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welcome in the Cowboys rewind I’m dancerettes division after a 37-34 victory over the Giants and a game that was a rollercoaster of emotion the high this was the most cohesive performance by the defense so far this season including a strip-sack by defensive end Demarcus Lawrence recover by cornerback Anthony Brown and taken into the End Zone on a truck play wide receiver set your goals and do a touchdown pass to quarterback Dak Prescott a low of the game came the third quarter when Prescott was carted off the field in tears with a right angle compound fracture and dislocation season-ending injury the Cowboys were triumphant improve their resiliency to refocus walk away with a win after losing their leader let’s recap that wild ride with sounds from the sidelines 2nd and goal out of the i r us We’ll give it an alien and Right Guard driving across the coli right now I know he cannot come down on you you will be selling he has to step out First down they fake the Goldman and Jones bubbles and running down the left side it is Anthony Brown welcome back Elliot In Motion and sets up to Prescott right if they’re going to reverse Wilson’s going to Razzle Dazzle no can I come by to get smoke turn real quick on my way to get it over and get over there then here’s a quarterback draw another Prescott bouncing out to the left across the 20 I didn’t like the way he fell that put was just pointed in the direction that should not be you know Jason Garrett also has come out and the crowd was Dak Prescott can’t put any weight on it that is bad and Andy Dalton come on down under Center at the 12 Dalton going to go to the Elliot coming right rocket Echo Snapback for man Rush Depot bolyard picked to win the game the catch up its snakes the Royal flight Prescott had successful surgery on his right angle was back at

the star this week Cowboys will now have to rely on backup Andy Dalton who’s familiar with the responsibilities as a starting TV from the time in Cincinnati we are from head coach Mike McCarthy on the quarterback transition after the break Cowboys rewind he has brought you by AT & T Academy the official Sporting Goods retailer of the Dallas Cowboys and buy NFL Game Pass you’ll never miss a game again enjoy full access to coaches film and game replays from Week 1 to the Superbowl with Game Pass hey Dad what up. What’s up my guy was going on man I will let you know we all love you you’re one of the strongest guys I know God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers be praying for you brother for a speedy recovery man we love you have a friend for you and stay up bro strong and I’ll see you soon just want to say we praying for stay you love you boy keep your head up when you going to be back in no time before you come back adult Bose up all year right ankle injury in the Giants game print out later went on his social media and thanks his teammates is all the fans for their love and support he says he’s feeling good and he’s ready to watch the season from a different perspective and of course print out with smiling ear-to-ear and his entire video the Cowboys will now rely on Andy Dalton and Katy Texas native and TC with Lum is there a new starter is in the last nine years starting for the Bengals running back Ezekiel Elliott said when don’t enter the Huddle in the third quarter taking over for Prescott he nearly took charge don’t told his teammates this is what I came here for I came here when head coach Mike McCarthy join Bill Jones on the Mike McCarthy show and share some insight on his new starting quarterback coach of course everyone talking about the injury did Dak Prescott attend I’d like to start there and just the resolve of your team after that goes down with the injury with 6 minutes left in the third quarter last week will win that game they are going forward now coming into this game against the Cardinals on the field not only by our football team but by the sidelines of the New York Giants no sense at all it as in a wood deck represents both as a man and as a football is far player and frankly I think our team just go straight to his fight and you’ll make the key plays no down the stretch play some play probably our best team football of the season and if it was needed it that at that point the game and that’s exactly what we’re trying to emphasize and build off this week as we going to the Monday night game against Arizona you know any chance I know at least a couple of times to visit with Dak and the 24 hours after the injury and we all know how what kind of positive spirit that DAC has about him and going forward in his recovery from this that that can do attitude it will be something I’m sure that he’ll lean on going forward such a positive outlook and I’m looking forward to getting him back in the building and being around the Beat Around his teammates in being in the quarterback meeting and in that type is I know he needs that we needed and that’s that’ll be all part of his skin on his process of getting Hilton and get himself right for next year Andy Dalton comes in and a band of Veteran quarterback he takes over the reins and and leaves the team to the to the victory in the end of that day going forward Dalton are there was a reason he became available and you jumped on the opportunity during the off-season know where do you speak things stand now with a veteran quarterback to take over you have to feel pretty fortunate that you have Dalton is what will rely on operation is a as they build from beginning of season he was a great asset at the dock but more importantly he was preparing himself to always be ready to play so I met he has he has a preparation and expansive of a big-time starter know I don’t think we’ll be just as far as how we want to and you attack the Arizona Cardinals defense Mike McCarthy says it’s

