Kringle Candle Flagship & Country Candle Haul Oct 2016

hey guys it’s Laurie and I wanted to share with you a couple of different things from Kringle first off I have some stuff from the country candle line and then I also have some day lights that I purchased from the Kringle candle headquarters in Massachusetts I believe they are like exclusive to that store because they’re not available online and they are not I’ve never seen them in any other store okay so yeah start off with oh and I will tell you about my experience at the headquarters at the end of this video in case you’re just here to you know hear about the candles so I’ll start off with the country candle line everybody’s been going crazy over this I do kind of appreciate where they’re trying to go with this I mean you know since you Yankee reduce the size of their labels we get a smaller picture on you know the candles now and so Kringle had the smart idea smart idea to jump in and offer a line that kind of looks similar and I mean after all they you know the owner of Kringle was the original founder of Yankee so you know I think it’s kind of fitting that he went and did this so yeah it’s it’s I find the line to be cute and kind of quaint I’m not like amazed to buy it my knee means but I think there are a few gems in here and I’ll talk about that I’ll talk about that as I get through this okay so yeah I’ll start off with the day lights that I have right here so this first one is in vanilla cupcake a vanilla cupcake I think I said that weird and so yeah this is kind of your standard like vanilla bakery scent which I love that is very dear to my heart it’s definitely a sweeter like cupcake I definitely think cupcake with buttercream icing when I smell this it is very different from the vanilla cone scent which is much more buttery and you like really gives you kind of a a waffle cone kind of note whatever that is I think it’s more of a more buttery scent this one and also there’s the holiday cookie scent that they have I want to say this is even sweeter than that I believe that’s more of like a crunchy cookie type scent maybe somewhere between vanilla cone and this this is definitely the sweetest of the three and smells most like a fluffy vanilla so that’s pretty good I I would be tempted to get a candle in this but I always have issues with like any to wick paraffin vanilla scent burn like crap for me they always end up smelling smoky and dirty and so I’m just not I’m not giving in this time I’m gonna stick with the daylight and also kringles day lights I have a pretty decent throw like I’ve been generally impressed with them okay so next up I’ll talk about vanilla orchid this is one that a lot of people are saying is similar to Bath and Body Works wild Madagascar vanilla and I think that a closer scent that this is closer to is actually Bath and Body Works forever red vanilla rum which was out a few years ago it’s there kind of like along the same lines but for me vanilla rum was more intense more perfumey just a better fragrance overall yeah there’s definitely like a nice fresh vanilla scent in here like a vanilla bean with this beautiful floral and yeah it’s a scent I think several Kindle companies that have offered the vanilla rum scent and it’s nice it’s nice so if I didn’t

already have a couple of versions of this from the other companies I would probably pick up a candle in this but I don’t really need it Harvest Moon this one is weird for me I’m not a fan –this I get different things when I smell it like right now I get I pretty much always get like a spice like a heavy cinnamon spice with maybe like a cardamom a clove and cardamom note I get citrus so think like Yankee’s kitchen spice it’s like an orange meets like that that Karlin kind of scent and then sometimes it smells masculine yeah I just it’s this one is too heavy for me and not my thing really okay then we have Mountain sunrise and this one is nice I love the label I almost just went for the jar the candle on this one because of that label it’s uh-huh I think people have compared it to snow-capped Fraser yes yeah I think it’s the same scent okay I also have like blue spruce here and Christmas okay no not the same not the same I would I would say that this is the same as snow-capped Fraser so if you like that one you would probably like mountain sunrise fireside okay so this one is lovely and this is also available in well this is kind of interesting because before I talk about the scent there’s also this version which is not on the website right now but I saw this in a local store that carries kringles Kringle candles and they have like all forms of this and all forms of this were at the headquarters as well so I don’t know if they’re going to release this scent in there like kringle line also or if they’re just like scrapping it and going with this one but I would have preferred like I ended up ordering a candle in this because I like the scent so much but I would have preferred to get it in the Kringle line because I like the label a lot better it’s I don’t know first of all like I’m not a fan I’m never a fan of people on my labels even it’s not their faces I just think that this is more I don’t know upscale and a higher-end kind of look which is is what I like but yeah the scent itself oh it’s beautiful it’s like a mix of it’s like firewood and it’s a little bit of perfume there’s some sweetness it’s a really really lovely fragrance it’s very it’s different from like definitely different from firewood because of the sweetness I would say it’s close to if you’re familiar with goose creeks what is it called is it cozy home why am i drawing a blank on this it’s similar to that but it is tweaked a little bit in a way that I can’t really describe maybe it’s a little bit brighter than there than that one so if you are fan of goose makes cozy home scent you will definitely like this man okay then have pine and pomelo this is one I was really hoping to enjoy and you know kind of smells like dirt to me like it’s a very deep earthy kind of green pine scent I would even almost venture to say there’s like juniper or eucalyptus in here and then yeah there’s like some citrus from I guess the the grapefruit it’s just not maybe it’ll be better when it’s burning but it’s not working for me here it just smells too dirty and earthy next up is pumpkin cider donuts and again I was tempted to get a large door in this one

