DWARF ARMY GUIDE! – Total War: Warhammer

the dwarves one of the toughest and most battle-hardened races in the old world their fortitude is second to none but with some pretty major weaknesses they’re not without holes in their game so we shall delve deep into the Dwarven army to learn how they operate in this guide I present the armies placed out by what their roster dictates as in what their strengths and weaknesses suggest about how they should be played you don’t have to play this way but it’s important to understand the Army’s characteristics this guy does not specifically meant for on or off line now let’s begin as always with the army traits as if you need me to tell you the first one the dwarfs have a hell of a lot of armor this makes them very tough very robust very hard to get rid of also creates a lot of problems for enemy factors who don’t have cheap armor piercing units and it makes it easy for them to simply outlast their opponent especially if you couple that with their high leadership dwarves have a ton of fighting experience so they’re not going to run away in a hurry mainly because they have short legs but don’t let that fool you the one major weakness of course is their lack of cavalry or monsters for that matter they don’t really have any units they can flank with which has a big impact on their play style because they don’t really have any units that can go out wide and secure the edges this leaves them with very exposed flanks you have to work to protect these flanks to keep the front line in order otherwise the dwarves may crumble and somewhere in the middle being heavily ironclad obviously makes you pretty damn slow so the Dwarven army as a whole is quite slow and a mobile making it quite difficult to move up on enemy armies and to flank them all this lack of mobility and exposed flanks though can be counteracted by the dwarves artillery and war machines masters of engineering they’ve got plenty of tricks up their sleeves to even the odds get to know and understand all these traits as it will serve you well to know what you can and can’t get away with now let’s delve into what these characteristics mean for the Dwarven strategies so how do all these things come together to shape the Dwarven play style well of course they are a very defensive faction they’re typically best off holding up somewhere and letting the enemy come to them not to say they can’t ever move up on the enemy themselves but they’re slow mobility and lack of flanking units makes it very ineffective but to truly play defensively of course you need a fair amount of artillery you need to be able to out artillery the enemy because if he has more artillery than you you can’t really stay defensive and you’ll be forced to move up on the enemy or take heavy casualties and the dwarves do have plenty of artillery to choose from to deal with most situations how much you bring can depend on the faction you’re facing if it’s a faction without any artillery at all at the vampires you don’t need to bring that much just enough to lure them over to you it may be a better idea to spend more money on your infantry than your artillery in those situations against the Empire though who has a lot of artillery themselves you may need to bring a fair amount to try and out artillery them but of course there are a lot of unpredictable variables but once you finally do engage the enemy this is where the dwarfs true strength comes into play their infantry is some of the best in the old world even the lower tier units can give higher tier units a run for their money sometimes it’s a triad of stats that make them so damn tough high leadership high armor and high melee defense make most of the Dwarven units very difficult to get rid of and this is their key their endurance the dwarves are very good at simply outlasting everyone else they can fight for longer because they can stay in the fight longer with high leadership and high armor and avoid too much damage with their high melee defense they don’t need fancy offensive tactics the dwarfs will simply fight until the enemy can’t fight any longer maintaining order and minimizing damage done to the dwarf though can be a key to this that means formation is extra important to the dwarves like any army your frontline is very very important it’s there to move up on the enemy and provide the majority of the killing power for you you do of course need to protect the flanks though because the enemy is looking to smash in the back of that line with infantry cavalry or anything else and because out last thing the enemy is what the dwarves are trying to do you need to protect that frontline with everything you have available units on your flanks Slayers ranged units artillery all of this can help to protect the rear of the frontline try your best to prevent any holes that the enemy may try to slip through to flank and as always do your best to maintain formation one thing dwarves can look forward to try and even the odds a bit is decent terrain high ground makes it very difficult for enemy Cavalry’s and then with flanking units to run up quickly and get behind you because the high ground will slow them down when they run up it so where possible taking advantage of any kind of defensible terrain is really useful for the dwarves of course though the artillery situation will dictate whether you can stay there it may be a better idea to abandon the terrain and push on the enemy so all this formation in terrain talk is of course about protecting your flanks it is the most important thing for the dwarves and one of the hardest things to do if you’re a clown bag like this guy you’ll leave your flank horrendously exposed and the enemy will just walk round and come up behind you now I have made a tactic video called dwarf anti

