Donkey Kong Country [1] – Kongo Jungle

hey guys lighten here and I’m going to be doing a let’s play of Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo this is a game that has a lot of nostalgic memories for me I grew up playing this game and over the years I’ve only grown more and more fond of it I’ve come back to play through it many many different times and now I’ll share through my playthrough of this so it all starts with our hero Donkey Kong collecting old bananas on his Island putting them in a stash so he could survive and eat it whenever he likes but then one stormy night King k rool needs all of these bananas so he decides to steal them from Donkey Kong diddy his trusty companion and best friend goes out to try and stop him only to be shoved into a barrel and throw it into the forest when Donkey Kong awakes the next day well hold there are no more bananas left so now it’s our job as dokie Kong and Diddy Kong to traverse through donkey kong country as you can see there and find all of those missing bananas so the first level jungle high jinks is where we begin so this game is very simple on the Super Nintendo it only has three buttons jump role and swap character there is a special move as well which is slammed the ground if you pressed down and the role button’ at the same time has hidden objects every every now and then but I don’t really know where those are full of them so I always like to do this when i first started again just to show you how sad cop hits at all of his bananas that’s been stolen services no purpose to the game really but if you go back into his house lady just you know skyrocketed out of can get a free life it’s the first secret of the game in the first level especially if you travel across the treetops instead of a going up going down on the ground clothing you can find a lot of lives I just died and I feel like a dick it let’s try that again and play properly it’s good thing I collected that extra life in the ducky Kong house now isn’t it all right meet diddy kong the better of the two characters he is smaller and faster rest the swap bun he is smaller and faster and he in my opinion I can jump a lot easy as a little bit more mobility than Donkey Kong that’s just me I prefer to use duty on everything except you also except for when tackling big bad guys which we’ll get to some of those in a bit as you can see there’s a lot of lives of this this is a big bad guy as diddy kong if you jump on top of them you just bounce up as donkey kong there because there’s a little bit heavier you can kill them there’s another bad guy later called an armadillo which is also a jerk and didi has a bit of a trouble dealing with it so as you can see here this is a golden statue there’s a lot of animal buddies in this game and if you collect three of the same kind of statue in a playthrough then you gain a bonus level serve to earn some extra lives also speaking of animal buddies the very first one is rampy the Rhino who is probably one of the best animal buddy in the game so this would be a playthrough going through and getting all of the bonuses as well to get one hundred percent no point playing game if you’re not going to get through the whole thing right that’s the first secret and as soon as you come out of the first secret lo and behold there’s another one right there so this kind of bonus you got a few different types of bonuses the first one that we went to lose just straight go from A to B usually it hasn’t been as involved sometimes as lives and sometimes they’re statues looks good I guess from the this one you have to match three of kind which is not too hard at all if you get through the kind boom get a celebratory jingle and you get to go on to the next part of the level if you fail nothing happens you just don’t get the bonus of that bonus so Randy is God he destroys walls he can uncover secrets just by touching them and he can kill every enemy in the game I believe as you can see when you first finish a level the title jungle hi jinx is now going to ! next to it’s a jungle high jinks that means that you’ve found all the bonuses in that level so as you can see ropey rampage because we haven’t played it yet doesn’t have an