but I’m was kind of over pumpkin I’m ready to be done with pumpkin for a while yeah it’s definitely a cider scent with kind of pumpkin spices I don’t know how much of a bakery I gets with it I also can’t really compare it to the apple cider done on because I don’t have that anymore so I don’t really remember I’m I would say that there is some apple in here and in fact if you told me that this was apple cider doughnut an apple cider donuts scent I probably would not disagree with you like I probably wouldn’t even identify it as pumpkin that’s not true so there might be a little bit of a blend I’m trying to think about like so goose creeks toasty pumpkin toddy this is maybe that same blend of apple pumpkin and spice like salmon and clove but maybe this has a bakery note that that doesn’t have it’s fine I’m not in love with it enough or think that it’s original enough that I feel the need to pick up a you know a large candle of this and I don’t know others may disagree with me and then we have hot chocolates which look at that deliciousness right there so let’s see whether or not this is the same as this hot chocolate okay this is weird because I smell okay so I’m smelling the Kringle version and I love it of course like it’s that powdery Swiss Miss hot chocolate similar to Bath and Body Works cocoa and cream very good this one smells similar but for whatever reason get into something else with it I don’t know what’s going on it doesn’t quite it seems like there’s something else in it maybe I’m imagining things let me know if you guys have tried both of these since let me know if you think they are in fact the same thing they probably are um I don’t know it may be that like this one was sitting in like a you know container with some other like some of these outdoorsy fragrances so it maybe picked up some that good but anyway okay and then I do want to mention before I forget the only one I don’t have here that I wish I did is the coffee shop I didn’t order it because it has the same label as a vanilla latte scent which I have the candle in that I’ll share that with you in you know another kringle video and I’m not crazy about that scent so I passed on the day light well I actually did smell that one in at the headquarters and oh my god it is so strong and it smelled delicious and I almost picked up a daylight in it when I was there and I didn’t cuz I was like oh well if I wait I can get it you know order it during a sale and get it cheaper and then stupid me like when I would I just placed I placed an order I don’t know it was earlier this week or maybe last weekend and I completely forgot to get the daylight in it in fact I probably would have just sprung for the candle had I been like thinking about what I was doing at the time because it’s it’s good it smells like a strong coffee I’m tempted to a place in another order to get it but I keep telling self to hold off okay so the two candles that I do have I’ll start with the chocolate chip cookie man you guys look at this label it’s amazing I thought that this might smell similar to janki’s chocolate chip cookie and it does not so it’s interesting because it’s more of like a buttery brown sugar I get buttery brown sugar from this when I smelled this one at the flagship like I was like oh my god that smells so good I’m so glad that I ordered the candle in that but when I smell it now I don’t know I’m just not as excited

about it and also like I burned this now I will admit I burned this when I was sick and like couldn’t smell all that well and I don’t really get a throw from it but I’m gonna try it again before I you know give you a definitive answer on that yeah I get mostly like a brown sugar with maybe a hint of chocolate like a milk chocolate yeah I don’t know I would definitely if you’re on the fence about this one definitely get the daylight before you spring for the large jar okay and then salted caramel apples holy cow okay so I burned this in my bedroom on Halloween this sucker was so strong couldn’t believe it and I actually love the fragrance of it surprisingly like on cold I’m I wouldn’t think that I would like it that much but when it was burning it was amazing yeah it’s it is a deep almost like burnt caramel candied apple kind of sin yeah so I think salted caramel apple is like the perfect name for this scent it’s very good so I recommend this one I think that I think that this is gonna be a big hit okay so at the Kringle flagship we went it was it was actually snowing that morning when we were going from Vermont into Massachusetts and it was beautiful but we went so we went before lunch it was our first stop so we did Kringle before we did Yankee and I walked in the store it’s actually divided up so they had the Kringle line in like their main Kringle shop and they actually had like a country store where they had the country candle line and that one so the country candle line they did not have all of the sense that they’ve shown us so far like they only had the ones that are currently available in the website and so I got the chance to smell all of them wasn’t terribly impressed again except for the coffee shop one and I also meant to mention the blueberry muffin I want to say that that was similar to the blueberry muffin from the the main lineup but actually did not buy anything from there and from the main store I like so it was big it was nice but again like there were no sales from what I could see I don’t know I didn’t ask what it would cost to ship and he my purchases to my house cuz I wasn’t gonna try to bring anything on the plane or anything large at least but yeah it was you know I don’t know I guess I wasn’t I wasn’t that impressed and like my biggest disappointment there was that they had I was looking for two specific things I was looking for the white chocolate truffle daylight and also I think it’s the French macaron daylight which I’ve seen pictures of and they were out of both of those fragrances in daylight so I was pretty bummed about that but I did find some other some other ones I’m gonna try to go through these very quickly cuz I am pushing my time here but I didn’t get all of them that were unique to the store but I did get twelve because they had a sale where you can do like twelve day lights for thirty dollars I think that saves you like 30s I think that saves you about six dollars so I’ve got bay leaf this one was nice yeah it’s a nice herbal like if you smelled bay leaf this is it’s pretty much dead on I love that like my mom grows bay leaf in her yard and like it always reminds me of her then I got cayenne so this is this one’s hard to smell and I think some of these are a little bit old they’re kind of discolored I don’t know that I would consider this like this one’s hard to smell it’s not what I

