell me【It’s the grandpa turtle】 What can I tell you I just want to find the doctor Me too【Grandpa turtle wants to see the doctor as well】 Then go Do you have any clue to share with me I don’t know any of it Would you know it if I ask you No Do you want to go to the doctor’s place 【Does he really have no clue at all】 Yes but since I walk to there It might too a longer time You may leave first He’s a non-player character Let’s go【It feels like playing an online game】 He’s a hidden NPC(non-player character) Amazing Would it be too dark for you 【Get used to it】 【Old street】 【Time: 21:30, home of the doctor】 【Research report】 【Forest documents】 【The doctor is analyzing on the poisoning cases after the incident】 【Knock…knock】 【There comes the knocking all of a sudden】 【The doctor stops to open the door】 【He goes back to his room from the chamber and uses the drawing to cover the secret access】 Doctor【Time: 21:40, Chen Piggy arrives at the doctor’s home】 【The doctor is poisoned】 【Why would the “murderer” poison the doctor】 The doctor is poisoned 【The feast of forest comes in a thousand years】 【Twelve zodiacs arrive at the feast as planned】 【A poisoning incident has happened during the feast】 【Who’s the “murderer”】 【So far, the suspects are】 【Deng Tiger】 【Bunny Baby】 【Zheng Goat】 【An unsolved case of twelve zodiacs】 Doctor【Time: 21:40, Chen Piggy arrives at the doctor’s home】 【The doctor is poisoned】 【Why would the “murderer” poison the doctor】 The doctor is poisoned【The doctor is poisoned】

Who The doctor is “killed” The doctor is poisoned 【They’re shocked】 What happened to the doctor【This message makes everybody panic】 Let’s go to the doctor’s home【Dragon decides to see what happened at the doctor’s home】 Well done【Well done】 Not bad Did you do it【Did you do it】 Yes【Yes】 Good job【Good job】 【It turns out there’re two “murderers”】 Doctor Doctor He left a message 【Chen Piggy discovers the message left by the doctor】 Soil【What does it mean】 Soil It won’t be that easy I probably need to decode it Com’on【Big bull arrives at the doctor’s home】 I need to record what happened here 【He uses the phone to record the scene】 Hello Do you know who left here【Deng Tiger arrives at the crime scene】 I just arrived Did you Yes Are you the “murderer” I’m doing this in case others suspect me I think you’re doing great I want to use it to make myself clear【Use the phone to record everything in case they suspect him】 I just left this place 【He’s been there just now】 I just left this place Why did you leave I asked him some questions and then I left When I arrived, I saw Zulan was there with the doctor 【Dragon and Tiger saw the doctor before he’s poisoned】 【Do they have anything to do with it】 【Is there anybody】 I’m the first visitor after he’s poisoned 【He admits he’s the first one to discover the poisoned doctor】 Did you ever leave No I didn’t I’ve been searching for clues Are you the first arrival Yes I am I found it out 【He’s recording the scene carefully】 【Grandpa turtle finally makes his way to the doctor’s home】 The path I came to here is the only way in and out【The path grandpa turtle just walked to there is the only way in and out】 Along my way to here I met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger Chen Piggy and Li BigBull【Grandpa’s words provide some useful leads for them】 I’ll go to the doctor’s home first【Grandpa met Wang Dragon】 Do you have any clue【Grandpa met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger】 Okay you could talk to the doctor soon【Grandpa met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger】 Okay I will talk to him later【Grandpa met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger】 I’m on my way to the doctor【Grandpa met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger, Chen Piggy】 Me too【Grandpa met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger, Chen Piggy】 Are you going to the doctor【Grandpa met Wang Dragon, Deng Tiger, Chen Piggy, Li BigBull】 I want to go find him too 【Is the “murderer” one of them】 You guys are so cruel【Time: 21:50, at the doctor’s home】 How dare you to kill my best friend I got nothing to do with it I just