Orthodox Christianity: False "Gospels" in America and Europe

hello and welcome to our program the Holy Scriptures and you this is when we apply the Scriptures personally by correctly reading commentaries from the Apostles so that we know the correct teaching from the Lord through his apostles as st. John told us in the last book of his gospel in the last phrase if we really recorded everything that the Lord did the whole world could not contain the books he opiate of the people is religion so we want to realize he’s talking about religion not Christianity in his mind the reason it is an opiate is that it sets our minds anywhere but in the present in the now so that I change either myself or the situation around me or both hopefully by the grace of the Holy Spirit by the guidance of the Spirit of the Living God as the Holy Trinity leads us through him into all the truth dr. John Robin ADIZ has correctly given us his insight into our culture actually as it is in fact in the entire world it began however in America in Hollywood our happy happy clappy musicals and he calls that the happiness seeking sickness dr. John Roman Eady’s wrote the cure of a sickness of religion which warps the human person is not simple forgiveness of sins this cure begins with forgiveness but continues with the necessary purification and finally with the restoration of the heart to its state of illumination by the all Holy Spirit the entire person begins to be glorified in body and soul this will transform not only the individual but our society from self-centered individuals to a society with selfless love which serves the other and does not seek its own selfish needs it is a sickness that wants temporary happiness we see it in ads you’ll be happy I want my customers to be happy I want you to be happy you will be happier if you eat a lot whatever the consumer product is that they want us to use the promise that goes with it is you will be happier you will be more comfortable or whatever it is now of course we know that princess medicines and some other things are very good they help us get through some of the rough spots in our life but to use things as a placebo that I think is going to make me happy either boyfriend’s especially sexuality this is the cheapening of what was meant to be used to bring a married couple together to seal their love and their vows to one another and to God to be faithful forever in the Orthodox marriage by the way the vows do not say until death do us part the vows say forever that means one of the spouses goes to be with the Lord that other spouse remains faithful to that person even though they’re in heaven remember in orthodoxy as in Christianity itself which has been forgotten in the West heaven and earth are together my paradise begins even now although I

can’t see with these eyes of play and I can’t feel all of the presence of God and his angels around me I can still know by faith that I get a foretaste in real joy of the kingdom of God that is within us and that is surrounding us now what I really want is joy what I take as a substitute temporarily is happiness now of course we’re we receive joy and our families we receive joy when I truly worship the Lord in spirit and in truth as we have in our Orthodox services by the way the services are replete with scriptures every little hymn is a Bible study of either the Old Testament or New Testament revelation of Christ so this is where I’m fed by the Holy Scriptures often in my own prayer I get tangled up in my needs and all of that so we’ll talk more about real joy after we Sam and the evidence that is ruining our really are seeking for Christ my temporary placebos of happiness which keep us like sugar keep us energized for a time but in the end are bad for us the false religion called Christianity around us no gospel really because the cross is not taught and no Christ where the Christ less Christianity by which I take either the Old Testament or the new and I snatch little verses and I use them to shore up my own opinion or the pastor’s opinion of what I need to do to make myself happy let’s look at some of the types of this false Christianity we have first of all the gospel of greed now the name of the claimant or word of faith movement is more sinister than it looks you think well they’re just naming things they’re saying I want a Cadillac and they’re thinking and thinking if it were that it wouldn’t be so dangerous actually what happens is that thoughts are given a great weight we know that mentally ill persons pay attention to their thoughts over and above what they should they give weight to their thoughts as if they had actually accomplished whatever they’re thinking this is very dangerous it will set us on an imbalanced view of reality thoughts are simply phantasms they’re not real if I act on the thought then it becomes real now in word of faith the false gnostic religion gnostic because i think my thoughts are real powerful in this gnostic religion i am almost afraid to think we met a person like this and i’m sure hundreds like this person who could not even get out of bed because she was so afraid that she would think a bad thought and that would of course undo all of the good thoughts and the the affirmations that she was doing over and over I will have a new home I claim this in the name of Jesus Christ whatever it was she was thinking and affirming good things but she was so afraid that the negative thoughts as she called them and this word faith calls it would undo whatever positive thought she had she was afraid to think at all she would just stay in bed curled up in a fetal position despondency all the things that

the enemy brings even thoughts of suicide because you’re trying to escape thoughts now we don’t escape our thoughts we control them thoughts are part of our mental state we can use thoughts of good and holy things and we’ll talk again more about that so this is a diversionary tactic of the enemy to use what should be good into over emphasis so it turns into a heavy weight of our mind that’s one gospel the gospel of greed in which like Satan used against Christ I use the word of God for prideful possessions or even spiritual gifts they refused any hierarchy of gifts God is supposed to be absolutely equal now if they read the book of Acts of the Apostles they would see that the Holy Spirit distributes gifts that deacons were ordained because they Peter said the Apostles need to preach the Word of God so they were as eyewitnesses of Christ and his passion of resurrection they were held in great esteem they had received more all heavens this is unthinkable in American culture where everyone wants to be equal no we are not equal in our calling we are equal in God’s concern and love for us he loves one equally with the other which is means that he’s overwhelming and his love for us so God is not the problem we’re the problem by refusing the roles of service according to the gifts that are apportioned by the Holy Spirit of course they’re given in Romans 12 they’re given in first Corinthians 12 so we see the various apportioning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit not everyone including pastors or whatever clergy gets all the gifts the laypeople whoever’s in that whole congregation completes all the gifts from the Holy Spirit so that we all interact with one another the second gospel we see the megachurch the happy our church we get our fix this is really opiates we get our fix of whatever good thoughts and feel good in it adrenaline from joel osteen or whoever else it is and they plug us into all this false energy now realize that that that energy is diverting us away from the holy spirit’s divine energies by which we actually accomplish not only good thoughts my actions for the lord as st. james said i will show you my faith in my works faith comes first then out of the faith flow necessarily all the fruits of that faith my loving service of God in worship in the holy Orthodox services as taught by our Apostles I’m obedient to the way he gave us to worship in the Eucharistic meal I am obedient to serving those around me my neighbor whoever is in need my family first as st. Paul says whoever does not help his own widows for his own family members in dire need is an anima it is not Christian it is not a Christian faith to say I’m not serving my spouse my children my neighbor whatever it is especially my Christian brothers and sisters now we have the warning from st. Paul of course if any brother in 1st Corinthians 5 calls himself brother but is openly in sin fornication whatever it is adultery swearing blasphemy what I used to hear

