Harford County Virtual Town Hall Budget Meeting

good evening good evening welcome to our sixth annual virtual Town Hall I’m County Executive Barry Glassman and welcome this evening to the Chesapeake theater at Harford Community College we are here this evening to hear your priorities for the next County budget I’d like to thank Harford County cable network for broadcasting this meeting live on the county website we have with us this evening my director of administration Billy Boniface budget chief Kim spence robbie sandless the county treasurer and larry richardson Larry Richardson is my policy director for legislative affairs and our emcee for this evenings budget hearing to everyone in the audience we’re glad you’re here and we are here to listen but first I’d like to say a few words about funding the vast majority of the funding for the county budget comes from local taxpayers we call this our general fund revenue and where does this money go historically about half of the money goes to Harford County Public Schools the school board decides how to spend its money but I’m proud that we have provided enough funding to raise teacher salaries in each of the five consecutive years and all of our teachers will be caught up this year when salary steps missed during the Great Recession in fact our ten point seven million dollar increase for education this year was the fourth highest among the state’s 24 jurisdictions I was in Annapolis this afternoon on the school construction House bill 1 to testify in support to bring additional construction funds to Harford County initially just the first blush of the state budget this year’s increase from the state for local education funding in Harford County should be about 6.2 million dollars and that would include the bridge when funding for this year the other half of the revenue goes towards everything else including Public Safety libraries parks fighting the opioid epidemic and services for senior citizens with and citizens with disabilities and our homeless population I have also provided over the last five years we have started a new play plan for our deputies and our correctional officers I hope to complete that pay plan this year in the upcoming budget I would also like to clear up some rumors about the county’s fund balance of the total one hundred and thirty six million dollar fund balance all but 20 million dollars is committed to future obligations this includes environmental mandates and state mandates remember the rain tax went away but Maryland counties Harford County still has to fund our stormwater obligations we also expect from the Kerwin commission plan to have to dramatically increase education funding on top of our annual increases in any event the fund balance is one-time money used for one-time expenses some have asked us to use all of the fund balance to pay for the school system to hire more employees next year but doing that would create a deficit the following year and every year thereafter the county cannot legally operate in a deficit situation and also for a second one to show a slide lastly this chart will look familiar because it has been showed to show trends in student enrollment and positions in the Harford County public school system since 2011 we have added a red line to show the county funding during the period you will see the county funding increase consistently so that the school system now has 42 million dollars more in county funding to educate roughly the same number of students a decade ago we have additional handouts in the back if you’d like to learn more about the county procedures on budgeting now it’s time to hear from you I know that we will set a good example for the young people who may be watching by treating each other with respect listen we all want the best for Harford County so let’s choose civility and be a model for our state and nation thank you for coming out we look forward to hearing your comments Larry okay ladies and gentlemen good evening thank you all

very much for coming as County Executive noted my name is Larry Richardson it’s it’s kind of been noted that I have have a great race for radio and a great voice for Pan Am I so hopefully though that doesn’t upset you too much and we do get through this tonight just a brief overview of the process we’re going to use in our virtual Town Hall format first we’re gonna hear from those of you that have signed up to speak tonight will then be going back going to report on some of the comments we’ve received by email social media we have a dedicated phone line will then switch back to hear from the live audience so we’ll be rotating that back and forth through the course of the evening for those of you on the county website the contact information should be at the base of the screen should be on the screen if you can see it now so when I went up when I call your name please come to the mic I will make every effort you murali possible to not butcher your name unfortunately I tend to I will sometimes do that if I do I apologize in advance don’t throw anything at me please for those of you that have signed up individually you’ll each have two minutes if you’re representing a group you will be given three minutes we do have a timer giving the crowd tonight we expect a lot of comments tonight so we want to make sure we can keep one track with our time when you hear the tape you’re speaking you hear the timer go off please wrap up your comments and I’ll just give you a brief reminder one that so with that we can get started the first individual on earth yes to the to the microphone crystal ruff knocked okay and then following this roughing up will try to come get a line going so we can kind of follow an order after that would be Michael Montebello was like close okay mr Montalvo I deeply apologize see so I got the screw-up out of the way quickly so hopefully the rest of the evening this goes to this goes smoother good evening and my name is crystal Rufina and I am a third generation Harford County Public Schools educator I currently work at Church Creek Elementary and I went to homestead Elementary as a child and graduated from Fallston and I just I wanted to come and speak tonight over the past couple of years the funding allocated for Harford County Public Schools has fallen short of the Board of Education request and while I’m grateful for this opportunity to offer input the teachers that are here tonight want the opportunity to have a conversation with you and we know that you speak to various groups but we really want the chance to be able to have a conversation with you you know that we’re going to come to ask for more funding for our kids the discrepancy between these requests and the funding that we receive I don’t think it comes from lack of advocacy and I don’t think it exists because you don’t want to do what’s right for our kids but we need the opportunity for conversation I can provide input tonight a lot of people can provide input tonight but input can be ignored conversation allows both you as our county executive and educators who experienced the impact of funding every day to share with and respond to one another to ask questions to learn to explain and to move forward we are ready to answer your hard questions we’re ready to engage with you to share to work together but together we do have the responsibility for providing for our kids and our youth as a public school system we educate everybody who comes through our doors we educate students who encounter few if any challenges learning and we also educate students with learning disabilities we educate students whose parents are involved and support them in school and we educate students whose parents won’t return our phone calls we educate the child who will thrive with gifted and talented instruction and AP courses and we educate the child who is three grade levels behind in reading we educate students who are nurtured from birth whose physical and emotional needs are met but we also educate students who are neglected so we just we ask that you really you know take into consideration having that conversation with us so that we can share more about our experience every day thank you thank you thank you mr. Montalvo but good and then mr. James bear mr. bear good evening my name is Michael Montalvo I’m president of the Harford County

deputy sheriff’s union I represent approximately 275 sworn law enforcement deputies of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office a large group of our members is here with us tonight first and foremost we applaud the efforts of County Executive Glassman who’s made county employees a priority since taking office now you and Sheriff Kaler have worked diligently with us to improve deputy salaries over the last several years and we thank you both for that in 2016 sheriff Kaler commissioned a salary study that revealed just how far the sheriff’s office had fallen behind our counterparts in comparable jurisdictions across the state through a two-year implementation County Executive Glassman was able to fund salary increases increases which greatly improved sheriff’s office salaries my hope and I hope from everyone here is that County Executive Glassman can fund the salary enhancements in sheriff Geller’s requested FY 2021 budget so that the Harford County Sheriff’s Office can remain competitive with surrounding jurisdictions ours is not a job for the faint of heart and none of us took our oath of office to serve and protect with illusions that we would be rich but our salaries must remain competitive so that our brave men and women are fairly compensated and so we can attract candidates that we might otherwise lose to surrounding jurisdictions just two nights ago law enforcement deputies working our northern Precinct were called to a domestic disturbance in street a call that was dispatched not unlike many other calls but when deputies pulled up to the house the man inside opened fire on them with a handgun and a rifle by the grace of God none of our deputies were wounded after being pinned down by gunfire for an hour and a half and after the arrival of SWAT units and negotiators the suspect finally surrendered news reports indicate almost 200 rounds were fired at deputies before the standoff ended law enforcement deputies rushed into the face of danger when needed and thankfully here in Harford County we have overwhelming support from our community we will never be the highest-paid law enforcement agency in the state now we’re not asking to be over the last few years salary enhancements have been fair and with the economy on track fiscally sustainable we do need to remain competitive though so we can attract and retain the best and brightest law enforcement deputies to protect and serve the citizens of our great County thank you for your time and your continued support mr. Montalvo thank you very much so next I have mr. James bear and mr Robert Scott if you could step down please mr. Scott I’m James Bear I’m a resident of Edgewood for about a total of 38 years I came here tonight because I love my community and when I see what’s going on around the county with new businesses new movie theaters up in Aberdeen economic growth new businesses new job opportunities and Edgewood we’re not seeing any of that our store fronts have are actually are shopping centers have empty stores in them we have an Ames building the old Ames building is still boarded up I cannot understand how we can build up the whole county and not do anything for Edgewood gets a bad name and I’m here to say I just I get angry I get angry because we get ignored nobody looks out for edgewood I looked at your state county address and you show economic growth throughout the county show businesses and you’re saying Harford County is going great we’ve come a long way from the recession in 2014 well edgewood was still in 2014 we don’t have anything the kids don’t have anything we’ve got a rec center on Brookside Drive where they won’t even let the kids in the rec center and then I reach out to the rec Council the director and I get ignored I don’t even get an email back I said I’m gonna I’ll work with you I’ll compromise let’s meet I get volunteers to come in work with the kids in Edgewood nothing something has to change I love the people in Edgewood edge what gets a bad name they do everybody knows it everybody you know the comments that we get all the time you know hood rats ghetto people in Edgewood are trash we’re not trash we’re good people we look out for each other we’re family so

