Second Sight, Infiltration (14)

welcome back my name is Kaz last time we discovered conspiracy it’s time to move on infiltration they kill us stop we’ll rescue the children don’t worry we’re not going to hurt them you you are like children they will not hurt you you must go alone me I told you John go please to touch go under a village there is key in the Red House English you must save them I’m going vadik let him go that’s why he’s here we’ve done all we can looks like I’m on my own then okay grinko time to find out where you’re hiding it looks as if they were prepared for at least one of us to make it through and follow I can’t imagine why he would post snipers on moves in behind windows otherwise well using charm Johnny still leaves footprints behind and though he doesn’t know we’re here yet he quickly realizes what happened for him all too late and for us a close call it seems that gunfire didn’t arouse any activity must be a heavier snowfall than I thought the first Scout was free but this one we have to do ourselves you’ll have to keep in mind that switch controls the drawbridge and also soldiers from the helicopter and there he is so from a look around we have what guard patrolling there must be others yeah tissue samples one above it one below here to above one below here all facing the same direction though we should be able

to use that to our advantage none of them could spot copter it’s just for flying troops into the area what’s with all the crates that could spot footprints in the snow from Pakistan support for us the helicopter had a key and a sniper rifle although not many clues let’s hope we only have to use one it’s corners like this that I don’t like at all aside from how terribly cold it must be we could suffer exposure of another kind in the presence of so many others or perhaps under duress from the cold charm doesn’t last very long out here now that we are behind all of the guards they’re paying attention forward let’s us stand right next to them we wouldn’t want to choke one by accident do be careful on this bridge there are no guardrails that’s right keep your eyes on the site there’s no one here once again too close and too cold for comfort the noise from the still running helicopter is probably drowning out any of our footsteps as well oh and do get the key before you make it to that door you wouldn’t want to have to go back this hallway it looks empty from here but let’s take a closer look Oh No though so guards aimed at the window is ready to shoot into the hallway we must be deep in hostile territory by now well that’s that and from here who knows we had best find out village Bell Gardens everywhere bridges and scaffolding overhanging a river regards below as well even if our plan were first and foremost to assassinate several of them it would be a difficult time to find one alone not an eye is shot of the other is best to slip past them

we can make it almost the whole way unnoticed at only two short hops and then right past this guard at the wall this is no good someone was bound to a radio command is not happy to have lost contact with one of X units maybe we can outrun this disaster if you can to do well at least do quickly we managed to but barely avoid the alarm in this leg of our infiltration we have a little more to work with let’s make sure no one saw those crate and who is that not there the other way look the other way that’s right but more that one just a little dose of head medicine and on further into the village that building is the only red one we’ve seen it must be the one the woman was talking about that man on the ice below is too close for comfort nothing a subtle needle can’t cure let’s take a look around from here gardens forming up to cover our escape – inside the house we wish to enter difficult as it is to deal with one still today as well try the front door barred and locked let’s have a little feel around that’s right chase the dancing there well I found a key in the red house I suppose the one for the church fortunately for us their window insulation isn’t the best and the key slips right into our fingers they’re paying too much attention to the whole way to notice the footsteps right next and for us just a lucky break behind these crates they’re little too high to climb over it’s difficult to see what’s on the other side but you can just make out a guard and one of the farms of the piers now through the

blizzard he may not be able to see us or maybe he can and his friend hurt us let’s hope when no one else did one for the way back near the top of this outbuilding we should take care of him before exploring this building should be safe here what a dull post what this lever does what is this more radio equipment knock the door my broadcaster hello hello damn the staff is screwing everything up wonder if it’s the same problem Co telly was having maybe we can fix it no doubt the light post would do that hello hello damn this tag is screwing everything up wonder if it’s the same problem hotel he was having you know I I really don’t think that’s going to do it there must be something in here we can interact with other than the lever and the light but already I have to lead to long in dealing with the man on the roof your little fresh air will help us clear our head and maybe his as well say good night oh that’s unfortunate well those drifts Palazzo look rather soft maybe he’ll have a pleasant sleep they were jamming a radio signals on purpose Colonel I’m not sure yet the Russian soldiers I suppose how’s everyone doing how dr. Brown a car I’m nearly at the church colonel I’ve got it right here well it seems there’s nothing more to do who then find the way on so let’s find it one soldier remains here now others insight the corridor off to

the left you can join the others there’s trouble up ahead we need to use a more than light touch with this one bat this is our introduction to Shock Troopers fitness as a shield based on our psychic technology who knows how they got it it takes an attack the strength of a psychic blast to disable the shield then you merely have a man to deal with albeit a will trained an exceptionally tough one with a powerful weapon it will be daeun to our advantage in future to avoid shock troopers wherever we can up ahead here for instance guards to the left and right the church entrance I see no reason to bother them let’s just find a good spot try not to burn our head but burn not once off footprints Oh now we run