cap all about how to defend your flanks from the dwarfs biggest threat cavalry so suggest to go and watch that if you haven’t seen it already to save me having to repeat myself basically I just give you a formation in a few different tactical ideas to help you manage the enemy cavalry it’s not a foolproof plan by any means because there isn’t one it’s very difficult to deal with enemy cavalry for the dwarves but on that dwarf anteed cap video I did get a lot of people saying they were skeptical that it would work especially online the tactics I mentioned in that video are a good idea however you’re playing for example it’s a good idea to protect Slayers from charges on or offline an organ gun will shred cavalry on or offline either way I set out to try and prove my theories online I played approximately 20 ranked battles and you know what I found most people don’t bring very much cavalry against the dwarfs anyway two to three units rarely any more which is a little bit strange considering how big of a weakness cavalry can be for the dwarfs so have a look at that video to learn more about defending your flanks cavalry and one last major notable thing to mention the dwarfs don’t have a great deal of anti large units so focusing on large and taking down cavalry and monsters first can be a good idea Slayers are of course your best call for taking out the large unit but they’re very expensive fragile and they can’t be everywhere at once missile units can be helpful and artillery as well and even the brimstone can’t gyrocopters but all these things can be rendered ineffective quite easily by the enemy so focus on taking down the large or your infantry may struggle with them so all that combines to be the main things that the dwarfs have to think about they are one of the easier factions to play with their defensive play style and very tough infantry and before we get into the roster let’s talk a little bit more about that infantry to make sure we understand how tough they truly are so here we’ve got one of the cheaper units to war warriors because about 450 fighting three units of empire swordsmen who cost 400 and they are indeed holding their own against three enemy units GP units from other factions would never be able to withstand this kind of punishment because of the huge numbers advantage of the Empire they would be gone very quick but dwarfs will fight nearly to the death and this is great for buying time because it gives you time to try and get these dwarf warriors some help from missiles from artillery from heroes from other melee units they hold that line very very well and they’ve nearly got 100 kills here so it’s not as if they’re going away empty-handed they’re not going to beat these three units of course but they will hold them off for a good amount of time and do a significant amount of damage what does this all play into well their value for money sometimes cheaper dwarf units can be more expensive units from other factions so it’s worth taking that into account we’re building for your enemy whether it’s on or offline if the opposing faction doesn’t have the best infantry you can probably afford to bring some of your cheaper infantry and it will still be able to beat them if you’re facing someone with tougher infantry like the chaos you may want to invest in tougher frontline units to have the best chance of beating them and of course you have to be very aware of the matchups on that frontline armor-piercing units are of course a huge threat to dwarves which means they’re going to have a good matchup on you so you need to make sure you have a good matchup on them as in if they’re a heavily armored unit you need to make sure you’ve got armor piercing units on your frontline if they’re non heavily armoured units you have to make sure you’ve got non-armor-piercing units on your frontline as we should all know getting the right matchups is the key to victory now let’s quickly talk about magic for the dwarves they don’t have a lot of it especially when compared to other factions who have all sorts of spell books but the dwarf rooms are more than enough reason to take advantage of the magic pool I didn’t list it as a negative for the dwarves because I don’t think they really need the magic they do have that 25% magic resistance as well so it’s not really an essential part of their game plan they do have some strong options though the rune of wrath probably their best known spell one of the strongest and they’ve got different ones that can just tip the balance in their favor when needed so bringing a room Smith can be very handy but I don’t think you should feel like you’re missing out on something if you don’t have that magic available to you to the all mighty dwarf roster then starting with our Lord’s the first one is cleverly named Lord and he is like most fractions cheapest general your best option if you want to save money he’s not too bad in the melee and he’ll probably outperform other factions cheapest generals however he doesn’t have any mounts like they do but he does have a charge defense against all the rune Lord is a similar option good if you want to save some money if you want to bring a melee Lord but you also want some runes but you don’t want to spend the money on a melee Lord and a rune Smith the rune Lord has got you covered he’s just not as good at melee and then there’s the almighty ungrammatical charge defense melee expertise armor piercing he also has a sneaky bonus versus large which it doesn’t tell you on the unit card so you might not notice that against large unit crowds or generals on Mount he can do pretty damn well he has a bunch of ability there’s also unbreakable and has a few resistances just a really damn tough good value for money general if you’re facing a faction with some strong Lords earn grim can be a damn good call and that brings us to the leader of the dwarf thorgrim that grudge bearer it is extremely tough with really high hit