I’m just trying to make a difference I’m trying to get up here and try to get the community you need to come together we need everybody in Harford County they come together and stop looking down on Edgewood and help build them up instead of beat them down that’s it mr. Baer thank you very much okay next up I have mr. Robert Scott miss Michelle Lauerback if you could step down to the microphone for next hello mr. Glassman thank you so much for having this time we can input into your budget I do not envy your job or anyone’s jobs sitting up there of allocating funds to go to certain organizations throughout the county I’m here to encourage you to increase funding for Harford County Public Schools I am a teacher at Havre de Grace high school and I just wanted to give a glimpse into what I have seen change over the past couple years I really do appreciate your efforts thus far over the past couple years to continue to increase funding so that way our teachers that have lost steps in the recession have then gained them and for that we do thank you but I believe there is more that we can be doing I believe that we need to fund superintendent volson’s proposed budget so that way we can reinstate teachers in order to increase the number of teachers in our school that have can have a positive impact on our students currently with the staff cuts that we experienced last year our school had lost four teaching positions those four teaching positions then have put a greater strain on the current teachers that we have in the building our class numbers have gone up I even have a colleague of mine who teaches an AP course whose numbers should typically be on the smaller side he’s teaching 33 students in one class and I believe that reinstating these teaching positions would make a great impact to our students and would make a great impact on our County so again I ask that you please fund the education budget fully and we thank you so much for taking this time and hearing us out mr. Scott thank you very much miss lauderbach next next like this uh thank Ken Miller folks one briefing before we go further if just like a reminder if you do have your cell phones with you if you could put them on vibrate we’d appreciate it thank you Michael no miss Valtorback and then miss you miss Miller I’m Michele louderback I’m an employee of Harford County Public Library and I am here to speak on behalf of the libraries both of my children grew up in the library we went to programs in all of our branches and checked out armed loads of books each time as a Girl Scout leader I used library resources to play on programs and gain information for badges my son would have not gotten through some of his AP classes without without the help of homework tutors that were free simply by entering a library card number we have never had cable in my house so DVDs were essential in our household for weekend entertainment my introverted daughter who struggled in middle school to speak to adults found her voice and gained valuable social skills when I insisted she speak to our great staff the librarians in the surf department libraries are essential to my family and they are essential to all communities going off-script mr. bear not sure where you’re sitting but the bright star in Edgewood is the library branch it’s a phenomenal place that you can go kids hang out there it’s a great place to go as you know library employees pay fell behind drastically during very lean years I appreciate your efforts and trying to get us all back on track and I’m happy the teachers are there library employees aren’t quite there yet but we do have a common class study in the works and we just ask that you continue your efforts to get us all back on track and you approve the library’s budget as is thank you thank you Mike okay miss Miller I then like the file with Kevin D good evening thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight my name is bondtom Miller and I’m a 44 year resident of Edgewood I’m also the president of the 755 Alliance a nonprofit working to revitalize our community and over the last year we’ve seen a lot of good things happening things are

changing in Edgewood this is a slow process but it is happening we have a united community we’re working with our neighbors in Joppa town all are fighting for a better southern Harford Coalition the community has come together to clean up our neighborhoods Harford Community College began offering classes at the public library the gem of the community business owners like Thompson automotive have held fundraisers to support the Sheriff’s Department the Boys and Girls Club the high school has received many grants and recognition for the IB program we want that positive momentum to continue and supporting our youth is one action so through that we’d like to see you support fully fund the school system budget because it will serve our youth and it and we’d like to see the lunch debt eliminated so that protect our youth they are our future so thank you for the opportunity Nova thank you very much Kevin D you’re next and I’d like to ask Danielle please step down please um hi my name is Kevin D and um I’m gonna talk about how my library is very important to me so recently I just got a book and I can’t put it down um so my mom one night I was reading and my mom forced me to go to bed cuz I was reading too much so um I even thought about reading without her permission in the middle right but I didn’t unfortunately so um I’m like in the middle of my book and it’s pretty interesting and that’s why I love my library thank you very much for that testimony okay I have now miss Danielle and Miss Angela you could step down please I’m not sure how to follow that because I truly think that’s what it’s all about good evening my name is Danielle I am the proud president of catspaw the Association of Harford County administrative technical and supervisory professionals I am also the supervisor of transportation and most importantly I am a parent of children that are currently in high school middle school and elementary school in our school system if I’m being honest I sat down to collect my thoughts and remarks many times for this event I struggled with how to effectively make the same points that we’ve been making for the past few months I’m at a loss as to how to adequately express how much Harford County Public Schools needs and deserves your funding the schools need it the staff need it and most importantly the students needed week after week and month after month the unified presidents of all five bargaining units have spoken regarding our funding or lack thereof from the county I don’t think standing up here and throwing the same numbers and statistics out is gonna make a difference or debating how much money and the fund balance is already earmarked I thought I’d make a different approach I think there are only two main points I want to keep reiterating one we have spoken about how Harford County is dead last in pupil funding in the state of Maryland this is a fact that cannot be disputed and second our enrollment has increased over the past three years while our resources have decreased over the past two years the resources of Harford public schools have been stretched entirely too thin we not only eliminated teaching positions but positions in the transportation facilities Human Resources accountability planning and construction technology and other departments and let’s not forget we are now splitting administrators among schools 14 administrators are being split between schools 14 of all of these cuts ultimately all of these cuts ultimately have significant negative impacts on students families and staff HCPs cannot sustain at this level actually no organization can be expected to maintain itself as demands and mandates increase yet funding decreases we need to rebuild our system to better support the students of Harford County Public Schools we need to have the budget fully funded in order to begin the reinvestment into our school system into your school system although many positions need to be restored no central office positions have been requested the only positions that have been requested are those we need to relieve the large class sizes and max resources again simply put our enrollment has increased

while our resources have decreased we are here continually advocating for what we need for our students and Families please support the students of Harford County Public Schools they are the greatest investment in our greatest asset that’s all thank you very much ok miss reader is up next and if I could ask Tracy to step to the microphone please thank you for 40 in the opportunity first I want to say thank you first off I want to sound off with the schools we really need a full budget we’re increasing the class size of the show it our kids faces show it and the teachers most importantly it takes a village to raise a child and these teachers should give every ounce of money to do so first off second I’m an edgewood resident I’m not by choice but by military means but our community is desperate for economic development each time we get a study it comes back as zero each time we come back with anything road repairs anything five years down there five years you guys down the road and I can’t I have traffic to say so are care in our neighborhood needs to come from the county right now it’s not showing and a lot of people are feeling deteriorated and defeated in Edgewood and we really need the support from the county to come out and help build up our environment get rid of the blithe take care of maintenance of property and address the crime that’s in that back area of grappler that area has a rec center that currently is closed during the weekend where kids have nowhere to go on the weekend I would look around the county and see what other opportunities within this county that are open but yet the Edgewood kids are left out in the cold please take a look again not just my input the conversation as a lady said earlier I truly appreciate your time and look forward to seeing results thank you very much okay I mean that’s wait it’s up next please step to the mic um running down here on this gave me a heart attack so I’m good though I’m good I’m gonna start out with a compliment kudos to you the police and our mental health providers for the county’s reduction in drug overdoses drug overdose deaths now the concern I’m truly disgusted that my county’s funding for public education is the lowest in the state my suggestion and I have two suggestions is that we should all suffer and benefit at the same rate if per pupil spending is the lowest in the state then police salaries county executive salary government salaries should all be the lowest in the state likewise if they are the highest in the state then everybody should have the highest in the state all proportionate I also want to say that over 400 Harford County citizens have signed a petition this is on a different subject signed a petition opposing the Abington Business Park development which will result in the destruction of 326 acre 326 acre forest in Abington yet the Planning and Zoning Department has used its discretion to grant exemptions which benefit a developer and an owner who don’t even live in this county rather than supporting the will of the citizens so I want to suggest that if more money is needed for the police and the schools which I believe it is then at least some of that money should come from Planning and Zoning ‘s budget thank you thank you very much McCrory ak to come down please hi my name is Linda Steinflint I presently live in bel-air I had been a resident of Harford County in my entire life I graduated from Edgewood senior high school in 1981 you do the math you can figure that out so Harford County has such a wealth of resources in our County and today I was at the Project Homeless Connect and there is people that need services and we have so many nonprofits and organizations that have stepped up in our community to help and and and do what’s needed and we have many citizens willing to volunteer but also at the same time you know I’m hearing all this talk about education even when I was in school pay raises was an issue you can raise teachers pay a lot of money and and higher than what they are now and they’re still gonna be asking for more money I as a resident of this county I

