Episode 41: Not a FO in sight

hi welcome to to tangle skates we are Saturday May twenty-fifth 2013 this is episode 41 my name is sue also known as crafty dinner 7 i’d like to welcome previous viewers and welcome any new viewers who have joined we hope you enjoy the ride nope and I’m Carrie also known as Jaden dinner and you can find us on blip youtube and itunes under too tangled skein twl you can find us on twitter as number two tangles gains and our blog with all of the show notes and all of that is true tangled skein stuff cool hey hi so you want to go first sure fos nada me neither no I foes works-in-progress well we could start by showing Linds fo from last week well ho sorry ho because she’s still working on the other one I stole this from her last night at night I’m like I’m dating this guy so this is her sock that she finished last week that she didn’t have to show and you’ll see that there are stitch markers those are drop stitches look that she’s gonna have to incorporate into so really nice this is it’s just a standard standard cuff downtown and it’s wild hair yarn it’s on it they called the pinnacle base on 2.5 millimeters which is a us 1.5 yes yes yes yes she’ll correct us if we got it wrong so it’s a thing of beauty I love the pooling it’s like so psychedelic oh yeah so that is her ho I do what the fight we just pulled random stitch markers out for her to use because she didn’t have any locking ones pink and one white out we actually pulled out the ones that match the aren’t completely by accident yep it’s awesome and I’m going to apologize right now for the cliq Latinos because I can really hear these these are just my their shoes and Bates they happen to be the only ones i had in the right size shillings later but she’s knitting worsted big needles black canvas and so actually you’re not going to be able to see it yeah so poking around on the needles I have my sock which sad to say i haven’t done very much of i was the second song though this is the second song okay but it’s not been getting a lot of love you see the stitch marker that’s about how much love it’s gotten in two weeks and the reason for that was and yes I’m going to talk about pine needles again i was using crystals die kraft needles which were the three and a half lengths and he was cramping my hands i was waiting for my tips and i finally got my tips and they are the 5 inch tips the heavy metals and I craft love then yeah and so this is how much I’ve gotten done from the stitch marker up it is just a basic vanilla toe up sock in biscuit and see Felix base yarn so this is the tag it’ll focus oh gosh I can’t get close enough maybe you can is it gonna focus maybe maybe maybe on anyways you get the gist and it’s biscuit c-calm if you want to go and check her yarn out it’s really nice self striping it’ll be on the show notes it was in the show notes last week or the week before this is what it looks like finish this is my first sock and knit that on 2.5 millimeters which is a us 1.5 you see a theme going on here unless your net picks when sis it’s a US one that really confused me because I had to call them to get a needle replaced yeah it says one on here yeah dance on it it to us one no no it’s more and but that’s okay other thing the needles is my Paloma I actually have something to show you Thank You Selma for getting it started for me because there’s a little story behind this I cast it on and my earring and twisted it cat care caddy hey caddy Carrie cast it on for me it got twisted and then Selma decided to take it home and cast it on for me so that I could get going and this is what I’ve got so far and I’ve actually got the picture of it so you’ve got slip stitches with purl bumps on either side and there you go that’s what the finished pattern looks like yeah so it’s by Kim Hargreaves and I’m knitting it out of this still-young touch in the green and it’s cotton on I started the bottom portion on 2.75 which is a us two and then I move I just changed 3.25 which is a u.s. three i believe and I’m really loving yeah kind of how quickly it’s going in there on my diagraph needles too because you know why not

yeah I’m on my second ball almost done a second ball so this is my middle long project which I will speak about later so sorry for the scatter brain it’s Saturday I’ve been dude that that’s a so much good day yeah yes they’re non stop this morning woke up had to go to costco do some groceries bring the dogs to the vet go back and finish groceries at the other grocery store come back put the groceries away go pick me up Harry up at the bus stop come back eat and now we’re recording yep I haven’t had enough coffee today I had a latte this morning and I didn’t finish it drink your privacy I’m drinking Pepsi so no no that was a drink more perhaps oh ok um so that’s all i have going let’s go say is that all or is there any that’s all i have going on I want to talk about I have other projects that are just sitting beside that aren’t