discovered it I have been recording everything since I got close to this house【Explaining】 It could tell I’m clear But how could you prove that you’re not the “murderer” 【A messy haircut】 I just arrived There’re some furs Look Furs 【There’re some furs scattered on the ground】 Oh I see It’s the same as those in Lu Han’s home 【What sort of fur is it】 【When Big bull and Piggy were at Lu Han’s home, they found some yellow furs on the ground】 Monkey’s furs Chicken’s furs Is it 【What kind of animal does it belong to】 I couldn’t tell 【Why would this kind of fur show up at both Mouse’s home and the doctor’s】 Look at this What’s it Hey【Time: 21:55, Dragon, Snake and Mouse arrive】 I got you【Time: 21:55, Dragon, Snake and Mouse arrive】 Me I haven’t seen you all these time Where have you been You two have been absent for a long time Say it again I just met you, Zulan【He’s recording every moment】 I just met you, Zulan Where are you going to【They met on the way to the doctor’s home】 I left from the doctor’s home Are you not willing to share the information with me You could find it out yourself 【Why did Dragon say he haven’t met Tiger】 Are you suggesting I’m the suspect I’m not Are you suggesting I am the suspect this early【The dragon and the tiger are having a fight once they meet】 Why did he leave this message to us What does the “soil” mean 【What does the character “soil” mean】 It would become a “king” if we add a cross to it【He’s focusing on Deng Tiger】 【Is it trully an unfinished character “king”】 【Does the “king” mean the tiger which is usually called as the king of animals】 The doctor wrote a character “soil” on the ground before he died So I’m think if it would be an unfinished character “king” which implies the tiger, the king of animals 【Lu Mouse is suspecting Deng Tiger】 It’s the character “soil” It’s the character “soil” They have a lot of assumptions at the very beginning In my opinion I think the “murderer” is framing me Because this character is pretty similar to “king”【Deng Tiger thinks he’s framed】

I’ve been thinking this possibility 【Is he framed by the “murderer”】 I think we should go upstairs to have a look Let’s go Com’on It’s too cruel Zulan, you are my suspect【They’re going to look for some more clues at the upstairs】 【Can they find new clues】 Did you find anything I’ve searched every corner but still I got nothing Why are you on this board【They gather in the doctor’s room】 They knew it They know I’m at the upstairs I’m the first arrival We met Dragon somewhere before He said what the doctor said to him is useless unsorted information The doctor asked me to look at the rooms I never went to before So I went to those rooms and took a look 【Is he telling the truth】 Doctor【Before the incident, Dragon asked the doctor for some clues】 Hello, doctor Has anyone come to you yet【Dragon is the first questioner】 No Oh that means I’m the first questioner Who’s you suspect I think there’re some other animals blended in【There’re other animals besides the twelve zodiacs blended in】 【Dragon didn’t tell anyone this key information】 May I ask you something, Tiger Did the doctor give you any information when you saw him【Snake is asking Tiger for some information】 Doctor【Tiger arrived at the doctor’s home after Dragon left】 Deng Tiger It’s been a hard time for you Gotta let something go, aren’t you May I share some thoughts with you Okay No offense Tiger…It’s hard to change a tiger’s nature 【The doctor suspects tiger is the one who behind all these】 I used to persuading you to lower the desire for meat But you might not do as what I told you In fact I followed your guide But you can’t fight against the natural call, can you I have been studying Zen【The predator tiger becomes herbivorous】 Have you Yes Tiger Zen It sounds so weird 【I can’t let them know the truth】 I can expose something to you What He mentioned the horse first He mentioned the horse first【Deng Tiger hides the truth and misguides them to suspect the horse】 I was surprised by his judgment Why would he suspect Horse I got a question Why doesn’t Horse show up after this incident【Zhang Horse hasn’t shown up after the doctor was poisoned】 