points and a lot of melee defense he hits pretty damn hard to non-armor-piercing know so he’s going to be good unlikely armored crowds and he also has magical attacks so probably a good choice to bring against like two factions like the beasts men or the elves because he can get stuck into the melee with all their infantry and do a hell of a lot of damage to them and not take too much himself I am going to assume his class as a large unit though so be careful around anti large units Fellig our iron hammer is next on the list he’s kind of like a stronger ungroup he’s a bit tougher a bit stronger he’s got some unique abilities he’s not armor piercing though it doesn’t have a bonus versus large like ungrammatical just with different targets because he’s not armor piercing in 90 large he does have a shield as well actually which can be pretty useful so that’s another thing to consider when facing a faction with a lot of missiles and stuff as most dwarf Lords don’t have a shield and last but not least the almighty Grom Randall the white dwarf my personal favorite he had a male Ava Hema lots of weapons straight it’s armor-piercing magical attacks he’s got a few of his own abilities and a bunch of resistances like all these Lords do he’s going to be a great choice against heavily armored factions and especially heavily armored enemy Lords now the biggest downside to most of these dwarven Lords is that they can’t be put on any mounts so they can be a little bit susceptible to being attacked by multiple lords and heroes and not being able to deal with that so do be cautious and try to protect your lord as he doesn’t have the luxury of a quick escape now to the heroes with Thane being the first most factions have a cheap melee hero the thing is the dwarfs option he is pretty damn tough though with his high armor so he’ll take on those other heroes and kick the crap off them what does that even mean and then you have your rune Smith obviously he’s there to bring the brooms he’s not as good in melee but he’s not bad by any means if you want to take advantage of that magic pool make use of rata Bruin o’them steel bring yourself a rune Smith and lastly the master engineer a nice ranged hero option he has a couple of busts that applied to a lie so skirmishes around him or artillery he’s going to buff them up and make them even more powerful so he can be a good call if you have a lot of them he’s also very useful to have around if the enemy has a lot of flying units or especially a flying general can be very hard to get hold of sometimes so having the ability to shoot them down at the sky with a lot of armor piercing damage very damn useful if you don’t really have a lot of artillery or missiles though he’s probably going to be limited in its use these reload skills accuracy skills kindly going to go to waste so make sure you’ve got good reason to bring it like everything which vaccine you base is really going to decide which hero you need to bring now for the infamous dwarf infantry what better solution to fill out your I mean it’s important to send your miners into war and with their pretty crappy stats they’re basically an expendable unit however they are armor-piercing which is a nice little treat to have and a little bit strangely they also have Vanguard deployment which is a bit odd for a cheap expendable unit but cool not going to argue with that they’re also pretty good against gates so useful in sieges and with all that armor on they’re not completely useless like a lot of other expendable units a cheap option for at least getting in the way of cavalry and then you have the miners with blasting charges all but the same as that previous unit except they have those nasty satchels of fiery doom very useful for breaking up enemy charges it could be useful on the flanks to help protect against charging Cavalry’s to perhaps break up their formation of it and ruin their charge and now to the first actual plausible infantry dwarf Warriors are not a bad unit for the amount you pay for them as I showed earlier they can take on similar price units and defeat them with the high armor and superior steps it’s very easy for them to outlast most similar priced units they also have a charged defense and a shield so they’re a great frontline option then you have your door warriors with great weapons very similar to the previous unit of course they’re just armor-piercing instead which is always a nice bonus but it’s at the expense of a few stats their charge defense and their shield so really an offensive unit for taking down heavily armored things a regiment of renowned now in the eccrine – pretty much the same deal as the blasting charge miners except they melee stats aren’t actually that bad so they can throw down in melee and beat the crap out of some heavier units long waits now another fantastic unit for the price they are essentially just