PLANE + MISSILES! – Besiege Gameplay Episode 4

hey guys what’s going on my name is to Boston I’m here today to bring guys another gameplay episode of the siege in today’s episode I’m gonna show you guys how I fly into the danger zone by making a awesome airplane in besiege now this is obviously a paper airplane but in the game world we are going to create a plane based off of this so I’m going to walk you through all my experimentation and this is probably gonna get boring which is why I’m now including a face camp to see if I can’t keep it from getting too boring so let’s see how this turns out so bear with me guys if you like the idea of having a little bit of face time with me let me know and I will continue doing this in all my subsequent episodes but for now let’s go ahead and get started and I’m gonna use this as a base level model for Shane guys what I mean in the real world fact let me show you guys how well this thing flies this is really freaking cool you’re gonna check this out I’m gonna try and aim for my my camera stand right there yeah any went to the left so I’m not gonna throw in paper airplanes but it flies really well as you just saw so I’m gonna go grab it and I’ll be back and it is just like that it is now nighttime several hours have passed since I went off and grabbed this good thing from the front door but uh good news is I now have it you don’t believe me it isn’t now dark oh yeah things happen I don’t usually record everything all I don’t usually record everything in one shot but that’s okay so let’s go ahead and get started on the stupid plane first off we have to create the propeller system I’m sure that’s one of the key ingredients to any sort of flying machine right so let’s go ahead and grab our swivel joints then let’s add a little spinner blocky thingy just like that’s few motors why nots let’s add four of them know that spinning blocky thingy and a propeller make sure it faces vertical because you do not want it face sideways just like that’s okay we got ourselves a motor all right now you should probably should probably change that let’s see plus/minus – automatic and full speed copy-paste – everything paste paste yeah there we go next let’s go ahead and add a nose cone okay and we’ve got our motor guys so let’s go ahead and test this out bring this all the way up in the air and let’s see it fly and die Wow hmm I think I forgot to do something and that is flip these back fins and all right no he did that yeah there we go yeah we’ve got a fly motor oh wow that flew apart okay let’s go ahead and turn my invincibility you really quick because we don’t really care it so much about the durability of the aircraft right now we just want to get it to fly first so huh let’s try working on that first now I remember in previous builds that I’ve seen online on the besieged subreddit as well as on YouTube a lot of people like using flaps to kind of roll the aircraft so if they wanted to you know roll left or roll right they use flaps to to kind of rotate and then induce that roll problem with that though is that there’s no way to return the flaps back to neutral when you let go of the button so I’m going to use a different method to induce a roll on the aircraft and that is using the torque steering method 1 2 3 4 5 6 ok I should be good enough actually we need to space this out a little bit let’s put a ballast we’d use that 22.0 and re-add these two again properly just like that’s actually let’s remove these and raise this up from that okay we’re good now that we have the ability to roll this aircraft it looks a little jittery but that’s okay we’ll work on that later let’s go ahead and add a way to pitch the aircraft up and down so keep ease and I said you have to remember I have this as an example pitch the aircraft up and then down so to do that let’s go ahead and add more motor wheels it’s gonna induce more torque on the body and also increase the weight but you don’t really care as long as we brace it up properly so one two three four five six two three four five six okay very cool so the idea here is that we can now pitch up and down so a pitch oh we should probably set these wheels to a certain number so this to eight this to five on the number pad pays pays paste let’s go ahead and make sure this thing can pitch up okay very nice pitch down very good it’s