cannot afford my taxes to be raised more than fifty 50 percent of our budget go into education we need to pay our teachers and we need a and we we pay them what we what we are but the quality of the output the quality of the students that are coming out of our schools that says speaks a lot and with Kerwin that’s come in the the Senate President himself has said they know they’re looking for other ways to tax and define revenue where we need to be looking at is the accountability there’s the superintendent looking at that budget a little bit more because there is some wasteful spending in that budget when you talk with the staff there needs to be more reach out to the other County state senators and delegates not Harford County the other counties are the ones that they are influencing the less money being given to Harford County you look at the top three counties and are getting a lot of money for education and they have known performance like Harford County does it speaks volumes and even delegate castle II said that the way we fund education needs to change because we cannot keep throwing more money if I can’t afford my taxes to be raised I know many other people and that I’m friends with and that in the community that I service I do a lot of volunteering they cannot afford the taxes to be raised at the expense of our roads and the services like our library and that kind of thing so I’m advocating I know it’s an unpopular thing but we do not need more money than what we are paying now to go to education hold the school board accountable and hold the the delegates and legislators of the other counties accountable as well for giving funding Thank You mr. Hill thank you very much miss McCraw react did I get that right know how bad over a little bit close my name is Jeannie makuuvia oh yeah okay first I yes okay if I could just I don’t know would feel if I could have you come down please okay yes ma’am so my new favorite color is red because I am proud to be sharing this color with all of you who deserve what you get and much more follow closely by blue I’m a teacher at Edgewood middle school as well as a parent of two Harford County public school students it is wonderful that the county thinks that they are fully funding our schools however speaking of someone on the front lines I assure you you are not I as a teacher teaching not only in the lowest per pupil funded County but also a school in the lowest socio-economic area I have little resources and lots of students most of whom are in crisis I invite you to visit my classroom to see the reality of underfunding reality is like my co taught special ed class that has 27 students 18 of which have individualized education plans we did not get to a point of cutting teachers and administrators and hiring non-certified people to teach because we are well funded thank you for clearing up that there’s only a hundred and thirty six million of the fund balance that is spoken for because that made it very clear that there’s an additional 20 million that would be available for education and should be thank you thank you very much miss wood field I’d also like to ask Christy Smith to step down please good evening to our County Harford County Executive mr. Glassman and I thank you for the opportunity to speak I’m Donna woodfield president of Harvard County educational Services Council and a resident of Harford County for about thirty seven years many years ago I used to believe that schools should not be burdened with socializing students but stick to reading writing and rithmetic the boy of times changed again this year my elementary school has a waiting list for students requesting Mental Health Services and this is only the second quarter I’ve discovered that most schools across the county have waiting lists as well think about that for a minute these are kids from pre-k age through grade five these young lives are facing issues like incarcerated parents family addiction abuse and depression if we don’t commit to stopping this continuous cycle Harford County will have failed them we need to do so much better than we are each day our children spend most of their daily hours inside our school buildings and with their teachers than anyplace else if we don’t reach these students at this tender age in their lives we could potentially lose them to future opioid addictions school violence crime and suicide for a county

with our resources we must put more effort in trying to resolve this if not in the long run it will certainly cost the county a lot more money rome wasn’t built in a day and it can’t be fixed overnight but I’m confident we can achieve this without raising property taxes we simply need to make future leaders of our County our priority all of our unit union presidents meet regularly with our superintendent to attempt to trim all areas possible to meet these needs but we can’t cut any more our classes are overcrowded we lost teachers and employees across the board schools receive less of a budget for the year and we’re still asked to sacrifice even more we desperately need additional county and state funding as well as more psychologists and counselors since our students ranked dead last and spending we deserve an explanation of exactly how your office determines its funding formula for education we understand you always pledge additional money from prior years but it always falls short and we can’t catch up our taxpaying citizens have a right to expect transparency from elected officials so we’re just requesting more townhall meetings for citizen input and for us to learn exactly how you will fund the needs of our students please help us to help that I appreciate your time what feel thank you very much okay Miss Smith mr. Crawford speak you’re up next hello my name is Kristy Smith I’m a resident of Abingdon I grew up in North Harford Wednesday I had an amazing educational experience I now work at Edgewood middle school I worked there for six years and I’m a mom of two little boys who soon enough we’ll be going to public schools here and I sat with you at the Teacher of the Year banquet last year we are almost a year okay we are honest a year out from the experiment of underfunding education in our county and I want to paint a picture of what that looks like particularly at Edgewood obviously we have bigger class sizes 30 kids in a class can look like a lot of different things 30 kids or more in a class no matter where you are in the county is a huge huge challenge if you would like to see I would love to you could probably come and substitute at our school some time but I have miss Williams but yeah they most of them you know don’t wear your suit just polo and slacks and a sub badge and I think that would really paint a good picture of what it is we go through so 30 kids on our above grade level is a huge challenge for me it looks like the 16 kids with IEP s most needing accommodations like preferential seating read-alouds and reduced distractions two of my students are high on the autism spectrum one needs a scribe which is someone to write for him five or more are experiencing neglect or abuse at home one of them has fetal alcohol syndrome several have ADHD nearly all have had one or more aces which means adverse childhood experiences this that was just one class of 27 students I have a parent educator but she’s bilingual and because of that she’s frequently pulled to translate so a lot of times it’s just me and all of those challenges higher class sizes at a low-income school like mine is more than a bit of extra grading it’s a generation lost it’s a message sent of pure hopelessness and the kids really feel that and they don’t deserve that there’s a lot of people here representing Edgewood from all different aspects and I know we can do better I know my experience at North Harford was nothing like with the students in front of me are experiencing it wasn’t and it makes I think your children went through North Harford you know it’s it’s wonderful and but every single kid in this county deserves that I know you believe that I know all of you up there believe that but it’s not happening there’s a disconnect right now with that reality and so I want to say we’re not here to squabble over a piece of the pie in a County that’s as well off as ours as Miss Travers up there said if we can do our job better it’s gonna make all of your jobs easier and we are not here about salaries either we’re here to

