Shock Therapy? | 10 Strange Chinese Items!

This has to be the best product I’ve ever seen in my lice What’s going on guys heyyyy Hi How’s it going? You’re not gonna answer me what the heck? These people.. am I right? so today Sam is joining me say. Hi say. Hi. I didn’t say show you face, Sam this was the second time in a row hi there you go Sam from battle universe, info card right up there is joining us because today she picked out 10 and strange Chinese items from all these different Chinese Websites, and I hear they’re pretty kooky Just some fun stuff just some weird stuff for you guys to laugh at. You can laugh at me, it, her I don’t care It’s all game. I’ll let you know whether each of these items is a cash it or a trash it and it’s trash it I will literally throw it away in front of you No joke I will I will do it dude most likely to all of the items look. It’s my friend Stormy, you know what stormy thinks stormy thinks You should click that Bell icon, right? Yeah You know why you got to click that bell icon besides stormy’s reasons? because, I comment back in the next 30 minutes and also Forgot stormy was talking in my ears shut up ,dude you stay up there. first item Oh Look at this dude. I’ve seen one of these before I saw one of the like a Star Wars version of this no But there was one of these and it was like a Death Star. Yeah, see really cool Yeah, exactly right not nerdy know cool. You heard it from her guys. She said cool It’s cool to a hundred steps small big size smaller big which one is it three labyrinth? Magic rolling globe ball marble is there marble or globe giant differences. I’m alright, but now What Okay, hold up either This is small or this kid is tiny oh wow wait sighs OH large. Oh, we got the small one No, that’s the same thing though. It’s the same thing. Okay, so you see the little ball down there in the big bowl How do you start it off? Got it so yeah, I got it on there oh Look look yeah now we’re now we’re now we’re in something. That’s in the yellow right here Why are there no guardrails, I’m supposed to balance it on all of these things I Didn’t do anything if you look really really close you can’t Printed on each turn is like a little step number 61, and oh so one you start here Now it gets lodged somewhere so number one I start Oh, I start right there, okay, and then I push it back here, and I go this way Number two At least it tells me yeah number. That’s dining yeah number three and a four five So now the ball as you can see was right there. I don’t know if you can see that the balls right there Six And so I go literally to the other side Down this way all my work oh I Knew that was gonna be it for me. That’s why I was like. Oh my word I’m never gonna be able to and then I didn’t do it. Oh Feelings I say it’s a casual self healing ball, dude. Oh Royal blood warned him alert. It’s fake, so it’s a hundred percent fake. I Was too like shaken by the blood but Yeah, but what it is is it’s just like a stake in the head that you wear on the top You know like when they do with the arrow thing you know Gadget anti-stress, oh my gosh, this is an anti stress gadget I think they can label anything that makes you laugh anti stress I don’t know. I think that caused a lot of stress my first reaction when I saw it was well stress. Yeah It was a natural stress response alright You know why because I make a habit of not watching horror movies and looking at scary imagery You know why because I want my tolerance of Bohr to be low so that when I see something in the real world That’s gory. I’m not like huh like babe Yeah, I mean okay, and I actually take action with the appropriate response rather than all these people just taking pictures like Yeah people I mean you you see people taking pictures of like car wrecks and stuff

But I have some respect dude, and that’s because people like just to Absorbed and they like he’s this horror culture man get off it all right really feel get off it hey This is my show I can say what I want All right all the horror people that like more that we’re offended by that. They’re like. I’m gonna kill you Really girly now How about a real nail through your head hat buddy. I don’t like that. Let’s find it whatever Might be so happy about it. He’s like a nail through my head There we go It’s bent and I have a big head – you’d need a bigger head to make it not Bend you see cuz it’s bending that Way look how look how bent it is on Sam’s head. Yeah way. Oh, yeah, so Put a nail through your head, but somehow your brain was so strong and it was like no That’s why you’re still alive right now nice. What do you say Sam? Oh? My gosh new brand second-generation three were three wheels skating bike mantis Oh mantis oh I think it’s like skates. It’s like a training wheel for skates. That’s what this is it’s like I’m too scared to go on roller skates mom also. It’s not the 90s and your mom’s like huh, that’s right We’re in the future now kiddo guys this is $600 $600! you know what that means I gotta know if you guys actually want to watch this all right So we’re gonna do a like love like 300,000 likes that lets me know that you guys actually want to see this product before I buy it because if I buy it That’s money down the drain if you don’t want to see it Look at this thing dude baby’s sleeping story projector flashlight star lamp child such a long title Simple pack fairytales oh, I’m so curious now I have to know what the fairy tales are oh? They’re gonna be like all these weird knockoff like fairy tale things. I gotta see it Dude two-fifty it can’t be that good – oh Man look how mean look at any reels they have Sam. I was like how does this work? I think you stick it in there through there like this and that’s it oh It’s intense. It’s actually not bad. Let’s turn off these lights push this light back In this bed time story time What the crap dude is this perverse? Looking at the Kings butt so it looks like what we can do here is actually focus the beam And it’s not looking half bad, and we’re in relatively a bright room here, so I mean it’s working What’s this image of he’s like? Eh okay and wearing clothes now and then the pervert King oh It’s the little pig little pig story Lupe. Yeah, yeah, three little pigs blow your house down oh Yeah hufflepuff Stop Talking about drugs. I don’t have to say for two bucks. That’s you know without the drug stories Yeah, I’m not to say this is casual oh You’re supposed to squish it To peace lot small plus large bouncy ball toys, baby gifts children educational game. I don’t know man like Baby, toys I’m like a Chinese website for 99 cents. I do not recommend doing this Yeah, yeah baby’s gonna choke on something or it’s gonna be like a plastic that like gives you burn yeah Yeah, or it’s like made of leather. It’s toxic, but we’re not kids so we can try them out by now There’s so many of them Why so many of them they’re so light? There’s a small and a large Do you want one Sam here have a blue one? I assume. Oh, how weird that is weird whoa? Dang that was far They hit the ceiling these are awesome oh That the smaller ones are more powerful Yeah, these aren’t bad dude not for kids though Good we got in the center of the room and see if I can still hit the ceiling ready ready set I Think you’re doing it because it’s the carpet now watch what how am I doing this wrong? Dude, you’re not letting you go. You gotta let go let go the path Sam