an improved version of the dwarf warriors slightly higher stats got a shield got a charged defense they are old grumblers as well which means they’re buffed the leadership of nearby units got a few other resistances and stuff a fantastic frontline option when facing tougher enemy infantry so if you can bring long beards over two or four years for an extra 200 you are getting a pretty good deal I think and then we have another regiment the Warriors of Dragon Fire pass they are dwarf warriors slightly improved fire on their melee attacks they also have a bonus versus infantry which is pretty nice so probably a good unit to bring and to try and get them into a specific dangerous unit to you like say ward answers any specific lightly armored threat but have to give them a roll than to just let them fight whoever you don’t want them wasting their health fighting goblin spearmen or something they can be dealt with by miners or whoever long bids with great weapons are indeed an improved version of dwarf warriors with great weapons very similar just slightly better stats of course but these boys are especially useful for defending your flanks from heavy cavalry they’ve got armor piercing and a charged

defense also both long beard units have an immunity to psychology which can be very useful when facing the vampires and such so like I’ve said depending on your opponent you may want to bring a higher quality frontline which pretty much comes down to either having long beards or dwarf warriors and then you’ve got the grumbling guard who have very much just long beards with great weapons slightly improved in the stats they’ve got a ton of leadership in melee defense means they could be a great holding unit if a hole appears in your front line you can send them in and they’ll fill it and keep it filled for a long time they also have a slight buff to their vigor which is again just going to help them outlast their opponents they can be good to go out to the enemy strongest heavily armored units like chosen or Blackhawks they may not beat them necessarily in a one-on-one but they will wear them down to the point where they’re going to be nearly useless on to your main anti large option the Slayers of course anything large these boys should be trying to get after it cavalry monsters whatever they have the anti large bonus so they do plenty of damage against those large bows they’re just an overall great damage dealing unit they are quite fragile because they have no armor so do try to protect them from getting shot by missiles or charged by cavalry because as soon as they die the less effective they’re going to be they are breakable of course they’re not going to run away but they’re too expensive to be careless with they’ll actually do pretty well against like infantry as well if they have nothing else to do and then one of the best armor piercing units the dwarfs have available the hammer is fantastic damage dealing unit they don’t have the highest melee defense so they do take a fair amount of damage but they deal out hell of a lot to heavily armored foes they’re not really a great frontline unit though because of that lower melee defense but a couple of Units scattered in your army just ready to deal with the enemy’s best heavy armor unit they can be really damn powerful they are very expensive though so they can only really be used as a frontline in campaign and if they are your Army’s going to have to be pretty offensive but if you want a frontline that it’s basically just a wall that cannot be moved then iron breakers are the way to go of course in campaign they really are the epitome of the Dwarven tactics high leadership high armor ridiculous amounts of melee defence they are not going any basically they also have that ranged weapon much like the miners just an explosive satchel great for disrupting those judges although they do have a charged offense against also charge bonuses mean nothing against the iron breakers their downside though is they don’t really do a lot of damage average melee attack and weapon strength means they’re going to be better doing damage over a long period of time and simply outlasting their opponent it is non armor-piercing damage as well so going to be best used against lights affections now dragon back Slayers very much the same as the regular Slayers they have a fair amount more melee attack and they also have this trait which reduces the enemy’s speed by 36% great for stopping cavalry from getting away from them they can do a lot of damage while the cavalry is trying to get away they slowed them down also reduces their flame resistance so it could be great against regenerating units they also have a bunch of resistances and everything else so worth the extra money if you’re facing a faction with some great monsters and especially Cavalry’s nor criminals iron breakers very much your regular iron breakers just slightly in tougher they got 96 leadership which is insane makes them nearly unbreakable essentially more melee attacks a little bit more damage but they’re generally just going to serve the same purpose as regular iron breakers they do strangely have bank guard deployment which I’m not really sure how much use that’s going to be for a unit that has 26 speed it’s also worth noting that their unit size is actually 20 dwarfs stronger than the regular iron breakers this is just going to add to their toughness and make them last even longer peak gate guard or our final unit compared to the hammer as they are of course just an improved version but