FORMULA MASTERS CHINA SERIES 2015, 6th Round, Shanghai, October 16th/18th

hello and welcome to the formula masters China series the leading junior single seater championship in the entire agent region were here the Shanghai International Circuit for the final race weekend of the year Martin rump of course has already wrapped up the title but his long win streak has been broken and the competition for podium places is becoming hotter than ever coming up in the program will take a look at three of our drivers you come from very different backgrounds and we’ll have the highlights from all the three races here in Shanghai first though let’s take a look at what happened last time out into I matts wanna poles gearbox issue on the formation lap left championship leader Martin rump unchallenged on the front row of the grid and he led from the start of race 13 but alessio Piccirillo made an early move with the Belgian forced wide onto the grass there was plenty of other action in the race as well as lots of overtaking maneuvers but no change at the top Martin rump winning his seventh straight race ahead of piccirillo and Parsons rump made a rare error at the start of race 14 allowing pick Ariela to take the lead but with rumps nearest title rival falling back with a problem things were still looking good for the Estonian plenty of other action in the seven laps print as well with Oliver ask you turned around before down at woodruff spinning out to but perhaps the most dramatic moment was when Sean husba flew up into the air after hitting the back of Geoffrey air Bakary yellow held on for the win denying run the point he needed to clinch the title here but rump was second with um bow in third McGary I then continued his good form into race 15 leading rump from the start but behind him good start from Sean Jung ended after he made contact with Jake Parsons with both meritus cars crashing out effectively giving run for title Pat’s wanna call claimed third with a daring move moments before the flag at the story of the weekend was that Martin rump officially became the 2015 champion with three races to spare well the series that focuses on China and the wider agent region as a whole it’s also attracted drivers from all over the world with a staggering five continents represented in 2015 all these drivers are forging their own path in a world of racing and all of them have different stories let’s check out three drivers in between them hail from a former Soviet remote the Australian outback and the beautiful city of good men in Roberts in Estonia we have 1.3 million people only so we have a small country but for decimal country the racing community is actually pretty strong and pretty big actually my father was also riding superbikes so I actually wanted to get into motorbikes but didn’t let me so get me rental go-karts and I was pretty good at it i was born in person we motocross when I was about five years old and Corral threes it’s got a population of about 10,000 permanent it’s a good morning town probably about two thousand Kay’s away from purse and that’s about the closest city I for southwest China equip me I start raced last year when I was 19 I remember when I was 11 or 12 I told my parents I won’t be a race driver and they didn’t take a really serious but I never give up my dream no they really support me first time I ever gotten a go-kart was probably 9 years old slowly moved up the ranks monarchy state titles and then when i was 15 i went to seniors and my first iteration serious i went to Las Vegas and yell went to the schools of super nationals and ended up winning that so like 15 times with a pretty cool feeling go karts I mean highlight is my rotor explain finals win in LA Conca 2010 and then I moved up to formula cars and race in Scandinavia and northern Europe and then I had a nice go at New Zealand TRS and now I’m here and it has first worked out pretty well the highlight of the season would be probably getting on the failure of the chaos street race is pretty awesome that the crowd was amazing the people were amazing and it was just best fun I’ve ever had a race car or around that track was just absolutely crazy this year has been really great it has really helped me to build up my confidence when I Drive in front and also defending the position this year I’ve learnt that need to be fit native be determined and neutron bait Martin and and if you can beat man you’re probably one of the best

