Live: How could political parties and countries promote poverty reduction?

eradication responsibility of political parties co-hosted by the international department of cpc central committee and the cpc food chain prevention committee vice minister of idcpc a land of dreams fulfilled which is

produced specifically for today’s seminar of the great practice of general secretary xi jinping to lead local people in eradicating poverty when he worked in fujin in particular in india the change of nato and the government of fortune is an epitome of how the chinese communist party live up to his original inspiration and lead the chinese people in realizing the great dream fujian where general secretary xi jinping worked for 17 and a half years is a nurturing place for xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era here he led the local people in a great endeavor to eradicate poverty later at the 18th national congress of the communist party of china the cpc central committee with comrade xi jinping at its core laid out the basic strategy of targeted poverty alleviation and launched a decisive battle against poverty across the board under the leadership of the cpc the chinese people have set out on an epic journey toward a better life nestled between the coast and mountains in northeastern fujian ninja was once identified as one of china’s 18 contagious poor areas it was a remote impoverished area dotted with islands and home to a former revolutionary base and a large population of ethnic minorities with six out of nine counties being impoverished it was the poorest locality in fujian in face of such poverty xi jinping then secretary of the cpc ninja prefecture committee placing poverty eradication on top of his agenda mobilized human financial and material resources for poverty alleviation he articulated important philosophies such as the weak hatchling can be the first to take flight and constant dripping wears away a stone he also introduced such working institutions as the four approaches to the grassroots this was instrumental to speeding up the historic and decisive battle against poverty through development in eastern fujian siardan township of shoning county used to lack access to roads running water and electricity the local government had little in its coffers and no office xi jinping trekked all the way to sierdong three times those trips were so arduous that he later recalled it as a place of extraordinary hardship extraordinary memories more than 30 years on thanks to his consistent care and support siadang now boasts road links beautiful villages and better off people transformed from a far-flung hamlet nicknamed siberia of eastern fujian into a new magnet for the cpc heritage tourism to improve the living conditions for boat dwellers xi jinping launched a relocation project the first of its kind in china blazing a new trail of poverty alleviation from coastal areas to mountainous regions the campaign to relocate impoverished people from inhospitable places and rebuild homes went on for over 20 years across fujian the relocation of over 7 300 natural villages has enabled 1.72 million people to escape adverse living conditions as general secretary xi jinping pointed out development of industries and businesses is the most direct and most effective solution to poverty and a fundamental way to sustain poverty escapes by creating jobs today industries and businesses with local features prevent poverty from getting a foothold in ninja in fooding one of the places of origin for chinese white tea cooperatives and business consortia have built on local strengths to create a tea industry worth over 10 billion yuan in the offshore areas of siapu county cage aquaculture is turning the sea into farms products like kelp seaweed large yellow croca and abalone have generated a value of over 10 billion yuan in gutien county the edible mushroom industry has an output of over

10 billion yuan and benefits over 70 percent of the population general secretary she has always stressed that grassroots party structures in rural areas must be strengthened in order to play a greater role in the decisive battle against poverty during his time in fujian general secretary xi jinping strongly advocated sending party members and officials to the front line of rural revitalization and poverty alleviation to date more than 50 000 party members and officials in the province have responded to the call with a solid foundation laid by general secretary xi ninga an erstwhile weak hatchling now thrives with booming industries better lives and fastest growth rate in the province with a combined annual throughput of nearly 40 million tons the deep water ports along the coastline from san diego to saichi manifest clearly ningta’s strength and aspiration to thrive by the sea the stainless steel industrial cluster worth 100 billion yuan is the cornerstone of ninda’s rise catl a ninja based battery supplier for new energy vehicles has become the world’s largest lithium-ion battery producer ninja’s experience provides a boost for all of fujian in winning the battle against poverty and realizing moderate prosperity in all respects by the end of 2019 the 1.1 million registered poor people and 2201 poor villagers had all been lifted out of poverty as the decisive battle against poverty is being won fujian shifts its focus to rural revitalization in 2019 fujian’s gdp grew by 7.6 to more than 4 trillion yuan making it one of the fastest growing and most competitive regions in china carrying forward the legacy of the maritime silk road fujian is on the course of materializing the new blueprint personally outlined by general secretary xi jinping featuring dynamic mechanisms upgraded industries better off lives and beautiful environment the transformation of ninda and the development of fujian province give expression to the cpc’s governance philosophy of putting people first and its founding mission of seeking happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation this is a crystallization of general secretary xi jinping’s utmost commitment to poverty eradication in fujian in the new era of socialism with chinese characteristics more than 10 million chinese escape poverty every year and chinese experience and wisdom contributes to global poverty reduction eradicating poverty securing a decent and dignified life for all and creating a land of dreams fulfilled with these in mind the cpc undertakes to spare no effort to build a community with a shared future for mankind we’re forms focus on the topic of poverty eradication and responsibility of political parties discuss ways and means to facilitate global poverty reduction process to share poverty reduction experience and to leverage the role of political parties in this regard is of high relevance to today’s world and of great theoretical meaning minister idcpcor secretary of cpc food and professional

committee and 400 political representatives and representatives of international organizations media think tanks and diplomatic envoys attend today’s seminar through different ways let’s give them warm applause general secretary of cpc central committee and chinese president attached great importance to poverty eradication and today’s seminar he sent a message of congratulations to today’s seminar let me invite minister of idcpc to read out his message of congratulations congratulations from xi jinping general secretary central committee of communist party of china president of china to the international seminar on the occasion of the international seminar on poverty eradication and responsibility of political parties which is open today in fujo on the eve of china poverty alleviation day and the international day for the eradication of poverty i wish to extend to you my warm congratulations eliminating poverty improving living standards and achieving common prosperity are the basic requirements of socialism with chinese characteristics and an important mission of the communist party of china at its 18th national congress in 2012 the cpc vowed to achieve moderate prosperity in all respects throughout the country accordingly we have made alleviation one of the key tasks for realizing the first of our two centenary goals we have produced a raft of major strategies for the fight against poverty in all france the extreme poverty that has shackled the chinese nation for millennia will once and for all be brought to an end we have every confidence that we can secure a complete victory in a fight against poverty fulfilling the poverty reduction goal set in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development 10 years ahead of schedule and indeed accomplishing the significant recalls to both the chinese nation and the whole of humanity as of now despite substantial progress resulting from the joint effort by all parties global cost of poverty reduction still faces severe difficulties and challenges there is an urgent need for the international community including political parties of all countries to build consensus and synergy uphold multilateralism and to safeguard peace and stability so that the global poverty reduction will continue to gather peace it is my hope that the interactions among participants in this seminar especially the sharing of the experiences and review of prevailing trends will go a long way towards further promoting the global course of poverty reduction and fostering confidence in triumphant over poverty thus contributing wisdom and strength to the realization of the goals of the 2030 agenda for system of sustainable development i wish the seminar a complete success xi jinping general secretary central committee communist department of china president the people’s republic of china in beijing october 12th 2020 thanks to general secretary xi jinping at the same time we receive messages of congratulations from other of countries and political parties now please present us the video message of congratulations foreign

precious cpc has developed rich and strong modern country china’s achievements individuals realizing moderate foreign and responsibilities poverty eradication work in china i see with my own eyes that chinese under the strong leadership of the cpc has made huge achievements in poverty alleviation situation of our country facing humanity and mankind