Sam Sam maybe it’s the one you’re using no, no I Keep it That was a golden shot, dude, and you just ruined it. It was gonna hit the ceiling come back Really These are cool. I’m gonna say these are this is a this is definitely a Buy It Or Casual and now before we get into the rest of the products Look look put a shout out time Twitter shout outs on guys Jays Twitter shower is jelmer jelmer ask Matt How many nerf guns do you have how many nerf guns do you have a belly? Oh gosh, it like the Armory in the army. I’m really bad at estimating numbers. Yeah evidently I am too and like I’m really bad at it, and I’m thinking like a hundred Twenty 120 we say 120 boom there you go jelmer That’s that’s our guest we don’t know exactly How many guys if you want to be in a Twitter shout-out right now go follow me at Mathias? I am right now, and tweet me a question use my hash tag ask Matt And we do Twitter shadows now pretty dope thanks for treating me Keep fit practical to Chinese boding balls relaxation therapy Chrome no I mean I’ve seen these before I think some people in our office actually have some of these I think we have a really cool video. Oh wow this guy’s talented with these balls. You’re not supposed to let them touch oh My word that’s like juggling Look at that Look good Wow Let’s try the Add to Cart did I guess I guess that’s I guess whatever? Wow those are definitely big Spheres What the heck give me the ball all right Those are some heavy ball. This is my attempt at what that guy was doing? I’m sort of happy. I’m not good at this Watching you right now Hey pervs, don’t stop commenting you pervs. I’m doing my best I Made one of them sweet O’keefe it same company portable electronic acupuncture Meridian energy health pen Kit heel massage Bank really just when you think it’s over relief massager Beauty health care tool This looks like some type of like steampunk like Torture device doesn’t it I can turn it up to level 3 miss your bomb And I will destroy your teeth 6 bucks. I don’t know if I trust anything that’s 6 bucks. You know I’m saying Beside the bag of chips, actually it’s expensive bag a chips. Yeah, what’s your favorite type of chip? Ruffle Orange Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re talking about the real perv ones what yeah, no, you know what the best chips in the world are My communist free no no foods are good No, have you ever been to Trader Joe’s yeah? Have you ever had the blue corn tortilla chips. Yes. They will literally change your life Okay blue corn tortilla chips in general it tastes like normal tortilla chips specifically the Trader Joe’s blue corn tortilla chips so good I Can eat a whole bag, and I’m like okay Oh No, it came with like too little so this is like a different type of head Yeah, so it doesn’t do as much dispersion with the electric shock. I assume it’s gonna be like an electric shock, right Look it goes all the way up I don’t know if I’m on 16 and it just reset to one hey getting shocked dude. I hate it so much oh