Those who haven’t shown up are suspicious【He continues to guide them to suspect Horse】 【Tiger manages to transfer the suspicion to Horse】 【What is Zhang Horse doing at this moment】 There’s no hemlock anymore【The hemlock that Zhang Horse once had after the first murder case has gone】 【Hemlock (Highly toxic class): Socrates was killed by this toxic 】 【Who took it away】 【Searching for the clues carefully】 【They are searching every corner】 【What’s it】 It’s a window 【They discover the secret access to the chamber】 【They crowd into the chamber】 【What kind of secret is lying on the table】 Wait a minute There were three animals got poisoned【They found the notes】 Hold on a minute He’s the closest one to me If I’m poisoned Then he’s definitely the “murderer” I found a fishbone in the kitchen The fishbone must belong to it I’m sure of it It is back as I thought 【Who is it】 【Who comes back】 It must be under the disguise of Under the disguise of what【What does it pretend to be】 Fishbone Then I found the forest document It pretends to be…【They are looking up on every passage】 A study on the animals’ habits【They are looking up on every passage】 It must be under the disguise of snake What is it talking about It’s under the disguise of Fishbone, sloth What eats fish【Does fishbone mean it eats fish】 Cat eats fish Which animal has furs【According to the previous clue, it might have furs】 A lot of animals have furs Tiger has Everyone has furs Cat eats fish 【Big Bull found a drawing hanging on the roof】 It is back I think it means the cat【Zheng Goat thinks the cat is back】 The cat would eat fish, wouldn’t it Yes The cat should have been included in the twelve zodiacs The cat should have been included in the twelve zodiacs【Cat was on the list of twelve zodiacs】 But mouse took its place【Cat failed to become one of the twelve zodiacs because of mouse】 So it’s the cat that comes back【The cat hates the mouse because of it】 What does it become now The cat doesn’t like the mouse 【Would the cat be in the disguise of the mouse】 The cat doesn’t like the mouse After the cat comes back It pretends to be one of the twelve zodiacs I don’t think the cat would pick the disguise of pig Why would it be impossible 【It’s not impossible】 It’s not impossible 【What’s wrong with you】 Both cat and tiger belong to the Felidae【Since cat and tiger both belong to the Felidae, Deng Tiger is suspicious】

And as for the message left by the doctor Does it imply the word “king”【Does the unfinished word “soil” imply the word “king”】 What else can it be I’m not carnivorous anymore You belong to the Felidae Don’t you see the “Zen” in my room 【Deng Tiger has been studying Zen at home】 【Does it mean he let go of the sense of killing for good】 Why would you have some meat at home 【Little Lu’s words attract everyone’s attention】 【Meat】 【When Lu Mouse was looking for clues at Deng Tiger’s home】 【He discovered a basket】 【It hides a large piece of meat】 【It’s totally against the spirit of Zen】 Tiger belongs to the Felidae So the cat would find it easy to pretend to be a tiger Given such a situation I think Tiger is the “murderer”【Cat shares some common with tiger since both of them belong to the Felidae】 Deng Tiger is my suspect I think Deng Tiger behaved strangely He’s trying to pretend to be generous like he’s willing to share all the information with the rest of us But all the evidences point to him【Su Snake also consider Deng Tiger as the main suspect】 And he can’t make himself clear So I think he’s the “murderer” Show yourself, kitten【They all have their own secrets】 It must be tiring for you to hide yourself so long What can a cat pretend to be What about goat Meow【Meow】 Meow cat Meow 【Though they have some important clues, they don’t know who’s the real “murderer”】 【They decide to go find more clues】 Would you like to go with me Okay…I don’t want to go alone anyway 【Time: 22:10】 Given the condition that cat might be under the disguise of other animal I think Lu Mouse is suspicious【Dragon thinks Lu Mouse is suspicious】 Can doesn’t like Mouse at all【Would Lu Mouse have other identity】 【The reason why Cat wasn’t selected is that Mouse didn’t wake him