yeah he likes to keep an eye on me always when I erased and yeah it’s my number one fan I think during the the testings and the qualifying see he always has my water bottle there and you know it’s it’s helpful for meet my granddaddy follows me along most places and you have a great time and he erased Speedway back in about nineteen seventy and he got introduced into the Hall of Fame i think in 2007 and i think that was a pretty big achievement for me the main goal is to continue racing and keep developing me as my selfish driver hopefully in the future I would like to you know be an international professional race driver and deliver some good results for it seems my aim is became GT race driver in Asia or maybe Japan my career goal would be to have fun and whatever I’m doing just make sure I’m having a ball and racing with the best people in the world I don’t really mind if it’s where I sort of cars will form a lot of masks are just as long as I’m having fun and I’m hanging around with some great people and I really want well let’s take a look at the grid here for race 16 and a long Simon in pole position is the Belgian alessio Piccirillo who’s significantly quicker than the rest of the field in qualifying joining him on the front of the grid is his absolute racing teammate Oliver ask you the American young kid who’s just in his second race in these kinds of Casa incredible start for him and the two have been training with the team in Shanghai for the whole previous month so already paying dividends as you can see then on the second row the grid comes series champion Martin rump alongside him match swanepoel then Nick row and Aidan read on the third row Star racing academy driver Sean Jung is in seventh ahead of Jake Parsons un beau Jeffrey air dan Woodruff Tomoko takahashi Kim Jong tey Takashi Hatter and Stephen horn lines up at the back of the grid well the drivers will be racing on the full formula one that circuits here 16 turns and just a shade under five and a half kilometers in length a higher speed layout than when they raced here early in the season the field is away cleanly for a 16 of the former masters at China series alessio picarelli on the right-hand side of the screen will lead us into turn one all of our ass cute remains in 2nd Martin rump in third Nick rohas nips past Matt’s wanna pop to take fourth place and tuck in it behind his teammate they’re like arrows am at swanepoel in fifth position just ahead one of the Meritor scales with Aidan read in the mix as well swanepoel defending hard from jake parsons oh and rump has taken ask you on the inside to go up into second ask you trying to come back and Rose there as well all contact there that looks like swanepoel and parsons at the top of the screen swanepoel stranded not sure what happened to Parsons the safety car is out well here is passed as he’s clearly sustained some damage let’s take another look at that incident on board now Jake Parsons comes up the inside of swanepoel swanepoel comes across inevitable contact this is what Matt swanepoel saw well no not a lot says Parsons comes at the inside and the South African came off much the worse on board now with Nick Roy looking to go into that final podium position Oliver ASCII the American and his outside looks to have gone past him ran down happy with that one so Piccirillo still leads from rump and row Aidan read going a bit wide but pulls back on track and woodruff and Sean John going side by side Woodruff as the inside line Sean Jung was ahead but weird rough goes through him Jonte also looking to net by contact there between Kim and young and Kim does pass him now this could be a pivotal moment on the left hand side of the screen Nick growing the green helmet defending against Oliver a ski but the American has got the pace to regain that position he lost earlier back into third position all row breaking hard still there though well this is a tremendous comeback by Parsons after that pit stop on lap two already caught some of the bat markers and passing them with ease so alessio Piccirillo will come round to win race 16 it’s his first win in Shanghai but his third in a row in the championship Martin Rumple take second with Oliver ask you in third the face is really good this weekend and we show it in race one so yeah I think it’s possible to win the three races for sure it won’t be easy Martin is there my teammate now is fast I’m so happy yeah the guys have done a great job in teaching me it’s it’s easy to have a

good teammate so we can look over the data I’ve learned so much from him and the team so I’m so grateful the absolute racing drivers per carry hello and ask you split by martin rump in the top three then row and rebranding at the top five um bow the top place chinese drive it in sick and matt swanepoel unable to finish after that early crash as always the grid for the second race of the weekend is decided by the fastest lap times from the first race of the weekend and alongside me in position number six for trace 17 his young chinese driver Sean John as you can see he’s got the pace of the top six it’s been very quick in those races but hasn’t always been able to translate that into results so he’ll be looking to try and put that’s right today and get some serious points for his championship challenge now let’s take a look at the top of the grid as yesterday it’s an all absolute racing front row of alessio pick a yellow and Oliver ask you Martin rump again starts in position number