stand up for students and the education they deserve thank you Miss Smith thank you very much okay miss profits Vic is next and I like that is rose Martino Rose Martino if you could step to the mic please hello good evening my name is Christy Crawfordsmick and I’m the proud president of the Harford County Education Association I do want to point out that aside from being HCA president I’m a Harford County resident a property owner a tax payer an educator a PTA president but more importantly I am the proud parent of three Harford County public school students I also want to notice and point out that this room is full of red and blue both amazing County entities that need to be funded I am here to request that Harford County prioritize and invest in our schools I’ve recognized that the funding HCPs receives has increased each year in terms of dollars but we are not keeping pace with the increased needs of our students and the increase in revenue Harford County receives each year HCPs is not receiving their fair share of new revenue this county receives we often hear that Harford County Public Schools receives 50% of the Harford County revenue this is not true in terms of all but all overall revenue nearly 50 percent does not equal 50 percent we’re not talking about pennies the difference between almost 50 cents of each dollar and actually receiving 50 cents of each dollar is millions of dollars in fact just a new revenue alone that would have eliminated all the position and program cuts that happened last year it’s not a secret that this school district is funded 24 out of 24 jurisdictions and per pupil funding the last in the state yes the current state formula does contribute to that everyone needs to do their part every single funding entity needs to do their part and that is why I am here today last year we were told to look at procurement health benefits pension retirement benefits as ways for HCPs to be good stewards of the funding that they receive all while being dead last and for pupil funding this is not a spending problem it’s clearly a funding problem class sizes and caseloads are far too large for educators to meet the individual needs of our students programmatic cuts are robbing students of opportunities to ensure that they are career and college-ready our amazing educators are exhausted nearly each day in the last few weeks at least one person has told me that they are either considering leaving the profession or that they are leaving the profession or at least leaving Harford County amid a nationwide teacher shortage this is not something that we can afford fear the Cohen Commission cannot be an excuse to continue to shortchange the students who are the future leaders of this county if the state fixes their funding formula and you don’t increase funding our students will still lose we need every funding Authority to make sure that education is the priority that they claim it is the time has come to stop making excuses and give the students an education they need and deserve think about the legacy we’re leaving ok could you wrap it up Ghandi said it best action expresses priorities proof that education is a priority and fully fund the superintendent’s budget request we only get one chance to make this right our kids can’t wait there’s one deck okay folks I do want to ask if we can I understand we do have we have a lot of folks who still have a lot to get through so if we could move along with this so just asked if we could kind of just maintain the decorum for a little bit thank you thank you good evening County Executive Glassman thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight my name is rose Martino and I am the proud principal of Roy Williams elementary school I have come this evening with many of our wonderful talented and hardworking teachers and our assistant principal from Roy Williams and I am speaking for all of us our teachers put in extremely long hours planning lessons grading papers inputting grades meeting with their grade-level teams to examine data and determining teaching implications calling parents parent conferences before and after school planning and preparing for family nights attending family nights and taking an active role on one of the many goal teams that meets before and after school I tell them constantly how much I value and appreciate their hard work and dedication to our students however they do not feel the same value from our county council on our county executive how can you feel comfortable knowing the amount of time energy and sacrifices they make day in and day out and compensate them in dead last in the

state of Maryland it’s important for all Harford County citizens to understand in fiscal year 2011 we had five thousand two hundred and thirty one teachers and in fiscal year 2020 we have four thousand seven hundred and twenty seven teachers in comparison between fiscal year 2011 and fiscal year twenty Harford County Public Schools increased by three thousand students yes that’s correct Harford County decreased by five hundred and four teachers and spa student enrollment increased by three thousand Harford counties poop per pupil funding is lowest in the state is this how our county government rewards our hard working and dedication of our staff and students the difference between 24th and 23rd in the state is one hundred and ninety four dollars per student one hundred and ninety four times HCPs enrollment of approximately thirty six thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight students is 7.2 million per year yet that will only move us to number 23 however we are worth so much more you need to fully fund superintendent Bolton’s operating budget for fiscal year 2021 dr. bohlson and the entire Harford County Public School Board of Education and staff members are requesting 22.4 million above maintenance of effort to restore billion building base positions you need to do this in order to provide students with what they deserve to thrive in schools and for staff to effectively do their job there is one way not to be last that is to invest in our schools our students and our teachers we are worth it okay thank you miss Martino mr. burrbe your next miss Gehringer good evening kind of executive Glassman staff I’m Ryan burrbe you’ll have to pardon me if I run long I’m not used to doing this anymore I stand here in solidarity with all the workers in this county our sheriff’s our library workers our County workers our teachers the workers that just work at home um because here’s the reality this underfunding school’s problem didn’t start with you you’ve done more than basically any other county executive to alleviate it but it’s not fixed and we’re cheating our kids when I first started in this county I used to come to work and if I was not early I couldn’t get a parking space in the parking lot at our school because there were so many staff it’s not a problem now we worked really great together for a number of years and and Barry you know it’s almost a decade we’ve known each other and you’re one of only three Republicans I’ve ever I won’t tell you the other ones because one might make you gag but uh we we need to fund everybody and and this is the simple reality we can’t keep saying well we’re gonna do this for them and this for them and we’re not making where we gotta go and try and pick one group against the other and oh we’re trying to take it out the sheriff’s pockets and no we have got to grow we’re not gonna grow ourself out of the problem and we have to invest like in communities like Edgewood and I got to tell you the reason why the problems exist in Edgewood is the schools and it’s not that we’re not doing a good job it’s that they can’t do a good enough job to overcome all the issues you know um leadership isn’t about doing the easy things Robert or John F Kennedy said when he was talking about the moonshot we don’t do these things because they’re easy we do them because they’re hard Barry I know you to be a good honest Christian man I defended you at every step of the way because I’ve never ever caught you lying to me and that’s pretty good for a politician um but we got to do this you’ve got to do this you have a chance to make the biggest difference the most impactful change in Harford County ever if you fund everyone at what they need and yes please raise my taxes I inherit your property so I own to allow my property will increase more my taxes will increase more no cut into my raise but we’ve got to do these things and I guarantee you if you make us and solve this problem and make our funding match our wealth equation so instead of 15th or 11 and we solve this problem forever so we don’t have to keep doing this nonsense I guarantee you progressives like myself okay

sir-sir progressives like myself door were right he’s right we’ll come on take a seat please thank you for your time thank you miss Gehringer next to be followed by Jakob Bennett Jakob Bennett please good evening my name is dr. Stacy Gehringer at the proud principal of Abington elementary school and the president of the association of public school administrators supervisors of Harford County better known is AB sack I want to thank you for this one opportunity to speak on behalf of our association we truly appreciate the ability to provide input on the development of our County’s budget as County Executive your office celebrates each year the funding provided to Harford County school system exceeds maintenance of effort which should exceeding this measure be celebrated maintenance of effort requires school funding remain constant from year to year basically this requirement keeps the lights on and the schoolhouse door is open with the rising costs each year maintenance of effort is the bare minimum to keep the school system running last spring your office proudly announced the school system was awarded ten point seven million more than the maintenance of effort as citizens we need to ask ourselves should awarding our children an amount that required sixty seven position reductions be celebrated what type of education do we want to provide our children how do we want to invest our money to reiterate Gandhi said it best action expresses priority the Harford County school system is funded 24th out of 24 dead last in the state of Maryland currently our per pupil county funding marks us 13th among our school systems in Maryland while we pay taxes at a rate of seventh and ninth in Maryland Harford County Public Schools student enrollment is larger now than it was back in 2011 and yet we are charged to service our children’s mental health and well-being with nearly 500 less adults against best educational practice recommendations our children are learning in large environments imagine 25 percent of our middle school classes exceeds 30 students with such large classes our educators are struggling to establish and cultivate meaningful relationships with students which compromises their ability to meet the diverse needs of our children our high school students this year have access to 339 fewer programs our administrators as noted prior are split between schools which compromises student safety and negatively impacts the day-to-day operations of our schools data illustrates our number of English language learners continue to increase more of our students require special ed services our students needs are more intense and many of our students struggle with the effects of ADD first adverse childhood experiences now more than ever we need to work together as leaders in Harford County we need to take action we need to reinvest in our education here we need the fiscal resources and our operating budget to hire personnel who can support the development our students we need to invest in our future which begins with our children thank you thank you Miss Karen okay Jacob Bennett mr. Bennett Oh Barry Glassman my name is Jacob Bennett a lot of other people will share with you data and information I just want to take some time for you to get to know me better as one of your citizens I am a homeowner I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 777 I’m a Harford County native grandson of a dairy farmer and proud kindergarten teacher at havre de grace elementary school I’m also the son of an abusive alcoholic I entered kindergarten not knowing any of my numbers any of my letters any of my shapes I didn’t know my birthday I didn’t know my address I didn’t know my phone number lunch was my only meal of the day I thought breakfast was a Christmas thing I would come home and I would hide in the storm drain in front of my house even in the winter because I knew it was safer there until my dad got home then in my house with my mom the only reason I’m the all those things I said first and not an overdose in this county or someone in jail is because my principal recognized who I was acknowledged who I was and made sure I knew I wasn’t the poor choices – my mother my assistant principal would remember my birthday and bring me a gift or sneak me a snack on a day where I was having a hard time my teachers recognized me and valued me and appreciated me and made me feel special and made me feel like ring fat three elementary school was a place I belonged and that I could be valued when I left ring Factory elementary school I promised myself that I would be for children one day what they had been for me but since I graduate from high school we’ve lost 500 teaching positions and I’ll tell you this it is really hard to serve kids when we have 500 less co-workers than we used to it’s really hard to serve kids when we can’t provide them the programs they deserve I work hard Barry Glassman I work really hard this is what I was born to do but I

