Gulmarg | گلمرگ | Gondola Full Journey Phase 1 & 2 | World 2nd Highest Cable Car | Kashmir VLOG #12

As-salamu alaykum you are welcome to Shahid Show Today we are going to Gulmarg and in our way we will leave the car as there are snow on the road and we will walk toward Gulmarg Temperature will be around -8C to -9C Lets go to Gulmarg Our car wind shield has frozen We have started our journey by car and we will see that how far we can go and then we will complete the journey by walking Shaukat Bhai is driving the car and I am sitting next to him and our crew members are at the back Ashar, Rizwan, Irfan , Imtiyaz At this moment the time is 7:53am and temperature is around -10C the sun is shining and there is no vehicle on the road See the small Tiger’s on the road and it looks like they are going to attack See the View We are crossing Rajangan area and Rizwan Bhai is our guide We miss you Imran Bhai and we think that you should be here with us We have parked our car at Baba Rishi and then start our walking journey and Rizwan Bhai is our Guide This is the shortest route to Gulmarg Rizwan, Imtiyaz, Shahid, Irfan, Ashar and Shaukat Rizwan Bhai is taking us to Gulmarg from the shortest route someone just ski down through here We have finished half of the walking journey and in our journey we have faced many difficulties and our team is ahead of us

Rizwan Bhai and Shauqat Bhai are walking slowly and our Guide is facing difficulty in walking From Baba Rishi it took 1 hour to reach Gulmarg by walking We are going towards Gondola First time we are going to ride the Gondola I fall one time and Rizwan Bhai got Injured in our walking journey Use of Polythene Bags are Banned in Gulmarg so don’t use it in Gulmarg See the front view of Gulmarg We are going towards Gondola it will take 20 min see the view in the front The water on the roof of the Hotel has been frozen and it looks good We are waiting for the Gondola ride it will take 15 min and we will go for the first ride as it starts from 10 am We are in the waiting zone and our team members are there The water has got frozen See the time table for the second phase Rs2100 and for the first phase Rs750

We have made our pass and then let’s go for the Gondola Ride Our Gondola is coming After waiting for so long we are going to first phase See the front view we are going to the first phase for the first-time temperature is around -11C There are Shepherd house down there and it is covered with snow We have reached the first phase and we are coming out of the Gondola We are on the first phase and the two person’s are on the chair lift as they are going to ski from the top We will ski on the ground as we don’t know how to ski and the view of first phase it’s beautiful We are going to the second phase from the first phase on top of the mountain and then we will show you the view We are in the second phase and we walked at this point

See the view at the back of the mountain it’s all blue on the other side all the mountain’s looks small the view is beautiful Pakistan is just back of the mountains as it has been stated by Rizwan Bhai the clouds are down from us as we are on high altitude and the temperature is quite low Our crew members Rizwan, Shaukat, Imtiyaz, Irfan and Ashar We are returning from Gondola second phase We are returning from the second phase and you can see that we are at high altitude Two persons are skiing down there and one has stopped Let’s end Gulmarg video here and we wanted to do ski but we don’t have time so good bye