being touched in yeah it’s kind of like I have a project in my bag I’m not bothering to bring it out because quite frankly yeah and I work on it we’re going to show it I think I did two rows on it and it’s the same two rows that I’ve been doing for the last four years so I’ll see it when it’s done yep um these ones i don’t know i don’t think these are going to show up yeah now black black blob black so cables handy-dandy little thing um these are blue monday so pretty um and they are gone who’sa by sarah h wolf and they are up on rabbits free pattern sara is actually a friend of our friend kits which I thought was really cool yes so I’m knitting these gloves are there fingerless mitts and I’m knitting these for kit oh I’m doing Commission knitting still so these are Commission for kit out of a pattern that her friend me I actually I really like pattern it’s well-written it’s simple straightforward worsted and quick yeah um it takes me if I basically i live on one side of the river on one end of the city sue lives on the other side on the opposite end of the city so it takes me about an hour and a half on the bus to get here [ __ ] or the waiting and yeah between the waiting and the walking and everything else and in that time I literally I cast this on right before I left the house because I did the join for the round waiting for the bus at the mall by my place so all of this done was done and what are here seven cable repeats it’s an a 77 World repeat and I’ve done four and a half repeats and I have to do six of them before i start the phone and it’s a very short though it’s a berry yeah so this is a quick and easy pattern and yeah like I said these are your standard you know crafts or susan bates needles I weight yarn is it it’s Castillo 220 yay yep I love me some cascade 220 I don’t know if it’s super washer not cuz I didn’t actually look at the tag I just pulled the tag off on bomb left house um but yeah I love cascade 220 it’s great for like mitts and stuff and it’s great for quick knits because quite frankly four point five millimeter us sevens hour and a half yes um and yeah Neil there susan bates they’re fine they’re just they’re a lot dirtier than what I’m used to and but the points are fine on the I find on the larger sizes and as long as you have a fairly pointy point you’re funny and these are there there they are what their and they’re fine for this and quite frankly I don’t own anything else so and and I have I actually did a test with a lot of them as well move on to the next thing that I have on the needles with these which this is or will be my newest pattern it’s based on the god Hermes the Greek god hermes shoes so the wings on his shoes so there i’ll actually be a wing pattern up both sides of the the leg and i just started the wing pattern she’s going to heal yep i have a heel or even after like five or six times I don’t do toe up very often and i miss read the instructions the first time and had ripped he eloped uh

oh let’s rephrase that I didn’t read the instructions the first time and have heel out because I was an inch too far and these were way too big and the second time I got at the right length for the gusset and then the actual short row heel I screwed it up and every time I dignifies yeah this is take five I screwed it up a couple of times you started it over three times at knit night last night yes and I’d already restarted it twice before that though so yeah it’s all good it’s all good it’s done now and it was literally just love me the color oh yeah and I just gave away a skein of yarn they resembles exactly this and crystal loves it by the way yeah she does love it now I’m regretting it it’s showing up a little bit more orange on the screen it is a yellow color amalgam it is nitpick stroll tonal so it’s like an $11 yard and I’m actually really liking it it’s not quite as heavily twisted as I normally like but I like my sock weight yarn really really twisted so it’s all good so this is the the ball it’s gold and almost an orange e color yeah it’s it’s actually called gold mine is the name of the color the little flecks of orange that are going through it or just oh yeah so this is the latest pattern and I was actually I tested to see how long it took me to do how much I could knit in 45 minutes because I was watching TV and I watch everything with the commercials already taken out so they’re exactly 45 minutes shows yeah because this is all stuff i have like recorder than everything um so i did one show with magic loop one show with two circs and then one show with these i got almost twice the amount of knitting done on your dps on the DPM yeah DP ends are faster for you whereas for me that I find them slower yeah I’m used to do to circs now I’m into magic loop because she introduced me to magic OOP yeah and i love it and it depends on your needles too it does it really does uh now actually when i did the test i was i knit that on my arm el cheapo of bamboo once that was that