XPlane 10 – Flight 13 – Part 1 – CYQM Moncton – C172 – Diversions Groundschool

right hi everyone it’s Chris here from Kris J lenguin.com and we’re doing x-plane 10 flight today on diversions okay so this is the exercise that I’m in practice and I want to basically do a quick ground school lesson before going on the simulator and actually doing the actual exercise and I’m going to explain a little bit why you want to do diversion and what’s the purpose of it in real life flying and I want to try to you do it in the simulator and I’ll do my best to do it properly um so what is the vin version basically it’s a newer you do when you’re flying you’re planning to fly somewhere okay and then all of a sudden maybe you’re let’s say you’re a commercial pilot and you’re flying to a city and airport and all of a sudden the boss calls in hey we got change of plans i can actually go to we actually been a floodplain instead of going to the city I have to go pick up my my wife because she wants to go and to some jewelry store so I’m gonna pick her up and then we’re gonna go to back to the city so that would be an example of a bad version that’s a non critical emergency divergent right so that’s one example another example you’re flying along and all of a sudden um you realize you won’t have enough fuel to make it to the out of your your your your plan the back to put the place your plan to go your arrival point you realize oh crap i missed ugly the fuel I don’t know fuel to get there the Windsor really strong penguin and i only put three quarter tanks I thought it was full tanks this is not good I have to divert to another airport first to make everything safe so that’s kind of like a diversion that could be more emergency other examples are or whether if you see a really strong weather situation coming in or maybe maybe there’s a passenger you’re flying and all of a sudden gets like some IV and he’s like medically allergic to bees and it’s like oh no we can’t make it if he if we have the diverter to another area where we know there’s a hospital near the airport so he can get checked on that so those are some examples of why you want a diversion and you basically have to plan a quick cross-country in the air that’s a challenge because while you’re on the ground you’re planning across country planning your flight and you know everything else up you have your you’ve spent maybe three or two hours playing your cross country that all the winds updated weather and everything is smooth right for that it lost time to consider different things and look at different checkpoints but in this situation um because you’re making it very quickly the challenges you have to plan this quick mini cross-country in your with your knee board and with your your Vienna your map your VNC map right and you have to do it while flying an airplane so you have to juggle flying an airplane and doing the diversion okay so that’s basically what a diversion is and I’m going to go and explain all the steps here and then yeah and we’ll go fly it in the simulator so in x-plane 10 um so yeah if you are getting real life flight training don’t you like every here’s my disclaimer everything I do on YouTube is for entertainment purposes only if you’re getting the real fun training I recommend and consulting your your flight school here certified flight instructor for proper information this is I am NOT an instructor as it now okay official Ken I knew I was but it’s my truck Rita and it’s expired so happens for the time being this this video is just for fun for people want to kind of learn about like simulating and that’s the purpose of it so basically taking real life flowing and what I’ve learned from being a flight instructor and have may turn into something where you can teach online for fun explain that okay so um what we’re going to do is let’s say this is your your map okay you have a VNC map which is a VNC map is a map that you’re going to use for visual flight rules okay so it’s a map or you can see towers you can see mountains you have all the information of your map you can see late you can see airports run get all information there ok so now you have your map here ok and you’re flying the plane ok you’re in the aircraft you have your mac with you ok

