Family journey with Renault Zoe in Turkey for 805 km (English/Turkish subs included!)

hi I am Emma from Sweden I’m here with my husband travelling from the heart of Turkey Kayseri to our home in Istanbul with our Renault Zoe we are just starting our journey Ikea skubb of course where we put all our charging cables I suppose other parts of the world probably you only need one charging cable but here we need adapter charging cables because unfortunately Turkey doesn’t have that many charging stations We have one adapter for 3-phase so this is our ordinary type 2 charging cable that we can use in the rare case we can actually find a charging station and here is our NRG Kick cable to use for 3-phase This is our necessary equipment otherwise we couldn’t do this journey and here’s our 2 year old girl sleeping thankfully! Now if you have any doubts about Renault Zoe fitting a car seat or rear-facing car seats have no doubts it’s very comfortable she is sitting here very comfortably she has a perfect view out the back door so actually she likes this car more than other cars also lots of leg space for the front passanger aswell so I would recommend this for families with two children so now we’ll start our journey to Istanbul from Kayseri So now we on the first stretch of our journey from Kayseri to Kırşehir Kırşehir is a small city between Kayseri and Ankara and one of the rare places where we can actually charge our car there is no charging station there but we will go to Renault in Kırşehir The Renault dealer and charge our car with 3-phase adapter charger that we have so we have this NRG Kick cable that turns any 3-phase or mono phase power outlet into type 2 charger station the problem in Turkey is there are very few actual charging stations Istanbul is good between Istanbul and Ankara we don’t have any problems but between Ankara and Kayseri there are no charging stations so without this NRG Kick cable we couldn’t actually make this journey like I mentioned before at every stop we have to wait up approximately one and half hour our this is the R version not the Q version so there is no quick charge for this car but with this cable we can actually make this journey very comfortable Turkey only has a few DC charging stations maybe like ten but Renault Zoe doesn’t support DC anway so it’s only AC charging stations the maximum charging capacity of these charging stations in Turkey is 22 kwh so even if we had the Q version that can support 43 kwh we couldn’t charge it anywhere anyway so this version is not sold in Turkey They are all R version If you ask me about the comfort of travelling intercity travelling with an EV in Turkey I would say it’s actually quite good I mean a lot of people that don’t EV cars are very sceptical about them bring this up us as one of the problems like you have to stop and charge your car you can’t just drive into a gas station and fill it up in two minutes so it takes more planning

I know my mother-in-law doesn’t like that it takes us 5 hours longer now to get to from Istanbul to Kayseri than it used to but than on the other hand I mean now we have this two-year-old girl who is not gonna sit in the car for 10 hours straight anyway stopping charging is actually a very good excuse for everyone to stretch our legs get something to eat see something like often we stopped at shopping malls for charging have some ice cream go to playground so I would say it’s quite comfortable actually I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would we’re driving in ECO mode to preserve energy to where we are going so currently I am driving 95 kmh at at the speed we are spending like 14 kwh/100 km so ECO mode is making the car a bit numb maybe I mean if I hit the gas it doesn’t really do that much but if I need to overtake a bus or something I floor the gas pedal and it actually increases the speed very nicely like now and when I let go of the throttle it goes back of the ECO mode so today we will travel from Kayseri to Istanbul and we will make three stops for charging our first stop is in Kırşehir the small city between Kayseri and Ankara we will stop approximately one hour to charge at 3-phase power outlet at the Renault service and car dealership after this we will have two and a half hour drive to Ankara where we will stop in AnkaMall really big I think the biggest shopping mall there and charge which is nice place to charge our car there’s playground, food court lots of shopping places go for a coffee our girl will be very happy to stop there after Ankara we will go Düzce take approximately two hours in Düzce there is nothing much more than a charging station by Voltrun Turkish company and we will stop at this gas station and after Düzce we will stay probably two hours there and we will go straight home to Halkalı, İstanbul and hopefully we won’t have to stop and charge anywhere else so if you have an Android telephone you can plug it in with the USB to your car and use its interface so it’s pretty useful here’s the main menu this is Google Maps that were hooked up to so I see where I’m going here is the telephone our little girl just woke up here is music so we hooked up to Spotify app for some road time entertainment so we just reached our first destination which is Renault car dealership in Kırşehir where we will charge with 3-phase power outlet with our NRG Kick cable and I think they know us well

