Let's Play Second Sight: Part 3 – Experimentation

hello everyone crystal fish again welcome to another pod of Y let’s play second sight Johnny nature joins us once again as weeks I a body is medical facility yeah this is it’s pretty cool we can use a computer you know if we want to have a look at these or amazing doctorates like subjects that it’s brain tissue activity you can’t just some fake dissipate subscriptions okay that’s going to you to this damn I can’t no no subscriptions for medication I mean they all yeah well free scripts just that’s the ones [ __ ] sakes are out with my entirely mindful precision records prescriptions from medication yeah well I think actually there is some monkey juice I believe you can find or room with monkey so yeah and I’m skis juice you’re in a Medical Center and like where you can have like all the drugs you want and you’re looking for monkey car well oh [ __ ] better enable that and well as you will see you [ __ ] that experiment a car you’re going on here and I don’t even think that that’s how they got AIDS that’s how aids got transferred that’s it okay so yeah this you can do some anarchist argument items in the levels like that this is all not that important but I want to show mats Kempe but yeah it’s like I think anything it’s nothing documents to do with is you know like is this the whole like I mean this whole thing is proven to based around here kinda Oh at-at boyo you saw the whole world revolves around him he’s a narcissist then we’re gonna John vadik I got no it’s gone this computer and let’s have a little silver screen so I mean multiple screen saver yeah really replicate in the old days I’m and with that alright so here’s a little feature you can do here you go out there that’s basically the same computer but if you click on this you can basically go to this chat room and you see a guy that we access a bigger file honey that is a pedophile yeah I mean this bunny is actually 12 years old it’s our connection good oh yeah a connection thought juice it is it a few times you didn’t like understand what I said I can understand that you can hopefully breed what was going on here definitely yep so basically the guy leaves the room and if you keep but if you keep it going and just these funny by the way LR is actually is going I’m typing this hello I’m can’t wait to cook you translate you say something now you can actually quit what a [ __ ] clingy [ __ ] what’s this ready talk to me quit you read joke we actually actually depends on what you find just leave it at say oh wait and sister room quiets leave that saying oh there you I just actually this when I was a kid that’s kind of why I was like oh god I feel [ __ ] ya ain’t like I feel like even though it was an accident even though I was wet the way she talks though she does actually sound like a 12 year old what were the username like a oh no just oh there you are you’re going to talk to me now with that language like that’s sort of cleanliness that’s like a little kid yeah like you know a security job but I have any not that I have any experience with her well you know I mean we all we all have experience but in different ways okay you know it she’s getting worried look okay you know that the bitchiness is turned to concern you know she’s getting why you’re right yeah it’s not be cheaper say it’s like ridiculously desperately we could be how quickly as well I get a Jeff John oh there you are gonna back them up we’re done yeah I know but she doesn’t know that she doesn’t know but you know you don’t have a lot of the time no it just assume like just just from her perspective like just think about how overly sort of clingy she is being here you gotta remember though this is a maximum security sort of medical area where you know they only fight her don’t try to [ __ ] justify it just say that she’s a clingy [ __ ] and all right it turns out that she was right but it doesn’t really I don’t you know like we shouldn’t really give a [ __ ] because she was shy anyway she should have been the one who died I think that’s yeah that’s