was actually done with bamboo it wasn’t even done with my six your fastest speed you know my fast against was the DP ins the bamboo always they’ll even faster with these yeah because yeah I basically I did this in an evening cuz I can stir on got partway your the fascinator to to begin with yeah but it’s just but yeah that’s that’s a lot I did almost twice the amount i did just over a full inch actually was close to an inch and a half i guess in 45 minutes Wow which is not bad that’s 72 stitches in the round and 2.25 millimeters or us one yeah I do not get I tried the bamboos because I want to make sure I was okay excite I was always a big I didn’t like what needles but now that I’ve changed my knitting style bit over the years and I found that the wood needles actually work for me now I want to make sure they work for me before I looked at buying the daya craft which unfortunately i’m not going to be getting any time soon make you look I will get you look I my job is ending in month and I haven’t found a new one yet so no new needles or yarn acquired until I find a new job which will happen because I’m saying that so please please send good vibes my way and the job thing is it’s nothing big or horrendous its restructuring and my department happens to no longer exists oh yeah oh boo boo this but it it happens I will survive I always do sorry anywhere said no Gloria Gaynor well you know haha but yes once in the show this is new pattern this one has not yet gone in for testing because i have to get i have to check the wing pattern because it’s something i designed so i have to make sure that it actually works before i send it out to people yep you got testers lined up I have gestures lined up so thank you guys for you know sending me p.m. so why not I haven’t gone back to anyone yet that’s just because I have had a really crazy week and haven’t had a chance and then I’ve got this one which this is my mountain path socks this one is in final testing so I’m hoping to actually have this one go up on Rev by the time the

episode 42 so the next episode goes live yeah yeah you know just make another one like that because fits me just fine hope your birthday to me her birthday’s coming come on yeah I know yeah it’s not gonna happen it loves this year uh yeah yeah I made them slightly too short for my ginormous feet which is okay so just really good on the sub blockers oh yeah because the sock lockers are not actually the right size for my feet but that’s okay they have pugs and I will get a new pair that is the right size but he that you can see the cable pattern oh yeah it just pops it’s very nice i like and I’m hoping everyone else will like them too because you know if you buy them that i can buy needles just saying just put that out there into the world this is how this is going to work uh-huh because I’m some veterans to feed my own addictions yeah so I’ve got those two and then I guess the other thing I have on the knee let’s not lose the needle is the show name let’s not lose the needle the tank top that I’ve been knitting on and I basically have gotten another I’ve doubled the length of what it was at last week’s I was just doing the hem and now I’m an inch past ahem yep right and i have this pattern is written up to the armholes so i just have to finish writing it and figure out how I’m going to do the the arms and the the arms in the cow back because I want it to have similar to that similar to this only it’s like mine is a full shawl collar um so it’s not going to go all the way around back it’ll just be kind of this cowl part the front but yeah it’ll actually I didn’t even realize that when I put the shirt on this morning it’ll look very solicitous no bonus yeah that’s that’s all I’ve got I’ve been carrying that around in my zigzag stitches bag that has squirrels on it yes we’ve got bags that in my pug bag and I’ve got this slip stitch Studios bag which is also mine action was hers then I’ve got my little butterfly bag which is Prairie girl creations she’s local to us up and they love it I’ve got my pug bag from the knotted which have been on it all made a bigger one no I’ll need a bigger one soon because this thing is not gonna fit much longer I do love the fact that she matched her yarn and bag hey cuz i do that oh sorry poo I meant yeah that’s that’s all I’ve got I have to get these mitts finished for the end of the week for kids and I want to get the Hermes wing socks the gold is yellow ones I showed you guys done so i can actually send that off to my testers who i will get back to this week I want to send that it by next week and like I said I’m hoping to have burn any major problems um the UH the mountain path socks should be up on laughs for sale by the end of next week yeah and I will have to keep any toes or three testers I’ve got three testers for it’s just it and we’ve kind of two of them now have finished a full sock so okay and you’re getting feedback no I gotten lots of feedback edge is good