we’ve been here so many times so we are here in Kırşehir Renault car dealership waiting for our car to charge we’ll stay here approximately one hour our girl just woke up so I hope she will have plenty of opportunity to stretch her legs so she will get ready for the next two hour drive to Ankara what are you guys doing hanging out making time pass making a mess very curious about the other kids here sweating it’s pretty warm in Turkey right? yeah, I think its something 35 degree is outside abla, abla say bye bye abla now our car has just charged up to 80% so we are ready to go -Baba, Baba we actually charged up to 85% which we didn’t need but now we have more than enough charge to take us to AnkaMall in Ankara so we’ve just left Renault Kırşehir and we are going to Ankara now for our second charge of this journey in Ankara we are going to AnkaMall which is the biggest shopping mall in Ankara have some dinner they have a nice charging station -Anne, Niloya! and this little girl she wants to watch cartoons now so I should turn this off and give her the phone as you can see she has very nice view -Niloya! from her seat she is not happy Vinka Esma Sara! good way to get the kids just to sit down in the car to give them some sugar and some cartoons keep them happy for a while we’ve been waiting here for the last five minutes there is an accident on the road up a head -it’s over there, they’re taking the car yeah we’re not quite sure why they are not letting us pass on the other lane but it seems hopefully -probably they’ve towed the car yeah hopefully it’s finished now wait and see! this is our current cruise speed we charged a bit more than we needed in Kırşehir so now we’re making up time by driving a bit quicker 106 kmh heja Sverige! heja Sverige! abla! (means sister in Turkish) abla! she saw some goats

so the capacity of this car is 41 kwh which is what we have now spent and this is taking us almost 290 km with an average speed of approximately 100 kmh this is showing 73 but it’s not really accurate because we stopped for this accident and for some red lights and we have an average consumption of 14.2 kwh/100km and we even saved 6 kwh which is pretty good so here is our eşarj charging station here in AnkaMall we’ve just arrived after being stuck in traffic for a while a bit behind the schedule and with a very impatient little girl finally we get to use our normal charging cable here in AnkaMall I like to keep it rolled up and not leave it on the ground it gets really dirty with all the polution and dust so let’s see if they will let us charge that’s it! now we’ll go and get some food stretch our legs, relax Anne, Baba! Baba! this is AnkaMall where we will spend the next 2 hours so Esma Sara went from one seat to another finally as Esma Sara gets to have her way and gets to play in the playground after sitting in the car patiently for two and a half hours so now we are having dinner I managed to make her sit down in her chair for once and now we are having chicken some pasta she won’t sit down our girl has an obsession with ice-cream at the moment so where ever we go she needs to have ice-cream and sausage and this is the pretty much the only thing she ever eats so we are waiting for the last percents 5% to charge now and then we will head out to Düzce where hopefully we will be able to have a nap whilst charging We’re finally finished charging here in AnkaMall and 97% so now I’m gonna unhook the charger thank you Ankara! now off to Düzce where hopefully we will get some sleep before finally go home so we’ve just arrived here in Düzce I was sleeping most of the way Mehmet was driving so I am a bit mushy now but we are finally here

we’re getting some weird looks from people wondering why we’re filming in the middle of the night so this is also the type 2 charging cable this is Voltrun charging station it’s a Turkish charging company working with Petrol Ofisi just building charging stations all over Turkey and for this year they’re free so we’d like to come these ones just to save a few bucks on the road so we’re finally here in Istanbul we’ve got like 3% left of our battery something like 14 hours to get here but we are finally home so we’re gonna charge up our car for tomorrow if we need to use it so we don’t actually have a charging station at home we’re using our NRG Kick cable here again very useful I’m so tired now time to get our kid out of the car and go upstairs for some sleep I’ll see you again soon bye bye! our total consumption was 114 kwh and we didn’t save that much well we saved 9 kwh but we were using the Eco mode and allowing our car to speed up whilst going downhill so we didn’t save as much as we could have we did an average speed of 100 kmh approximately we were stuck in traffic in Ankara for a long time just pulled it down and our average consumption was 14.2 which is quite low this whole journey took us something around 14 and a half hours we charged at 3 places something an average of one and a half hours per charge so it was a good trip thank you for joining us for this trip and I hope to see you soon again and I hope to see you soon again