they do have armor sundering which is a pretty cool trait as not many units have it it reduces the armor of whoever they’re fighting so pit them against Blackhawks chosen great swords whoever is heavily armored and they’ll reduce that armor and make them slightly easier to kill they also have magical attacks which is great for helping negate those physical resistances but really the same sort of use as the regular hammer us so the dwarf infantry sector has a lot to choose from you can get pretty creative with your setups just be sure to make use of all those charge defense units to help protect yourself from cavalry on to our ranged units and Rangers are the first option the first thing you might notice is they do have a lack of armor compared to all other two off units but this allows them to be a bit quicker on their feet which makes them great for flanking and great for being a vanguard unit couple that would stalk and you can launch them pretty sneaky bushes and then you’ve got one of your mainline missile units the quarrel is good range and damage just like the Rangers they’ve got a ton of armor which means most likely armored missiles won’t be able to take them on in a one-on-one skirmish really your best bet against lightly armored factions ranges with great weapons very much the same as the regular Rangers just they’re better for dealing with armor-piercing units they have much shorter range though as they throw axes instead of firing missiles but they can be fantastic for sneaking up on a heavily armored unit and doing a lot of damage quickly then we have our quarrel is with great weapons very much the same as the regular Corollas they’re actually pretty good in melee the quarrel units and this one has great weapons so they are armor-piercing in melee only in melee though their range missiles are not armor-piercing so probably the better choice against heavy affections although they are slightly more expensive than the regular quarrel is and it’s good to remember that crossbow units firing an arc so the

better of firing over things and then we have the ever dangerous thunder it’s one of the better missile units in the game they’re armor-piercing they have a lot of armour they can do a hell of a lot of damage to large heavy armored targets or just heavily armored units in general they do fire in pretty much a straight line though rather than an arc so do be careful of being obstructed by your units or any kind of terrain I find that they’re a fantastic unit for shooting down heavily armored enemy generals on mouts Griffin’s zombie dragons Thunderer’s will chew through their armor very quickly onto bug man’s Rangers who are pretty much the same as the regular Rangers I don’t really understand what they’re for they have a few different tricks like replenishment which is that really useful for a missile unit I’m not too sure they’ve got immunity psychology but otherwise they are very much the same as the regular Rangers a bit better in melee but otherwise I’m not really sure of their purpose all those Raiders again same thing very similar to the Rangers with great weapons slightly better in most areas they do have a hex which will reduce some stats of the enemy so it’s going to help do more damage to them but really most of these Vanguard stock units I think need a good plan in place to make the most of them you have to be careful of the map because some maps they’ll be kind of useless on and other ones they’ll be perfect for so if you’ve generally got quite a strong ambush game then these units will be really interesting you can get pretty creative with them because they are kind of outside the dwarves main play style which is good because it means you can mix things up a bit on to the iron Drake’s awesome units flamethrower iron for the first one they basically just melt light-infantry like there’s no tomorrow they don’t have a great deal of range and they’re not so good against Armour like I said lightly armored infantry will get burnt to a crisp by these boys they can be quite hard to protect loads so you do have to keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t get charged into by cavalry or infantry or flying unit because they can be easily neutralized by the enemy potentially that fire damage also really useful against regenerating and wood units then there’s a troll hammer torpedo variation pretty much the same sort of deal it’s just their armor piercing and anti large heavily armored cavalry can be a great target for them because they’re absolutely destroy them large monsters with little armor though like a giant for example may not be the best target for them as they are armor-piercing but it’ll still do a great amount of damage because it is anti large again though protecting them can be the problem and then we have the skull der Garde ion jokes who are indeed pretty much the same as the flamethrower ones except instead of a flamethrower they have a steam cannon type thing which is armor-piercing so great for those heavily armored units so which faction you’re facing should dictate which one you might want to bring these units are of course are very expensive though so you probably won’t want to bring any more than one of them and that is the dwarf missile core again much like the infantry you’ve got lots of options lots of different ways you could play it I’d say thunder is one of the essentials one or two units of thunder should probably be in pretty much every army but experiment with it you’ve got some options to play with artillery time