our mtg thank you to read out the message of congratulations from ken hall president of namibia and chairman of the suapo party message of solidarity from the president of sovereign party of namibia your excellency comrade g jinping general secretary of the municipality of china and the president of the people’s republic of china distinguished member of the cpc central committee here present esteemed leadership of the cpc fujian province committee esteemed invited sister parties and friends of china distinguished members of the dramatic core and colleagues dear friends and comrades at the outset i extended our best wishes for the this workshop on behalf of the ranks and file of the people of namibia especially the sovereign party this was great pleasure in honor that i extended my profound gratitude to you comrade president and to the organization that invite us to share our experiences on poverty reduction it’s against this background that i salute the chinese communist party for taking the lead in reforms in particular poverty reduction china has shown the world that it can be done we in namibia continue to learn from the tested experiences of our all-weather friend china we wish you well on the road ahead especially with this historical workshop we in namibia the running party took initiative to reduce poverty by amending our laws accordingly we are guided by the u.n guidelines and we also guided by our experiences with you from the china people in this spirit government the government of namibia has made a policy and declare war against poverty and inequality in our country in order to address poverty and socio-economic inequalities we establish ministry of poverty arabic poverty reductions social welfare that help our people to dictate poverty we have also doubled the social grant to our old senior people in our republic and our to our vulnerable children we have additionally a food bank that help for the poor people and also gives work to our unemployed youth we are also fast tracking misha to accelerate industrialization by creating jobs and promoting foreign domestic investment tourism and business agriculture sector despite our effort the epidemic coveted 19 didn’t help us much in this at this juncture i wish to express our sensory thanks and appreciation to our chinese friends in time of need china has always been a true and all-weather friend china is not only provide

development and humanitarian assistance but also invested heavily in namibia particular in economic sector infrastructure investment that create jobs for our people to reduce poverty your excellencies at a time when militarism is needed we need expertise this kind of historical workshop to save the dialogue of our people among each other and to strengthening the sister to sister party coordination political parties are vital important to drive poverty reduction in our respective countries s.u commerce president you are celebrating your 71 anniversary namibia and the swap party want to assure you that our position on one china policy didn’t change we support one china policy full yes and want to continue working with you as well with our friend in the spirit of win-win situation in conclusion allow me once to thank you and the cpc daship and wish you success in your workshop i thank you first secretary of zenobf president of zimbabwe the following message is from his excellency the president of the republic of zimbabwe who was also the president and first secretary of the ruling party zanu pf your excellency distinguished representatives from sister parties ladies and gentlemen on behalf of the people of zimbabwe on behalf of the npf and on my own behalf i would like to extend one congratulations to you on china’s profit alleviation efforts which have made great contribution to global poverty reduction especially in africa poverty is a complex multidimensional phenomenon which includes lack of access to resources to goods and services to incomes resulting in individual and group deprivation vulnerability and powerlessness poverty also manifests itself in various ways including hunger malnutrition euro health limited or no access to education safe housing water sanitation and decent paid work all these affect us in zimbabwe as they do any other nation through an adoption of reform policies china has become committed to eradicating poverty thus under the strong leadership of general secretary xi jinping and the communist party of china the world’s second largest economy has lifted over 700 people out of poverty the country has also seen the number of impoverished rural residents declined from nearly 770 million in late 1978 to 5.51 million in 22019 the united nations development program whose main task is to support the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and implement the 2030 sustainable development goals spoke highly of china’s development in recent decades this has left a deep impression globally we thus congratulate china for being the first country to achieve poverty alleviation goal and set in the united nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development the latest version of national human development report points out that china has adopted comprehensive poverty alleviation strategies through multiple approaches which is a typical example of china’s promotion of human development zanu-pf is committed to the brotherhood relations

solidarity between our two parties which started more than half a century ago the mutual trust and support especially in times of hardship will certainly lead us into prosperous days ahead china has always made a major contribution to poverty reduction and development in africa especially in zimbabwe we thank the chinese government for investing in several developmental projects and for the donation of eight hundred thousand dollars towards cyclone hedai victims the china trade and investments have boosted africa’s economic development improve this economic situation and to a large extent reduced poverty the special bond is another layer to significance to our excellent state to state relations which led zimbabwe to be elevated from an all-weather friend to an all-encompassing comprehensive strategic partner during my state visit to china from 2 to 6 april in 2018 at the same meeting i also announced the upgrading of chinese nationals visiting zimbabwe from category c to category b of the country’s visa regime enabling the chinese nationals to obtain their visas at the port of entry your excellence zimbabwe is only a new path erading poverty remains at the forefront of the governor’s overall policy objective zimbabwe has been implementing poverty reduction strategies since the attainment of its independence in 1980 though we are faced with humanitarian challenges like other nations in the region in our case it has been worsened by illegal sanctions by negative impact of climate change and by currently and currently by the outbreak of covet 19 pandemic we however forge ahead in making sure our people are food secure despite the general economic challenges and power supply challenges that zimbabwe is facing we have made significant progress in infrastructure development successful implementation of proposed programs will bring a range of benefits to zimbabwe including improved transport modalities and lower costs for the movement of cargo domestically and internationally through improved and reliable supplies even of electricity in conclusion zanu-pf truly believes through all the hard work as led by president xi jinping that china will soon meet the objectives of one of its two centenary goals which is to build a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and will no doubt fulfill the second goal of building a modern socialist country by 2049 i thank you [Applause] cancer of present to world congratulations from president mr president dear friends the organization 12 october 2020 on poverty eradication and responsibility of the political party is convened in the province of fujian the government of central republic central african and to the communist party of china i wish this event a complete success the republic popular direction you committed leadership of the central community of the cbc with

your excellency the republic of china will successfully eradicate poverty by the end of 2020 achieving important results at the same time has also established strong friendly cooperative friendships and a community with a shared future with other developing countries china has helped these countries to realize further progress i do hope that the international seminar poverty eradication and responsibility of political party to achieve a complete success this is co-hosted by the international department of the cpc central committee and cpc fujim provincial committee i’d like to take this opportunity to recall the pleasant memories of our cooperation on edible fungus this cooperation program has been introduced to our country and it has already went through several key junctures and eras and me reached important consensus um agricultural cooperation between our two countries back then i could felt i could feel deeply that your excellency attached not only great importance to the poverty eradication in china but also to that work of central african republic general secretary xi jinping particularly i thank you for your special attention to our cooperation program on edible fungus this program actually has been extended to many other developing countries you personally has made special remarks on our cooperation on edible fungus in our country young officials could receive training in china and in our own country to benefit the people of central african republic in order to express our gratitude in 2019 during the celebration of our national day i awarded special medals to chinese edible fungus experts who were from the province of fujian i also designated the village of grango as the model village for fungus technology madame ferdimein who is once any intent of our country who once received the training applied the technology she learned in china to the local conditions in our country i believe this technology will help us to shrug off poverty eventually mr president dear friend i’d like to thank you again and to avail myself with highest accommodations for stand up to eduardo signed september 2020 now let’s give the flow to mr james marcel representative from the malawi embassy to read the letter of congratulations from president chuck berra a message of god will from the president of the republic of malawi who is also the president of maui congress party members of cpc central committee present the leadership of the cpc fujian provincial committee the representatives of various political parties from african continent and worldwide members of the radical friends families and patriots good afternoon let me begin by congratulating you for the milestone of reaching this seventh national day