three alongside his teammates from KCMG Nick row Aidan reading 5 Shan Chun as we said in six then comes Geoffrey air and um bow two more Chinese drivers Dan Woodruff Jake Parsons Kim Jong tey tamaki takahashi Takashi had to Steven Han and Matt swanepoel wasn’t able to record a lap in the first race of the weekend because he crashed out early so he starts from the 15th and final position he’ll be looking to charge through the field take a close look at the right hand side off the track and you can see a trail of water there and that is why ray 17 is starting under a safety car decision taken because it was thought to be unfair with different grips for different cars on the size of the track so just five laps of racing after this opening safety car lap so here we are in this sprint race race 17 LS here Piccirillo maintains a lead ask you in second rump in third then the australians row and read Rambo taking a little peek out there he tries to find a way past Geoffrey air tomorrow Takahashi and Matt swanepoel also looking to advance look at these two teammates from cebu pacific air by KCMG martin run leads nick row as he has done all season long row having a look and I think he’s going to get past his teammate here we please with that one and um bow also on the left hand side popping up one more place on board now with Jay Parsons and ahead of him his merit his teammate downward rough going around the outside of Jeffrey air very close between these two just managing to stay on the track wheel-to-wheel almost coming together with jeff has the inside line he’s going to finally make it move past him great racing here now Parsons wants to go past Jeffrey as well and does so bit of a poker face there from mr Parsons on board now with mats one about who started at the back of the grid remember going past the iconic Shanghai grandstands taking off another of the bat markers Jeffrey S swings very wide to try and retake the positions he lost to those to Meritus drivers is their concept that always spin from Jeffrey on board now with Korean driver Kim Jong tey coming into this home straight he’s lost it he spun Stephen Hong stranded on the side as well well Kim gets out of his car carnage here at the end of race 17 I’ll finish under a yellow flag but alessio piccirillo won’t mind one bit that’s four in a row now for the Belgian his team mate from absolute racing Oliver asked you take second and knicker just holds off teammate Martin run for third first race the phase was really good and again here the petrol is really good here was shorter so I guess yesterday was was even better because I couldn’t build a bigger gap all of a third in the first race second here can you go one better later today it’s going to be difficult less feels really fast but uh the balance of the car feels really good on used tires and I’m happy with the team they’re working really hard so make you be talking all season about how quick Martin is how much he look out to him you managed to overtake him how satisfying was that yeah that was pretty cool didn’t think I’d be able to get another down I thought he would put away a bit but I had the speed boys did a great job of setting up the car and to be out of the meeting was pretty cool and hopefully I can knock these too often the last race a 12 for absolute racing with Bacary ello and ask you then for KCMG drivers in the next five places with sra driver

Sean Jung the top that Chinese finisher in sick Matt’s wanna Paul climbing up to 10th after starting from the back for the 18th and final time let’s take a look at the grid for the formula masters China series and a fantastic front row we could have asked for any better because we have in position number two the series champion already Martin run but alongside him in pole position is the Belgian alessia pic areola the man of the moments with four straight wins after rumps own long win streak early in the season from the second row we have Jake Parsons and Oliver asked you then comes Nick row in fifth and Matt’s wanna pull down woodruff and Aidan read just fractions of a second separating those positions six seven and eight then comes chinese java jefra in ninth Sean jong-un botom okie Takahashi Kim Jong tey Stephen horn and Takashi had sir had a bit of a spin in that second qualifying session so he starts from 15th and last position three pole positions for alessio Piccirillo can he converts into three race wins it’s been a pretty clean start Martin Rock pushing very hard and here comes Parsons down the inside of rum for second place he’s gone through up into second from still holding on he’s going to have the inside line coming into this next turn rump retakes second place and it grow right there as well I think there might have been a spin at the back of the pack that is Jeffrey air his roller coaster weekend continues a number of safety cars we’ve seen this weekend so many incidents we got the green flag back out pickle yellow and rum remain the