then and again we’ve got many an option first up is the bolt through it there’s pretty good range with armor-piercing missiles and it is classed apparently as anti large it doesn’t have any damage bonus but it is pretty accurate so when firing it Giants or Griffin’s it will hit them most of the time then you’ve got your bread and butter of artillery the grudge thrower armor facing this Isles but great against heavy or light infantry it’s cheap price and great range mean it’s probably one you want to bring to most battles especially if you plan on playing defensively now to a dwarf err option with the gyrocopters one of the few units that you can kind of flank with it’s going to serve you best against light infantry with its range to text as most of its damage is non-armor-piercing it does have the bombs that can be dropped also but again they are non armor-piercing damage so against large numbers of lightly armored troops like the beast men or the green skins the gyrocopters will do a fair amount of damage firing and bombing into lightly armored crowds and back to the non air war machines you’ve got your cannon great range like The Grudge throw but it is better against larger targets because it is quite accurate and does armor-piercing damage flying units may be a good target for the cannon as they are generally heavily armoured a lot of large land units like Giants or a wreck the rocks or var Goths don’t really have a lot of armor so the armor-piercing is kind of negated but in all fairness whatever you fire the cannon at it’s going to do a fair amount of damage even infantry then you’ve got your brimstone gun gyrocopters pretty much the same sort of deal as the previous one it’s just they are anti larger now armor-piercing missiles I find them to be pretty effective against heavily armored Cavalry’s who can’t fight back it’s also worth mentioning that gyrocopters have absolutely abysmal melee defense do not put them in melee unless you absolutely have no other choice they can be good for charging in like a shock cavalry just to get a morale penalty charging in the rear of an enemy but other than that avoid melee at all costs the gob lover very much the same as the grudge throw except it basically by goblins at your enemy which is always a good idea it’s big trick though is that it reduces the enemy’s leadership by 16 which is quite a big amount now this isn’t going to be much use for an approaching army I don’t think because as soon as you hit them after 10 seconds that leadership debuff is going to go away but where this thing could really shine is firing a routed units a routed unit needs its leadership to go back up so it can come back to the fight if you don’t allow its leadership to go back up by firing out with this thing you can keep them from the fight and maybe even run them off the map so it can be damn useful in the right

situation and then we’ve got one of my personal favourite artilleries the organ go I find this thing absolutely shreds cavalry to pieces no matter what cavalry they are how much armor they’ve got the armour pissing missiles or the open gun do not care they’re pretty accurate so we’ll rack up a lot of damage very quickly although it does have a significantly shorter range than other artillery my personal favorite against lots of enemy cavalry then there’s another gyrocopter type with the gyro bomber pretty much the same sort of deal as the previous two but it does quite a bit more damage and that damage is armor-piercing so this one’s designed to be anti heavy infantry more than anything else it also has the bombs like the other two so they can be quite versatile and give you some kind of error advantage the trouble with gyrocopter seems to be though even with a hundred armor they don’t take missile damage very well and God knows they can’t even beat a flock of pigeons in a melee fight because of their terrible melee defense so you do have to keep an I own them and make sure they’re safe most of the time the flame cannons pretty much what you’d expect it fires fireballs at your enemy it doesn’t have very much range and doesn’t do armor-piercing damage so it’s best fired into lightly armored crowds where possible given its poor range though it doesn’t have a lot of time to really do it damage so I don’t think it’s worth the money you could probably do more damage spending the money on a different artillery and last but not least the sky bomber this thing is pretty much just designed to bomb the crap out of crowds so again practice with lots of numbers beast men green skins they’re trying to overrun you you get them all bunched up bring this thing along drop some bombs on it game over for their leadership and a lot of their lives it also has a pretty strong ranged attack which is armor-piercing so this thing can do a lot for you but it is quite expensive of course and that my friends is a dwarf roster they don’t have a lot of sections it’s only infantry missiles and artillery but they do have a lot of options within those sections which I think makes them quite simple to play and kind of limited but at the same time there are many different avenues in which you can take to play now to a quick example that well then I’ve got my dwarven army here we are ready to go there’s some chaos coming our wait infantry monsters cavalry I’ve set up on the hill a little bit to try and gain that terrain advantage I’ve got some artillery firing on them to draw them into me so they don’t just sit there or wait for me to come to them got some brimstone gyrocopters