Survival-Craft #25 | Returning, Plane failing, parachuting and bridges for dayzzzz!

hello guys is Molly here and welcome back to survival craft yep we are back in minecraft and I’ve got a few mods installed and as you can see there isn’t any mini-map and that’s because the cars raised mini-map was being a [ __ ] to install on windows don’t ask why it was just being annoying and wouldn’t work I tried for a while just trying to get it to working it will work but today we are going to do some stuff and I’ve actually got some other mods implemented into this as well I’ve got the plains mod which is awesome which we’re gonna try it out later I’m gonna run away and I’ve got a parachute market installed as well which is absolutely beast but with the plains mod you can actually get anti-aircraft guns as well which is sweet and the fire bombs and take out planes which is really really cool and we’ll make some of those later and as you can see what image we set up for today offers better what we’re doing and this today what we’re gonna be doing is making this a bridge out of cobblestone and I say called a like cobblestone not um not stone because cobblestone let’s go stuff like this and we’re using gold because I’ve always of gold blaze of gold ingots to use and nothing really using for coffee making gold block fairly point missing or fairness not much point making gold blocks so I think we’re gonna go up to there yeah and then we’re gonna get the cobblestone I think on my use of more cobblestone I’m not gonna make this out purely a cobblestone that wouldn’t rank off really well as you can see it running perfectly no lag at all whatsoever oh [ __ ] let’s find out from Nana just redraw me jump I’m gonna go and test out some of the monster what crap they’ve got installed later as well Oh shadow of am don’t have my pickups me together my diamond one oh right we’re gonna get these dirty piece of dirt out the way I’ll go get the diamond pickaxe and abet we don’t need it I’ll just clear that all up in the end once you finish building this bridge okay so you guys have enjoyed the custom zombies I see cuz it’s got quite a lot of you that sound really really up really easy can it start it’s like well the first ones I’m like awesome good one Jim funny sit on your 30-minute herb use and it’s not been up the hood of like two days which is amazing and crap velocity that I’m gonna hit these down oh oh that was didn’t just get there that was three winning right there okay and get the dirty piece of cobblestone out all right there I’m really going to start to irritate me there’s been no just bouncing up and down very well I have to deal with it deal with it okay so I’ve never really used gold items in Minecraft because I’m gonna see they’ve got really really bad durability and but they are they’ve got like 33 uses each one of them the the the reason that they’re sometimes about as a bad abandoned is that they like the quicker and diamonds they’re like twice as fast but they’ve got a ridiculous it’s more durability which is annoying other news 5 gold ingots to make these these are also it’s not too bad and they weren’t really gonna go to ours and at any way we can make him golden lager south and for so I’m brewing stuff but not ready get them doing the brewing soon but we’ll we’ll do some sleep but not now because we don’t really need to don’t really need any potions Chester only really good for when you find stuff like ender dragon so far that we need to find some in the Dragons actually we need to go to the end zone but I think he’s like wow sorry broken okay so we’re

all right we need to go to the another scene actually every single one of these okay oh yeah I just noticed this may look a bit different this was never miss area below this was never clear before the reason for this is I actually did a Christmas episode but it was really really laggy I worsened on the others and I didn’t want to upload it because it’ll be [ __ ] and we didn’t really do anything there put in there Parton dig up stuff say wasn’t very good Christmas episode so I thought I’d wait till I got my laptop so can I read them I’m working in perfect and awesome for me to start doing that and I’m glad I did now buried on the lid because only the best for my subscribers only the best well I say that before I couldn’t believe the pastor’s got a microchip and I don’t have any more well I do have it it’s that right in front of this wall behind this laptop but I’m not using up so what we do with the fences is this pretty awesome thing that discovered well I don’t ready discover it but I’ll just found it out that looks awesome I don’t know why just cause I’m coming up a side okay I think after this we’re gonna go and make a parachute if we’ve got enough I think we should have in and I think we do have enough crap we do have enough cloth unlock cloth wolf to make it he willing to string all shadow in the coming string master wait till nighttime and go spider-slayer I know what difficult to be around on people okay 36 I should be slower this door doesn’t really matter fall off okay Oh watching you add some something whoops yeah actually we could just set it to nighttime with too many items that will Poli be the back of thing today just make it look more legit there okay right let’s get rid of all this is a okay run a one donut just trying to make it look equal really yeah okay that looks okay but we haven’t finish this bit yeah obviously gonna need more more fences I think yeah we’re gonna I think below we’re gonna turn that into a farm because we need to start breeding animals okay we ran out the animals need to start doing a sexy time so we’re gonna have to breed them Oh how does it know $4 mom okay slightly wet and I’ve got sticks I don’t know okay oh the dirt all the dirty dirt can go in there I split that in half as good I’m half split by in half and then split that in half right hmm okay this should be enough I think right that’s yeah okay 38 actually a dozen probably enough we’ll soon find out it’s gonna leave these open a new year that looks but bridge looks pretty nice actually I’m standing like that it fits in you gotta say fitting in well okay okay right oh this music started that’s nice okay I’m gonna eventually mind on this out Oh August I my dear very good idea I’m gonna turn this area but I mean now to the lead up to run away from the place with the plates up every ways I don’t