up on the day of selection】 My another suspect is Tiger who has recently studied Zen【Doctor thought the “murderer” might be Deng Tiger】 He(Tiger) hasn’t changed a bit no matter how hard I have persuaded him in the past few years Cat and tiger They both belong to the Felidae【Tiger belongs to the Felidae】 【What would the cat pretend to be】 【Will it be one of them】 【At this moment…in another corner…】 【One of the suspect Deng Tiger meets with Bunny Baby】 It would be amazing if you’re the real “murderer”【Is he trying to get any information from Bunny Baby】 Brother Chao Would you like to live for a little bit longer【What does she find】 If you would【Why does she say so】 Then I need to keep my mouth shut, needn’t I【Why does she say so】 You should leave now【Why does she say so】 Okay I leave I won’t tell anybody about it 【Being cautious】 【Is he leaving】 Deng Tiger【Bunny Baby runs to him suddenly】 Deng Tiger【She punches him with the big carrot】 【Why would you do this】 I just want to scare you Nothing I just want to scare you【For fun】 Are you the “murderer” No I am not I just want to scare you out You did【I almost had a heart attack】 You go first It’s funny 【Why would Bunny Baby act so weirdly】 【Who’s the “murderer”】 【What is the truth behind all these】 I’ll go have a look This is Tiger’s house【Dragon arrives at Deng Tiger’s home】 Let me see what I can get from here【What clue would he find in this house】 The “murderer” would be either the mouse or the tiger 【It’s the same fur as those in the doctor’s home】 The cat has been to there and the mouse’s place This is the mouse’s home【Wang Dragon hurries to the mouse’s home to look for more clues】 Com’on【Wang Dragon hurries to the mouse’s home to look for more clues】 I knew it【Wang Dragon hurries to the mouse’s home to look for more clues】 I knew it It’s not possible for the mouse to have those furs【Those furs don’t belong to the mouse】

There’re some furs They belong to the cat The cat pretends to the mouse The message left by the doctor doesn’t imply the word “king” but “mouse 【Mouse】 There should be more clues hidden in this place which could prove he’s under the disguise of mouse The reason why he got so many clothes is because he needs different cover to conceal his true identity 【Is it true】 Is there any other clue 【He’s looking up in every corner】 【He won’t let any detail go】 【Lu Mouse happens to go by his own house】 Is there anyone in my house 【He goes upstairs to see who it is immediately】 Who is it Are you hiding anything No Really No Did you hide anything No Help yourself Do you mean it Yup Are you going to frame me I ain’t frame you I just want to have a look Don’t stay too close to me【He’s keep a distance from Lu Mouse】 Don’t stay too close to me 【He’s staring at Wang Dragon’s hand】 You can search in the way you like 【Does he feel guilty】 【He looks at his bed】 【He knows Dragon has already noticed the furs】 【He keeps on looking around】 Brother Zulan I think you’re suspicious I think you’re suspicious The chicken was framed【Is he really going to leave】 And now you comes to my room Are you going to frame me I have searched every corner【He got nothing after searching everywhere】 Still I got nothing【He got nothing after searching everywhere】 Is Deng Tiger the true “murderer”【Is he】 It’s getting more dangerous Or are they both the “murderers”【Zulan guesses there’re two ‘murderers”】 【Are they two really in the same team】 I need to have another look at the doctor’s home 【Lu Mouse is walking alone】 【Looking around】 Is there anyone around me 【He got other animal’s furs on his bed】 You’re very suspicious【He’s seriously suspected by Wang Dragon】 【Is he one of the “murderer”】 It’s tough 【What does his smile imply】 It’s so difficult to be a mole【It’s difficult to be a mole】 【One of the “murderers”: Lu Mouse】 I heard that the son of the chef Duck is sick【Before the incident】 Then the chef went home immediately to look after his son It’s my chance to poison the dishes 【He comes to the kitchen】 【And poisons the food】 It’s my chance OK Who do your suspect I think another animal has blended in I think another animal has blended in【He is overhearing their conversation】 【He decides to kill the doctor in case he would expose his true identity】 【He got the poison prepared】 【He uses the shortcut under the cover of darkness】 【Quietly he arrives at the doctor’s home】 【And he poisons the doctor】 【Mouse(Lu Mouse)】 【Mouse(Lu Mouse)】 【Wanted: Lu Mouse — one of the “murderers”】 【He thought he’s got everything under control, but unexpectedly he’s exposed by the furs】 It’s tough It’s so difficult to be the mole 【Who’s calling him】 Hello How are you【How are you】 Are you alone Yes I am 【His teammate calls him】 Is there anything I can do for you Let me think about it