still roll just fine okay cool so if you look at it from this angle right then you pitch up see how it kind of bends a little bit from the back so it kind of goes like this a little bit yeah I don’t like that we’re gonna make sure that doesn’t happen okay looks good and do rolls yes it can look at that and I think it’s bending like a top Wow look at those look at those crazy maneuvers in the air it’s like a stunt plane oh man I think I’m I think I’m actually gonna manage to make a stunt plane here guys let’s see how this turns out and takes off and it could fly yeah cool alright we’re getting somewhere well it is next on the agenda for making this a real plane other than well we can’t really make it look very cool at the moment I’ll work on that later but for now we’ve got the main concept in the works um yeah actually I think it might need more lift let’s go ahead and try to give him a lift pitch down pitch up just fine I should say you can’t able to roll okay and let’s test the bomb let’s go for that window why all the way over there avoid the flying [ __ ] flaming sheeps and bombs away oh I missed it NoHo but pretty effective though I think we have a nice solid playing guys let’s go take this to the main story all right here we are now let’s go ahead and see how well this does in several the stages I’m kind of curious let’s get this guy going take off into the air all right pull it back around oh man and bombs away and I missed pretty close though pull up turn around all right come on all right No I am a crappy pilot and there does the tail let’s see if we can’t brace that up so it stops doing that ah come on ah we’ll get this guy’s we’ll get this then nose-down pitched down come on got this you got this moms wait not too far okay then bombs away there we go that’s it yes oh you finally got it we finally got the house guys let’s move on it’s in the next zone ah this thing is this is pretty cool once you get the hang of the actual piloting part now the windmill shouldn’t be too tough the bigger object should be easier a hit right not quite pull pull over this way come on Bank Bank ah I’d have been a pretty crazy maneuver though actually there we go no one needs to land alright next down yeah oh this one shouldn’t be too bad let’s just fly into it crash landing should be all I need let’s get rid of that bomb because we don’t need it and here we go yeah all right we’re busting through these zones now my only concern is the resource gathering zones because I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to do those ones and I think these archers will be able to get me I move to constantly or I’ll be moving too much for them oh god they still shot me oh I only got one I have to dive on the other or do a suicide run for the other oh wait no that’s on fire no I want to do this first over here nah well yeah next time let’s get its keep moving this is looking pretty good mm-hmm this one I think would actually be better if I just died where I’m at oh I didn’t quite work out hmm our landing gear is broken but that’s okay we don’t need its rollout let’s take down these archers there we go oh and I crashed dang yeah they’re around okay now I’m gonna crash okay I should just about do it looks like everyone is running towards me so that’s good come on spread that fiery love yes spread come on no that’s not gonna be enough it’s like an egg hmm I’m gonna have to make some minor modifications this guy it’s gonna have to work a little bit

slower but have more firepower at the same time so let’s see what I can do with this plane oh yeah here we go this is the newly upgraded version I have two rows for my rolling for my aircraft rolling and I have two three I still have six for the pitch up and pitch down I’ve decreased the motor speed just a little bit so that I can do steady attacks I still have the same bomb but this should be a little more precise now so let’s see what you can do with this and even better I have retractable landing gear so look at that oh man okay okay okay I’m getting a bit of lag because there’s so many parts it’s okay it’s a little bit slower I can still control just fine I am working this camera like a maniac at the moment oh my god this framerate ohh hmm oh what’s going crazy set everyone ablaze and just start pushing that way come on oh I think I’ve got it come on spread it more spread the love come on guys spread ah okay oh what just happened okay it’s apparently this plane is too much for my computer calculate even though I have a 4770k it’s kind of annoying but I hope the release of unity 5 will correct that’s it spin it around get a good look of where where you’re at and then dive bomb there we go that should do it’s plenty of flaming parts for are going to enjoy I think yeah okay I’m gonna bring back one of my old one of my old designs here let’s see what if I got I’m gonna use the old UFO come on let’s do this I’m getting tired of losing Wow I didn’t plan on that come on take off in the air a little faster what were the controls for this see I’m four back left right okay cool yeah let’s take them all down got them all lined up drop set number one move out the way this UFO is still great and they will all die as they come falling back to the planet now let’s take it down these archers lying though hang them up in the bombing reticle then drop number two oh no I messed it up I think I messed it up I need to kill at least one more nope never mind we’re good all right UFO is the way to go but do you know Joe wow that was bad okay yeah I definitely would not be able to do this mission with the plane I’m glad I switched the UFO let’s just get these all done with ah there we go that’s number one then number two we’re good even though the UFO broke it’s fine and of course this one’s pretty easy just got a fly into it we’re good next zone this UFO is so much nicer than a plane I mean helicopters in general are actually the flying machines meant for this game I mean you can make a plane but they’re really not good for these kinds of missions you need precision for these missions like this I can actually drop these bombs into the castle walls if I really want it to that’s how precise I can be with this thing look at that that was inside the castle walls both bombs anyways next zone we’re gonna we’re gonna go back to the plane for the very last mission but for now we’re done blazed through as many of these as we can using the UFO oh no what happened Oh actually let’s bring another oldie but goodie back let’s bring back Nemo all right let’s do this oh crap come on liftoff I’m not used to this anymore oh no come on liftoff I forgot to control this what do I do um let’s see okay I think we’re good yeah there we go now that we got that let’s go ahead and drop down a little bit it’s fine you look there’s a lot more archers left than I thought let’s drop them down Oh No ah okay maybe maybe new moves not

