Road Trip USA z Los Angeles do Seattle. W 11 dni ponad 5000 km. Szczegółowy plan z mapkami

Our second trip to the United States we began in Laguna Beach, 70 km south of Los Angeles After a 16-hour journey in airplane we decided to rest a bit in this typical holiday town After two days of rest, we go first to Sedona where we are going to climb a little on the red rocks then to Moab to see Arches Park and Canyonlands Park After two days we will drive to Yellowstone and further north up to the border with Canada and Glacier National Park We will finish our journey in Seatlle from where we are flying to Frankfurt and then to Poland We are leaving Laguna Beach today It’s 8:30 in the morning We’re going to Sedona now Ahead of us, 700 km or about 7 hours to the destination The weather is nice, there is no hot sun, no clouds, so very nice The fourth hour of our trip has passed We’re going through the desert. It is very hot The thermometer showed 42 degrees Celsius ( 107 F) We’re in Sedona. Temperature 29 degrees Celsius (85 F) Maybe tomorrow we will be able to climb this rocky one behind us If we get up early in the morning Some rocks have their name. Bell Rock is behind us The Red Rocks Country is not too extensive One day is enough to drive the car all the most important viewpoints located mostly along the main road The most important is Chapel of the Holy Cross and the point located near the airport towering over Sedona 39 degrees Celsius (102F) but we do not give up Although we are barely alive, we managed to climb the highest point of Sedona A great idea (although unfortunately it is quite expensive attraction) is renting a Quad or ATV with four-wheel drive and driving along gravel roads which are very much here The most-chosen routes are Shnebbly Hill and Broken Arrow This first easy, the second only for the experienced For those who like mountain climbing in the area of ​​Sedona there are many hiking trails marked out We chose short but exhausting trails leading to Bell Rock and Cathedrall Rock The best time of day to go on Cathedral Rock is before sunset The path runs in the shadow of the mountain then and the setting sun emphasizes the colors of the Red rocks Its 5.30 AM. There are not sun yet

We decided to climb on Bell Rock early in the morning to avoid extremely high temperature Sedona it is one of the town where UFO encounters are reported the most often in USA and even in the world They say that alien sightings was reported so often that police stoped gather any informations about that And the main vortex and portal to another dimension is Bell Rock Unfortunately rock is impossible to climb anymore . We will not get into aliens spaceship we won’t be taken After morning climbing on Bell Rock we are going to Moab where temperature are very high as well Now is 30 degree Celsius (86 F ) and it’s only 9.00 AM In the morning, before sunrise was 20C (68F Now we are going to north on motorway nr 17 We’re stoping in Monument Valley Considering our visting, resting, eating we plan to reach our destination about 6 or 7 PM Monument Valley lies on the border between Utah and Arizona It belongs entirely to the Nawajo Indian Reservation. A fee of $ 25 per car is required for entr Then there is only a ride among the rocks, which were the background for countless films and cartoons The road, however, is gravely and bumpy, and having no four-wheel drive it is better to let go of the last heavily strewn stretch Like in the oven. 42C ( 108F) and very hot wind… like in Africa At this place Forrest Gump said “I’m tired” and stopped his running We are about Moab. It’s 7 PM Arches Park consists of three parts The first is “Towers of the court”, the second is the Arches or Windows and the third garden of the devil Towers surprise with their size and some unreality It is hard to believe that these are rocks, not ruins of some ancient buildings Rock arches have arisen here in an unprecedented amount anywhere else in the world The best known and most photographed are Delicate arch and Landscape arch, which can be reached with comfortable paths

After more than two kilometers we got to Delicate Arch the arch which is a showcase of the park and even appears on the car registration plates in UTAH state The second near the MOAB CanyonLands Park is similar to the Grand Canyon but is of course smaller The asphalt road leads to the viewpoint of the whole area But the greatest experience would be the return to Moab on the gravel road of Shafer Road Due to the lack of 4-wheel drive and no insurance on such roads, we gave up this idea. Pity At the end of the day, we decided to return to Arches Park and see the monumental rocks again, this time in the rays of the setting sun Today we wasted a lot o time looking for some good breakfast beacause we wanted something more tasty than earlier Its 29th of June Before us very long trip. About 545 miles 800 km or 8 hours According to GPS we will get about 6 PM We are leaving desert , red rocks and sand and changing climat and scenery. Tommorow we are visting Yellowstone We are in Yellowstone . Its very cold I think that maybe 10 C Simon put on his hat We are going for dinner