You’re very suspicious【Since Dragon has noticed the furs and suspected him seriously】 Go “murder” Wang Dragon 【”Murder” Wang Dragon】 I don’t like him either He looks like a detective Yup He seriously thinks I’m the “murderer” Does he Yes So I think we’d better get rid of him first Copy that 【The cat is under the disguise of the mouse】 【Who’s the other “killer”】 【Wang Dragon comes to the doctor’s home again】 What else can I find in this house【Is there any missing clue in this room】 【He discovers a dark room】 【What’s in this room】 Let me see Is there anything special in this room 【Footprint】 There’re footprints【Who did leave those muddy shoes all over there】 From this side to that side 【Lu Mouse sneaks into the doctor’s home from an unknown shortcut】 【But he had no idea he left his footprints there】 【ZuDradon finds this door along the footprints】 It’s so horrible 【He discovers a secret path which leads to the doctor’s home】 I can’t believe it could lead me to there 【He is looking for more clues which might be left by the “murderer” along the way】 There’re no footprints here 【It’s the path that Lu Mouse sneaked into the doctor’s home】 Where does it lead me to It’s so horrible【Where does this path go to】 Where am I I can’t even see it clearly What’s it 【The cat left his belongings on his way to the doctor】 A key【It’s a key】 It’s the cat’s key I could use it to open a treasure box 【There’re a lot of treasure boxes scattered in different corners of the village】 I could use it to open a treasure box Let’s go【Would it be a key to a treasure box as Dragon expects】 I got the cat’s key Time to open a treasure box 【He hurries to look for the treasure box】 Is there any treasure box【He hurries to look for the treasure box】 Now I need to find the treasure box【He got a treasure box】 This is the character “soil” But the lock is the character “soldier” which means it’s not the box I’m looking for Let’s go find another one【He tried and failed and is going to find another one】 【He’s searching for the box carefully】 This is not the one I want 【Which lock can the key open】 Just now Lu Mouse asked me to kill Wang Dragon【The helper:Just now Lu Mouse asked me to kill Wang Dragon】 And I think I just heard his voice 【He thinks Dragon is nearby】 Let me see if I’m alone with him【Being alert】 There’s no one else 【Keeping looking for the right box: He doesn’t see a danger is coming to him】 I need to find everywhere【Keeping looking for the right box: He doesn’t see a danger is coming to him】 【Another “murderer” is ambushing】 【Dragon is right in front of him/her】 【What does he see】 【A house which seems to have been discarded for a long time】 【It looks pretty suspicious】 【He mans up and gets closer to have a look at it】 【Being careful】 The door lock I got the key【It seems they would match】 That’s right 【The helper is watching Dragon】 【He unlocks it】 【The feast of forest comes in a thousand years】

【Twelve zodiacs arrive at the feast as planned】 【A poisoning incident has happened during the feast】 【Who’s the “murderer”】 【So far, it’s known that Lu Mouse is the “principal”, but who’s the helper】 【Deng Tiger】 【Bunny Baby】 【Zheng Goat】 【Zhang Horse】 【An unsolved case of twelve zodiacs】 【What does he see】 【A house which seems to have been discarded for a long time】 【It looks pretty suspicious】 【He mans up and gets closer to have a look at it】 【Being careful】 The door lock I got the key【It seems they would match】 That’s right 【The helper is watching Dragon】 【He unlocks it】 There’s another room Come here 【What the hell is this place】 