can’t do it alone and I lay it but in bed at night and I cannot sleep because I think about the kids who are like me who will not get what I can get what I got because their print assistant principals split between two schools or their principals job has been doubled endure workload or their teacher doesn’t have 16 kids in their class they of 33 and all sudden they can’t service each child individually like I was and those kids aren’t gonna be this insects success stories I am they’re gonna be more overdoses they’re gonna be more work for our police force they’re gonna be less business inclined citizens and it’s gonna hurt us in the long run you know research shows for every dollar you spend on education you save four everywhere else take care of kids and allow yourself to sleep easy at night thank you very much okay folks what I want to do right now is that was that we’ve also been taking a lot of comments by email through Facebook and through Twitter so I want to just touch base briefly on some of the ones we’ve received so far now we’ve had two comments on Twitter from the Aberdeen activity center one came in from Michelle H please commit to funding the design for the Aberdeen activity center and this year’s budget and construction of next year’s budget it would be a great resource for our town thank you we’ve had several comments on Facebook as well about the activity center Peggy Ann noted that during the budget process please put the Aberdeen activity center is your number one priority for design this year and construction to follow immediately we’ve also had comments relative to homestead Wakefield Elementary School in a building Samantha s Road HW es needs a new building ASAP the school is at 114 capacity our students have less technology available to them and other students and class sizes are keeping our students from receiving the education they deserve um a number of other emails have come in regarding the library and we’ve had spoke earth folks speak earlier tonight on that Pat es wrote dear mr. Glasson please don’t cut funding to the library or if you do not too much we love the library ever since my oldest was a baby I would go to the library at least once a week I think books will make a comeback real soon please hang tough when this issue from someone that spent most of this time with a blackberry and a flip phone I trust me I understand that feeling several folks also wrote to talk about increased funding from libraries especially to address compression issues but others talked about the value of the library for citizens of all ages Carol and si wrote my husband and I are both retired and living on fixed incomes and we enjoy the services offered by the libraries it’s heartwarming to see little children wrap the tension during story time and older children researching school projects and reading for pleasure I see many children who are home-schooled using the treasure trove of library resources in your budget consider all the possibilities available to our citizens through our libraries we had additional emails relative to the AMA aberdeen center crystal m noted the aberdeen community is hopeful for a dedicated aberdeen activity center please commit to funding the design for the activity center in this year’s budget and construction the next year’s budget okay we’ve also had regarding education we’ve received six emails for example Becca G wrote what is more important than the education and job preparation of harford county’s children route 40 corridor schools in particular need more teachers smaller class sizes and mentor programs to help at-risk students we’ve received a number of other ones so we all know we are closing in on the end of the clock I do want to make note that for everyone who has submitted anything to us either by email which you can continue to do and I gov Harford Oh dad I gov Harford I go harford county md.gov we’re also Facebook Harford counties virtual Town Hall Twitter i gov Harford and while we’re here tonight for a live only by phone you can call in comments we have operator standing by at four four three four one two two seven zero zero that’s four four three four one two two seven zero zero call now operators are standing by so well okay I do we do have some more sheets so I am gonna call um go back to to our audience so at this time I’d like to ask I have a Josie cosgrove I believe it is and then if I could have waiting in the wings Cyndi popper good evening my name is Josie cosgrove and I’m a peer educator at William s James elementary school education is urgent recently I read a billboard with

that message I thought about that message for some time because it just didn’t seem right I finally figured it out it should have read funding education is urgent as a parent of three children to to chose college pathways and one who chose a technical pathways and currently a paraeducator in special education I have seen firsthand the many different needs of the students in our school system I have witnessed how the constant underfunding of our schools shortchanges students particularly students who receive special education services all children enter schools with different set of wants and needs in spite of these differences the village of students parents staff and community must work together to allow these children to develop to develop their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges that are constantly occurring in our rapidly changing technological and diverse world this can only be done through adequate and equitable funding of our school system whatever method has been used for funding education in the past by our elected officials is antiquated the number of students who are learning English the number of students are receiving special education services and the number of students in Harford County who are living in poverty has skyrocketed we need to not only look at the needs of our children now but for the future as well I encourage you to think outside the box not only looking at property taxes to secure necessary funds for our schools for our children your future our future depends on it our kids can’t wait thank you miss Cusco okay mr. popper be followed by Jeanne Smith Jeanne Smith good evening mr. Glassman my name is Cindy popper and I’m a proud education support professional employed by HCPs what I am NOT proud of is the fact that you our county executive thinks that it’s okay to fund Harford County Public Schools at the lowest per pupil ratio in the state what I am proud of is the amazing work that goes on in our schools every day by administrators teachers and ESPs that are dedicated to the education of a Harford County’s children what I’m not proud of is that many of our state’s elected leadership talked about education being a top priority but then feel it’s okay to play politics with our children’s education and in turn their future when the subject comes to funding that priority what I am proud of is the commitment by those that have given up the chance to make a significantly higher income elsewhere to stay in Harford County and keep working for our schools and our students what I’m not proud of is the fact that the kids in our middle schools are in classes that have 35 students and many of our schools are operating at sizes that are on the verge of being unsafe due to the sheer numbers of students what I am proud of is in spite of the freezes cuts reductions and in eliminations of positions year after year the staff of HCPs hasn’t been broken we have endured and continued to fight to put our kids first what I’m not proud of is that our kids are in middle and high school too today will not and cannot be able to keep pace with their kind of parts in other states because of the massive program and course offering cuts that HCPs has had to make what I am proud of is the many many staff members from all positions in all levels that believe that proper and appropriate funding for education is worth fighting what I’m not proud of is the time the money in the effort that many here and across the state have put into ad campaigns and talking points to make the citizens of this county and the state believe that the increases in funding being requested for education will cause a significant burden to their tax base and substantially create a financial burden so I ask you mr. Glassman what is it going to be this year are you going to step up and do what’s right by the children of this county and fully fund the HCPs requested budget or are you gonna tell our kids no again and continue to be something that we are not proud of thank you okay folks again I just want I want to remind everybody again we’re gonna be here for a bit I want we want to keep this civil we want to keep this one-time we want to make sure that we can get everybody who has signed up to speak the time to speak so I appreciate your cooperation and help with that okay miss Smith you’re up now I’d like to ask Megan Grasgray just step to the mic please up next I’m

