Let's Play Dungeons of Dredmor: Attempt 1, Part 46: End within sight

welcome back to our perilous journey of dungeons of dredmor now then I can’t really make a parameter anymore can I continuing on our little adventure here let’s go back over here all right you don’t know how tempted I am system go downstairs oh we have a new enemy i’m not that like all new enemies i’m going to take them on strategically i’m not going to just assume i’ll have what it takes me what it takes to beat them and I’m also not gonna let them surround me definitely not you I could take on you I could take on you I not going to take it going alone alright let’s see how much you do 400 not bad 400 XP I mean not for out of damage all right right there Mexico meka bros only true purpose now absorbing damage yeah they do they do 18 crushing or fire so yeah I completely outright resist their damage oh we got another one on you punks how many of you are there IG another one jeez how many are there that um no feel my martial prowess do not want see if I can’t trick them ok I’ll take you on all right i want i want to do a double team one at a time style guy you know I’m at least five levels higher than you don’t you okay Oh buddy I’m almost capped in my levels well technically there isn’t a level cap but there is a limit to how much how high you can actually get get your level and still get stat bonuses I think I never hit the cap level before but I might do it this time I should probably go this up so I didn’t don’t trash in there and I used to are you dead yet Mecca bro so I don’t wish for your death I just you know don’t want to be standing here for hours come here you oh wow critical hit okay is that it of course not oh hey it is it’s alive wow what is this a small monster zoo okay tell me or make a bro how many enemies are in this room emeka bro this monsters on fire okay I could take that for a bit I don’t want to take it work and definitely ow 29 mecha bro out okay i’m going to play this safe been a while since I hurt that okay i just want enough to be some in and have enough to

oh thanks buddy i’ll just sit over here recover myself and plying your demise seriously Emma plan is demise right now I just go ahead and put my magic set up on I’m hoping to finish floor 14 this video this is going to be the video I’m going to finish floor 14 and i’ll be ready for floor 15 I mean these last few floors they’ve actually gone by pretty fast now that I’m able to hold my own well now that we kind of come to a screeching halt here in a way okay 59 magic I know why I lost one magic anyways I lasers who’s hurt and he’s still alive Valley mine’s a mess that works ok I hmm see what this does ok we keep that I’m not doing good on magic so okay I have another one to laser I don’t want to use these though all right enough cheeping them to death let’s go back into my nail egg here I mean I got I got 11 holy hand grenades dear swapping so much fun it’s fine if I was being a real pinch I got some instant healing potions yeah and it’s been a while since I had to wait my turns out like this come on go away on living wall there we go come on out Nicholas Kyoto oh come on all right making sure nope dolomites spine is that all the enemies in this room set all the enemies in this room right just resisted scoop I want I’ll take that and I’ll figure out what to do with in a second I never seen a Slipgate before but I see a ruby grab that real fast I don’t know what that Slipgate does oh shut up narrator at Dan it comes in well crafting doesn’t take a turn so let’s eat this plum actually I ate a mushroom I thought it was a plum oh well now that we got this Ruby let’s see what this probably could i but let’s see what this does 1018 damage really what a disappointment what a disappointment Wilson son invisible oh I wanted to check this out versus this I really want that righteous resistance hands down that’s what I want that righteous resistance but this gives me so many stat boosts ah ok I’ll keep them both if I come up with something I hit me with righteous resistance I could just equip that I don’t know what this is I am NOT going to go in it no not while I’m this close to the game Oh does it just teleport me I don’t care I’m not gonna test it I’m

not gonna risk it we are too close to the end of the game here dude I to a stupid mistake ok well there’s nothing else up there so let’s go back yeah I’ll have time to make more omelets another potion of clarity or purity and that can just why do I have a bad feeling I have a bad feeling okay Wow hey game I don’t have enough money that ok freakin counter-attacks okay as long as I got him down I really hate when this happens see this process floor when i first started on this floor there was nothing around now I’ll keep that goop of flesh now there’s like monsters packed in every room again earlier okay I was hoping it would poison him and it worked these guys actually hit me hard if they can’t lead a critical that is and I you and this guy I’m just gonna test what this does oh wow it does some pretty good damage is this one okay yeah and of course Micah bro doesn’t live long enough so much concentration so much smoked so much silence it’s mainly because i’m tired i’m still in the same recording street i should go to bed but you know yeah i’m i am really getting tired here but we’re almost time almost done with this floor and you guys are going to complete delight in the fact when i open up the store and find a monster zoo which isn’t there oh okay how these posts work monsters from up to five floors higher can appear in there if I were to step in it now what would I get a bunch of dread Morris okay that rooms cleared we got this room left probability of it being a monster suit is completely high can’t close that door I’ll close this door actually it’s not that high the robusta saw okay I’ll eat that cheese eat an omelet just holding my breath here and waiting for something to really hurt me of course I get counter critical okay that was the I was wondering why I couldn’t see anything yeah I mean can i really make i could probably i’m

debating if it’s just worth it wait a minute what do you know guys floor 14 is clear and not a monster zoo in sight okay okay there is something we can do I got i’m only at the 15-minute mark and what I have planned next requires me to go back a few floors and such ok you sir are silly you died you die I said you died I’m almost yeah i’m at the level hopefully this subclass is gonna be something easy yeah okay and restore my hand shook not you again just waiting for me to get critical hit okay enough with the enemies game you had your chance to throw that knee okay we’re sit so close sachu over here oh jeez another derp going you know I’ll take you on without nikka broke no it won’t die already guy I sort of want my level okay in consecuencia of course they’re gonna give me an NM that’s finding I own the big warrant its started by workroom is pretty cool 43rd limit the 5th string copies ok so it’s up here oh yeah she could cover my magic scene I could probably just drink all this booze and walk to the end of the game yeah I’ll do that because I’ve been using a lot of magic cheap shot okay take one step I mean yeah I am I am gain tired I keep catching myself being silent then dog really I’m not lying it’s my dog kept me awake storm died down though it’s a kitty yeah Oh gnomes really these guys don’t stand a chance easeus sub quest ever alright come over here to me and die like a good alright let’s check wait what cattiness 0 what kind of buff is that at well I’m gonna leave that there okay one last thing I only need eight hundred experience so let’s go hunt for some monsters I was complaining about monsters but now I want to find them here monster monster monster that works you’ll work come here you know don’t don’t teleport die 310 we just need another 500 what are you after that no huh well there’s a way to get in no well I’m gonna get that one back for that one that arrow just need can I just

disarm please neca bro forty percent chance come on game there we go so I 60 experience but every little bit helps right yes I’m gained a level on screen because i’m trying to find filler boring part of the game grinding come on I broke to 200,000 mark not bad not bad so here monster monster monster here Betty you’re Betty Betty Betty here buddy ah Betty where are you oh come on I hate blind there you are God come on oh you’re just teasing me now game delon oh there is two of them yes okay where are you where are you die thank you okay so what should I get now there’s not really much left to for me to get so we’ll get that hermione argan ER which allows us at dig through walls with our 90 drill when we are in Diggle form so what level am I at now I’m level 30 all right folks I find a pair of stairs here pair of stairs hmm I think this is good enough next time on let’s play dungeons of dredmor the 15th floor where there this is it it’s been a long long journey I’m ready sorta I just gotta do some grunt off-screen stuff but a next time Lord dread Mar is going down I’ll see y’all later