firing on their cavalry I’m going to try and Whittle them down as cavalry are a big threat to me lots of armor-piercing infantry coming towards the center lots of great weapons as I’m chosen in there some trolls collect all the right ingredients to take down a dwarf army so what I’m going to need to do here is try to control my flanks not let them get behind me and hope to outlast the infantry as much as we can I’ve got my grudge thrower firing on a very dangerous unit they’re chosen with great weapons they’re going to be a hard force to stop so we’re going to get them whittled down with the grudge thrower and then whoever deals with them should have an easier time with them hopefully but they are very tough cutler hits their knots a little bit of their help off even with a few hits from the grudge row they don’t lose too much health but they are that freaking tough so I’ve got to try and protect my flanks here I’m using my organ gun of my Slayers got a pop with some of my Slayers in the center though because the looks like this trolls charging towards it and collect so I need to try to deter them and get rid of them they are approaching because my frontline isn’t really equipped to deal with large units this cavalry is getting slaughtered by my brimstone guns and organ gun focusing on them trying to get them down so we have one less unit of cavalry to worry about there is a gorby’s terrier on that side as well we’ve got one of these chaos knight units wavering we got thunder is firing up and two charriots are coming in on the other side and about to charge in so they’re going to hit me in the flank got some Slayers at the ready don’t want to let them get charged though hope they fall too cheeky they’ve hit one of my front units inside we’ll get the Slayers on their note my deep formation on the right has prevented the chariot from charging through so we’ve got them tied up for now in come the slaves for them trolls at the front sending the dragon backs in we’ve got to get rid of them with the anti large because that infantry at the front can’t deal with trolls very well start to fire my until early on coal ecstasy the big target and you’re going to stand there like that I’m going to shoot them the travel Rhian the right cavalry that Chavez on horses imagine that the chariot on the right has gone away the front lines are all but engaged now trying to hold off the cavalry on the left side my Slayers still pursuing them got them down to half health and so far my frontline is held pretty strong we’ve got no holes in our line considering that most of these frontline units with dwarf warriors with great weapons with a few long beards with great weapons thrown into the mix we’re doing pretty damn well you have got two units here holding up about five i just supported then with my jerry copters drop some bombs you can see bit a wavering going on there now trolls are going away I just can’t wrap them ruin on them as my general is a rune Lord he’s going after collect though because he has hornoff holding up these right flanking units even though they could come straight round behind us but this is the AI for you gonna get my Thunder was ready to fire on them when they tried to come round routing the other cavalry more and more wavering from the enemy’s frontline Calexico knows where got the brimstone guns on him but you can see these two off warriors even though they are far inferior to the chaos warriors with great weapons because they are far cheaper and their stats are less they’re holding so well because that’s what the dwarfs do best

I’ve managed to protect most of the back of my frontline and as I said this is the AI they’re not the smartest in the world human players will be tougher carrying things that can take a lot of damage and get stuck and even die if they charge carelessly behind the enemy frontlines and just get themselves pinned in by Slayers or whatever so it’s not as if charging behind the enemy lines is always the best idea but we’re routing a lot of things frontline units now we’ve managed to defeat them we’ve dropped more bombs and put some charges in with the old gyrocopters just helping to reduce their leadership and get rid of them so my voice about lasted there’s leadership wise so we’ve managed to scare most of them off going to start to fire on them with my artillery here co let’s come back dragon back Slayers will sort and download here comes the slowest go beast charge ever what is that about so that the grandad gorby’s chariot it is really old and slow we’ve done it though we’ve held their high ground and repelled the chaos so there you go my friends the dwarfs in all their magnificent bearded glory and if you’re new to the Total War franchise you may find the dwarfs a good faction to start with however don’t take their place down at the be-all and end-all of how total war is meant to be played they have a different style because they don’t have any cavalry and they have more armor than everyone else which makes them fairly easy to play just be sure to not get used to that necessarily of course I will be covering the final two factions that I haven’t done yet so please don’t say in the comments and tell me to do the other factions because yes I will do them so if anyone doesn’t watch this but the video and does comment telling me to do a green-skinned or chaos guide I want everyone else who sees that comment to call that person as long-haired and on that note I hope you’ve enjoyed this thanks for watching and I’ll see you in that field trial a date