hoping that you will fully fund the superintendent’s budget requests one that will only maintain class sizes not reduce them which isn’t an optimal situation for our students they deserve better however now I’m gonna change subjects since there’s an issue that’s even more troubling to me in school funding I’m a lead volunteer at one of the large churches in bel-air who assists Harford County residents once every 12 months with a portion of a court order eviction security deposit or BGE delmarva turn off notice when we are contacted by county agencies we also at times not frequently assist with some motel nights because if we help them with that we can’t help them with a security security deposit we only help once every 12 months what I’m concerned about is the Harford County freezing weather plan for the homeless homeless families are not sheltered unless the temperature is 32 degrees or below for a 24-hour period that means that the temperature is 30 to 32 degrees for 24 hours homeless families are sheltered however if the daytime high is 35 degrees and drops to 19 degrees in at night are even lower homeless families are not sheltered in the county I would ask that the Office of Community and Economic Development reevaluate its criteria for sheltering homeless families an office that falls under your purview most people in the county don’t realize that at any one time in the county there are roughly 200 to 250 homeless people which includes children children need an education but if they’re worrying about where they will live or if they’ll have to sleep in a car or tent in freezing weather they will perform well in the classroom I have to give kudos to our County has the welcome one homeless shelter which fills up quickly during cold weather and a rotating homeless shelter for only adults sponsored by various churches during winter months many counties don’t have shelters in Maryland or motel vouchers for families during the winter at all however not housing families with children when you the weather when the weather is below freezing at night concerns me greatly and I hope also concerns you currently and for future funding thank you thank you very much okay okay I’m gonna try this again this is it Greg thank you very much no you’re up ms Runyon if you could step to the microphone deck my name is Megan gray I’ve been a Harford County resident for most of my life I am here to support education I am NOT a teacher I have three kids at a very overcrowded elementary school who are redistricted to go to a even more overcrowded middle school my kids teachers are amazing they work so hard with their large class sizes I don’t know how they do it just the other day I received my letter from the county telling me my property taxes are going to be going up I would have no problem with this if I knew it was gonna go towards education and giving my kids the sources they need my property value was reassessed as higher and then it alright well I have no problem paying more county taxes if need be for the teachers to get what they need I realized we’re not asking for salary increases we’re asking for more teachers to be reinstated every year we lose good teachers to other counties that take better care of their teachers they get paid more they get bonuses they leave cuz there’s only so much they can do they work really hard I’m sad that all these people are here because I know they probably still have work to do from today and have to go back to school tomorrow taking care of our schools protects our property values and therefore your tax revenue our schools are not going to stay as strong as they are forever saying oh they’re doing great they’re doing great yeah they’re doing great we need to pay them that money so that they continue to do great and get the support they need in the classroom my sons in kindergarten he has 24 students in his class he is one student that has a pair of educator with him all day long he has three students who their primary language is Russian how his teacher doesn’t I don’t know but she gets them all together and he is thriving and doing wonderfully so do better stop telling us how great we do when the numbers don’t stack up against the other counties do better thank you very much good evening thank you for the opportunity to speak before you this evening I’m here to ask that you fully fund the superintendent’s budget request for Harford County Public Schools assuming the full request is approved by the Board of Education this request only

addresses adding enough instructional and support positions to alleviate our increasing class sizes it does not add programs that we would all like to see well I recognize that you have funded above maintenance of effort every year and have earmarked those funds to instructional salaries to bring teachers back to their pay scales the funding provided in those years has not matched the percentage the school system represents in the term in the budget in terms of new revenue in fact in the last four years the school system’s percentage of the new revenue dollars has dropped by four percent I think the question everybody would like to understand about the fund balance is not how much is available or restricted but how much of the restricted fund balance is voluntary the lack of state and local funding has caused significant cuts to HCPs while enrollment has increased by nearly a thousand student since FY 18 more importantly the number of students who require intervention interventions or additional supports is far greater today than it was even a few years ago our students lacked sufficient access to guidance counselors mental health workers math specialists to name a few our teachers lack access to mentors classroom supports and manageable class sizes while teachers may be grateful for the pay equity they will not thank us if we pay them with one hand but fail to give them adequate supports and resources to perform their duties I do not know a single teacher who wants to stand in front of their classroom of students and know that they cannot adequately meet their needs we are truly at a tipping point we cannot continue to do more with less we certainly can’t add the much-needed programs that we as a community all agree are needed such as technical paths for students who are not college bound but may be career ready we will continue to fight for adequate funding from the state of Maryland as well but the reality is that this is our community and we need to be willing to invest in its future and I’d like to add that I do think we’re a wealthy enough community to support our public safety workers in addition to our school system thank you next like to have Mason Janicki good evening my name is Paul Dmonado and once again I’m here speaking on the behalf of the education saying the budget input priority needs to be education education education but once again we’re here talking about education funding you see by the large turnout our schools are not keeping up we have the lowest we’re dead last and per pupil spending and we have the largest class sizes and these remarkable professionals have to deal with classroom management issues they can’t reach the students like they can in the smaller class sizes with best practices my wife is actually a teacher in the school system and she has her largest case lower student load that she’s ever had in her 17 year career she’s spending her weekends grading tests and coursework and she said she has her the highest amount of IEP s where all the respond bilities our teacher-centered she’s just exhausted she’s at a point where she is one of those teachers that is talking about leaving I hear the politicians and I hear everybody say Harford County education our test scores are seventh in the state we have a good value bargain the citizens are getting a good bang for the buck and a good investment well test scores are lagging indicator this measure by itself is misleading it’s giving you an indication of last year staffing last year’s funding we’ve cut positions so the test scores next year we’ll be judging this year test scores two years down we’ll be talking about the budget that we’re talking about as a parent I’m not looking for a value or bargain when I’m talking about my kids I want the best for my kids right now Harford County is not providing for my children my children are discouraged in their elementary school and in their middle school based on the class size Harford County more importantly a Glassman funded education is not meeting my expectations as a taxpayer the Glassman funded education is last in state four pupil funding the Glassman funded education has the largest class sizes in the state Glassman fund education as you heard had all those course offerings for high schools cut so it’s no frills it’s basic the Glassman fund education is a value it’s a bargain it’s cheap I voted for you mr. Glassman and I’m here to tell you unless things change I will not vote for you again if you seek statewide office I’ve lived in Harford County for 15 years and I feel this might be my last year here if things don’t change I’ve spent my fall going to school open houses and real estate open houses please fully fund the budget request by the Board of Ed

mr. Mason for Nikki followed by I believe it to be a million offer hello I am Mason Janicki I currently attend North Harford middle school I’m in seventh grade some of my classes have 35 to 37 kids per class in them trying to learn our pot of three classes have to share one laptop cart with less than 25 working computers we need the school budget to be fully funded thank you for your time Nikki thank you very much for game is Walker I have next time followed by mr Doug Rudd good evening thank you for allowing me to speak my name is Millie Walker I reside on Aberdeen Proving Ground my husband is a retired veteran who retired in 2016 we decided to come to Harford County we do have family in the area but we also one of the questions that a lot of military families at common Veterans is what are the schools like how are the test scores how well the teachers you know teaching the children and when we came here it was important that my husband and I knowing that we are going to retire here and now invest ourselves here and I have two children it in middle school in Harford County is to also get involved so I’ve you know been a PTA member and officer and I volunteer and you know do as much as I can to support these amazing teachers I’ve been able to go in the schools and see what they do on day and down and I don’t like I said before I don’t know how they do it I look at it as a fact of you know your military community that’s there I know we have the federal impact aid studies and things done like that because I know there’s a no tax revenue when you have a federal installation but APG is growing which means more potential possible residents in Harford County hopefully more income being reinvested it that’s a few more potential voters so these are things that as a military community that we are paying attention to and i also want to say that my sons come home and express how they’re feeling at the school they feeling the stress of the cuts that are happening in school my sense I asked him he was struggling in math he says the teacher doesn’t have time to teach me everything I so I don’t ask questions and that teacher has an aide and she’s the only one out of four classes that has a class that has an aide so he’s not getting the help and assistance that he needs and it’s not purposefully it’s because there’s ten other students out of 30 students in that class that need help they only help who they can in that 45 to hour time period other things that that we’ve contemplated is you know should we send send our kids to private school versus homeschool you know a lot of parents ask that because they’re wondering what’s going on in the public schools so it’s so important to fund our County properly so these children will come back and reinvest in our community when they become adults I had a young lady I had counted out paper changed to her she could not give me the correct change back and she was working as a high schooler in a local food restaurant we don’t want that to happen to our young people so it says on here that there’s a rainy day fund I think we’ve hit a rainy day thank you okay miss Walker thank you very much okay mr right good evening thank you for the opportunity to come and share our thoughts this evening I’m gonna change my thought process after hearing what everybody else has said tonight because I was gonna say a lot of the same things they did I’m not from Harford County I moved here 25 years ago to start my education career I could not be prouder of the 25 years that I have spent here I came from New York system up there is funded by a local Township and when they see a need they act and they try to fix it because they have ownership of what happens in that school building I hear all kinds of things that happen from my hometown about how they address problems in funding or what they need for their students people here are trying theirs effort beyond belief that I witness every day in the building that I work in it is amazing to see the energy that we come with every day to try to meet the needs of our students the biggest thing that we can do is provide love and support for them I swore to myself when I moved here three years get tenure get established go back to New York I fell