Come on it Where am I 【The true mouse is locked up by the cat】 The mouse【The true mouse is locked up by the cat】 It comes back The cat comes back The cat would eat fishes, wouldn’t it The cat should have been enlisted as one of the twelve zodiacs Wang Dragon is poisoned【Wang Dragon is poisoned】 【Wang Dragon is poisoned】 Wang Zulan must have discovered something extremely important So the “killer” killed him in case he exposed the secret No way【He’s smiling mysteriously: How would it happen】 【This killer is amazing】 【Lu Mouse is satisfied with it】 Hey Let’s go【He’s gathering everyone to see what happened】 Okay Where is he This way 【It’s getting more interesting】 【Everyone arrives at where Dragon died】 【He opens the door】 Oh no 【Wang Dragon is poisoned】 【His nametag turned purple which means Wang Zulan was poisoned】 Where are we It’s the cat’s home The cat’s home【It’s not hard to tell】 Look it’s the cat It’s the cat’s home He found it There’re so many dried fishes in this room 【He’s pretending to be like everyone else】 【Deng Tiger is late】 【It’s getting intense】 【Who’s the helper】 【It seems Zheng Goat discovers something】 Hey There’s a photo Who’s it 【An incomplete picture】 【At this moment Zhang Horse arrives】 He’s in suit What kind of movie picture is it【They’re studying the picture】 Feet The slim one【Could they guess it’s Lu Mouse behind all those things】 This is a picture A picture of a cage with a man inside【Being worried】 The man is in suit and leather shoes【A man in suit and leather shoes】 It looks like a man【He’s frowned】 【It seems Zhang Horse is coming up with some ideas】 The mouse pays too much attention to the dressing【He looked up the mouse’s wardrobe before】 【The mouse has many suits】 【And similar leather shoes】 【He’s gathering all the clues he got】 【Lu Mouse is getting restless】 【Lu Mouse’s true identity is exposed】 【Wanted: Lu Mouse — one of the killers; but who’s the helper】 【Four hours after the incident, the animal cops arrive】 【All the animals are gathered at the Forest Restaurant】

Someone called the police It’s said that a serious homicide case happened here Now I’m gonna have a one-on-one interrogation with you all 【The cop will have a one-on-one conversation with every animal】 【Can the “murderer” survive the interrogation】 Who’s your suspect I can draw Baby, Lu Han out of the list【Li BigBull excludes Bunny Baby, Lu Mouse】 I got three suspect Deng Tiger【Bunny Baby’s suspect: Deng Tiger】 Zhang Horse【Bunny Baby’s suspect: Deng Tiger, Zhang Horse】 And Su Snake【Bunny Baby’s suspect: Deng Tiger, Zhang Horse, Su Snake】 According to the R Book The cat is the teacher of tiger【Cat once was Deng Tiger’s teacher】 So it would be easiest for the cat to imitate him Moreover, they both belong to the Felidae【Bunny Baby’s suspect is Deng Tiger】 This is my note 【A complicated chart of relationships】 I know you might not understand it And that’s fine From the beginning I got three suspects They are Zhang Horse【Zheng Goat’s suspects: Zhang Horse】 Wang Dragon【Zheng Goat’s suspects: Zhang Horse, Wang Dragon】 And Deng Tiger【Zheng Goat’s suspects: Zhang Horse, Wang Dragon and Deng Tiger】 Why would brother Horse become my suspect【Zheng Goat’s suspect: Zhang Goat】 Because I found out sister Doggie had a bad stomach She had a diarrhea Then she needed to take the medication However, I found a laxative pill on the ground A laxative pill Yes Only brother Horse can get this pill since he’s the only herbalist in the town Umm So he’s the only one who has access to the pill【Zheng Goat thinks Zhang Horse is the only one who knows herbology】 Given such a situation I’m sure the “murderer” is brother Zhang Hanyu Su Snake【Zhang Horse’s suspect: Su Snake】 And Lu Mouse【Zhang Horse’s suspect: Su Snake, Lu Mouse】 So you think they did it together Which animal does the cat hate most It must be the mouse The cat might threaten the mouse to do the ugly things【He thinks Lu Mouse is threatened by the cat】 in the Forest Feast Deng Tiger is acting strangely He always pretends to be generous sharing all the information he got But all the evidenced collected so far point to him【Su Snake thinks Deng Tiger is the main