so here you go the first thing you want to do is you always want to be a navigation unit e kitten so 88 navigate and then communicate ok in that order so when the first ones idiot you gonna fly the plane first so again you want to play in that version and you’re probably you know they could be situation where it’s lonely you’re gonna figure this so very quickly right so this is Luna stress on you but don’t forget the floodplain first right this is going to be stressful yes but all we want to play first ok 88 first navigate first and communicate third so the first thing we want to do is let’s say you are I’m going to do your diversion the first thing you need to do is find a set up the plane in a pattern him slip here so a racetrack pattern okay so let’s say you’re gonna start here and you have a reference point that it may be some farmers fields right here and you just know this area there might be like a tower here so it’s like a reference point so you’re going to plan your cross country on the straight legs on this racetrack pattern okay so you may want to dump like one not two flats one notch flaps okay and keep the plane in a cruise in um in cruise with one notch up laughs probably like twenty two hundred rpm around there for the Cessna 172 all right we’ll do around there one hunch of flaps you got your planes you want to have all that plane figuration set up you want to play trim properly fly that leg first okay so on the straight legs you want to start planning your cross country so when you’re turning just fly the play because that requires a lot of 88 there are a lot of flying scale to do and down the straightaways that’s what you want to do it okay so what you want to do it here’s your map you’re currently here on the plane so you got your vm t bet your your map oh and when I do my flight explains yeah I’m going to have the math on the on the game so you can kind of see it and yeah we’ll figure out maybe I can get some how draw marker on it we’ll figure that out later so okay here’s our map so we go circle so as I move the straightaways circle where you are Circle where you’re going draw the line there’s that there’s a there’s something you’d say it’s called circle circle draw a line heading distance time call mfc and you’ll be fine okay so just remember that so circle circle draw all the line so you’re flying the white coats Here I am this is where I’m going I’m drawing a wine on my map okay calculate heading so you want to calculate the head of your at the way you do it is you look on your VNC and you’re going to magnetic heading summers on your pnc there’s going to be a magnetic all the degrees of magnetic heading right so let’s say this is north on your back and so this is like 30 degrees or something okay it’s all 30 degrees that is your on you you take basically you have your map and let’s say the this information is like here you have like your if you look at a VNC you get your magnetic information here and it says 30 you take that straight line and put it on or you take that information put another straight line okay hey you’re headed is 30 degrees circle circle draw a line heading distance so you want to copulate on the nautical miles this is so on your math or our lines like that run this way you take that for your information and boom so let’s say it’s 2000 miles okay oh so let’s say I’m doing this all of a sudden I get to hear gonna fly we’re going to turn the plane and we’re going to take a break and relax there’s no little rush through here as we get here back to this edit distance time the ticker of your time you take you 20 miles times 2/3 okay so 44 into the bottom body so on the plane I’m doing this for you / 3 is 13 13 so it’s about 13 minutes so 13 c

14 minutes just to and just you can change your base Lana like if it’s close here you may want to change it is closely I’m another winter from Europe say 15 6 15 minutes is I know the really strong headland okay circle circle draw the line heading distance time call okay mfc so MSC is minimum honor altitude so as you’re looking on your map and you’re looking for anything that could potentially be low to the ground that might be there giving bounds or three towers right and the the elevation is on your VNC back okay so let’s say 33 a above ground okay we got this tower here’s 800 look around okay it’s like oh wow there’s some big towers here so make sure you know you’ve been in laundry altitude so we want to be if i remember when i was an instructor I think we want to be 50 feet above ground elk lines and then we also want to be if there’s any cities we want to be a thousand so let’s say we take this you want to be feet of that so say 1300 okay so minimal relatives 1300 fuel move enough fuel alright so whole tanks in the Cessna 172 is about four or five hours endurance don’t pull me on that this is just from experience so fuel you basically say very hundred fifteen minutes and look at your tanks do you have enough you to go there okay and we let’s say we have great now or three-quarter tanks the accessibility to we’re good okay cool and then seized for checkpoint so you want to basically going Matt draw maybe a couple checkpoints I’ll do one two three checkpoints okay and so the whole is a 20 mile so we’ll go 5 10 15 20 okay hey Doc come on so 500 miles and nautical miles 50 knock mom’s time knocking loss I write that on ok follow me so far I know if there’s a lot of information so I’ll just just relax of it so circle circle dot line ahead in distance time you call MSC and you’ll be fine um so call before we do this call call also call MSC so you want to call the let’s say I was do an example where I go pick up the company’s owners water at this airport you need to make the appropriate radio calls to either ATC or the frequency that you’re that you’re navigating with let them know that you are diverting ok if it is a critical emergency then you definitely want to do maybe a pan-pan call if it’s super super super critical to maintain if it’s less it’s more if it’s less critical and not as serious as a pan pan so like something it stung by a bee I’ll be a pan pan hall ok so we do that and we let them know we’re going to be going over here you may want to call your if it’s a commercial flight and you’re going to get here the owner’s wife then we need to call the operator or company say hey we’re going to be going diverting here we play here let people know okay make your call call MSC and you’ll be fine okay so your divergence ready so you’re flying you’re flying you’re flying you want to get all set up so we have our heading of 030 vedic hey magnetic make sure you get the magnetic headed because you’re on your mouth you’re not true but you have your VNC there’s these big circles that will get the appropriate magnetic heading okay you need to make sure it’s magnetic because that’s what we’re in your plane that’s what you’re going to see you’re going to see magnetic on your compass and your silly medic on your head and indicator okay so you’re flying along you quit flops dr. Cruz okay you’re flying you’re flying flying and then as you’re getting here you start getting ready for your cross country so you go towards heading 030 030 okay start