not so much a challenge making sure that don’t is ready to go as a new starter much of it is making sure that former third string quarterback now back up rookie Ben dinucci is ready to go at a moment’s notice to Mike McCarthy show at 11 p.m. on CBS 11 Saturday night’s Cowboys defense would have their best performance of the year including their first defensive touchdown we talked about the Cowboys defense and how they can carry over that stuff this Monday night against the Cardinals next first down they fake the golden and Joan fumbled the ball in his pickup by the Cowboys and running down the left side of his welcome back from the injured list 34 number 30 quarterback Anthony Brown with a scoop and score for 6 in his first game back off IR from a rib injury the Cowboys defense play their most complimentary football and how the Giants and just 300 total net yards in a 37-34 victory despite New York of the worst offense in the league in many categories it being one was still the best performance from this Cowboys defense so far former Cowboys safeties Danny McCray and Barry Church Joy newest cross on their podcast The Players Lounge About how the Cowboys defense can have another strong outing against such a prolific Cardinals offense on Sunday the Cowboys defense play better but oh by the way you played the you arguably one of worst teams in the league is not be worse in the windows New York Giants oh Danny how much do you think it helped that no one was on the sidelines to help run his defense I don’t think it helped much I mean if anything it if you kind of gave you somebody to look at to be accountable to but I think more of the noise that was heard you know outside of the immediate with them not hustling and and not giving effort I think they look look deep inside their cells and figured you know what they were saying on film wasn’t right so I think it was more more on the players and it was on the couch but I don’t think Nolan made that much of a difference in like you said it was the giant so let’s let’s see how much of a difference it makes a better office that we see on Monday yeah I think you know him coming down from the from the pressbox I mean I don’t know I’m always the type that likes to have my coordinator down there and he was down there with us all the time just so you can if you can talk to him and see what he’s seeing out there so for me after you know I think it could have helped just a little bit. Not that much better cuz I didn’t perform that much better against the Giants but I could have helped a little bit so for me you know I hope he stays down there I hope you stayed down there cuz hopefully that you know that’s helping keeping the players accountable in some way some fashion and hopefully we can just you know improve on this hopefully we can get roll and I’m still optimistic about this team and the defense the momentum but I thought I thought I was confused yesterday man so so might know his defense did get a pick-six Daniel Jones has been very charitable during his time in the NFL quarterback and the Cowboys ended up taking advantage of it is a strip-sack bye-bye tank Lawrence Anthony Brown gets in and goes and 6 is do you think that Lawrence had his turn around on chords to Pick the right side of things how long do we not giving away pick-sixes I thought that was a fumble recovery for a touchdown let’s do we are not going to give the secondary will it come out here stop by the secondary was able to get a Pick 6 months and I think now that they see what they need to do witches have him move around and pick and choose you know the matchups that he sees best defense for him to go take advantage of I think that is the key to him being successful this season so calm the Cardinals offense will be a tougher task for the Cowboys and the Giants were last week’s the Cardinals have their fair share of weapons including Allen High School alum quarterback Kyler Murray who is 6000 all time at AT & T Stadium in the Cowboys expectancy from wearing Monday night what are you now welcome back to Cowboys rewind the Cardinal flying to town for some Monday Night Football and quarterback Kyler Murray is no stranger to playing at AT & T Stadium Allen High School alarm is 6 and all time at AT & T Stadium where he won three

