[DFOG] Luke Solo Raid Khaligo Route GUIDE (Turn CC on)

Hi, welcome to my Luke Solo Raid Khaligo Guide I prepared this video to help your Luke Solo Raid runs Also wanted to say that you can clear in Echon gears + @ As long as you know the gimmicks very well Please do pause the video frequently to read the subtitle. They go fast :/ Luke Solo Raid event buff was applied. Details in description Let’s start! I posted Lumen/Khaligo routes with mob list on description as well It will help you be prepared for mobs beforehand First up is Mistral She will have a barrier once you enter the room. Simply break it to exhaust her Watch the purple bubbles and swamp it forms. If you step on it, you become Confused and Slowed So I accidentally forgot I was recording a guide video and killed her Therefore I’ll upload a separate video to explain her gimmicks Next is Rosaura Don’t use heavy skills right away cause she will teleport She then will use one of the 4 element skills. This is Fire whirlwind that follows you and leave fire on its way This is one of her 2 big skills, Earthquake then Lightning as you can see the system message DO NOT use Super Armor skill at the time the earthquake strikes. Fall down and use Quick Rebound to dodge the lightning She will be exhausted and your damage goes as Counter during this state She teleports shortly after This is the other big skill she uses. Get inside of any light pillar After approximately a second after the screen became completely dark, you can step outside of it She again will be exhausted, casting one of the 4 element skills I will record a separate video to show the other element skills Argos is one of the mobs that people struggle because of his long and frequent iFrame Do not face him until you see the screen flash If you kill a Luke Bot that frequently spawns in 9’o clock of the room, Argos become exhausted for you to do Counter damage He teleports soon after. If you linger around on same X-axis as his, he throws a lightning. Dodge it DO NOT get the Bot to get in contact with him. I was close You can ignore the black hole but don’t get sucked in Cause you don’t want to get hit on his follow-up If you continue to multi-hit him, he will start to suck you in along with a skull mark on your character Get away from his circle like he says, or you will get Shocked with heavy damage (Didn’t realize I accidentally turned off spiral power buff REEE) (Make sure you did kill the Bot as well) Tip is to not get greedy since his exhaust time is very short. Take time Like I said on Lumen guide video, just linger around on yellow light bulb bots and they will self-destruct Carina is next, one of the easiest mobs When you step on the green swamps or get hit by her, you get a contamination stack above your character If it reaches 5 stacks, casting bar will appear and the poison explodes, Stunning you but with no damage You can pretty much ignore the slimes btw You can prevent the Stun by using Toy beforehand If there are too much swamps in the room, Carina turns them into slimes and let them jump on you at once Dodge the slime explosion DO NOT attack her during this state You will see something around her body like my spiral nen If you attack her during this state, she will regain her HP Now the aura is gone. Finish her Next up is Buffon. Just ignore the bomb DO NOT use clear cube skill while you are inside that blue circle All of your skills will go in cooldown if you do Break the shield. Buffon herself is getting damage as well but the shield gives her damage reduction

You can go behind the shield and use clear cube skills if the blue circle moved enough to the left If the shield breaks, Buffon goes in Berserk Get into the circle ASAP and move along with it. That electric shock attack is insta lethal Leave the circle as the Berserk ends and beat her up She will interrupt you with the magnet. Your skill may get cancelled so be careful She also uses machine gun to constantly attack you. Idk wtf it tried to do in this video Once the blue circle reaches the bomb, Buffon teleport you to it and regenerates her shield. Make sure you don’t cast clear cube skill Those laser paths are also insta lethal btw This time, Buffon generates a red circle DO NOT attack her while you are inside that red circle Because Buffon will give the damage back to you Break the shield, get in the red (or blue) circle, wait until berserk ends, and repeat Coming up, we got acrobatic ninja ass Yashin Jump/block/guard the slash Do not get sucked into the white path As you see him slash again at the end of the path, make an eye contact with him in close range But DO NOT attack him at any means (including spiral nen, savior weapon proc, etc) If you did it correctly, you’ll see his real form, fading away DO NOT hold him and Counter damage him. If you hold, he will start to jump everywhere like a f*kin frog I should’ve turned my nen off, but try to make an eye contact again to get his real form once again If Yashin suddenly poses like this, that’s the sign Find the real form again and beat him Now you repeat everything again This time I made it faster after I turned nen off So don’t attack and make eye contact as much as possible to make it easier Anubis is both easy and annoying at the same time because of his windmill pattern Remember this: 2 strikes, 1 jump strike, 3 windmills, dark pillar (Not this jump strike, will explain later) (THIS jump strike) So he constantly repeats this cycle, but there is like a 18 ~ 20 seconds of cooldown on windmill Therefore the windmill is predictable, but difficult to dodge since it goes so fast You can prevent the Airborne with Super Armor / iFrame skills, so worth trying Also, stay close with him, or he will spawn a hell gate you saw earlier It sucks you in and you cannot move inside it (Lmao obviously I can’t dodge the windmill) Ok I waited so long for the upcoming one After a long time has passed after you entered, you face this pattern It looks similar to his Berserk (if you hold him long enough) but different Destroy the clones. If you failed to before the casting bar fills, jump along with the strike motion to evade damage It will be 50% of the maximum health for each hit For his Berserk, I don’t think you can kill the clones. Clones will strike the gronud in order of 11, 1, 7, 5’o clock Jump to dodge along with strike animation. Maybe use Leap just in case For Snader, watch where the orb goes