fair enough to say why are you being so serious you can’t fish you yeah I don’t know I ain’t serious I just kind of like like watching this chat play out it’s kind of interesting what it just keeps going I think if you quit again what happened is if you wish your girlfriend was so cleaning yeah I think that’s helped usually it’s the other way around with you finding you I like that well fine you know you’ll get home or he rather he won’t get home early that’s it it ends in a fart all right let’s get under the main business let’s let’s take the serious if so that always have to do with winter ice so we’re going to be learning a few you wait I think I think there’s sound your voice is slightly lower that’s why can’t you do one say yeah I think I can’t hear attempt number three turn down the you probably want to turn it like usually you want to turn the game sound down to like halfway or something see look what I do it’s all like three so it’s yes weird alright so we just learned a new power which I actually did it like I skipped a kiss I just skipped the cutscene but basically it’s like a sigh attack so what you can do is you can basically blast the enemies I’ll show that a big sigh yeah this side like si gh attack he this guy just completely Savoy yeah please come back Connie okay I should you know okay I’m gonna leave this up to you do you want me to either do the subtle thing one maybe or do you want me to do the that this is the SIA tack it’s your choice be subtle or be for a word to be brash be frightened I don’t know like I’ll tend to see both you know what I would usually do the subtle thing okay this is a deck not good idea all right so what we can do and use the telekinesis it breaks my heart and then you have to like do this Arnold Schwarzenegger pun wailing oh yeah how about this for breaking your heart like you punch him in the chest or throw that thing in there yeah it’s nice yes an electrical surge can break your heart yeah that’s the thing yes so basically like I mean I don’t really like the way the way in which these sort of guys speak oh [ __ ] oh no he’s [ __ ] family you know should I kill him or should I let him go I’ll let him go why no you’ve got to take him down before equals you know I’ll [ __ ] okay everything’s gone but they’re not very quick on the response thank you sigh attack boom killed now can punch that guy out as well goodbye piece of [ __ ] there we go and we can yeah I mean basically the easiest way to sort of avoid people is just going here like go into places like these and then they can’t find you yeah it’s kind of a deus ex yeah or a mm mgs1 trope actually I’m like yeah I’m gonna see if I can I’m gonna see if I can actually throw one right here any what is yes [ __ ] yes the site oh I thought you were holding something double kill oh there ragdoll of things worse than if like even though we’re going as heavies he’s like you he’s holding his head like a kind of continues yeah this is nothing like you know shooting up a you know a military base this is whispered work where we’re saying all the way it’s that same guy with the same bald spot you know it’s interesting I think this whole world is just a clone well you know we’ve got this I’m gonna I’m gonna end it this is the end of the part thank you good bye guys see you later oh I are you saying you’re gonna end the bolt strand like you can oh there’s no more clones of that [ __ ] look we get in there everywhere it’s ridicu it’s just more evidence of that it was right though and as well that the contacts animation is very sort of rough you know like cat the like when you were when you’re punching people it’s like sort of you know a lot of them don’t make like proper contact but they still register as hits or something yeah oh he made sure yeah like here’s a now here’s we’re gonna learn a new ability I really work

it’s good to me is with the different abilities actually it’s just like a cool voice acting like he’s really shown like his forearms and I think yeah but is he but is he just look away walk away you don’t want to mess with this Jimmy what he did do that now what I’m gonna do wait so if he didn’t know right that he was sort of making himself invisible why did he even stay there like that he could have literally gone right around that corner there you know that’s nice thing I was like wow why would you should just kept walking and then you would have learned the invisible but maybe the logic is [ __ ] look you could have just hit on [ __ ] I’m gonna have to get together thankfully you’ve got shitloads out so another [ __ ] Baldy Dwight goodbye [ __ ] you know I was gonna say I was gonna eliminate him subtly but unfortunately I was gonna have to go for the head shot all right now also here’s another interesting thing about this level is that I can actually complete this in like two minutes now like from here I can such a good video gamer you know but I actually I’m gonna show you this method what you do is like gasps people yeah you do jump in the decontamination what the [ __ ] is is this even he’s doing that’s my question well you’re just activating those fans and it’s blowing all the [ __ ] dust out which looks like [ __ ] [ __ ] dust maybe it is [ __ ] dust yeah maybe maybe there was a guy crawling around and there he died Oh God shades Alma cost you but you know what happens right when you die you’re empty your bowels yeah oh because where the [ __ ] came from now the [ __ ] literally hit oh God where else could you find this fine sort of you know analysis of yeah or references to she didn’t love it yeah well when we’re Conner says of crap am i right right okay well for that reference people would need to know you’ve got to know your market better Christopher I’m sorry what people don’t know the connoisseur of cringe reference so annal and whereas I know that you know the mainstream market does know of the expression [ __ ] hitting the fan that’s known as true so I mean I we argue that you’re actually more in touch with our nice know I think decades of experience in radio I think no I think that shows that you have a better pulse better finger on the pulse of you know of my channel a seat you’re learning that’s a quote that would you know a Johnny you can trust or something like that is that tranquil is it okay yeah it’s Johnny you can trust this that a reference to a condom at John you cuz that would be a double low gun what would it be or a condom by Jonah Johnny you can trust like it doesn’t sort of doesn’t lead us to the fact yeah yeah that’s true it doesn’t break yeah it’s a it’s a reliable Johnny you know I mean just like in real life you know it’s modeled although it’s got a picture of you for that to be yeah but for that like trustees mate it but that’s more like that’s like me like doing like like a presidential campaign something I’m not selling like I’m not giving out these sort of badges but I’m just giving out condoms just because my name is Johnny has to be common [ __ ] these Barbies god there’s so many this this really is just a clone Factory yeah so it is like hitman contracts well no it’s actually not but now I’m trying to think where the [ __ ] I gave okay so I’m gonna go through here I’m going to show you this is the area that we broke down before so I did I never actually knew about this until like a few hours ago but I was kind of exploring around and I found that room and so basically you can go into here oh I’ve actually I’ve actually been in this game or got to like the last level I could have lied I could have lied and just said what are you is reload by the way you might want to do that oh yeah once more reload okay now I want you what’s this gentleman else coming after

