top 20 chinese drama with best possessive manipulative and obsessive male leads hi guys this is top list drama as the name suggests this will be a highly subjective list about chinese dramas with possessive manipulative and obsessive male leads so we will counting down our pick for the top chinese drama with best possessive manipulative and obsessive male leads as always you can catch me more content like this give me a subscribe and let me know which drama list you want to see next love is sweet it follows the story of a girl named zhang jun who meets her close childhood friend ma yuanchuwai in the workplace this time however not as an ally but as a rival zhong jun runs into her childhood friend ma yuanjuwai yet he’s different from the gentle and caring protector that she remembered him to be furthermore someone seems to be plotting against her and she must rely on her wits and will to succeed not just in her career but also in love love in time two former enemies from high school whose lives keep intersecting end up in a contract marriage with each other as adults shu jinan is an unknown author whose family is in a tough spot to alleviate her situation she has no choice but to agree to enter into a contract marriage with lou boyan lou boyan has become a guru in the world of investments the two people who have very different temperaments are also at odds due to a childhood misunderstanding yet they must know learn to live together yourself this is about a love story between an accomplished career woman and a younger man he funds zing’s company as at risk of being acquired while her relationship with yuan song faces societal pressures due to their age difference the consecutive blows in her work and love life push her to an emotional quagmire and it is during this time that ye lu ming enters her life being older in age he is mature stable and knowledgeable he becomes he funzing’s life coach and the source of conflict between the couple for he funds shane it’s not merely a matter of choosing the man that she loves but considering the contradictions of adopting the traditional mindset on marriage foreign well dominated love the drama is about the romance between a picky ceo and his temporary special assistant whereas knee shin chen is the perfect secretary at work and can be sweet beautiful capable independent and always has a positive attitude and is optimistic about life yan jingji is famous as a cold-hearted

boss but knee shin chen manages to hold and handle alone as time goes by yan jing ji and nishing chen began to fall in love until they experienced problems with each other well intended love a third-rate actress with leukemia becomes entangled with ceo ling because she needs him for treatment master devil do not kiss me a bizarre twist of fate throws impoverished tear-away milk delivery girl chu sha together with an unlikely prince charming ruthless know-it-all business heir han chi liu known to his schoolmates as master devil a love so beautiful it starts off with high school classmates chen xiao xi and zhang chen who are also neighbors xiao xi a cheerful girl who doesn’t study much is expressive about her admiration towards zhong chen the popular guy known for his looks and high grades together with their fellow classmates the funny liu yong athletic but loyal jing shao and cool swimming team member wu bo song they embark on high school life to university until their adult life the king’s woman is the granddaughter and disciple of military commander gong sun yu jing k and sun li are childhood lovers and were forced to escape when chin troops attacked however sun lee’s wall-shattering beauty seizes the interest of the chin emperor ying-jung and she’s captured and sent to his palace it’s then that she discovers she’s pregnant with jing k’s child ying jung treats him as if he’s his own child the tragic day arrives when jin kay tries to assassinate ying zhang foreign legend of yun shi the story follows a lady doctor called han yun-shi who marries into the royal family and gets caught in the political machinations in the palace whilst she falls into a romance with her husband however circumstances allow her to show off her skills time and again winning the admiration of long fae at the same time she also forms a friendship with jiu chi xiao master of yao gwaii valley put your head on my shoulder on the cusp of graduation an accounting major searching for her career winds up living with a genius physics student who shakes up her daily routine so

lucky’s first love a story about first love and romances from the perspective of three couples in the workplace it follows an independent young woman brimming with potential who crosses paths with a black-bellied boss my girlfriend when ding chao roo turned 17 a misunderstanding results in xiao roo believing that she will never find happiness ding chao rue is in window design artist and narcoleptic she falls asleep at critical moments of her life she is an ordinary girl who believes herself to be cursed when she was young to never find happiness one day she meets the insomniac tv producer kai shin what starts from overlapping misunderstandings between the two blossoms into an innate admiration for each other as two hearts grow closer over time my girlfriend is an alien an intergalactic romance follows an alien girl stuck on planet earth she crosses paths with an overbearing ceo who forgets the opposite sex whenever it rains meanwhile fang lang as an overbearing ceo who suffers from heterosexual amnesia whenever it rains which causes him to forget the women around him on rainy days these unusual circumstances between chai xiao qi and fang lang ultimately lead to a romance that is full of laughs the love equations adorable and bubbly jo xiao is a favorite among her peers a university literature student with a penchant for detective novels she spends her days lost in the pages of her favorite mysteries always eager to find out what happens next with such a devoted love of such stories it comes as no surprise when she finds herself falling for one of the university’s forensic science majors my unicorn girl sang tien is an aspiring figure skater she vows to her family that she will be accepted to the same university that her mother once attended but things do not go according to plan for sang tien and she fails the exam things get even more complicated for her when she realizes that when bing a young man she has crossed swords with in the past is also part of the team worse still she finds she must share a dormitory with him and struggles to keep her true all i want for love is you a story full of laughs follows sanda fighter gu xiao man and school genius zuo and as they chase after love g.u xiao man is a sanda fighter who wins medals at the sport but not in class because she wants to continue to be schoolmates with her idol zuo in she decides to give the same effort to academics as she does to sanda her hard work combined with

zuo anne’s efforts to be her personal teacher pays off and they get into the same university a popular idol and a manicurist fall into a romance with an expiration date when they have to pretend to be married two different people leading different lives cross paths due to a scheme around a candid camera incident to deal with the aftermath popular star yi han and manicurist pay u who has always dreamed of buying her own house enter into a marriage contract girlfriend when an extra gets hired to act like she has a crush on a ceo the pretend romance becomes all too real wen xiaonuan has been trying to make ends meet in order to support the wangmei opera troupe resorting to acting gigs to earn money she books an unusual job where she must pretend to have a crush on the handsome ceo yifamo she then becomes an actress in the business of ceo yifamo anning there she grows her career in acting and finds love foreign arsenal military academy joins the army and her brother’s stead by pretending to be a man she becomes classmates with the wealthy gu yan-gen and the kom shen jun shan through their rigorous training the three form a bond to become comrades all while shia shong tries to keep her cover after many incidents shia shong earns the respect of her peers and superiors she also becomes the object of affections of the two men in her lives the japanese military stations more forces in the northeast region causing the young heroes to engage in battle as they uncover a big conspiracy a story revolving around a sunny youth and a marine biology student as they work together to protect the ocean and fey is a scholar who encounters yee hai a young man who seems to bring her bad luck ye hai not only opposed the project that anfei has been working on but he also makes up stories about her by claiming that she’s his wife finding ye hai arrogant and weird and faye tries to avoid him at all costs until she realizes that he may have been right along as she gets to know him memories of a past relationship begin to surface just like the legendary story of poseidon and amphitrite foreign you