in love with the school system here I have a son that’s a freshman daughter that’s a sixth grader 25 years I’m beginning to ask myself what’s gonna be available for my daughter when she’s in high school what courses are being cut every day every year that students had 25 years ago that my daughter’s not going to have access to governing is choosing please choose our children thank you for your time thank you very much okay what I’d like to do is step back for a moment we’ve had some additional phone calls and emails come in I just like to recognize those at Richard be Jenni oh and Charlie C all called you request funding for a community center in Aberdeen dan of Bel Air called to express his gratitude for the quality of the county’s library system we see some emails Jay D of aberdeen wrote that the county stopped funding priority should be managing retiree obligations funding parks and rec programs and AG preservation also the county should consider centralized purchasing for EMS and local volunteer fire companies to take advantage e advantage of economies of scale Jennifer s that emailed in that she recently moved to the county because of the good school system and feels the school system should pay teachers more and hire more teachers and mental health professionals Mary Mary Ellen D of Aberdeen wrote to thank the county for past support of the Aberdeen library and asked for continued funding for library system programs Facebook comments have come in Robin L posted that funding should be increased for public school facilities technology and resources Sarah P posted that she moved to Harford County for the school system and she wants smaller class sizes additional technology and teacher salary increases we have also received Twitter Gen M tweeted that she is grateful for County support of the library system and to continue prioritize the count the library system in the budget Katie M and Loretta s also tweeted their support for the library system so I’d like to go back now to we have a few more names of folks that have signed up so I’d like to well we can get to these now I believe it Eileen Robertson hopefully I’m reading that correctly mr. Robinson if you are here could be followed by Tye Robert Shaw okay is eileen robertson or tie robert shaw present okay um Danielle Bennett is there a miss Danielle Bennett well okay Danielle Bennett come on down thank you for your time aha I have very messy handwriting it’s fine I am a county resident I am a business owner and I’m a mother of three I had a prepared speech but then I saw this flyer and I just really have some comments around that you know I look at it and I think why am I here I don’t mean in this building I mean why am I here in this county I don’t have any family here I didn’t come here for family reasons I didn’t grow up here I grew up in Baltimore County and I’ve been in Baltimore City for the last 15 years and seven years ago I came to Harford County so 15 years prior to that seven years ago I came to Harford County because I had a child my child was a year-and-a-half old and I wanted them to be in good schools so you know I don’t think seven years ago had I known that the per pupil funding was gonna be the lowest of all the counties in the state that I would have chosen Harford County I mean why wouldn’t I have been looking in Howard County then now you say that Harford County Public Schools has received more than an equivalent share since 2009 you point out that you know 50% of the spending goes to schools great okay well if if that’s the case then why are so many of the schools overcapacity or close to over capacity my kids do go to or will go to homestead Wakefield elementary school where’s their technology I mean it’s not just

abysmal it’s it’s not equitable not really asking you to just fully fund the budget request from the superintendent I think that just gets us back to where we were I think we need more he wants to increase it by 20 2.4 million I want to double that let’s increase it by 44 eight million that’s my request thank you miss Bernette thank you very much okay next I’d like to have Amy John again followed by Nicole young hello thanks for having us tonight I’d like you to look at the first four rows of our wonderful sheriff’s office here there’s 27 of them imagine they’re all six years old and they all have their hand up with an important question about the lesson they just learned you’re up there by yourself one teacher how do you get them off thank you for your service by the way it’s a challenge and and that’s 27 that’s smaller than most of the elementary school class sizes that we see I’m a parent of three sons in the school system one in sixth grade and two in one sorry two and sixth grade and one in first grade my middle schoolers are at Patterson mill and they have upwards of thirty six kids in each class the technology needs need to be increase there too so there’s there’s definitely gaps in the elementary school you know we’re in an aging facility there’s lots of needs for I mean class sizes are one but it’s definitely just very concerning that you know each year it’s getting worse and I see it just the progression of having kids in in schools for seven years and I think that when we look at the enrollment numbers that are going up so we went up like 611 kids from last year this year and we just don’t have the funding and so how are they going to squeeze that budget in if you look at the pure people funding even at position twenty four that’s thirteen thousand a year for kids and that’s so that extra six hundred eleven kids is it over eight million dollars where is that money coming from so the maintenance of effort isn’t gonna get them there when the school system continues to grow and I think we all know in this room that the 24 24 is not the county’s fault the state funding formulas unfortunately are not favorable to Harford County but I think as the county we need to step up and we need to say okay we know that we’re not getting that we can’t just finger point around we need to step up and just and and make the effort to not give our kids last they don’t deserve last you know you look at the reputation of Harford County and their schools were seen as great I grew up in the Harford County school system what I went through is not this thing that my kids are going through now I definitely see the class sizes the issues the things that we’re dealing with and struggling with are very different they have a lot more on their plate a lot more kids that are coming down like that of autism ADHD things they’re dealing with and mental health issues and things like that I think we really need to to step up and not put them 24th it’s a trickle-down effect if you look at the economy in general if you have you know your school system if their reputation goes down then property values go down and your tax base goes down so let’s invest in the kids and the school system and thank you for your time Jenica thank you very much okay is Nicole young here Nicole young okay good evening my name is Nicole young I’m a mother of a first grader Olivia and a veteran teacher at Southampton middle school I’m here tonight to advocate for the fulfillment of dr. volson’s budgetary requests having lost seven classroom teachers or classroom positions this past year it was heartbreaking at the end of last school year seeing so many of my friends leave Southampton we’re like the proverbial duck appears calm above the water but the deeper you look the more you see those links scrambling mr. Hagen our principal tried his best to create a successful schedule given the cuts but it’s been a tough adjustment to say the least I’m a math teacher so I’m gonna give you some numbers to think about sixth grade didn’t see a reduction in classroom teachers so their class sizes are still at about an average of 26 per class however we lost four classroom teachers at the seventh and eighth grade level combined this increased our average class size to 32 about 32 students now that doesn’t mean that any class you walk into it’s gonna have 32 kids in it but the class size is actually ranged from his load to 24 students to as high as 36 out of a hundred and twelve class rosters because every teacher teaches four classes 40% of those classes have

between 33 and 36 so that’s over the average our upper level math classes so the Algebra one class which you have to pass in order to you have to pass that class and M cap exam in order to fulfill the high school graduation requirement and geometry have an average of over 34 students the flip side of this would be our coach art Co-taught classes so those are the classes where we have special educators those classes have or those classes with our students with IEP s and I was astonished to find that those classes have upwards of 28 students in them it’s unacceptable given that these special and general and general educator are expected to teach a lesson while providing accommodations such as preferential seating reduced distractions scribes small group work providing copies of notes monitoring work completion and redirection to all of these students the more students that you place in a class means that there are more behaviors to be managed there are days when I feel as though nothing has been accomplished because I feel like I’ve played whack-a-mole trying to keep students engaged and focused on a lesson two of my math classes have 34 students and as much as I want to give everyone one-on-one attention it’s physically impossible there are days when I don’t feel I’m meeting some of their needs academically or emotionally and middle school is rough you couldn’t pay me enough to relive my middle school years and that was before social media are unified arts and phys ed teachers have seen a decrease in class sizes this year but that’s only due to the fact that instead of teaching five classes they’re now teaching six with only 150 three-minute planning period so that means that the ill-informed might think it’s great to have 53 minutes of quiet time but really that’s the time to plan prep set up for classes organize data for your learning objectives return parent phone calls or emails great assignments input grades into the computer or just plain go to the bathroom miss young if we could wrap it up please no longer do these teachers have time built into the schedule schedule to even collaborate with other teachers I won’t even say how long it’ll take my language arts friends over here to grade a one-page essay eight hours for all of that for one class’s assignments multiply that by four thank you John thank you very much okay ladies and gentlemen the next speaker that we have signed up I’d like to personally introduce and thank we have the president of Harford Community College and our host for this evening dr. Diana Phillips thank you very much County Executive Glassman my appreciation for allowing us to host this wonderful event I want to say thank you to everybody in the room for being here tonight this is an example of democracy in our in our country and this is exactly the place that we need to be having an engaging conversation about how do we best serve the needs of our entire community so thank you for being here and being participants in our country’s democracy to you County Executive thank you I want to say I really appreciate being a partner with you in this community I appreciate that you’re funding our Sheriff’s Department because a couple of weeks ago we turned we turned a corner and we had to reach out to the Sheriff’s Department and they were here on this campus in minutes to help ensure our safety and we are truly truly grateful for that I want to say thank you to my fellow educators here in the room I work hand in hand with dr. bohlson as we partner and come together to try to serve all of the educational needs of the citizens in Harford County and I am proud to do that and very grateful that you’re here on this campus today I want to say thank you to our library partners because again the the Library System is one of the best in the country and that is due to your efforts we’ve had neighbors get up and talk about some of the new efforts in Edgewood and that is in direct partnership with the people of Edgewood but it’s also thanks to you County Executive Glassman and I want and I want this community to know that you do reach out that you are funding us to the best of to the best of your ability at this point in time this is the place where we have these kinds of conversations a community college we are this community’s College and we’re proud to be here with you and we’re proud to partner with you thank you all very much dr. Phillips thank you very much and again thank you for the opportunity of allowing us here this evening okay the next individual I have and I will apologize I’m not even gonna try the first name I have a last name so mr