straight High School football championships in a 2018 Big 12 title with Oklahoma odds on the Cowboys break podcast this we can discuss in detail what makes Murray still difficult to defend Arizona explosive is dynamic they can attack you a bunch of different ways their quarterback who is the Texas high school legend is a good at advertised Kyler Murray is everything that you look for the position he’s efficient he’s explosive he does a great job of really testing the defense with his arm and his legs and he is really kind of coming to his own in a second season even though the numbers will tell you that he had has had some struggles with the six interceptions did you clean almost 70% of his passes his eight touchdowns six interceptions of the spoke about five touchdowns on the ground and as he is beginning to really get comfortable in his office they added another weapon in DeAndre Hopkins maybe the best wide receiver in football and they are treating him as such DeAndre Hopkins leads the league in receiving yards he’s the only player in the National Football League with over 5 into receiving yards and 40 + catches they are using him Beyond just being a chain Movers he was used in Houston he’s taking it deep he’s doing more things on the route tree than we’ve seen him do it quick Keansburg really has this offense rolling because they got a couple running backs and Kenyan Drake in the offensive line has been better than expected and so because this is our offense can explode and we really haven’t seen them tap into that explosive nature but they can be a handful biking last weekend in the game against the Giants we saw the Dallas defense take care of a DVT eating tiny bit step forward button when you’re talking about marriage soreness office is this a game where hopefully the defense is able to take a note another ATB step forward or if you know what is disgusting because the Cowboys issues have been against the run and the past last week we saw where the Giants try to run right at them successfully early in the game and then the guy would you ever going to get it under control I was saying in and put the game on Daniel Jones the Cardinals typically don’t operate operate like that like that like a a Vegas casino dealer he just got a distributor bolts all the playmaker they have around him and it goes Kyler Murray has plenty of weapons to Target including wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins who’s got more than $500 for the first 5 weeks he’s also got wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and 11 Time pro bowler in his 17th season has defended receivers on the Cowboys defense don’t go anywhere he matches coming your way Cowboys are dealing with their fair share of injuries in a Wasa start almost every position that they still have to find a way to win and they’re going to do so by relying on the next-man-up mentality of younger players stepping up and making an impact the special edition crew talked about who some of those younger player that way to be matched up against and Monday night’s game against the Cardinals cowboy steak on the Cardinals let’s start with Bucky Brooks and Bucky you’ve got the matchup of Kyler Murray against the cowboy linebackers your linebackers have a long day ahead of him trying to say with the Cala Maria because Kyler Murray’s not only dangerous in the pocket the magic happens when he leaves a pocket itself there my Jaylon Smith and Joe times and those guys have any Corral Kyler Murray trying to find a way to slow him down he is a dangerous playmaker outside of it five rushing touchdowns somehow someway the Cowboys going to make sure they keep him contained then we’ll see if Leighton Vander esch will be back or not. So you got practice begin this week vanderest was a full go at practice will see his availability let’s get to match up number to pass rush against those young offensive tackles of the Cowboys as we spoke earlier it is a is a plethora of players you know if it’s on Corey Peters Jordan Phillips I even Simmons the young guy out of Clemson the fervent these are a bunch of guys coming so the Dallas Cowboys offensive line has to know their assignments and block of coordinates all right when I get to match up number 3 Isaiah it’s as Arizona wide receivers of course the big move against

the Dallas DBS yam and these guys are these because one of the best in the league if not at the best you know he’s arguably that that guy ride DD hopping in Odyssey you have a Hall of Famer that’s on the other side in the form of Larry Fitzgerald, do you have perk in this lot is going to be a problem you guys going to handle all this year our secondaries have some issues so far this season it doesn’t get better this week they give Kyler Murray time these guys will get open getting a special edition Saturday nights at 11 p.m. on CBS 11 Cowboys host the Cardinals Monday night at AT & T Stadium will be the first game in four years without Dak Prescott on the stick office at four 7:15 and cowboys pregame live starts at 6 p.m. that’ll get your set and ready to go for the game and you can watch on all Dallas Cowboys social platform thanks watching Cowboys rewind and I’ll see you next time Cowboys rewind was brought you by AT & T swbc mortgage Financial Solutions to help you meet your personal and business goals visit and buy the Dallas Cowboys football club or AT & T Stadium for more information call eight one seven eight nine to tour or visit tours