for poverty alleviation in africa i’m truly honored by your invitation to address you on this auspicious occasion and to do so on a subject i and the male congress party or dear ever since i assumed the presidency of my party seven years ago we have battled through three elections and against a complex system of corrupt institutions to win the state presidency our singular mission throughout that journey was to have this chance we have now to finally focus on solving the one problem that is most pressing in my country the poverty of my people poverty in its extreme tense has historically been a constant presence for so long that it is no longer regarded as a matter of agency additionally for 25 years the institutions of government charged with ending poverty have instead been used as cash cows for siphoning taxpayer funds into the pockets of public servants at a beset of ruling political parties thus deepening our people’s poverty ladies and gentlemen aside from my people’s impoverishment as a result of climate related shocks stemming from centuries of environmental exploitation by industrialized nations we now face the net effect of our pre-independence impoverishment by abusive colonial powers our post-independence improvement by abusive state powers and our post-democracy impoverishment by corrupt ruling parties as i speak the gross nation income of my country is two thousand and hundred forty two you won per capita and within the past ten years alone fifty percent of my people have been living below the poverty line unable to end the 330 you won’t need of needed to afford the most basic needs while 20 percent have been living in extreme poverty unable even to afford food it is the bedding and preoccupation of my administration to resolve this national crisis as we formulate policies and reform government institutions to implement the same we are clear in our minds about which approaches to poverty obligations simply do not work we know for example that no amount of foreign aid whatsoever its usefulness in providing relief for the most vulnerable in terms of calamity can end poverty in my country sadly the mindset of dependence on aid is very pervasive over the past two decades non-government organizations and state institutions that receive foreign direct foreign aid have multiplied resulting in the consumption of millions of dollars by the receiving entities with no descendable change in my people’s economic status similarly we are certain that the path out of poverty from my country does not lie in foreign loans for projects that have no bankable value yet surprisingly administrations that have preceded me have left taxpayers laden with a bank date amounting to 30 billion yuan auctioned by loans taken from foreign and local banks for the construction of net bankable infrastructure ladies and gentlemen the truth of the matter is there is no developed country that has ever surmounted its people’s poverty by these methods the surest path out of poverty is building our people’s capacity to manufacture and produce goods and services that can be traded competitively every country that is worthy of their mind today is that way because it makes and builds things that add value to the livelihood of eastern people and economies of other nations for this reason my administration is fighting poverty on three fronts the first is financial for we seek the cancellation of date so that our revenue is forth can go towards building our people’s capacity for in industry notifies not servicing loans the second frontier of our fight against poverty is psychological for we must re-educate our people to see

themselves as builders of their own economy not the consumers of the economies of others the third frontier of our fight against poverty is political for we are already drafting and redesigning our policies moving away from foreign aid and foreign debt towards direct foreign investment in agriculture mining energy education tourism and transport thankfully in pursuit of this path to prosperity we are not traveling in a familiar territory we have the fortune of drawing on the example of the story of china for inspiration whose support in our own genetics prosperity we count on lastly i wish all the success to this seminar thank you for your attention [Applause] from argentina to read the congratulations from the argentine president and all the participants from political parties think tanks and other international organizations on behalf of the president of argentine republic mr alberto fernandez i’m now reading out his message of congratulations to the communist party of the people’s republic of china i want to congratulate you for the organization of the international seminar on poverty eradication and the responsibility of political parties this meeting between high-level representatives will generate a synergy of positive experiences for all political leaders we have an urgent responsibility to ensure the has been characterized by upholding social justice as a priority implying its permanent search for equal treatment of the sectors elected and forgotten by other political projects as for the chinese people october the 17th is a very special date for people in argentina in which the loyalty day is commemorated recording a day of labor mobilization in 1945 on that day people demanded the liberation of the founder of the paranist movement juan domingo verona since i assumed the presidency in december 2019 i have had the difficult task of working on the renegotiation of the public and private external debt and of trying by all means possible to ensure a better life for the argentine people our motto is start with the most vulnerable and reach out to everyone 19 has hit vulnerable groups the hottest our region has suffered an unprecedented economic setback and difficult years of post-pandemic recovery are expected to cope with this crisis we have recovered the role of the state by implementing a series of active policies such as the national plan against hunger in order to guarantee the food security

for those most in need at the federal level we have launched an emergency assistance plan for workers employees and employers we have increased the remuneration of retirees and pensioners and implemented an emergency family income plan so as to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth as framed in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development recently i had a telephone conversation with president xi jinping in which we agreed on the importance of overcoming the pandemic together both bilaterally and multilaterally i would like to reiterate as in previous letters the gratitude to the chinese people to the chinese government the communist party of china and other sub-national entities for their donations of medical supplies we have many areas for cooperation and experiences to learn from each other that is why i celebrate this initiative of the communist party of china and congratulate the achievements made by the people’s republic of china in eradicating poverty president of the argentine republic thank you very much [Applause] thank you president fernandez now let’s give the floor to the ambassador of suriname paddy chen to read out the letter from mr santoki chairman of the vhp and president of suriname a message from the president of the republic of suriname his excellency chandrika bashat santoki addressed to the president of the people’s republic of china his excellency xi jinping on occasion of the international seminar on poverty eradication and responsibly responsibility of political parties i quote your excellency president xi jinping the republic of suriname has graciously accepted the honor to participate in the international seminar on poverty eradication and responsibility of political parties co-hosted by the international department of the cpc central committee and the cpc fujian provincial committee i have therefore mandated the ambassador extraordinary and planned potentially in beijing to participate on behalf of the republic of srinam outside i wish to underscore that poverty eradication is one of the crucial elements in our efforts to achieving sustainable development in our countries while ensuring that no one is left behind the recent santoki brunswick administration was bestowed with a political mandate given by the people of the republic of surinamo to lead the country towards sound and sustainable development with a sensible positive multiplier effect on their livelihood thus the interest of our people is at the core of this noble task political parties which are forming the current government of the republic of suriname will live up their promise to live the country out of economic hardship and to driven by the people-centered approach bring the wealth to bidder drive from our abundant natural resources closer to the people through intellect intelligent choices and long-term planning after the face of urgency policy making to turn the tide towards economic betterment the need for international enabling environment is of paramount importance in our efforts to reach the goals set for poverty and education in this theme my government wishes to bring to the attention u.n sustainable development goals especially goal number 17 that of international partnership and in this context partnerships for poverty eradication the participation of the republic of suriname in the international seminar on poverty

eradication and responsibility of political parties is deemed necessary given the opportunity it provides for knowledge sharing and partnership therefore i wish to commend you mr president for the exemplary role of the people’s republic of china under your leadership of the cbc and profoundly achieving the goal of lifting millions out of extreme poverty how inspiring it is to witness from a distance the seemingly impossible became possible underpinned by the strong political will my sincere congratulations to you mr president and the cpc for the demonstrated positive results of a strong political bill geared towards the best interests of the people in the republic of surinamo we will bear the aforementioned eminent result of your policies in mind in our recently unfolded visionary slogan for our people together we can make it yes we can in closing please allow me to recall the long-standing relations between the vhp and the cpc based on friendship and mutual respect in this regard i congratulate the cpc structures for organizing this seminar may i wish you productive discussions and code thank you keynote speeches to give the keynote speech ladies and gentlemen friends good day so here at the beginning i wish to extend on behalf of the international department of cpc central committee welcome to all the participants attending today’s seminar co-hosted by the idcpc and the cpc fujian provincial community where his important thinking and poverty alleviation began to take shape just days before the 17th of october which is both china poverty elevation day and the international day for the eradication of poverty this seminar is graced with the message of congratulations from general secretary c and congratulations either in writing or via video from top leaders of among other countries laos zimbabwe argentina and central african republic it is also honored with the presence of over 30 ambassadors and diplomatic and voice and representatives of political parties from more than 100 countries via the internet they fully demonstrate the great importance various countries have attached to the major global issue of poverty elimination and their strong sense of responsibility to promote international cooperation on poverty reduction ladies and gentlemen friends poverty has been a worldwide problem haunting the humanity for millennium poverty elimination has been an idea the humanity yearned for asian times over the years the international community has devoted enormous human and material sources and worked out various methods to eradicate poverty as speedily as possible including the efforts of the un to expertise the global poverty reduction process through the successive identification of the mdgs and the 2030 agenda for sustainable development the communist party of china from day one of its existence is placed high on its agenda the question of poverty eradication and made arduous efforts in this regard since the launch of opening up and reform in 1978 in particular the 18th national congress in 2012 our party has taken the decisive battle against