I’m not sure if that heat in Moab was so bad Very nice town. Its smell with garlic and backed ribs After long searching we are in burger restaurant. Our checked option. The owner is the car ethusiast i guess Today we are in different climat what you can see looking on our clothes Termometer shows 8C (46F) We ate very healthy breakfast this time. No hamburger eggs, cheese, cofee Simon drunk hot tea, because have pain of throat And now we are going to Yellowstone Tickets to national parks in the US cost between $ 25 to $ 70 for entry by car regardless of the number of passengers But for $ 80, you can buy an annual pass card to all national parks from Hawaii to Florida The purchase of a card is therefore very cost-effective You need two days to quickly visit Yellowstone Park If you look at the map of attractions to see, they are placed along road in the shape of 8 digit Because we stay in West Yellowstone on the first day we go round the bottom circle and the second day upper one and we will leave the park with a northern entrance Of course, if someone has more time, it is worth going for a walking tour and get to know this wonderful park from a less commercial side we going to little smoky geyser We are on path of small geyser All area is unstable everywhere boiling water everywhere warnings to keep on path the smell of sulfur is terrible all my clothes are wet everywhere smoky geyser we have arrived to Firehole Lake everything is “fire” here now it’s very cold again we’re going to viewpoint on Grand Prismatic Spring we managed to make better picture It’s an observation deck here. about 800 m from main parking you have to go up to reach it about 15 minute walk Old Faithfule the bigest geyser in Yellowstone Its erupction reach even 100 meters sometimes, but now is not so spectacular We are surprised how many people are here Its very difficult to find parking here We’re finishing visiting of Mammoth hot spring terraces, and we’re leaving Yellowstone

We’re leaving Bozeman. Today a little later than usual. It is 11 AM Today we have only 4 hours trip so not so long Simon found very weird motel this time Its our cottage “bear” Our evironment Glacier National Park includes several big and more than hundred small lakes and according to data published in 2005 about 27 glaciers Park is open all year round, but it’s better to visit it during summer months Even in June , there is often a snow on the road, and walking trails are inaccessible We planned to explore GNP for two days First day we’re going to go on foot to Grinell Lake, situated in Many Glacier region Unfortunately, trail was inaccessible because of bear activity Therefore we chosed boat tour on Swiftcurrent and Lake Josephine with hiking to Grinel Lake Second day- short visit in Two Medicine region and next driving one of the most beautifule mountain road Going-To-The-Sun-Road We planed stop on Logann Pass, where are beginning of the Hiden Lake trail and 18 km High Line Trail Unfortunately it’s raining so there are no good views Magda , not so fast!

We’re leaving Browning and today overnight stop we have in Wallace Today weather is great no clouds, a lot of sun and today we are driving one of the most beautifule road Going To The Sun Road Jack Nicolson drive this road in the movie Shining, going to hotel Overlook. If you watched it, you now it We are on Logan Pass Today is 4-th of July, Independance Day We’re going along Hiden Lake trail Honey? Have you ever had a snowball figt in July? It’s slippery isn’t easy, beasuase it’s steeply We,ve reached our goal. Hidden Lake overlook

It’s amazing Simon would like to see how it’s look like the next path here- the High Line Trail He says that very spectacular views are going there Simon let me keep the rope Our last overnight stop on the trip we decided to have in Wallace In this town movie Dante’s Peak with Pierce Brosnan was shot But we are very disappointed because there are nor volcano not even big mountain here it was only power of imagination of creator this movie Last day we visiting Boeing Factory in Everett, several miles north of Seattle Fortunately we menaged to buy tickets yesterday because today there are no tickets in box office here so it’s worth to buy it in advance and now we’re going on Boeing Factory Tour Boeing factory looks like the big airport Factory is situated in the biggest building in the world considering capacity Unfortunately there is not allowed taking photos inside, So we are taking only short pictures from observation deck “small” engine blast chamber Simon have his new toy, he is sitting in real airplane we are driving along boeing factory Seattle is called emerald city, because of big amount of forest in the nearest

In this city first Sturbuck was established there was Nirvana formed here In Seattle Jimi Hendrix was born In Seattle we finished our two weeks road trip across US We were driving 3400 miles, From beautifule coast of south California thru red desert of Utah and Arizona smoky geysers of Yellowstone we came to Canada border and amazing mountains of Glacier National Park Our last night we are spending on the roof of our hotel in romantic scenery We are leaving tommorow , but we are sure that in US we will be back