exclamation point so hopefully by the time we finish this we can find it so that dark and stormy night that happened it seems to be pretty frequent up here this is an armadillo they chase after you and roll around because they’re [ __ ] and then they stop and catch a breather now if you jump on top of them you bounced off quite far away but it’s donkey kong just way for him to gain yeah doc you come from kill them in one here which is very handy in Louisville like this because it’s been so many times where you go to jump onto an armadillo and you bounce off to the side of a tree because of the thing so up there is a another statue for Randy see so when I first play through this game there was so many secrets and so many things in this game that I had no idea how to find a nobody way to go there was a lot of trial and error like this leap of faith without it that the first time I found that I was like wow I’ve never I found a secret that was like totally amazing yeah but a lot of these puzzles and a lot of these secrets are just that secret I may not remember where all of them are playing through this one memory so I might have to go back to some levels later on and get them but i think i remember a good chunk of them especially in the earlier levels be and then you get to skip all of that which is good all right just a little bit more height there we go so it’s a frog so we’ve got two frogs already now the good thing a bad thing about the the bonus levels is yes it does give you extra lives and you know it gets to have a little bit of fun doing odd things but it also takes you back to the last checkpoint that you had okay this is another type of bonus so this is a choose the correct spot for the item that’s gonna flash until it was this one ah was that one this is the sad music this is when dr. conscious utterly defeated um yeah so the bad thing about the bonuses is it sends you back so if you play through the the game and you’re like right right right near the end say that G was a and said another frog and I got sent to a bonus then it would send me back into the level at the halfway point so i would have to play through all of this again which is a bit of a design flaw in the see rope your rampage is now broke your rampage so because we’ve got all the secrets in that level so Cranky’s cabin he just gives off advice and sometimes annoys you so you found me did you what do you want a leap of faith is all it takes to find Winky in barrel canyon canyon canyon if you bounce a keg off a wall and then jump on it as it rolls back you can ride it just pretty pointless if you get stuck come back and see me so the next level is reptile rumble this is the first cave level of the game another thing I do like about de caunes at when he olds barely holds in front of him which is good if you’re going to walk with a barrel is then enemies just it’s like you have another buffer another hit in front of you this is one of those other bonus levels which just straight left to right boom and then another cigarette like I said this game is filled with secrets this is a left right one but it’s even easier because they did all the work for you bigger than that let’s see what i mean i can carry this one in front of me and I get double kill I’m going to try and collect all of the Kong letters as well but some levels you can’t get all the con letters without doing some dodgy stuff so i might not be able to get him in every level but I’ll certainly try there was a furnace there it was bound just exploded without releasing the door this one’s a little a little bit harder left Tarawa you have to bounce on a tire but same premise I know a lot of people that played this game later on find this too difficult because hurt a little it is a little bit unfair in terms of difficulty it does spike especially in the later levels and i haven’t mentioned this yet but there are a few very annoying bad guy placements like that armadillo and the end of the Burpee rampage level so there’s a few times where they put a bad guy right at the end of the level and if you are paying attention or you’ve only got one hit then a lot of the time you die

fortunately I have played through this game a lot so i dunno where a lot of those jerk enemy replacements are which is good and now to come to one of the best tracks in the entire game which named the name escapes me a quoi tech I’m otic something oh damn now it’s going to annoy me hola I’ll put the name of the track up here anyways so this is a very very beautiful track it’s just so calm so serene it is perfect for being underwater the the amount of stuff that they did on the Super Nintendo was such a such a basic system kind of music that we got out of this it’s just incredible so in the underwater levels from Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can’t attack they can’t defend themselves in any way you just have to run away from the bad guys and there’s quite a bit other than the Sharks there’s fish there’s a octopuses you’ve already seen the only way of attacking is if you find a swordfish and I’m god I’m glad the swordfish is the only way to attack down here he depressed the you press the wrong button to slam his nose forward and now the anger is till them because that’s weird he’s not unique guys so yeah so he is the only way to attack underwater but just like all animal buddies if he gets hit he runs away there’s another little secret so it’s he’s very good he’s very very handy to have underwater without him some of these world levels would be a little bit more frustrating you cannot attack hills and he cannot attack a octopus as well so these pearls he can’t attack clam barrels something they called some other and he’s Octopussy can’t attack either you have 15 lives already so Carl capers I think all of the underwater stages do not have a any kind of bonuses in them so any time you finish one of them you get the explanation point man there’s a storm picking up outside yeah there’s the thunder guys so Funky’s flight although completely useless right now can become it’s very handy later on in the game to come back so his flights whoa dudes my name’s funky card so basically you jump into his barrel and he can fly you anywhere in the world so as we unlock more levels and more parts of the game you can fly back to all the levels so you can play through different levels say you you didn’t get all the bonuses and reptile rumble and then at the end of the game you want it to come back in and collect them all and the Thunder then you can so barrel cannon Canyon now this is by far the hardest level in the first world the other levels have a slight progression ille difficulty you know the first levels fairly easy second levels a little bit harder third levels a little bit harder still the fourth level is a different kind of level you know just to introduce you to the fact that its water so you got four different levels are one in the Sun one in the rain wanted to ground one of the water and now this one is introducing you to a multitude of barrels as the name implies as a child this is where I got stuck so often so many times now play through this level properly and then I’ll show you the chiddy way cheating the Kapiti way to do it all there I remember where the bonuses are in this level but I’m sure I can find oakley I’m sure I can find them I think that’s the way that just really took collection bananas ok so barrels with white tips say that if you press the jump button you shoot out of that barrel when you choose barrels that don’t have the white tips let’s get