flying this way you want to before when you get over that farmer’s field start the time ok you want to start a time here so it’s like okay we’re over the field boom we’re going to start a clock okay and the reason is that because if you were flying this in real life you’re going to fight test you need to give appropriate estimate i’m enroute so I had 15 minutes and then once we get to our checkpoints we can confirm if we’re on the right um et estimate time of arrival ya ta so our knees here now 15 minutes so let’s say it’s for its for p.m. so we’re going to get there at four fifteen okay that’s our ETA and as I get to our checkpoints we can ship we can check how we’re doing so let’s say we get for a halfway point and my ETO is 15 minutes but again here and because there was a really strong that win let’s say it took me 10 minutes to get there ok so my you eat ETA is gives me 4 20 ok so I have to change change information ok and then if you are doing a flight test your flight your exam learn oh hey I’m changing my stew the time of arrival ok and I’m looking at my map making sure that I’m staying long words a lot of this requires a low flying VFR navigation which can be challenging so you’re looking at your map you could potentially be low to the ground which could be challenging maybe you had bad weather come in and it’s you’re navigating and you’re looking at different points on the ground and it’s a holy crap it’s a little bit more difficult to navigate with your math when you’re very low to the ground ok when you’re higher up it’s a little bit easier to see everything but this actually slides off you could potentially down low to the ground because of bad weather ok you can read every move that weather so this really tests your navigational skills and your ability to look on the map and look outside and confirm the information so you know where your are we can navigate properly ok so that’s it that’s diversion so I’m going to practice this on X point town and just do it um i haven’t done one of these for real life for about three years so we’ll see how it goes so be easy on me if you’re a pilot and you’re saying all of this business all do have s um and yeah it’s going to be a good review for me to do an exploit n i am really busy with a lot of stuff and I haven’t be able to real enough real life line so I’m using x-plane 10 is a way to get back into aviation and it’s a really fun way to do it and yeah I’m very happy that I decided to to do that um and yeah other than that today on the flight one thing I’m going to do that I have you been doing is I’m going to do a walk around outside so i’m going to change the view on the x 10 10 simulator so we can actually do a proper walk around and yeah i’ll show you what to look for on the walk around and then we’re going to wreck off it and we’ll do we’ll do it up so that’s it and i will see you guys in the in the plank and that’s my grad school for today vote for the plate thank you edible we’ll catch you you’re funny I have time to sit on a chair cuz this room’s had to cut it up a bit so you I forgot one thing forgot one thing for your own thing Circle Circle velvet lion head since time call NFC and your compass will be fine so you got add that circle circle draw a line headed distance time call mfc and your compass will be fine so when you leave when you’re about to do the or Die version you want to reset your compass ok Zeus you look at your flying straight and Louisville you’re not accelerating you’re not decelerating you’re not turning a plane history and level ok you look at your compass you look at your digging indicator and you adjust your heading in here to make sure it’s same as what’s in the compass ok if you do that while you’re turning it’s not going to be accurate it’s you play us to be straight level ok if you’re turning it’s gonna give your it’s just our network and that’s another training video basically when you’re except when you’re turning north in the northern section of your magnetic if you’re heading the compostable bag if you’re in the South become possible lead ok and if you’re accelerating the compass will work the accelerating northeast celery itself so

you need to be straight level of my turning check your um compass check your heading indicator and adjust it if you need to ok that’s a one thing x-plane 10 and you notice it doesn’t really TV much it seems to be pretty good but in a real point maybe you want to do that I’ll even I’ll do it anyways in the X points am just a double check and one other thing you don’t have through the racetrack pattern if you can let’s say you’re flying here and you’re in like you’re going this direction you can do all if you can do all this while flying straight towards your starting point but you haven’t done your race track pattern thing yet if you can get all your work done here while kind of doing like a slow descent or we’re flying to your your starting point then do all your work here get it get all the cross or the divergent figure it out and then you can just kind of go straight on to your destination okay this racetrack pattern is not required but it is required if you get there and you’re not done yet then you go then you should recommend you to the pattern so that way eat your cross country already know exactly where you are and then boom okay so ya gotta add those two things and yeah we’ll see you in the we’ll see you on the exploit n right now