would think of Cayenne as being it’s more herbal almost smells a little bit citrusy that doesn’t sound right it’s fine but I love dill I love the label then we have candy hearts very cute label I hope we get to see this one at Valentine’s Day oh it’s it’s nice it’s different it’s perfumey it’s sweet it is not like a sugary I wouldn’t consider this a sugary candy scent necessarily to me this is more perfume but it’s a light what does that remind me of it reminds me of something like a perfume or something from when I was a kid it’s interesting I kind of like this one yeah I hope we get to see this for Valentine’s Day so yeah the other thing is I don’t know if these are testing or what I didn’t ask either I probably should have then there’s coconut flake mmm I love this one it’s a rich almost buttery kind of coconut oh it smells good yeah I mean it’s kind of it’s a very true like like sweetened coconut like from the you know if you buy a bag of sweetened coconut at the grocery store or coconut flakes then we have anisette cookie which i guess has like anise in it I think it’s supposed to smell like a pizzelle a cookie and I definitely get anise yeah that’s mostly what I get it’s different yeah I’m excited I can’t wait to find that one that’s gonna be exciting to see then there’s sweet potato marshmallow there’s some smells kind of weird I just got a whiff of something that did smell like sweet potato but more like yeah when you bake it and like cut it open and you can kind of smell like the the skin but it’s not very like oh well what is that maybe there is like some toasted marshmallow in there again interesting I think this is an old one look at the discoloration on that okay strawberry jam this was another one that I was hoping to find I love that that label and to me the smell is very much like a red currant kind of scent more than like a raspberry jam hmm it’s interesting I don’t know what that smells like they are original like red raspberry okay then we have Kringle cookie which this might be the same thing I think it’s the same thing as the Kringle cookie they used to have before they change the look of their line yeah it’s it’s like a cinnamon it’s definitely a cinnamon cookie kind of scent cinnamon sugar scent this one I’m gonna save for another time for my next video then there’s frosted cake this is weird this is not really a sweet scent but what I can sue that to be it was hard to tell I have guys I have no ID on this one it’s it’s strange it’s not it doesn’t smell very vanilla bakery it’s kind of more of a shirt maybe a sugar excuse me a sugar glaze oh there’s something weird about this one then we have pancake breakfast which I want to say smells like they used to have a pancake scent it was very heavy on like the cinnamon clove its buttery it almost smells like a french toast

kind of scent or like a cinnamon toast more than a pancake and then the last one I have here is autumn fig it wasn’t interesting it’s a pretty label and this is this is pretty nice it’s fake like your typical like creamy fig scent with like a sharp maybe even citrusy note it’s it’s interesting so so yeah those are the the kind of head quirks Lucis I got there were plenty more I could have gone really crazy but a lot of the ones that I smelled I just didn’t care for and again it was very bummed that I couldn’t get the macaron and the white chocolate truffle ones so anyway I hope you guys enjoy this and that helps you out with making a decision about you know purchasing from the country candle line and if you’re interested in going ever going to the headquarters I would say I wouldn’t make a special trip to do it but if you’re in the area and can get there pretty easily then it’s probably worth it because yeah like I said you get you can get the stuff cheaper online you know with the codes that that they’ve offered and all of that so but yeah I mean it’s it was nice to be able to visit I’m glad that I that I got to go there so anyway okay well let me know if you have any questions guys and thanks for watching bye you