Full Hotel Tour: Country Inn & Suites Conway

Fortin here at the Country Inn and Suites in Conway Arkansas today we’re gonna take a hotel tour of this whole hotel they do have fun – do you want – I’m just checking in to the hotel so I have no idea what to expect in this hotel anyways this room can go up to $200 and then the minimum of 80 Club Carlson advertisement here you have an LG 32 inch flat-screen TV your remote and your channels you have said yours a sofa bed we did get a double Queen suite double point toward and suite and got the coffee table a chair there’s my laptop oh wow bring some light in here there we go and as you say energy-saving lightbulbs homecenter energy-saving another lamp with their desk in room Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable here ever directory or guest services a modern hotel telephone no pen pen there you have a couple of AC outlets and then a very comfortable leather desk chair you have a wet bar with in a van C microwave and a fancy refrigerator ice cup to Niagara waters very nice of themself so look in the mirror and who do you see I a light I’m gonna turn this thing on and I’ll figure out later but anyways oh there we go more energy-saving light bulbs I love those Cuisinart coffee maker with high Ridge Country coffee reserve regular regular coffee and decaf coffee cups popping mids napkins stirs and yeah everything in this hotel trash can right there I think my dad’s here finally yep filming right here and I’ll get the bedroom right quick before dad gets in here and sleeps here you have a closet with bedding and stuff another LG 32 inch TV closet with a iron and stand for it a chair and see to clean beds very firm and I home clock so dad can plug in his iPhone in charge another modern hotels telephone and no pan a light set of three drawers again and then last but not least we have the rectory call my guide phone book and the good book alright and now we will close the door somebody I can sleep them too much store don’t close all the way and now we will check out the bathroom here the mirror who do you see hi you have another one of those con air fans con our hair dryers plug them in reset ya think Pantene shampoo conditioner in the Vaseline lotion oh man that kind of some sort bath bar and face bar toilet paper tissue paper here you have well I don’t know the brand Bemis

oh man I suck there we go all the way the first time you have a shower mats make a place for better grip that’s very convenient Delta showerhead and dose of stuff like jets so far an arched shower curtain fortunately we’re not gonna be able to make it back to mass since night spend the night here you got towels more tan towels these are body tells washcloths picture and five energy-saving light bulbs so that’s it for this room tour now we’re gonna move on to now we will tour the rest seedy hotel it’s actually quite a smaller Country Inn and Suites and I thought usually they were all bigger it’s very nice there’s the United States flag the Arkansas flag and a country and that’s sweet spike they have porch you gots the bench seats here you have some advertisements for some stuff in Little Rock and Branson area okay you have one of the two carts in here newspapers plants there’s a front desk free cookies more hi rich country coffee yeah gourmet and decaf in hot water and you have some equal sugar sweetener rich chocolate flavor plantation Nancy English tea time t napkins one stirrer dirty stirrer another a bunch of stirs and then some half-and-half coffee creamer cups and lids we have a nice with read and return books and then some magazines with women’s incorporated natural awakenings a couch and chair makes up this beautiful lot it’s actually a newer a newer country inn and suites where you have your usual Country Inn and Suites staircase be our guest a breakfast breakfast hours from Monday through Friday or six to nine thirty and weekends and holidays are seven to ten thirty proper tires acquired manling shirts shorts and shoes are mainly the things that you need and I don’t recommend you go commando either you have a nice sitting area for two you’ll have an LG flat-screen TV serial you have cocoa puffs Lucky Charms chocolate krispies I think chocolate rice krispies and Cheerios apples and oranges this shop a delicious great day and it looks like this is stuff for teens inside possible decorations again LG flat-screen TV faster free nights you have silverware plate waffle makers this looks like better batter yeah it’s better here’s waffle-making log cabin and carry sugar free carry and sir sausage and bacon goes here this get some gravy oatmeal and