barrels without white tips you get shot out automatically to see this on to white tip so it’ll continually go the next one with a star on it means it will blast you automatically an amazing the first of many deaths I can guarantee let’s see what’s down oh there we go so I just collected 33 frog so now we get to play as Winkie the frog and this level so basically the the bonus levels are just you collect as many of these little Winky two frogs until you until the time runs out of every 100 that you collect it’s a bonus life so the faster you collect the better there is also a secret giant frog old giant animal in each level that you can find that doubles whatever you’ve got at the time of collecting it so you can get double the light so in this one I think it’s over here yeah so this one’s up like like this it doubles my 287 a double the lives so the more that you can collect before you reach the end the more lives that you can you can have some of them are placed in really really bad places so you can’t really utilize them it’s like if you spend all your time to go after them or you can spend all your time collecting lives really you end up with about the same there we go six lives not bad and I get to start the beginning of the level again because of that over there you know things I’ve done in the level stay done so that hole is still there dude do this is my second favorite track of the game jungle hijinks just the way that it builds up sorry about that power went out to do all this thunder just for the the power point that i have my recorder plugged into so completely lost my train of thought let’s technical issues playing in a thunderstorm well it was a dark and stormy night yeah alright i’m not going to collect ram because i don’t want to do another don’t to do another bonus so this is a very nerve-racking but it does build up so this is the first bonus now this is something that I would never have known to do if I didn’t accidentally miss this thing once tip here is if you just span the bun when you get into the battle you instantly go and you collect everything along the way halfway point it’s only going to get harder from here on out Oh what could this TNT before how about to go back the second bonus now in these kinds of verses you just pick one and you have for the best other lives there are letters there are all different kinds of things so against the middle one which is our life that was good now to kill you alright so now we get to the hardest part of the game which is the final final stretch ah I’m turning this sky is ominous okay let’s do it do it missed ya I really am quite good at this game but maybe it’s the fact that I’m having to to record at the same time maybe it’s the fact that it’s it’s ridiculously hot right now but but it’s also a thunderstorm this time I’ll get there so Donkey Kong is very formulaic Italy it follows on the coattails of Mario kind of game where you got each world and each wealth is a different theme so this is you know the grass world you know the grass theme just waiting for this and then you have later on worlds you have a forest world I have a few other different themes like they go to they go

to a factory which is not a usual theme I guess technology is the theme so this is what i mean by an immediate placement this guy was right at the exit bouncing up and down if you had only one hit and you made a mistake it did but I didn’t make a mistake now barrel candy Canyon is done now as a child I didn’t know this which is something that I had to figure out and it took a very long time to do so so now that we finished a barrel canyon canyon we can go back to and i’ll show you the the secret way now this is something that i discovered much later on in life and i’m so glad that i did as a child this level used to be the hardest and then after I discovered this this level became pretty easy so at the side of the level you can jump up onto the other home cave thing and if you go to the top of it there’s a bow just shoot you to this other bowel which shoot you through a good third of this this level so then if you keep going now if you use these guys you can bounce up to here ah and collect a bonus rameez our burgers well Randy so this is the ice world look nice yeah his one’s a bit easier in terms just run to the left and right but then you get hit with a dilemma what do you do after that well if you jump up to the igloo you can jump along the top and if I don’t run out of time oh it’s gonna know I’m gonna run a ton up just over to the to the right there is the times two which I fail to get but I’m sure we’ll see this bonus again someday and look I get to play from the side of the level it’s a good thing that I get to skip it straight away or else that would have been very very dumb move all right can I jump that yeah again so if we jump up here using I’ll do it properly so you can have to do what I just did and roll across or you can jump on one of these three bad guys to get on top of the trees and you jump to the next one and now we just skip the next third of that barrel section now at the checkpoint now the final barrel section you can skip as well by using these guys so if you wait and you have to time your barrel blah so you miss getting the barrel at the top but the guy on the left of you has to be jumping then you can bounce off of him and land on this tree to which you skip the rest of the level and you collect the end so this is one of those levels that you couldn’t finish with Kong and get all the bonuses at the same time and then it leaves you at the top and see there’s an immediate reply sir look at him go through and that made that level whole of a lot easier so can t save points and just exactly what they tell you they’re save points there we go 18 minutes in fourteen percent you know the final thing for the first level before the first world of Donkey Kong Country is the boss very naughty good pun because he likes to gnaw on things so he is a is definitely the easiest boss of the game and to write he’s the first boss of the game basically he just pops very very shyly to the left and right minding his own business he doesn’t care he’s not after you he’s not trying to hit you but we won our batons back and all of their pixelated glory that’s a lot of the nuns so you just bounce on his head giggles and now he jumps faster and a little bit further Oh jump it further and faster you can’t double bouncing him like that you just bounce up so it was three hits I think he takes four or five that’s 45 and then he dies we got the victory dance everybody’s happy except for naughty because he was very naughty with that you get to go to the next world sometimes it’s always good to go back into the previous world after you defeated our boss and save and then use that flunky front a funky flights system to go back to the next world the reason being is if you start the next world you have to keep playing until you reach the next a point but I think this is where

we’re going to leave it up with today so next time on da king kong country will play through world to don’t have some fun with some mine carts and exploring some ancient temples we’ll see you then and i forget to cycle up scribe you