Yeah, it shocks you it yeah. Definitely like low voltage every time it does it. It’s just so weird. It’s not painful It’s just like so weird you want to try you can’t feel that You can’t feel that are you dead inside? Yes, you don’t feel that You’re kidding me right no Dude you’re dead inside for real, are you kidding me? You are dead inside how can you not feel at that exact point? Maybe I’m doing it wrong I Get it now What you have to do it yourself? You have to do it to yourself That’s the only that’s got to be it because this is metal so that’s gotta be a complete weight It’s got to be a complete thing so it’s got a conduction so do it to yourself sit on mine Yeah, it’s on one it’s doing it right now. Cuz I I felt a shock it wasn’t like intense or anything like that. Oh Way too long to Static electricity yeah, how you kind of feel and then it kind of ghost around yeah, not good. Yeah, not good Yeah, so I’m I’m happy to know that you are in fact human. So that’s that’s good I’m happy about that, but I’m sad about the fact that it took me that long to figure that out. I’m gonna say it’s a I mean people that like shocking yourselves weirdos. You can say cash it, but I’m gonna say traffic some Smart dancing goofs electronic walking toys I don’t know how to tell you this, but I can almost guarantee that this goose is not gonna be smart You know I mean, that’s like matthias personal guarantee that this is gonna be a dumb goose 33 bucks – oh my gosh Super goose Dude it’s a super good super good and whatever dude. Let’s try it. Let’s try it out by now look Where that goose is way smaller than it should be that is a small child that child is like Pocket-sized, how is that possible? How is that even possible? Really doing in China dude doing experiments on kids these days either that or they just made a smaller version Okay, here we have a super goose. It’s a hip-hop b-boy life B-boy life I love the b-boy life Hold up. It’s a b-boy. I’m gonna age myself like a B-boy, no I think it’s like a boy band thing Oh, okay, breakdancing a young man involved in hip hop culture, so it’s one of those words They use you thank you I am so Curious about what? This is gonna sound like when I turn this on This has to be the best product I’ve ever seen in my life, okay, there’s my I Don’t know why this product just like Throws me for a whoa dude guys. Here’s what’s up. I need to see what my daughter thinks of this product Go follow me on Twitter. I’m gonna tweet out a video right now actually of her playing with this toy I want to see if she’s as impressed as I am. I have to say that the cash, dude It’s a cash it for sure dude freaking duck. Hip hop and b-boy life, man. Yes Guys before we get into the next couple of products make sure you subscribe here by clicking that big ol subscribe button down below Make sure you don’t miss Vetra videos educational tetris handheld system game toys brick game Wow, dude it must be giant next to those wine bottles Why are the wine bottles in there? Why? Miniature wine bottles it shows the thighs Think of that in any relationship size in my mind like oh, okay So those are some miniature wine bottles so it must be about 5 inches

Better just your hands near it through 258 free shipping. I’m sold by now Nailed it alright dude. Have you ever played Tetris before how do you play? Okay, what’s going on? It says game over already. I already lost how did I already lose wait? Is this Tetris? It just said flop? Sorry was your soul trying to escape just like wrong. I’m Beginning to be concerned like first. Yeah, Chris. You don’t get shocked Then you have a demon trying to escape this is level one I assume oh there we go Okay here we go guys. This is it oh That wasn’t Tetris set on does a doesn’t block shooting game. Oh see that too slow to slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also not fun. I mean I guess this would be geared towards the people that don’t have phones You know what I mean because this is only three dollars So I mean for three dollars, that’s not a bad amount of fun And there’s tons of levels right so if you were bored out of your mind You know and you had like no phone cuz there free apps right better way better than that then this would be great it says there’s 9999 games in this I don’t even believe that at all Not even the slightest bit they just printed that and they’re like no one’s gonna check I’m have to say Thickening stainless steel hand Moxie boostin warm Moxie bus young Moxie bustin all steel mafia They really pushing this word aren’t they there’s a form of heat therapy in which a dried plant material called Moxa are burned on or very near the surface of the skin Well, thank you, Mike you see who was digging picture right here It was like yeah. It was a great shot Whoops. I didn’t realize you’re gonna see me Anna all right Let’s see if anyone burned themselves feedback zero, so we’re gonna have to be the first to test it can You read that I? Was gonna be impressed you know with our multiple languages Google that’s not you Google You’re serious. Uh-oh useless wait. What is this are these cigars? Oh, that’s single smell it you smell it like a cigar, dude. I feel like you got experience, dude No drugs, Sam. She was like People do it in the movies people Do it don’t be influenced by movies, okay drugs? Bad how does this work no? cut oh I cut this Light it on fire Oh my gosh what the heck is in this This is so weird looks like a poop looks like a poop rolled up a rolled up food ready for this I Feel like we just had a conversation about drugs, and then you try to get me to Inside oh that smells like poo oh my gosh Bad bad incense. Oh my gosh this oh my gosh, Sam if that scent catchy oh my gosh That I can taste it in my throat yes, what happened this is what drugs, I’m sure See my reaction right now Say no to drugs listen to your fire on the third oh my gosh so bad What does it smell like I smelled that before I swear it smells like drugs Can’t fire like it’s not yes. It smells like campfire. Yeah with we’ve had. Oh my gosh, okay Did you bring drugs into the office Sam laughter? We just talked about this Let’s get rid of why is it still smell? Don’t like in your hair now. Oh my gosh the man is gonna be like you’re doing drugs at work. He’s like What did I talk to you about? Oh? My gosh? It smells so bad oh? Crap see this video right there that is a lot Chinese strange items Some gold cards right there. I gotta end this. I got see you guys later