If it goes up, explosion will be big with short duration If it goes down, explosion will be small with long duration. Also 1 orb makes 4 explosions He often teleports so be aware Watch the laser If Snader’s HP goes low, he spawns 2 clones and you (p1 in party) will have light and dark aura Clones will cause explosion if they get in contact with the aura They will disappear if the casting bar above them fills So you either kill them or get away from them As you see, clones will continue to cause explosions if you stay with them So against Snader, watch the ground as it will notify where the explosions will occur Next up is Veara, with the most HP except Luke himself First, hit him lightly with auto attack and trigger the white orb pattern Immediately go behind his back and do Counter damage. Obviously do not hold Those little orbs are pretty lethal btw. Be a b*tch and don’t try to tank ’em Once the casting bar above the FP bar fills, he berserks There are 2 types of berserks, and you can figure out with either the system message or the screen effect This one says “A pitiful wretch..” and screen blinks in black Don’t get sucked in, and try to jump to evade the strike If you got hit, just use Quick Rebound for rest of the pattern He will be exhausted for short time. Your damage goes as Counter Watch the orb pattern. Notice the screen goes dark Again, the screen goes dark along with orb spawn This one says “A poor wretch..” and screen blinks in red Immediately jump as soon as you see this. I failed to dodge because of post delay If you did dodge, immediately go to the other side that Veara fly towards and be ready to do damage Both Berserks are lethal so you would want to dodge in any circumstances Be aware that Veara will be exhausted right after both Berserks Quatro Manus is next Dodge the hands drop, do it twice Next, he will strike his left hand (right side on our screen) Shockwave emits like a 0.5 seconds after the fist has dropped. Dodge with jump Stay away from the center of the fist, cause explosions will start in + shape after he lifts it up Do the same for the right hand (left side on our screen) Again, watch for explosions Now, Quatro Manus sweeps with his left hand. Dodge in Y-axis Again with the right hand Now, some columns will come up along with a Male Fighter clone. Immediately kill the clone first When the small columns brights up in blue, jump to dodge the shockwave Just break the big column before the casting bar fills up Then Quatro Manus will drop his head. DO NOT hold him, or you start from the beginning For Nerbe, Let’s give you a good tip to exhaust him twice in a row First, stay far away from Nerbe He will then spawn a purple orb on your location that follows you. Just destroy it

There’s the first exhaust. You get the Counter damage (fak I missed 2a last hit) Notice the dark clouds he makes. Get close to him immediately Whatever you do, stay inside the nen guard until it ends There’s the second exhaust So either wait for these two patterns or just beat him up (Just showing you his little moves here) PLEASE do not forget to repair your weapon frequently (I forgot to keep up with event pots and mind stim again sigh) Old Man Beat Up time bois Break this orb with some damage. You might want to get some multi-hit along as well You can start damaging him along with system message “Darkness is scattering” There will be a casting bar right above FP bar to show when “scattering” will end After about 10 seconds since “scattering,” Luke will become invulnerable and cast skill lock pattern DO NOT use those 2 skills you see above the character’s head. It is insta lethal if you do use Quick tip to dodge the meteors! Stand above Luke in Y-axis and stay still You might want to stop attacking when this shadow pillar starts to follow you It does massive multi-hit with damage. Don’t risk it Now that you see “Darkness is gathering,” you won’t do much damage. Stop attacking and focus on dodging If the screen gets dark like that, he will be on Damage Reflection mode If you attack him, he will throw balls at you for every single hit Watch the casting bar above him since that’s the duration for this reflection mode Now, there is a special thing about Khaligo’s orb that Lumen does not have Your character will have a red mark and shadow follows the character If the two gets in contact, the shadow stays on position and starts casting As the casting is complete, it makes an explosion that launches you into the air Note that Luke becomes invulnerable when he casts meteors Notice the “Darkness is gathering!” If you see him jump again, he will cast orb on himself Now you repeat There goes the Damage Reflection mode again. Watch that he is invulnerable during the motion See, my 1a got cancelled cause I didn’t notice the shadow explosion build-up during the orb pattern

When Luke becomes dark and invulnerable, he starts casting and you will see a casting bar above the character after it Along with the aura beneath the character There will be a + shaped explosion near the character if it fills up Like this Good tip to fight Luke is that you always want to attack from the behind He always does the small attacks to the front of him, and you can do Counter damage for this I’ll leave the rest of the video so you can watch how I did And maybe figure out when are his iFrames to manage your attacks efficiently Thanks for watching and good luck on your runs 5/2 again, welp