extreme poverty as one of his governance priorities general secretary xi jinping new ideas and viewpoints devise the major decisions and arrangements and let the entire party and the entire nation in waging and no outboard against poverty by lifting over 10 million people out of poverty each year for 71 consecutive years china has created a miracle of poverty reduction of feat applauded as the greatest poverty eradication success in human history as of now more than 700 million people in china have shaken off poverty accounting for over 70 percent of poverty reduction worldwide junior for china the year 2020 will mark the conclusion of the decisive battle against extreme poverty despite the onslaught of kobe 19 we remain confident that we will as planned have lifted the entire rural population above the current poverty line and have achieved the poverty reduction goal set in the 2030 agenda for sustainable development 10 years ahead of schedule hence the problem of extreme poverty that has shackled the chinese nation for millennia will be brought to environment once and for all it is warmly welcomed by the chinese people shall constitute a milestone of profound historic significance for both china and the world thank you china’s decisive battle against extreme poverty draws extensive attention from the international community and the interest in finding out and studying the secrets of the chinese practice is growing i would like to share with you some of my observations cpc leadership must be upheld to provide fundamental guarantee for eliminating poverty general secretary xi jinping has pointed out that strong leadership is vital to the fight against poverty to win this battle we have fully leveraged the political advantage of socialism in mobilizing resources for accomplishing major undertakings and have given play to the role of party committees at all levels in exercising overall leadership and according and coordinating efforts of law in addition we have put into place a system whereby the central leadership makes overall plans provincial authorities take overall responsibilities and city and county authorities take charge of implementation top leaders of the party and government at the provincial city county township and village levels take full responsibility for the work of poverty alleviation nintendo the city we’re going to visit tomorrow used to be fujian’s poorest prefecture in the 1980s within a short span of less than two years during general secretary xi jinping’s tenure there he made fact-finding trips to virtually all townships of the prefecture and worked out the way out of poverty for nintu with distinctive features of eastern fujian based on this practice he wrote the important work of up and out of poverty he said whether in cash or in kind donation is not as good as instituting a party committee with people in mind since 2012 over three million party carters have been dispatched to villages to help build party structures at the grassroots level into strong leading force in lifting the local people out of poverty showing the vital role of party leadership at the forefront therefore leadership is the most important experience for china’s historic achievement and the fundamental political guarantee for winning the decisive battle against extreme poverty second development must be upheld as the master key to eliminating poverty general secretary xi jinping said development is the overarching way to get rid of poverty our party believes that unbalanced and inadequate development is the root cause of poverty to solve the problem of poverty we must give priority to development that’s why our party has upheld the principle of poverty elevation through development and taken developing industries and businesses as the only viable way out of poverty consequently our party has wrote out one policy measure after another for the development of poor areas and poor people with emphasis on building the capacity to develop independently and ensuring that poverty elimination is underpinned by development meanwhile we pursue equitable and coordinated development to ensure that not a single poor family is left behind in a battle against poverty and a single poor individual is

left behind in our pursuit of common prosperity only in this way can we truly follow through on the instructions of general secretary xi jinping that leaving no one behind in delivering moderate prosperity in all respects must be upheld as the fundamental force behind eliminating poverty and by whom poverty is eliminated holds the key to cracking to crack the nut of poverty general secretary xi jinping said that impoverished people are both recipients and implementers of poverty alleviation we firmly believe that good life results from hard work poverty eradication can only be realized through hard work of the impoverished people themselves we should help them access education and embrace aspirations instill the concept that is much better working hard than idling in poverty helped to create a common sense of pride in taking in shaking of poverty through hard work and encourage them to learn skills to be economically independent we should translate their inspiration eradication and encourage them to tap the potential of their diligence and wisdom to escape the fate of poverty only in this way can we break them away from the old mentality of waiting and asking for handouts and welfare dependencies so that the vicious cycle of poverty and its generational transmission can be completely broken for institutional building must be upheld as the fundamental assurance in eliminating poverty since the eighteenth national congress in 2012 the cpc central committee which stinking at his call has put forward the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation explored and established in a creative way a system of institutions with chinese characteristics for waging the decisive battle against poverty we have put into place an overarching system whereby government-sponsored projects sector-specific programs and corporate and social assistance supplement each other and make parallel progress resources from the party the military the whole society have mobilized into poverty elevation 343 better developed counties cities and districts in east in the east have paired up with 573 impoverished counties in the west 308 central party and government institutions have provided assistance to 308 designated poor counties over the past 10 years our department has also undertaken the task of helping designated localities by establishing a main framework of institutions and giving special attention to targeted poverty alleviation measures and their sustainability we are making steady progress in the core indicators of giving poor people access to food clothing compulsory education medical care and safe housing consequently we have been able to realize the effectiveness and sustainability of poverty alleviation initiatives and prevents people from slipping back into poverty ladies and gentlemen friends as we meet there has been sustainable progress in poverty alleviation worldwide is manifested in the continued reduction of poverty-stricken population and poverty rate nevertheless factors like natural disasters and wars and problems of unbalanced development and unequal distribution still seriously drag the global poverty reduction process in particular global spread of kobe 19 population living in extreme poverty has been once again on the increase there is an urgent need for the international community to strengthen cooperation on poverty reduction in light of this we would like to put forward the following recommendations first we political parties must remain true to our regional aspirations and live up to our responsibilities as the origin of policies in our respective countries political parties should show the major responsibilities in the economic political and social development over the years eliminating poverty has always been on the top of the agenda for any government and a common mission for any responsible political party as general secretary has put it the cpc strives for both the well-being of the chinese people and human programs

