Part 1: Walk along the canals of The Hague Down Town / City Centre.

Hello, the next vew day’s you will see my walking along the canal’s fo The Hague Down Town and City Centre. Waht you get to see, you can follwo my and walk with my, if you have enough conditions and good walk shoe’s I am starting to walk from Scheveningen Harbour ( day , 6 hrs walk) and finish by Soestdijksekade near city centre ( day 2, 2,5 / 3 hrs walk) Afvoerkanaal / discharge canal Sometimes if you drain the canal’s, than you will find lots of ( strange) and usefull thinks. Like this bike! Harbour Scheveningen. / Second Harbour Very old and monumental Lock between Harbour ( North Sea) and Canals to city centre of The Hague All new houses and compleet new renovated Harbour area at Scheveningen

Kranenburgweg Kranenburgweg discharge canal The say it’s an Dog Playground, but not for people’s for walk? I don’t no but i am goning down and sea wahts happends Duindorpdam / Duindorp Dock

Rightside is the Houtrustweg Is see an footpath, so see waths happends Houtrustweg Nice and peacefull Aha it’s forbidden to walk and entrance for people’s. Oeps!!!!

Side of Kranenburgweg Office of Delfland Waterpomp (discharge) Station Informations about Historical Fishpassage Boats and the canals/water and area In using pompsation Delfluent RWZI Waterpomp Station at Houtrustweg

Verversingskanaal / refreshment canal Houtrustweg Verversingskanaal / refreshments canal Houtrustbrug / Houtrustbridge

Now i am at the Conradkade side Houtrustbridge View to compleet new Flats at the area and direction of Vrederust Conradkade Conradkade Dock refreshment canal

Informations about WO2 and the area, whats happends Historical refreshments Dock at Conradkade It’s forbidden to swim and it’s very dangerous. But Childrens are Childrens Groot Hertoginnenlaan (bridge)

Now i am at the otherside of Conradkade. Here i am on Suezkade Sue4zkade

Suezkade Hope that you like this video, and see you watch my next video Part 2.> next video