Rome is booth if I could be followed by d’Alene Lewis my name is Jacqueline booth I also – thank you for the opportunity to UM speak and voice what I want are kind to be in the future I too am a teacher from Edgewood middle school as several of the previous speakers have been and several other audience members are here too I have grown up in this County I grew up I went to prospect mill I went to Southampton I was the second class graduating from the SMA I believe in this county and educational system and that is why I chose to come back here I chose to come here because I wanted like I heard someone else mention I wanted to help give the education that I so generously received however my hands are being tied at every turn and it is injustice to our students I am doing everything I can my coworkers are here writing IDs while we’re listening I’m not that good at multitasking but I should be should be here I should be writing IPs but it is also valuable that I am here advocating for our students they need us they need our time and with the classrooms we have my my co teacher who shared earlier Gina be Kodiak that class that we go teach that has 18 IEP s out of 27 we are busting our butts trying to reach an D for every one of them and we’re doing everything we can and still those other you know nine students that don’t have ia B’s they certainly have many other needs that aren’t addressed you know in an individualized education plan it is an injustice that we cannot reach these students at the level that we need to and I’ve crunched the numbers you know SMA grad and all plus looking at all the data you know that I do the IEP and stuff and I was one of the people two years ago co-worker posed the question about the funding and things like that and I have you know since had other folks like you know double-check my research and I was one of the ones who was figuring out that we were 24 out of 24 and with this funding cut we’ve talked about how that affects teachers pay and how that affects teacher retention and getting new talent into this county as I said before I chose to come back to this County because I knew what I wanted to pay into and be a part of but financially that was a poor choice on my end I could have gone to another County but making six to ten thousand dollars more per year as well as increments so it’s in our best interest to continue to feed and fund our school system and bring us not only back to aiming for 23rd but should higher we can do better for our kids thank you who’s first thank you very much okay I’d the lane Louis followed by Robert Tucker hi thank you very much for having this event tonight I really appreciate the opportunity for you to hear from the community about what the concerns are and I want to apologize that I’m not wearing red because I’m definitely here in solidarity with our teachers and our Harford County Public Schools definitely ask you to fully fund the budget I am one of those people who move to Harford County because of the excellent school system many years ago and even though I no longer I have three children who went through the system and even though I no longer have children in the system I appreciate the importance and the value of a top-class public school system it needs to be our number one priority and I’m going to say that not only should we be fully funding the budget but I don’t even think this budget is adequate to meet our needs I appreciate the fact that a lot of the concerns across our country have led to the increase in the number of school resource officers in every school but that should be matched with the number an increase in the number of school psychiatrists and mental health professionals right now in Harford County Public Schools we are not meeting the National recommended number in fact we are have our school psychiatrists are less apologize I’m terrible with numbers I am NOT a graduate of Harford County but we’re we’re less than half of what we should be in terms of numbers of school psychiatrists and if we think these issues of school safety are important then we should be funding those positions as well similarly our cultural proficiency and equity department has one person one person who’s servicing the entire county I mean if we’re really serious about helping our children we need to be directing more funds to this area and you do have the ability to do some of that direction yourself over top of what the

superintendent has asked for and then I do want to also I know this is become a recent topic but I really want to talk about this issue of lunch shaming and I think it’s really a problem that a student can come to school and if they get more than six dollars in debt on their school lunch bill they are refused lunch and I think that is a problem and that we should be looking at providing a lunch breakfast and lunch for every student in the system and avoid this issue of shaming Thank You mr. Tucker think just Luis thank you very much okay Robert Tucker hi there my name is Rob Tucker I am a member of the board of HCEA and a drama teacher at Edgewood High School go Rams is it it wonderful to be living here I mean like here in this county without divulging too much of my personal finances I am a proud homeowner here in Harford County I paid about twice as much for my crackerjack box in Bell camp as my sister did for her mansion in the wealthy Syracuse suburb of Manliness New York my parents and siblings all product of central New York’s depressed economy balked when I stated the price of my home but I knew something they did not know I knew that getting to call myself a citizen of this county was a privilege that I would gladly pay dearly for because here in Harford County I can expect the best I can express I can expect the best for my politicians I can express expect the best for my Sheriff’s Office and I get it and I expect the best from my schools it’s good to live here things are so good it’s easy to perceive that being a citizen of Harford County means we already get the best but I’m a public schoolteacher and I know better our teachers are drowning today I was forced to have a simultaneous conversation with one child about Gay Straight Alliance funding one child about a mental health one tohat child going through a literal mental health crisis procter my own midterm exam for a class of 34 and in door to students inquiring last minute about their quarter grades after they had finished their midterms that does not make me feel privileged when I see that we are not only dead last for pupil funding but 7 million behind the next when you do the math and 46 million behind number 12 so doubling our request would get us to middling cool 500 less teacher positions since 2011 when in the last three years we have seen the population explodes record numbers children working in schools with molds teachers routinely working in classes packed to the brim with well over 30 of our babies who all need love and knowledge that we’re there to provide for them that does not make me feel appreciated here’s a quick list of the courses that have ceased to exist since I began my career career here eight years ago humanities communications SAT prep this is education this is Edgewood high school specifically aerobics 3d arts graphic design astronomy environmental science genetic from submarine science women’s studies speech properly split creative writing courses textile design and pretty much every CTE or CTE courses I could think of that does not make me feel exemplary that being said it’s imperative that we reverse the divestment led by the previous County Executive and start to catch up with where we were before the cull of staff began we can’t just patch it that being said please come see Matilda the musical at Edgewood High School on March 13th 14th and 15th no publicity is bad publicity but seriously come and see what we can do you’re going to see some amazing children do some amazing things and I believe that you would be inspired to give us just a little bit more our children can’t wait because they are now do you want to feel exemplary then I ask you to fully fund the superintendent’s request thank you so much Siva miss Tucker thank you very much okay ladies and gent that concludes our speakers for this evening um I want to thank you all for attending now I want to turn it back over to the county executive for some closing remarks thank you all very much thank you all that I’m not gonna talk that quick I don’t know if I can but very good thank you very much thank you all for coming out this evening I want you to know if you think of something over the next few days we’re gonna keep the email chains open Facebook Twitter accounts open for another week or so so continue to send comments our email is always open for comments and for the folks at home I know there’s still some some of my senior citizens who like to drop a first class letter to me and that that is welcome to I do I still get mail and I love to get mail listen I will review all your comments in preparing the budget over the next few months as we begin to set our priorities and get our final revenue estimates and look at our expenditures from last year and it is I will spend a few sleepless nights also when we finally figure out how we’re going to manage and balance the budget unlike the state and the federal government the county has to adopt a balanced budget at the end of June so finally thanks again for coming out I

want to thank my good friend dr Phillips and thank Harford Community College for hosting us this evening to my friends at Harford cable network for broadcasting live to the folks at home video of this event will be available later on h CN s website so goodnight drive safe and be safe god bless you