in the decisive battle against extreme poverty at home the cpc has spared no efforts to support and help other developing countries the least developed countries in particular to reduce and eliminate poverty nowadays certain politicians in some countries out of their election politics consideration and selfish interests and with no regard to poverty that still plagues their own people have been stoking international conflicts and confrontation in an attempt to divert attention of their domestic theory over livelihood difficulties such behavior will surely be met with opposition and rejection of the entire international community we hope to keep working with other political parties the responsibility of poverty elimination make economic globalization more open inclusive and balanced so that your benefits are shared by oh safeguard world peace and stability and make our contributions to the global cause of poverty reduction mutual learning and experience sharing on poverty reduction to completely eliminate poverty poses a common problem and a challenge for political parties of all countries developing countries in particular it is also an inevitable topic for political parties from other countries and their leaders during their visit to china the cpc is ready to share with political parties worldwide our experience and practice on eliminating poverty without reservation the recently published teaching ping the governance of china the third volume represents an accurate account in both theory and practice of what general secretary cjp has achieved in leading the entire party and the entire nation in the running of state affairs since the 19th national congress in 2017. an entire section of the book dedicated to the decisive battle against poverty focuses on the important thinking and ideas of general secretary xi jinping regarding the fight against poverty and international cooperation thereof in this vein we are more than willing to have in-depth interactions with political parties governments and societal spectrums four countries we also stay ready to learn from useful experiences of all countries and other and absorb as much as outcomes or fine civilizations as possible third we must upheld multilateralism and step up international poverty reduction cooperation to develop to deliver on 2030 agenda for sustainable development is a systematic project the international community must transcend solidarity and cooperation to build a poverty-free beautiful world with shared prosperity we call on political parties all countries to join hands resolutely safeguarding multilateralism defending the uncensored international system and the international order based based on the international law and strengthening the foundation for peace and development we oppose unilateralization and protectionism we should not we should we should never follow the suit of certain countries to put their own country first act wantonly scapegoat others and suppress other people’s rights to a better life we are committed to working together with political parties for countries to make poverty reduction uh prioritize the area and more tasks of international development cooperation and build a new enabling environment for inclusive poverty reduction we will continue to support the international community to fight kobe 19 step up our cooperation with the rest of the world in this regard and support developing countries in their endeavor to contain the epidemic and develop their economy we shall continue to inject new dynamism to the global poverty reduction and to sustainable development bringing forth we must adhere to the principle of seeking common ground while shelving our differences to build com to build a community with a shared future for mankind as general secretary she said just as one does not expect a single prescription to kill all diseases one should not expect an all per an all-purpose model for all countries the ways and means to reduce poverty are directly related to the specific realities sculptures traditions and systems of a country there is no one-size-fits-all model the cpc has always embraced and approached achievements of other cultures with an open mind and a broad perspective proceeding from the diversity of the world we think the independent choice of ways

and means of all countries to reduce poverty should be respected we reject any attempt to group countries along the lines of political system and ideology still as the attempt to instigate another code or civil a civilizational clashes or zero-sum game we undertake two strengths and exchanges and dialogue with political parties four countries in an active effort to build a new type of party departed relations that seeks to expand common ground we’re reserving differences and enhances mutualism and mutual learning so that mutual understanding and trust among countries political parties and general public will be improved constantly i hope that the following session will offer all of you an opportunity to speed your mind engage on candid discussions and contribute your wisdom to the realization of the un sustainable development goals thank you i’d like to give the flow to party secretary yuel of cpc fujian provincial committee your excellencies ladies and gentlemen friends it gives me your pleasure to gather here in the beautiful city of jail and to talk about being poverty eradication and the responsibility of political parties and to share the experience of political parties poverty and education on behalf of the fujian committee i’d like to extend one welcome and sincere greetings to all of you the message of general secretary xi jinping fully articulates the poverty regulation road with chinese characteristics he also said that is the essential requirement to improve people’s livelihood and the important mission of the cpc it is a solemn vow the picture of the challenges for global cause poverty eradication he also calls for all poverty this is a basic guideline for us to win the decisive battle against poverty and strengthening international cooperation in this domain public elevation efforts of fujian we started early and have very intense this journey has to come a long way when xi jinping was working here he was the first to lead the people in a decisive battle against poverty serving in shaman she asked to be in charge of agricultural and rural affairs he frequently visited the highest furthest and poorest religions in the mountainous area to help local people find a way out of poverty facing great financial difficulties xi jinping focused on poverty eradication and study the significant practice of shrugging off poverty whether that’s the prefecture or the provincial office general secretary she always paid close attention to poverty eradication he proposed philosophy such as the weak hatchling can be the first to take flight and constant dripping wears away from stone yeah he introduced many institutions like the four approaches to the grassroots initiated local industries started the relocation campaign for poor people and boat drillers and proposed coordinated development between mountainous and coastal areas he dispersed able officials to serve in villages sent technological experts and promoted these philosophies and practices are closely linked with the important remarks made by xi jinping since the 18th cpc congress of 2012. they are the fundamental guidance for us to win the battle against poverty based on the solid foundation that were laid personally by xi jinping ninja prefecture once the poverty-stricken place is now blessed with booming industries where people are welcome nintendo’s gdp scored 241.1 billion last year an increase of nearly 80-fold compared with the level in 1987

the year before xi jinping served here by now all the registered poor villagers and poor population in fujian have walked out of poverty while studying and practicing the innovative philosophies and significant measures developed when general secretary xi jinping was in full gym there are four important observations that i’d like to share with you first efforts to eradicate poverty are always taken as a strategic measure for the cpc to consolidate governance and the political responsibility of police of poverty eradication is resonantly shown where general secretary xi jinping used to work it was once identified as one of china’s 18 contiguous poor areas and six out of nine counties in india were poverty-stricken the economy was extremely backwards faced with such a secretary she keenly realized that poverty eradication should be placed on top of the agenda he rose up to this acute task and visit all counties soon after he assumed office doing everything he could to find a way out of poverty one example is the township of shonen county township used to lack access to roads to running water and electricity the local government had little units offers and no office to conduct a business we called five nights back then actually the township government worked in a place that was converted from a cow general secretary she broke through brambles and thorns and made his way to shut down three times in the village he literally worked in a covered bridge addressing people’s practical problems like electricity electricity for life and work growth preventing floods and building schools general secretary has always been attached to sheldon township last year was successfully lifted out of poverty and she wrote back to the people there encouraging them to keep consolidating their progress and work hard to build a beautiful home efforts to change people’s mindset was stressed which provided internal drive for poverty eradication back then a few people rather stayed poorer than have a better life or they simply waited others to help them out actually she stressed poverty eradication begins from the mind and the weak hatchling can’t be the first to take flight he stressed repeatedly that poverty should be eradicated from the mind and party members officials and local people should all emancipate their mind and embrace such dialectical ideas as even a weak hatchling can fly high and the poorest also stand a chance to become rich everyone should be inspired and try their best thanks to such encouragement poor areas such as took by themselves and really took off and realized prosperity targeted approaches were applied and poverty reduction measures were developed according to local conditions general secretary xi jinping explicitly pointed out for a witchhackling to take flight first to fly fast and high it has to find the right approach based on realities in these realities back then was needed what was needed as stressed by general secretary xi was that agriculture and industry these two wills must move in tandem he asked that for agriculture it should make full use of geographic conditions and make the resources of mountainous and coastal areas and creating tailored opportunities for industries she said that ninja must find a way of his own he should try to nurture more profitable industries but should also be patient enough based on the important remarks

and instructions of general secretary xi jinping worked hard to nurture profitable industries and now it has successfully given birth to such influential industries as the catl they enjoy influence not only in china but in the world at large as a result is marching forward into a uber where industrial production is worth trillions of rnb the philosophy of constant dripping west away a stone was observed and poverty eradication was addressed as a long-term relay race general secretary she pointed out that to truly shrug off poverty and backwardness there is no shortcut it cannot be an overnight success rather there should be only gradual changes like constant dripping stressed many times that we should be done towards have long-term vision we do not need unrealistic fantasies what we need is hard work one step after another instead of short-lived interest and enthusiasm this spirit of continuity has already been written into the gene of the people of fujian it has been guiding us to work hard generation after generation in order to facilitate new progress for the new fuji and in a new era and after years of hard work we’re trying to improve the life of fujian people the most important reason why general secretary xi jinping has been leading the people out of poverty is that he has always been placing people on top of his agenda he always pays the most attention to the poor people who need help the most eradication is our shared cause and shared responsibility we stand ready to work with you and eliminate poverty so as to deliver a better life to our people thank you member of the standing committee of the central committee of commodian he was party and deputy prime minister of cambodia of the idcbc of the kingdom from cambodia i am pleased and honored to attend the virtual international seminar on poverty innovation and responsibility of political parties hosted by international department of the cbc center committee and the cbc food and prevention committee of the prc from october the 12th to the 13th 2020 the royal government and the cambodian people would like to extend ours is sincere thanks to the chinese government and the chinese people for always supporting the development of economy trade tourism and other sectors in cambodia at the same time i would like to warmly welcome your excellencies and distinguish guests for attending this significant virtual international seminar on this occasion the royal government of cambodia would like to express high appreciation to the eminent notions of his excellency the president xi jinping in the deep reform of china’s governance and sending out built on the road initiative for international cooperation it also presents a long-term vision towards improving the connection and cooperation in all sectors including