top to Parsons and Rowan third and fourth negro looking for a way past his fellow countrymen oh he’s not going to do it that way all 360 and he looks to be out of the race there yellow-rumped Parsons then asked you and Reid battling here the American on the inside is going to go past aid and read let’s take another look at this spin from Nick row nice move for the cameras but disappointment for the 17 year old Star racing Academy driver Sean John going right to the very edge of the track there in a battle with Tomoki Takashi these two look together darting around all over the track covering every inch Sean John coming up on top fan out against his rival from the super licence team Martin rump has been as close this race to alessio Piccirillo as he has been all weekend long has been pushing hard and it’s rhythm broken by those safety cars but he might get another look here with time running out Takashi had to safely out of his car but that could spell the end of rumps quest for victory alessio Piccirillo comes around to complete the hattrick of wins here in Shanghai that was my goal three wins here really happy wasn’t easy this race romper came back but I was expecting it so and we are still on p1 so really happy I got close to alessio a couple of times but like it wasn’t just enough to overtake but I knew that I was a little bit faster than him then you know we’re always looking some opportunities but yeah I mean that’s racing you know I stayed with second now pretty happy with this weekend and finishing off on a high we had a bit of a tricky start and then sort of overcame the difficulties and got to finish up back on the podium so happy with that let’s say apicary yellow and the season with five consecutive wins Martin rump in second Jake Parsons in third or of the drivers unable to finish an action-packed final race confirmation of Martin Rumson title with a massive 274 points Jake Parsons in second piccirillo only joined Halford through the year so Nick row able to hold on to third place cebu pacific air by KCMG comfortably take at the team at title meritus in second and the strong finish from absolute racing see them take third it’s been a phenomenal season with some breathtaking moves on the track all yell on in a final edition of Buster’s first this year let’s check out our top three moves of the year in third place is Singaporean driver Sean husband blasting pass south african matt’s wanna pull down one of the straight since a pang in second place hudspeth is on the receiving end as chinese driver um bow goes past him in front of a packed grandstand in zhuhai and in first place the top masters pass

of the 2015 season goes to Dan Woodruff going past Aidan read on the streets he grew up in in Kuala Lumpur well joining me is of course the series champion for this year Martin Ron Martin congratulations again Tenny wins this year is the one moment that stands out for you as being a particular highlight i think when i won the championship in zhuhai will definitely remain in my memory for the longest because I’ve never closed the championship that early and it’s really special to me big big thanks to KCMG team and FM CS organizers has they’ve given me such good opportunities throughout the year and different different countries and different circuits to develop my skills as a driver and also everything connecting with it so it’s perfect thanks very much mounting congratulations again and I know that you will be testing with the audi r8 LMS cup in the preseason test next year alongside Nick row and Geoffrey yeah now this is just one small part of the driver development platform that makes a formula masters so valuable Martin and Geoffrey both tested with Audi earlier this year well Geoffrey was also accepted into Audi’s young driver development program in September elsewhere the Lamborghini super trofeo Asia series has offered to fmc s drivers Jake Parsons and Matt swanepoel a seat in next year’s season opener just one of many future opportunities that Lamborghini hopes to offer to FMCSA drivers as the top placed Asian driver in the series this year dan Woodruff has won a place in next month’s shootouts for the 2016 Porsche China junior program as he aims to become the official Porsche China junior driver for next year and series tire partner GT is giving 3f MCS drivers a unique opportunity to take part in the upcoming sepang 12 hours race current champion Martin rump 2014 champion james monroe and 2013 series runner up afilias in will form an all f mcs team for the december endurance race another tremendous formula masters china series comes to a close martin rump has dominated all yell on and goes away a worthy winner but he’s had strong competition from the likes of Jake Parsons alessio per carry a load Nick row and others and next year is already looking like it could be even better before we go let’s take a look at some of the shots of the air we’ll see you all soon goodbye build up the volume Oh volume