but me is really really loud okay okay we’re gonna have a room way up there Joseph goes down really fast okay right now it’s good for a bridge nice a market man yeah okay offense ii ruin that why is it always jocks and I’m record him I don’t know why but you should see is fine you see the quality to be fine well the consciousness framerate you will do because they just there’s weird I don’t know why does it alright oh I know I think otherwise dropping so drastically that should increase it a bit okay um that’s looking good Road bridge yeah that’s alright but I’m recording and I don’t know why but record when I’m recording it always drops it for 60 frames a second like never changes which is a slightly enlarge might lose down here all right what else cleans it right we’re gonna make a parachute mostly in it easy but we need got a sleighing first I’m gonna make a diamond sword because you’ve got diamonds I think Oh miscellaneous people who say they’re annoying Oh give me items have we delete mood he’s on definitely odd oh it deletes them win that’s helpful okay sticks don’t know they can go there No just another random share now that’s pretty pointless to be honest that’s like dad so we now need to turn off Jimmy now tyshee no set to sunset setting new midnight rain turn off new midnight right it’s now midnight so we are going to go out and make a diamond sword win right okay right well still need him on one do yes we do and it’s good quality she’s good hi I don’t even know okay so we’re gonna get these little [ __ ] out take some food of those which already that should be enough really yeah okay let’s go find some mobs let’s do research no we don’t want a zombie oh I find another thing Ashley this what all you feel does okay I’ll leave you that this might be of water here it’s actually a massive river and I followed it for a bit and it goes both ways and I need your love I’m freaked out I need the lover but yeah back it goes actually quite far both ways so we might follow it one day and oh yes to five is lovely bring it on I’m glad my parachute no norton skeleton crop Wow I was weird blow up yeah wow that was BC that if you guys could hear that without seem really really raising strange have already been another okay we need some some cloth are you can oh I’m gonna take the sheep shares ever shares sharing things splash look at the Sheep shares not so much stuff just from one little trip sorry I

have to kill that cow dairy cow okay what string I do not got any cloth leather for plane that’s good enough now let’s go in a while okay looking like a bit of a boss even though we’re not really looking like a pastor’s were in 8-bit and move it a bit people don’t really look to you boss but I’ll stuff mustn’t do that okay um there are we going yeah actually before I go anywhere I actually need to wait and note down in loop had the coordinates on my house because I’ve got the mini-map on if I leave the house I’ll be feeling slightly dead okay so right I will be right back any to walk it over a whack open notepad notepad okay X is so good you got to see this to our madness action now it went a bit too long Oh why is 65 0.62 said is -2 57.69 okay that was okay right let’s go on the search old cave another that sounded stranger sneaky little devil cage sneaky little devil okay then here a sheep to be seen Oh sheep come on give us a wall that was close about the Sheep a bear give us a lot of a safer my name did they give you world 360 ship share I felt oh yes I was giving this mask on sheep oh you’re cold now sorry sheep it’s me cold light gray wool I’m screw old they look they look really different than I couldn’t you put me in the same block all right come forgetting more string we can make two parachutes now right last enough they want to make any more sheep cold okay this my hat nope nope okay all good oh good okay let’s brother chief even though it’s just final one I think all right let’s go make one make a parachute up dude if I ever get well if I get partnership way to livestream if I do get part sure there’ll be loads of what was dying something’s I know he loads of them life here Oh fail Elizabeth micro flash fuming oh how are you not bad bow oh you bastard yeah they’ll be loads of Minecraft live live streaming so when you get partnership expect that but I did get told by Google or YouTube were havin no schoolin better YouTube so I was gonna stand a very big chance of gettin partnership in January the reason we said January because I’m five pond ship just really just it’s not really friend expected together but I applied in November and you can apply over to moment he said everything it says some like everything seems good right now apart from your viewership and since then I’ve had a viewership by the way like the amount of you using again if you didn’t know and since then I’ve had about five hundred thousand total views and before on like 90 km on like five hundred and fifty thousand dollars okay so I think the viewership increased in love so that will be a bit full of an agnostic when happens um but yeah listen to get partnership if I do really hope I do comment to get banner can’t wait to get a live streaming awesome awesome livestream gonna be epic turn on massive live streams on minecraft and be awesome for you guys okay let’s have a little look at these parties I might just cheat to go with some high mountains I’m not gonna cheat um I’m normal this bridge is really nice and we look at this bridge sweet okay um right let’s do this let’s do D oh hello no no like it didn’t know what was gonna hit a