infrastructure economy investment finance between local regional and global people for pushing global economic growth and accelerate the reduction of poverty like other countries the royal government of cambodia has rolled out several decisive and strict measures to prevent the spread of this pandemic in local communities and not allow anyone died due to this pandemic in cambodia ladies and gentlemen for the past few decades cambodia has experienced noticeable changes in political security and socio-economic context has become a territory of peace and a well-known destination for national and international tourists in terms of economic status cambodia has transformed itself from a lower middle-income country to higher middle-income economy and it is regarded as asia’s new economic tiger which has achieved a robust economic growth of an average of 7.7 percent per year for the last two decades like other countries cambodia has also set out integrated policies strategies including several sector strategies and make a significant investment in economic and social infrastructures including roads electricity portable water irrigation systems education health and other social services to promote economic growth and ensure its sustainability promote social economic growth and ensure the reduction of poverty at a prime rate of one percent per year in fact cambodia has achieved its targets of poverty reduction below 10 percent with these efforts and economic growth as mentioned above the living standards of cambodian people has proudly improved as in 2019 the total growth of gdp per capita increased to 1879 us based on the un assessment cambodia is ranked number four among the most successful countries in terms of poverty reduction to achieve the millennium development goals in poverty reduction below before its target at the end of 2015 excellencies ladies and gentlemen in response to the topic of this international seminar please allow me to share some views as follows first peace political stability security and social order are foundations for the development and the achievement of the goal of poverty reduction through socio-economic development which all tendencies of political parties must accomplish and maintain for their nation on the basis of the above all investments in various sectors and the implementation of the poverty reduction policy will not achieve at all any the goals and the results as prime minister hansen always stated that without peace and political stability the development including human rights and democracy will not happen at all second develop policies strategies and specific plans for deep and comprehensive reforms implemented with a strong commitment to ensure effectiveness accountability transparency and social justice all political parties must regard the nation and people’s benefits as the top priority above other issues in their political platforms political conflicts of interest that may cause social stability and polarization must be dropped and resolved through reconciliation understanding solidarity and a cooperative mechanism for the interests of a nation and people

the development and implementation of a social protection policy is a strong mechanism to distribute physically of economic growth to the whole society for improving the people’s livelihoods to improving the livelihood and the nutrition of women and children and promoting education are vital factors that must be regarded as a top priority in social development affairs education and public health policies must be realistic and bring about specific and actual outcomes in the society in response to the poverty reduction of people the royal government of cambodia under the leadership of prime minister hanson has said the base foundation of four priorities for national strategic development plan human roads electricity to conclude on behalf of the royal government of cambodia i would like to express my high appreciation to all chinese leaders international and the fujian province for organizing this significant seminar and we all have committed to carry out duties of our parties in an effort to build a society for humanity with peace stability over social order equity and sustainability of development finally in the name of prime minister hansen prime minister of the kingdom of cambodia i would like to wish his accent minister of the his idcbc mr uae secretary of cbc food and property committee and excellencies ladies and gentlemen good health and successes in all endeavors thank you chairman of the national awakening party deputy speaker of the people’s representative council of indonesia mr song minister of idcbc your excellency mr yuego of the fujian provincial committee members distinguished leaders of of other political parties members of the national awakening party distinguished guest good afternoon to begin with i’d like to emphasize that all countries are still grouping their way forward in a world plagued by kobe 19 this unexpected disaster has disrupted the social order on people’s life and paralyzed the global economy its impact is being failed in areas of economy science and technology and even religions people in the world have fully realized that the pandemic is threatening to cause a global recession if we’re not cautious enough our growth will be ruined and the sustainable development goals will be unattainable studies by university world institute for development economics research have shown that because of coming 19 the global poor population has exceeded 1.1 billion and 395 million people are expected to fall into extreme poverty measures to find poverty the global economy is greatly challenged and indonesia is no exception

the pandemic has added 1.63 million poor people to indonesia making the total 26.42 million our growth rate in the second quarter this year was minus 5.32 percent and in the third quarter it rebounded to minus 2.9 to minus 1.1 under the current situation we’re thinking about a fundamental question what is the responsibility of political parties in eliminating poverty with the pandemic around political parties are responsible for making national policies and providing political guidance to be more specific we should help people shake up poverty and achieve social justice political parties must show their responsibilities in helping and leading the people to improve their lives political parties play a vital role in coordinating democracy and livelihood the pkb believes that with good management there will be no poverty or promoting national progress and proposing advanced development concepts rely on people’s creativity and the same goes for getting rid of poverty the political party can become a powerful leader in ending poverty through its own efforts and the funding and the formulation a political party should make improving people’s livelihood as its top in no country is isolated the pk means officials in the government and people’s representative council firmly believe that poverty innovation policies can’t afford to be piecemeal or inconsistent rather they must be based on one central idea and be delivered in several ways innovations and breakthroughs must be made constantly on the rise more animal companies are going bankrupt due to the pandemic the pkb must engage in the fight his political visions in three areas education agriculture and reliable economy commitment first educate in the public the pandemic has prompted indonesia to explore and improve its education policies the pkb believes that improving human resources through education is the best way to break the poverty change our party has proposed to launch the awakening education action and education funds

for islamic schools so as to reduce the negative impact of kobe 19 on the last generation developing agriculture our party that attaches great importance to agriculture the pandemic has imposed negative growth on most industries but agriculture has bugged the trend we believe that we can implement asset redistribution policies resolve land disputes improve the management of agricultural institutions and make comprehensive agricultural policies covering upstream and downstream these are concrete measures that can be taken by political parties to tackle poverty supporting the livelihood economy the livelihood economies is most affected by the pandemic which involves about 97 of indonesia’s smes are most relevant to the livelihood economy they are the barometer of employment and are trying very hard to emerge from this crisis therefore i believe that cutting off the poverty chain must start with helping smes scaling urged by our party the indonesian government has allocated 123.46 trillion rupiah or about 8.23 billion us dollars to support smes to conclude i like to stress that only with joint efforts by the government’s parliament and political parties can we achieve new goals of livelihood politics it is important to increase international cooperation in reducing poverty of course different countries have their own conditions they need to have their national conditions in mind before they implement any poverty reduction policy the biggest responsibility of political parties on behalf of our party i’d like to extend congratulations to the success of this seminar thank you very much mr deputy speak speaker now let’s give the flow to mr chong king singh president of progressive democratic party of malaysia prime minister special envoy to the people’s republic of china itcbc secretary of cbc fusion proving committee vice minister of cbc and distinguished representative of political party from all over the world i would like to thank the internationalism department of the central committee of the chinese communist party for gradually inviting me to participate in this timely and important international seminar here in fujian with the team eliminating proper property of the responsibility of political party in december 1992 the united nations general assembly officially declared october 17 as the