suspect】 And he failed to exonerate himself I’m at an disadvantage But it doesn’t mean I’m the “murderer” Let’s talk about your suspect【He denies it first】 Little Lu【Without hesitation, he confirms his suspect is Lu Mouse】 I think he gets too nervous He might not be able to stand the pressure At the beginning I’m not sure of it Because I can’t believe my son would do such things Lu Mouse【Chen Piggy’s suspect: Lu Mouse】 And Su Snake【Chen Piggy’s suspect: Lu Mouse and Su Snake】 Doctor wrote that he noticed a fishbone And we all missed an important clue Who went to fishing today Who Snake 【Who gets the closest to the truth】 【Who is the other “murderer”】 Now I’m gonna announce the “murderer” of this case【The animal cops already got the truth】 Say it now please【They can’t wait】 I can’t wait any longer【They can’t wait】 The “killer” (Advertising) The “killer” Hello 【The “murder” is Lu Mouse】 Hello【The helper is Su Snake】 【Mouse’s helper is Su Snake】 Deng Tiger is so poor

When I went to his home I found out a larger piece of meat in a basket Plus he’s the last arrival to the Forest Feast So it would be appropriate to frame him by placing some cat’s furs in his house Just put it here【Su Snake placed some cat’s furs in Tiger’s home】 【And then he poisoned Wang Dragon】 You shouldn’t talk but just lie on the ground just like the doctor did Ssshhh There’s a picture【The hard evidence of the true mouse being in custody】 This is a hard evidence which might expose Lu’s true identity How would he leave such an evidence on the earth I have to burn it all【After thinking carefully, he decided to burn it all】 I haven’t finished it【However, he didn’t burn it all】 Let’s go now This is all what happened Because the cat failed to be enlisted in the twelve zodiacs Exactly He pretended to be the mouse and blended in【Lu Mouse’s true identity is cat】 During which he discovered Snake break the rule by smoking Then he threatened the snake to give him a hand I wrote a letter of remorse【He’s begging for forgiveness】 Listen to me I’ll be expelled if the cat exposes the fact that I smoke So I promise to help him by stealing brother Horse’s hemlocks as first step In fact I didn’t want to do it at all【That’s you】 But I had no choice I want to apologize to you all【Being sincere】 Please give me another chance to have a fresh start Let me come to the Running Man again 【Welcome back】 Now that the Snake apologized I should apologize to you all I am sorry【He’s gone through profound reflections】 I did terrible things And I hope you would forgive me Since you just pretend to be a mouse The mouse itself is good Yes One of you made an analysis which is the closest to the truth We’re gonna give him a golden medal We thank you for all your efforts【Being curious】 This one is【Being curious】 Chen Piggy 【Detective Chen Piggy made a right reasoning with enough evidences】 You’re amazing Though he is unable to do such bad things He can make things clear Thank you Here How amazing he is How could you do it At first I just suspected them Until I got this Where did you find it【It turns out that Chen Piggy got the key clue】 I thought I had burned this Where did you find it【He missed it】 Under your bamboo mat 【When he’s in Su Snake’s home with Deng Tiger】 From now on【Chen Piggy took away the agreement alone】 I’ll obey your orders【Chen Piggy took away the agreement alone】 and keep your secret till I’m dead if you promise to place me in the first three in the new twelve zodiacs list If you fail to keep your words I will expose your secret I haven’t get detoxified yet【The doctor hasn’t come back from the game mindset】 Thank you very much, Mr. Li【Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Li】 It’s my pleasure Life is full of challenges 【The monkey, doggie, chicken and doctor have been detoxified】 May I live a little bit longer next time, please【Thank you, Lele】 Hey, may I be a leopard or bear or something alike No more duck please Thank you all to be here【Heartfelt thanks to all of you】 It’s good to see you all May all of us live happily in the woods forever【It’s good to have a reunion】 Running Man 【They passed the eighth challenge】 【Select】