containers stuff then right here you have a toaster strawberry apple concord grape and honey peanut butter sugar salt and pepper sanders in there create your own juicy cook option and try mixing flavors you have glass cups and you have plastic cups she wasn’t very sweet I’ll try tomorrow and see if it’s a little sweeter cranberry juice cocktail water and orange juice staff only through their trash can and here you make coffee then you had stuff like rich chocolate English tea time team yeah same thing and then you have some oatmeal bars and more stirring stuff max mom convinced see is 26 a little painting of breakfast area I’ll take pictures tomorrow TripAdvisor don’t take a little painting of the lobby area to renew you see Tanner’s here dror sanction ads Marcos you have some Fanning machines you have Powerade Minute Maid apple juice and stuff Coke products in here right here you have a snack machine and then ice machine there you have your indoor pool I’m talking about about a later time I don’t want to disturb people men’s and women’s restrooms and here you have some meeting rooms gonna take a look at taj mahal a first I haven’t no idea how to turn this thing on here you have some Maxwell House coffee making things sprite Pepsi in water it’s basically no comfort rooms a CLG flat-screen TVs they’re larger than the ones in the hotel close this up chemical equipment hair dancing guest rooms down here here’s the Manhart elevator storage an Taj Mahal beam oh wait this is the of this one’s locked he has the same room but it’s a its dividable then again chemical equipment in there you know their interests the breakfast room and I don’t know about you but I so now that we are out of the men’s restrooms and to get focus where we are going to continue with the hotel tour again the indoor pool so I will be swimming in that later I don’t know about lots of it every RIT business center let me get my key card out here we have some HP Pavilion slimline computers with Windows Vista and AMD Athlon x2 64 processors graphics by Nvidia against my face ready to install but I will not install this since this is not my own computer yeah they do have one discussed over here they have two of them in a brother printer as well as a hotel telephone there you have some some notepads some paper clips regular Clips pin a pencil and a trash can and then you have two very nice dust chairs I’m sending one right now they feel great actually quite easy to get out of HP keyboard and yeah

basically everything in here is HP except for the trash can and there was the stuff and brother alright now we are going to get out and we will slowly close it here’s the elevator and we’ll ride that later but first let’s go and check out the fitness center this and tha this is not a fitness by procore this is fitness by be H I’m not sure you up wrong key card the only my key card in the business center oh my god Wow there it is well looks like I don’t have to go up the man-powered elevator to get it this is nuts very good at all and best part is I got to wake up my dad to get it I’m in trouble now I hope to god that no one enters the business center cuts go to four I will probably meet the audio because of the music WM g eh it’s a nice toe oh my gosh don’t take the video down WM GE that just proves the quality of u WM g WN t only she was shaking oh my gosh alright now you okay I’ve got the other key and we’re gonna go ahead down to the business center that was very wonderful wasn’t it I hope to god that no one stole it by the way found there’s more ice and vending machines like one step closer to taming the ma’am Howard elevator up it’s a if there is one good thing about this elevator there is no annoying fan that’s actually a good thing there’s speaker four right there wmg don’t take my video down wmg don’t take my video down to 100 pounds watch it feet per minute all right let’s go crap out of here let’s go so now we will move on to the business centre to get my key card back Oh fun day for a hotel – er there’s my key card left it in here nice thing is I didn’t realize I’ve lost until got to the fitness center alright so that’s gone even seeing you with this room’s hotel to her again TJ bh fitness not pre cool and here you have a quite a large fitness center large I thought hotel hall phone and music things yeah light switch Fitness rules using your own risk blah blah blah blah blah you have a weight counter weight lifting machine another one they all have different designs here you have an elliptical treadmills two of them and then a exercise bike and you have a bunch of mirrors with me in it hi right here you have some what’s the word I don’t know it’s time for you to get a watch it’s not for me to get a

digital clock actually LG remotes and TV outlets right there two more right there two are two more yeah almost everywhere in this right and now we will exits the fitness center here’s the laundry room elevator equipment right there Harry gets closed maintenance room 124 and the man powered elevator want to take around the MP let’s do it it’s a nice and be it somebody’s mat so slow I said slow ooh this is past very very very slow ring of elevator whoa that was fast whoo it’s even faster all right your ear at level four this is not close all the way actually don’t close at all alright let’s go down the man-powered elevator once again love seems to move down at the and a n equal speed lovely and again there’s another MPE at the other end of the building there’s an exit out and lanes and omen that’s a staff on shrimp around the hotel let’s finally come to a close you want to go check the indoor pool ok well it’s not my fault I got people in the picture it’s yours honey it’s empty let’s go check it out you serve on any locks it was point here’s a phone it’s locked though mosè they lock their own phone no lifeguard on duty even though they have a lifeguard seat there are fifty pounds maximum here you have a box up sitting area outside there’s a 4ch patio outside towels you’re using your nail scooper stuff thanks away he’s half I have no idea case emergency caught on I want him to get that coming way now officially come to the end of the tour take a drink of water you