of the international day for the identification of the property since then the inimitating properties have become a matter of great concern for the international community 2020 two sections sent very clear message to the war that this great nation is committed to achieve a decision between in building a sustainable prosperous society in all aspects by every meeting property a part of promoting national economy and social development and stability in fact china have established achieve that it goes 10 years before the 2030 target china experience and western will have the attention of the war and will become a model for other countries in their respective struggle to property in malaysia our government is committed to provide property early prediction assistance for the low income group which account for some 40 percent of the population this is aimed to embedding the poor with to withstand economic shock in this uncertain time crucially at this moment various subsidy program and financial assistance have been renewed or reinvented to face the copy 19 continuously onslan however as our fourth father say give someone a fish you’re fishing for the teaspoon to fish and you can feed him for a lifetime in our effort to get rid of property effective collaboration between the government and the people is the key to meaningful reform that could be achieved at the double speed to empower the poor government need to develop strategy for the planning and engagement of the group in property the most crucial factor is the technology transfer of the advanced technologies to those communities to ever to translate into sustainable economic growth also important this policy must change according to the needs of the transformation to the immediate properties we might also ensure that the low income are helped in developing their mindset to get out of properties and especially escape property consciousness where one feet one feel that there had not enough of something the most crucial thing is to replace endless subsidy with the proper education and knowledge enhancement so the fundamental solution to bring people out from properties helping the poor to become self-reliance for the future remain the single most important stake in the fight against property in shop the government proposed that policy must truly benefit the low income group by ensuring them any program or a system are actually accessible and also acceptable to them people of law education must also feel that this policy or program are transplant and allow them to assess the various success stories of the property attribution in china also produced a positive number and other countries may learn from many rural housing areas have been rehabilitated and road packed with the government effort

many rural agricultural area also have the infrastructure outlet and improved with the help of government transformation programs at the same time improving basic immunity was still the right mindset for the people to aspire to improving the sacraments and narrow the development gap between the urban and rural areas in malaysia the national federal government and kabungam patisrawa state government work closely in the rural area much of which are in the hinderland and deep inland to outgreat and improved villages many hard to reach area have been supplied with rocks network with road network and basic utilities such as water and electricity in the past year in turn the lifestyle of the residents of these villages have greatly transformed with the government continuously to play a guiding role all the way one more example of specific program to help the poor people in which agricultural produce in this area are not so the agency will work with market wholesaler to purchase these and so books we are also actively developing the agriculture sectors with the aim to effectively utilize the advantage we have from the fatalin and abundant natural resources many proofings have been made on how the best help the rural people increase the income and raise the living studded at the same time the reverend departments and agency are constantly studying ways to import advanced agriculture technology and coordinating this technology transfer to the rural farming communities to improve the eu crop management and food quality these were then open up more opportunity encouraging more people to set up factories for downstream activity from agriculture produce and help the integration into the international marketplace lastly i would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of you will have a fruitful discussion understanding and changing the view to have more efficient way of fighting on the properties also wishing everyone of you to stay safe and stay healthy thank you it is secretary general of anc of south thank you very much without any waste of time let me appreciate the presence of comrade minister of international department of central committee of the communist party of china comrade sontao and members of the central committee president here the leadership of cpc fujian provincial community representatives of various political parties from the african continent and the entire globe members of the diplomatic corps friends comrades and compatriots we appreciate with great enthusiasm the honor to participate in this international political party event of great historic significance to mark the 28th anniversary of the international year for eradication of poverty and the seventh national day for poverty alleviation in china this occasion represents

a tremendous milestone in all our common endeavors as political parties of the nations of the world to achieve the shared future of mankind the occasion takes place at a time when poverty and underdevelopment are the daunting challenges confronting mankind and the development of human society the african national congress the anc of south africa takes the task of poverty eradication and sustainability of mankind as the foremost responsibility of all progressive forces of the world the leadership of the anc has at its strategic focus the eradication of poverty and sustainability of mankind at the help of its apex program we fully agree with the synopsis of the communist party of china cpc on poverty alleviation and sustainability development issues it is in this context that the african national congress joined the caused by progressive movement of the world to strengthen solidarity and internationalism to find common solutions to eradication of poverty and other global challenges confronting humanity we take the inspiration from the achievement of china and its people under the leadership of the communist party of china with comrade president xi jinping as core for achieving such remarkable levels of poverty alleviation and rejuvenating a new society based on the universal principles of freedom and equality it is indeed a great achievement that china has reduced the figures of those living below poverty lands from almost 99 million people in 2012 to 5.5 million people in 2019 this unprecedented and encouraging efforts has placed china in a better position to eradicate poverty by the end of the year 2020 to meeting the millennium target of the year 2030 10 years earlier and to achieve goals to finish the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects we are indeed thrilled that china has committed itself to a win-win corporation among the nations of the world for building a bit of a better future for humanity in the midst of this disastrous covenant 19 pandemic china not only have made all efforts to control the virus and speedily restore life and economy to normal normality but also depends difference international cooperation by sharing what it has with the millions of the most vulnerable sections of the world population this is what defines the moment of who we are a great movement of the progressive forces to build better future for all the global spread of combat 90 pandemic has exponentially increased the number of the world population living below poverty levels and this accentuate the necessity of progressive nations of the world to bolster their common efforts in stimulating economic recovery building sustainable food security measures and public health care as political practice we have the responsibilities and confidence to join hands and strive together to achieve the normal objectives of rejuvenating human society and build a better world for all in conclusion congress ladies and gentlemen in the end we want to express our friends to cpc international department and fusion provincial committee for providing us the opportunity to participate in this important webinar and share useful experience and ideas on issues of poverty alleviation and sustainability of mankind the struggle continues for a better future the struggle continues to deal with all social ills and we are looking forward to a wonderful engagement and we wish you all the best thank you very much should exist unless the purpose of that political party is to ensure that they can work for the prosperity of its population for people to live in dignity there must be

a very concerted effort to ensure that they are lifted from poverty dignity means access to good shelter access to good education access to health having enough food and generally being able to live in dignity to lift people from abject poverty and have the possibility of living in relative affluence as has happened in china is unprecedented in the history of mankind that’s why we get a lot of inspiration from the work that has been done by the communist party of china for what they have done to ensure that they have lifted so many people out of abject poverty but to have this kind of transformation normally requires one or two generations or even more and that has been possible by the fact that the communist party of china has been consistent it’s consistent leadership it’s a vision which transcends one generation and that’s why we have the kind of transformation that has been done by the communist party of china and we look at the communist party of china as an example of what we should do to move our country from poverty to relative affluence we wish you all the best as you make such gigantic achievements and i’d like to assure you that we’re inspired by some of the things that you’ve done to lift people from abject poverty to make them prosperous that’s our purpose in this country as we run this country as jubilee government we have a different set of challenges we have the challenges of achieving higher levels of literacy and numeracy we have the challenges of trying to bring the country together especially given the fact that we have so many different tribes or nationalities but we know that beyond bringing the people together it is only possible to achieve unity to achieve peace when people are prosperous and they feel they have a stake in the country so alleviating poverty is a precedent to having peaceful coexistence thank you very much and once again congratulations to the cpc attention to poverty they want to find effective ways to improve better life for the whole humanity gives us this opportunity to look at poverty and political enthusiasm i’d like to speak here on behalf of the governor’s democratic party good practices for instance the lessons you’ve drawn from the field studies of nine counties something though relationship between the past you have been advancing the reform of your communist system industrialization as well as the progress of your agriculture and rural companies these are many practices done by china to shrug off poverty and worth admiration who is also the chair of governor’s