well I won’t tell you but people are unsanctified very often even in the Orthodox churches they remain uncatted they need to be taught even if they’ve been baptized it does not mean magic we have to nurture we have to grow yes for the watering of prayer from the Holy Spirit into our souls this is exactly where before the dots Christian faith from the beginning from Pentecost has the fullness of that fiery worship Christ that I came to give fire on the earth and how I will that it be spread from soul to soul from church to church from the Holy Spirit to no sorry history ah Philippians chapter 3 say paul tells them be rejoicing always again I say rejoice that means joy which is white in the middle of that word rejoice that means I have more and more joy giving thanks to the Lord so all of my prayer restores whatever despondency I may have now the Philippians we think we have difficulties they were surrounded by pagans who were taking families putting them in the arena’s with the lions we have terrible things going on and in the midst of that the martyrs as we see in the church history of Eusebius the martyrs went in to their life after life as we call falling asleep or death they went in singing rejoicing because God gave him in the holy spirit a great joy they were singing with Saint Paul whether I live whether I die whatever happens I belong to the Lord I am the lord’s indeed st Paul says again in Critias all things are mine I am Christ’s in Christ is cause I remember some Pentecostals I knew that always used to say I want spontaneous prayer I don’t want to read someone else’s prayer well to apply this to the Orthodox prayer the Orthodox Christian prayer again from the Apostles from their scriptures is to deny yourself real food for life for my news for my body for my soul I am a unity remember now what I need in prayer as I touch the heart of God I am restored what I need is to be healed from this emotional happy church from this emotional need for surrounding myself by distractions thinking I’ll get happy I need to move into a rational control through prayer now how do I do that I use the Jesus Prayer focusing all of my mind into my heart saying Lord Jesus Christ son of the Living God don’t allow your mind to wiggle out of that have mercy on me a sinner now also what helps me is to have my eyes focused on an icon of Christ a beautiful I kind of Sinai for example even Limbaugh’s the birth giving technique by which pain is ignored I abuse that with my second child it works beautifully all it is is the Orthodox method of prayer they didn’t know it you focus on whatever of course I had an icon whatever is beautiful in front of you and then

you breathe quickly now in the Jesus Prayer often breathing is used to breathe in Lord Jesus Christ son of the Living God you’re testing taking him in by the Holy Spirit and then breathing out have mercy on me a sinner often when Devils are expelled and deliverance is accomplished people breathe out they cough they yawn I had that happen recently just giving the gospel not officially doing any exorcism when you present Christ very often the person will yawn or breathe out or cough sneeze this expels what is inside I don’t look for this but it just be aware it happens so what I’m doing is taking in the Holy Spirit with the Lord Jesus Christ prayer and then breathing out have mercy on me a poor sinner and I take my mind and focus all my thought into my words and I focus my attention on the icon don’t let it’s like building a brick wall don’t let anything come between those bricks I have used this when panic attacks have struck once in my life something I I did cause panic and the accelerated breathing I know and the mind going out in complete fear bring it back I put the icon in front of me the Jesus Prayer and the emotional wave the tsunami of emotions went away the news or the intelligence the rational mind not rationalism mind you but the mind that God gave us and lightened by the Holy Spirit will take hold of those passions for emotions and channel them channel them so that I’m not listening to my fears and emotions but I’m listening to I am saying and I am giving praise to the Lord Jesus Christ while asking him to come in and have mercy that is to heal me remember when the blind man sat by the side of the road and said Lord Jesus son of David have mercy on me that’s what they meant come and heal me do not pass me by this is our prayer remember you have all of these things available to you for 2000 years of experience as my daughter and I were speaking the other day panic attacks for instance are nothing new the human condition is has been the same for 2,000 years and she was reminding me that Victorian women recent past even hundred years ago changed up their ways they were given smelling salts they were given some kind of panacea to stop their emotions from taking control and I’m sure they were given thoughts to think that think now think here think of what’s in front of you now the Orthodox faith does that for you and has been doing this for 2,000 years so all of the fruits of correct hope and joy and faith are watered in this prayer as the Lord Jesus Christ comes to shine his divine light upon me and to enlighten me by the Holy Scriptures which the Holy Spirit will bring into my heart instead of praying over and over again by all help me this help me that I have a prayer schedule I have a prayer pattern given to me morning prayer resurrection noon prayers cross the price wasn’t if stay by their nourishes his name No

honeymoon boom the evening prayer letting me go to sleep in peace in the presence of the Lord how wonderful he is as I prepare in the evening to go to be with him forever and to a way final resurrection and we pray to have you there with us in the holy faith baptized into the death of Christ raising up again a new creation fed by the Holy Eucharist in his holy life passion and resurrection I am new I’m fed I will grow I pray this for you dear ones until eternity even he no sorry history Oh Oh honey yeah Bernard interesting they do so most of here are buried si scuse me oh I see Oh honeymoon spices Nina no never go swimming yeah Oh Oh he’s at all he will be giving you