you for saying [ __ ] Guinea brat okay it’s a reference to the vlogs which will be up by now now I can’t Godfather that yeah and that was where it’s actually from now you’re gonna be impressive my stealth skills here okay because I’m like yeah I think you will be I think you honestly will be I think we’re live there are some enemies in here here we go ready do ya do ya all right there okay here we go oh [ __ ] it’s over this it will be impressed by my skills here huh oh [ __ ] it’s over yes no it’s not lost not yet oh [ __ ] it’s over yeah what someone just [ __ ] like he kind of reacted pretty sort of he wrecked gameplay is a lot like Splinter Cell not like least I don’t think maybe it is though likely sudden there was this one Splinter Cell that was like I think it was like the first sort of new gen splinter cell game where basically all of the gameplay was cover and then sort of trying to get head shots from cover and for some reason it was really addictive Lee fun although it’s not not a good game in terms of design or anything on right it was just the whole game was just different areas really sort of you know tied together with a narrative but it all that it ended up being was just a sort of different array in areas where you could find the right covers and then from there try to get head shots on everyone with a silenced gun without you know triggering alarms or like getting getting found out and when did this game come out like a recent one he was maybe 2010 okay yeah I haven’t play I mean I actually haven’t played a single splinter so again but I’ve been playing a demo but it wasn’t I mean that game was definitely not like a true splinter cell game what are you well I’m actually is either sound really odd but I’m waiting for you to finish talking because I’m not this is the end of the mission so I was gonna show the cuts I’m sorry but yeah if if you want to play Splinter Cell play chaos theory that’s like amazing and amazing that’s these plane is [ __ ] yeah splitter so cast theories that what one is that myths in the series it’s the third one I knew I was gonna get I’m not kidding when I say I was gonna say is it the third I assure you not from 2005 actually that is actually a play my first video on YouTube I think really what crimes great madmen no no I plan to sell cows theory kills and Glitch awesome after check you know they give it a cheap plug there you know it’s a pretty good it again got pretty good view so I think like upwards of 40,000 it’s all nice now that’s good let’s go to the records let’s look at this [ __ ] is important cutscene right here record store damn he’s got pinkeye hey winterize again why am I so stupid she’s looking at a computer and getting completely mental what his expressions way too expressive ah it’s the mosque that was exactly like the mosque oh yeah that bear that hair like yeah when he’s like for the first time he tries the mascot classic so here we are this is this is your answer to winter ice here we are born to be king you killed him genders this reminds me of Atlantis by the way don’t Atlantis

that Disney film yeah yeah it’s like the protagonist here kind of looks like the guy from Atlantis and the way those other people are sort of like their models are kind of the same I can kind of like you kind of see what you mean but I’ve actually never watched it enough to like I learnt that guy that I saw that just got shot reminded me of an Atlantis character but I haven’t seen anyone yeah there’s a Disney game that game oh but but that film by the way is probably the most sort of mature Disney like and related film because there’s actually like this proper like you know shooting and plenty of people dying as well not you know like I know you don’t like people sort of unnecessarily dying or something but it’s like more like in a natural disaster and like and something that sort of stuff yeah I know I get what you mean yeah yeah I haven’t you know I haven’t seen it but I think I remember from what I remember as being young like seeing on TV and stuff like that I kind of like thought oh this kind of looks a bit different at least in Disney’s normal style if you’re not a man oh yeah yeah the animation starts quite do so yeah so you’ll be all right there I probably wouldn’t notice the similarity if actually I like the difference if I kept watching but yeah Atlantis and Second Sight you know there’s some kind of six degrees of you know Kevin Bacon somehow you know between those series yeah there’s sort of the looks of it yeah the character designs or something like that they seem kind of similar but yeah we should I all main mean to keep playing we shall continue in this this is that this is the next mission so we’ll end it here start the next part this is different kind of different form of game playing the next part kind of no psychic powers cuz you haven’t developed them yet so yeah we’ll see what goes on here it’s can be interesting get to light some more people up yeah Russians actually so yeah should be should be well not that it’s fun because it’s Russians I’m not like one of the Reds peddling Reds what’s for yeah all right Thank You Johnny remember if you’re in need of a Johnny remembered it by Johnny alright you can trust me yeah I can you can trust