democratic party is also doing everything he could to lead the people of government out of poverty to entrepreneurial has been implementing a series of policies and measures accordingly including extending the coverage of social security and it has been promoting reforms to modernize the governor’s system and working to win foreign aid it has been promoting sustainable development and has been encouraging encouraging investment these are major reforms we have done to eradicate poverty under the leadership of present bongo gabon has also taken such measures as your agriculture fishery and farming promotes the development of services and the sustainable development of tourism as well as the development of digital economy these reforms have done concrete various organizations at different levels of our party and our entire membership are working in tandem with the government and has been implementing all the measures and policies of poverty eradication a strict recipe that i need reform solidarity and cooperation between gabon and china and between the governing democratic party and the communist party of china what do we expect to take part in sub-continental programs our strategic cooperative partnerships heartfelt thanks to the support given by the chinese government and the cpc in helping us to fight against the kobe 19 pandemic last but not least on behalf of the governor’s democratic party i wish the international seminar on poverty eradication and party responsibility a full success thank you very much next i’d like to give the floor to madame bitter trunk man resident representative in china undp distinguished guest great pleasure to join today’s seminar on behalf of the

united nations development program over the last 40 years china has lifted more than 750 million people out of poverty that’s about 80 percent of all people brought out of poverty worldwide in that time and a major contribution globally to its initially millennium development goal 1 and now the sustainable development goal on no poverty since undp introduced the human development index in 1990 china was also the first country to move from the low to high development category in 2010 one of a few nations to achieve this these achievements are commendable china’s success in fighting poverty is the result of continued political commitment and effective policies since its reform and opening up ending poverty has also been central to undp’s cooperation with china over the last 40 years working both with local authorities to advance concrete poverty measures and at the central level to inform policies and strategies there are many achievements to take pride in together for example linking farmers with environmentally friendly locally relevant technologies through our turpai yuan xiangmu or the technical task force program that launched in the early 2000s it began in fact in fujian before expanding to over 31 provinces supporting millions of farmers across china at the policy level undp also provided significant recommendations at key junctures in china’s development as the 12 5 year plan was formulated we offered technical advice to broaden development concepts and measurements beyond economic growth to include dimensions such as social protection china’s targeted bottom-up approach to alleviating poverty tingjun fupin offers valuable lessons for the global poverty fight so undp has also worked to share this information and experience with other developing countries in 2005 we had established the international poverty reduction center in china the iprcc creating a global knowledge hub on reducing poverty this along with south south and triangular cooperation over the last decade enabled technology transfers knowledge exchanges along with capacity building between china and partner countries yet despite all the noteworthy progress more work remains and we must stay vigilant poverty is not just about incomes it is multi-dimensional livelihoods are also affected by other issues such as access to education and health care as well as a healthy environment cover 19 has shown that those living just above the poverty line remain very vulnerable to sudden shocks so much so that the world bank estimates this year up to 100 million people globally could be pushed back into extreme poverty we need continued efforts to ensure those who have risen out of poverty do not slide back in particular social welfare systems must cover informal workers who make up the majority of jobs and have been hardest hit by the pandemic so they are protected in the future this is also key to china achieving and protecting xiaokang a moderately prosperous society this is a key finding of the assessment on the economic and social impact of the pandemic on china’s poverty stricken counties that undp the u.n system and the chinese government carried out jointly in response we are conducting recovery programs helping communities to become more resilient and build forward better rebuilding stronger must also include extending digital services to vulnerable groups these have proven a critical lifeline for hundreds of millions from widening the reach of health systems to safeguarding jobs and access to basic goods through e-commerce china has the strong digital infrastructure and economy needed to boost business opportunities while aiding the recovery what is critical is ensuring that the technologies and the skills to use them are available

to everyone to avoid new divides opening up our future resilience and ability to beat poverty also depends on going green 1.2 billion jobs 40 of all jobs on earth depend on a healthy stable environment improving human life while preserving our planet is what the sustainable development goals for 2030 are all about in the post covet 19 work undp is committed to helping china progress further towards these goals all of us from the government to international organizations must work together for a sustainable future where no one is left behind i thank the cpc’s international department and cpc fujian provincial committee for organizing this important seminar and wish all of you every success in helping us make poverty history thank [Applause] chinching member of the leading party group and the deputy head of the state council leading group office of poverty innovation and development your residency is dangerous ladies and gentlemen to come to this seminar on behalf of the state council leading group office of innovation and development and make a speech with the title putting people first in poverty fighting poverty is important for any government in any time it has become broad consensus of government and the whole society it is the common aspiration of the hope of humanity the cpc is always committed to reducing poverty improving people’s livelihoods and realizing common perspective almost one century long since the founding of the cpc we have been fighting a war against poverty together with all the chinese people thus a glorious chapter has been written from 1949 when the prc was founded to 1978. we revolutionized systems and made sure that all farmers have access to land with our land reform considering that farmers without land is a major cause of poverty in many countries from 1978 to 2012 where the 18th cbc national a full level accountability system from the central government to the county level we have established at each level a coordination mechanism involving the financial sector infrastructure and social development thus we have laid an institutional foundation for massive and rapid reduction the fundamental strategy of has been reduced from 98.99 access to food clothing education basic medical care safe housing and safe drinking water the reduction poverty reduction goal set by the u.n

leadership and the socialist systems system with china’s characteristics in this process we have adhered to the following first our partners always committed to putting people first and seeking a better life for them and domestic inspections secretaries at the provincial city county township and eventually levels are taking responsibility all the party members have been mobilized areas are centering the economic and social growth reduction innovation is being promoted as one of our top political priorities second out to his political advantages to coordinate efforts from all sides the cbc is capable of bearing the hope in mind and coordinating efforts for the same goal whereby the central government makes comprehensive plans yet overall responsibilities and cities in charge of implementation an accountability system whereby sectoral and administrative limits are removed a coordination system whereby eastern regions office western regions mechanisms whereby central development assist designated targets in addition for all the areas we conduct stringent evaluations and inspections to enforce effective supervision in our elevation efforts outside including approaches to ensure the effectiveness of potentially reduction the cpc is undoubtedly and it always stresses that we must be realistic in terms of elevation accurately arrange targeted programs utilize capital efficiently take household-based measures dispatch first party secretaries based on village conditions and be committed to achieving that goals ever since 2014 we have been residents registering a poor population in rural areas for the first time in china a country with 600 million people in rural areas we have insured well-tenant assistance to each household and individual thousands of places we are

so as to make enthusiasm we must earn a better life with hard work and integrate poverty innovation with ensuring access to education and building aspirations to stand on their own feet we continue to improve our working style understand what people need and think fully tap into the initiative of grassroots officials and make sure that people can benefit from more good practices we’re good at identifying role models and making use of these models to motivate their peers so as to inject vitality into poverty elevation distinguished guests ladies and gentlemen eliminating extreme poverty in 2020 will be a historic moment in history of china but that is only a new beginning we will continue to work on relative poverty we will continue to work with other countries and build a community with a shared future for mankind that is free from poverty and enjoys common prosperity thank you very much discussions director general of china poverty aviation and development center to host the topic one eradication and sustainable human development you