Day 7 Road Trip: The World's oldest zoo in Vienna♥ 維也納動物園7| Angelbirdbb

so now we are going to the zoo we see some animal ranges in front ah so we make a mistake here is not a soon to be a famous custom here so you know I still it’s like a little what we can do always read about 127 so we guess update this one should be the sous intro and then we need to walk up and go inside and you can see here the car in haja castro and here have a child so now we found in terms of what’s kind of anymore said I know you can see just you f1 don’t know how its core this kind of enemy come on it’s awesome dear basing their walking back oh they look you can step out there what’s that some renault straws what a lucky thing John I think they dig the separate them oh yeah you see to have something don’t let them to call too baby 127 baby will come this way heyo what is up with and therefore they do you can see the produce hey whatever they call me the head they have some big beast was fun of him dear yeah just really dear mm-hmm but why did they don’t move and they talk this whole thing and the other day drinking water hmm their life thing every day although remove now while i think i can write already have some look and the moon war for victory oh my camera Oh with the only Babylon person his honor they try to create a life for us here and it’s really wet and hot mm-hmm but it’s a long walking around this one

is okay what he’s doing move like them he’s walking the same well that’s not agree with a believer you see what can I say we’re all the time the same we open what we with you for hope it’s funny this Pingo is Christine we’re 40 like this is finished to take a shower under that is not bad what they can create functional this one doing it’s crossing the hair he’s really old oh I don’t hey what something going it’s funny they can go inside aside from the whole oh it is my god oh honey we did not perhaps you again you come to they know you’re lying oh he hit on the wall but this zebra is not really a white car or their duty by how economies are displayed add any super strong slow little buddy or I smell super super super the Victoria oh yeah they have a small baby just like 22 and moist doing whatever cuz f1 all the cat go inside or the kid doing oh the baby so small wow it’s been discussed

they’re small voice it is lumpy whoa they’re speaking something okay whoa whoa like holiday they saw you see walk on it isn’t it seemed he just walks up under you should yeah yeah whoa whoa don’t like they calling people to look at them whatever you are human available whoa honestly they can come here is just jump from there it’s not hard for no no I don’t think you can go I mean they just dumped in the tree we really need to that noise here whoa the fat again it’s not even good whoa and after this silly jump on you this one is too deep is the water my husband and I calling each other bird it’s because of this path they can always tell each other the mobile you know yeah Yello called laughs part is why we call each other it’s super suck it’s Holi is here sir Maltese whoa whoa holud from spot I’m here to ask Richard is my husband go inside it’s a real lion he cannot grow up shooting you got and we can see we see the tiger you just let

me drive cream driver skip school but before his try to sea lion but no lion inside always kissing oh the Tony something you you is anyone on the bubble sometimes it was verbal from hot damn maybe Adam a friend by the top here maybe the end is neither knows where they I saw it only two pole making away this oil is really good and this will move this is you amenia one is five underground goddess i don’t know guys I know where they go always so behind you don’t know that mr. Smith the city’s one hunter is this mine is pushing the other so we just finish this soon yeah we were just getting some pesos and coffee and go back to the car so I just all the SAT like that and they have a freely cup cake and coffee and my husband all done why your coffee so big like that and then although the ethyl type thing we will be on the TV because that team is the authority so now it is really to assess the shoe and little bit costco and now we will walk back to the car park and we go to a husband friend house is really close and yet did I my possible by a dead cat okay so so finally we are right here it’s a little house i miss hotel pycelle little house like that and here is the main door and I don’t tea and coffee place and then sure and my shoes and then now we get in and you can see here’s the bedroom this will you like apartment and he is TV in place here and then outside the bedroom have a bathroom it’s quite nice here don’t when you know my hotel is really vague is my apartment and they have a shower and then the tall is here in different room yeah it’s really nice here and after we were just um my husband’s just go to pay the hotel fee and then we will go to his friend house

and yeah he’s really tired and yeah before we don’t have enough feel and he’s really trouble and then we tried like one hour in the highway but it’s not any field station you really get little bit nervous because you know is no fue and can be stopping the roll like that yeah and I forgot to show you outside they have a little balcony they have some Chin table and but outside is really bad weather though and it’s so cold outside so I don’t feel we can drink a coffee or tea outside if sunny day I think it’s really nice to just go outside and he’s really quiet and yeah and I really like the furniture here especially here they have a coffee table and yeah he’s really know he’s a didn’t know that we move and then I discovered that other room here is quite big hear his phone I mean to singing go back and have a small t wait oh yeah it’s really nice here they have some nice picture you love the questions of fish per share price meals in Vienna