so it should be good some stash enhancement nah I have one has a little package die kraft sent us each three tips and cables and i ordered what was left over to complete the set so i got my complete set now so it comes in this beautiful little package and you open them up that’s a really nice it open it’s all i can get close enough but it’s all handwritten it’s signed up here by linda and then she hand wrote all the needle sizes so you know and she does know needles your cables and for those of you who don’t know it comes with this little rubber band this band is very important if you buy the needles do not throw it away it is to tighten your needles to the cables and i found this out from reading through some reviews on the die craft group on ravelry so if you want any information about the needles go to die craft group and look at the reviews and they even have some people

have made videos i watched a couple videos of the reviews so i love them i have a full set now and i am very happy that was that was my stash enhancement and i will be acquiring full fence yes and yes I did say plural yes she’s going to be getting the full set of these and so yeah so it wraps up like that and it’s awesome um no spinning nope no spinning I had touched it we did like you know a little tiny bit on a bobbin this morning but I was showing up to a friend last week my arm was hurting and this week I don’t have the brace on but I’m knitting okay but I don’t want to over do myself and spinning because I’m right-handed and I use that one to draft so I don’t want to overdo myself so i will get back to my cloud lover fiber that’s partially on the wheel right now um what else do we have the saw Cal ends on May 31st and we will have the draw on june first when we record and you hasti 31st on friday yeah oh yeah good to know yeah the 31st is on Friday yes it looked at me last saying goes so how are the midst going and I look back at hermit it’s what miss I’ve had the yarn that’s for beak I forgot hope mid type of it it sorry good I promise I working on them now yes proof yes so it ends on May 31st and there is a no chatter thread you enter a picture your socks and if you want to put the pattern and now that’d be great because we always need more patterns yep and one post per person so if you’ve posted twice you can either remove your post or we just won’t count your second post if it’s if it gets pulled up on the random generator yeah because it’s clearly stated it’s one post per person and there’s like 24 25 people who finished socks so we got a quite quite a good number and there will be a set of my stitch markers and pattern of up to five dollars five dollars you wax us just what you can win cook yeah my birthday Cal knit along crochet along I finally decided the other day while I was at work that this is what I’m doing it’s already on the needles and I was going to have pad pattern carry design a pattern for a rectangular shawl and I asked for ideas from other people and I love some of the ideas that have come up and some people even even offered up their own pattern patterns but I decided I already have this on the needles it’s summer it’s cotton and i figure i’m just going to use this for then get along so you have what the rules of the cowl are you need to be a member of the group you need to cast on by june first and it has to be a summer project it’s going to last from june first to July thirty-first 31st 34-30 first it’s going to last until the end so just before we go two stitches or whatever the whatever the saturday is will close it the saturday either yeah the 10 round that’s closest yeah and there’s going to be yarn up for grabs and there’s going to be stitch markers up for grabs and I will throw something into the ring yeah so there’ll be two or three prizes so you know it could be something from its most likely to be something from my stash that you’re going to get but i’m not sure what yet and i’m going to be making up some new stitch markers so we’ll have more on the shop to choose from so you’ll be able to choose from my shop what stitch markers you want um i think that’s it this short and sweet yep so so i guess yeah i’ll have the anyone wants dude pattern for their the knit along i’ll add that up with a coupon code for it for the group this auction me yeah this office ok yeah whatever it’s whatever you want to cast on as long as its cast on by June first and i also put a tag in there it’s tts summer 2013 so I want everybody to tag their projects because that will be easier when we do yeah wrong right so yeah that’s pretty much it anymore and I’ll just be babbling so happy knitting happy spinning at the crochet and to the people well to the Canadians I hope you had a good tory day weekend the Americans happy Memorial Day oh that’s right that’s this weekend yeah right cuz they have to be different in can’t do it the same days the rest of us anyway oh by the way kit talk sure she knows what I mean yep that’s it ok ok hi