the best for this mission let’s there we go and let’s just plow right through we are armored we don’t care you don’t care about what we do none of you could been penetrate this armor not even you refer this thing go there we go very nice I’ve been used that one in a long time this should be good enough for this mission this fire all three oh I think has to rotate a little bit a little less and a little higher there higher hmm come on and how do i launch see each yeah there we go H oh and that it work hmm Wow okay all right maybe a little record isn’t good enough anymore let’s uh let’s go to our quatre truck there we go good enough all right next mission nope you are not beating me this time seriously that that castles are destroyed how did I not win there we go now it’s good I like that almost killed everyone – mission should be pretty easy oh no we need to get rid of this bomb why does that keep happening come on okay we’re good at the hydraulics and lower that no all right it’s cool remember guys I’m just getting permission so that the very last one is going to be nothing but the plane apologies for those of you who actually find the sheep kind of cute and furry and fuzzy unfortunately the objective that this mission is in fact to kill them so I must do my duty as a completer of missions to kill all the sheep or at least 90% of the sheep version is so much nice in terms of maneuverability all right cool we’re good let’s move on all right let’s go up here I don’t think I’ve actually played through the missions using version 2 of this guy yet oh and for a good reason Wow okay actually a lot easier oh okay right when I say that I have really hard time to get up here all right cool next yeah I definitely would not be able to beat these with a plan so now that we’re at the last mission let’s open up that look good old plane the new one and figure out what to do with this all right guys let’s go into the tack mode and in your up bring the sucker back around yeah a bombing run oh my god what happened what the hell I just come on this skin was not made for planes or rather planes definitely were not made to be in this game what the heck is going on in the middle of doctrine figure I do next I just saw this the bar at the bottom like just start to build up like crazy okay let’s try that again turn this around and for our bombing run head directly for the castle at least the payload yeah now I’m not gonna destroy the rest of the buildings actually I just really this may not be possible this with this plane hmm so how can I do this let’s see if I can’t help fit this with a little bit of missiles what do you say oh man here we go guys I just outfitted with a couple of missiles which I will admit these were not my original designs the actual launching points are my own design but the missile themself missiles themselves are missiles however you want to pronounce it themselves are definitely not my design I forgot who made these originally I’m sorry if I don’t give you

credit but anyways let’s go ahead and try and take down the space home man and release the missiles oh my god that looks amazing holy crap oh my gosh that is so cool I don’t care if I don’t win that was amazing holy crap I want to do that again holy crap look at this look at this thing this thing is a beast holy crap okay let’s bring this around turn the entire guy around all right now unleash the payload come on huh missiles away yeah oh my god say air-to-surface missiles guys that is pretty cool I think this will become part of the official design once I have it all hammered out and ready for the tutorial assuming of course you guys want this as part of my tutorials videos so just let me know if you do want this as part of the tutorial I’ll show you guys how to make it oh man so cool okay I think that was a win already I don’t care if I don’t beat this mission that in itself is a win oh man this thing is really cool anyways guys I think I will call it a day after that and I will see you next time thank you guys for watching if you’d like this video go ahead and give it a like if you really liked didn’t would like to see more of this kind of stuff go ahead and hit the subscribe button down there right below me is the link the link soon with the previous gameplay episode where I use the catapult truck to beat all the levels and below that is the tutorial video for that scent chemical truck so thank you guys once again for watching and have a nice day