[ __ ] chef is anymore demonism anymore yeah well there’s a trip all that was one of it man ah right this would normally hurt jumping off here but with this sweet tool done done and it well we can go up high holy crap okay we’re at the not limit this is epic and watch this nyam parachute that put some nikons about our neck now we’re about to guarantee an iron parachute spamming Pete right now yay difference pinch energy color of it which is pretty awesome these do have durability but the German telling them is like really really good right really big so it’s fine and it’s epic so I trying to hit some shots try and do some gridding I hit this cow oh oh oh can we hit him yeah boy yes we can sorry Carol but you’re like my target practice right now Oh killed him oh can we go for flawless shooting on every can oh sorry cow sorry cow Oh walkout okay em righty-ho then that’s just as you know we’re not gonna come back out because we’re kind all just fine then send your sheep it’s quite a few sheep up there so shall we start the farm shall we start the farm or shall we save that for next episode I think we should save that for next episode next episode I will show you guys the planes because I need to actually learn how to make them properly as she shall just for one now and then just delete it yeah let’s just do that just to end the episode with a bit of plane flying epicness Christ give me a massive recording but it’s all gonna be in one and already the one and I’m actually gonna it’s like they’re these is like like time surfing than my current thing will be going up at the Minecraft thing will be uploaded every Saturday Evo I’m Polly can upload this Friday but it’ll be Saturday when they get normal blood I’m just gonna spawn in some coal was born in some spawn in I don’t know plane spawn in a plane and some coal yeah I’ll show you how it works awesome don’t know how oh I’ll spawning some bombs as well so I’m thinking either way now just realize people know how they work I’m loving this bridge and I’ve said it already but I really like how this bridge looks it looks like pretty traditional well I’m gonna lock myself off this we’re gonna spawn a.m. it’s gonna spawn a biplane because that’s the first play we’ll be using when will you make planes and I shouldn’t need a runway so let’s keep this off I should walk up in there okay very noticeable biplane I’m spawning some coal which is where I’m gonna delete this kind of the guys I’m going to leave this I just want to show you guys how it works okay that’s what the my friend down here yeah and you guys should transport if I’m sick he’s mad you can transport stuff with it but yeah watch this watch this oh can we go off can we take off probably yes we can no recon this failed show you the unit would weigh oh this is Oh are we going laughing with you no no no oh that was a bit of a fail you could say don’t burn everything down no no that was a bit of fact well I was gonna do it the Spitfires I know that they were properly delete mode on get rid of that right I’m gonna do a Spitfire because I know that they were up late and yyyy Spitfire all right there the antiaircraft guns by the way they’re really cool but I won’t using our old make them to just want to show you guys the planes firstly because they are epic they are absolutely awesome when you can actually get them to fly is I was flying this from really

well before okay so your are yeah he can bullets to make bombs in that’s a peck yeah bullets I’m awesome really is okay so um I hope this can take off yeah these are quick to take off Nolan oh god no no nananananana oh god no okay that failed in its gonna burn everything down now no a whole house is sitting on fire okay I might have to I’ve got a restored version of this world I think got to put all this out just in case Oh God because this is annoying and that wasn’t meant to happen Appanna taking off over my house but you know oh god no no no going down everything utter crap crap crap crap oh [ __ ] no no okay am i hostages to fire wait can you put out fire no oh crap alright I’m just glad if I’m gonna have to be quickly fire up Anton and get rid of all this fire oh my god you little [ __ ] well not much damage we’ve done to be honest just a few fences destroyed and now be alright now so if you enjoyed these fails in Minecraft today and the closing credits then be sure to rate comment and contrary one more time because like repin comment subscribe because this has been epic and I hope you’ve all enjoyed and I’ve enjoyed this as well and they’ll just completely failed with that but it was fun I guess and it’ll be all right everything’s normal nearly I might spawn in some oh no everything’s back to normal button that that will be sorted easy there so if you enjoyed this then we ought to like or eight favorite comment and subscribe for more because there will be more every Saturday every Saturday Thursday with some minecraft if you guys for enjoy so yeah thank you for watching I’m gonna plant these seeds even though oh you little bit annoying I really really really like yeah that’s watching guys like I said already home enjoyed yeah and they’ve all got like every sup days and repeating myself again all this using their yeah so peace