hello everyone dr. Kevin Zeta with you welcome to my youtube channel make sure that you like and you subscribe to my channel because we got new things coming out all the time this is an exciting time we live and you’re going to enjoy all the videos gets God is moving by his spirit I’m gonna be teaching you how to walk in the spirit I’m gonna talk to you about angels we’re gonna have lots of conferences that are gonna come to you so make sure that you always are ready for what God’s gonna do for you hello everyone dr. Kevin Zane I’m with you with warrior note school ministry and we are on Session two of Supernatural finances and we’re gonna get right into it the power God is so strong in this session I want to really talk to you about the sacredness of the things that God’s instituted especially in the financial realm and one of those things that’s very very high on the list of discussion these days is is though tithe and so I want to talk a little bit about that and I want I’d want to tell you some things that have happened to me as well because you see I really don’t concern myself with old and new testament like a lot of people do because when I was in heaven the same God of the Old Testament is the same God on the throne in the New Testament there they don’t distinguish between the two like we do because see it all has to do with Revelation so you can understand that you know God wasn’t in the Old Testament just in a bad mood and it seems like there was Wars and then he’s in a bad mood it seems like all the time and then on the New Testament he’s Nelly’s a nice God and he’s loving and kind and see what God doesn’t have a personality change like that what it is is it has to do with Revelation he’s working with the people and he’s giving them revelation of himself and so as it progressed throughout these this age you get to the place where Jesus has to come and purchase us and when he does that then the blood of Jesus starts to speak and so the blood of Jesus is actually on the mercy seat in heaven now and so it’s speaking the blood of Jesus is speaking to the father and everything has been taken care of with our sin problem so the revelation that we should have in this day is is that God doesn’t change like we talked about in a previous session he just reveals himself in a greater manner so you can imagine that the same God who wrote the Old Testament is the same God that wrote the New Testament he seated on a throne right now and this is what he said it just amazes me that people would argue about the tithe but yet time they don’t have anything better to replace the fact that Malachi chapter 3 says that test me in this and see if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour you out such a blessing that you won’t even be able to store it or contain it no matter what you do and that he was going to rebuke the Devourer for your sake by just giving him back the tithe so if if this is Old Testament then what it was the New Testament be so I’m kind of it’s kind of funny because people say well you know I don’t have to tie because I’m in the New Testament now but the thing of it is they don’t have anything to replace it so what I do is is I actually do more than the tithe and so I encourage people it’s ok well then in the New Testament we should give more than 10% because we’re in a better property you know and all of a sudden they they look at you and they realize see they realized that ok if we’re not going to do what it says in the Old Testament then the New Testaments should be better because it’s based on better promises like the scriptures say and so now we have a new and living way into the Holy of Holies through Christ Jesus and so now we we present ourselves as a living sacrifice in Romans chapter 12 verse 2 it talks about laying our but our own body as a living sacrifice okay if that’s the case then really in the New Testament God has everything so he actually has all our money he has everything about us and Jesus said you know if you really love me then you got to leave everything you got to carry your cross you got to leave everything and follow me okay if that’s the case then really we should be giving all our money away you know because it’s the New Testament and God’s got everything now because our life according to Paul is not our own we’ve been bought with a price so now we have to glorify God in our body it’s as though Christ is living his life out through me now Paul said so there’s this idea that that there when you argue about if the tithe is is for today or not essentially now

God owns everything so with that in mind I just want to talk to you a little bit about the Old Testament and the New Testament real real brief study here for the next few minutes but in Leviticus this is this is in Leviticus 27:30 it says and all the tithe or the tenth of the land whether the seed of the land or the fruit of the tree is the Lord’s it is holy to the Lord okay God spoke that and he gave that to Moses and so became law on the earth but see it was also spoken by God from his throne so it’s it’s binding in the sense of this is what God’s intent was is that the tenth is his so if it’s his it’s not yours in other words it was never yours this is what I saw when I was in heaven then when God gives something to you he gives it to you it comes from the other realm and then it if he says listen this is mine is holy and he requires it back then that’s the way it is it doesn’t matter whether you argue with him or not but if he said the tithe is holy it’s set apart then it has to do with ownership right it has to do with the fact that that God has given you wealth but he wants ten percent back it so it was never yours in heaven I saw that the tenth is is never yours it it’s it’s you give it back so I have to tell you these things because this is what I saw so when God made the heavens in the earth he did this for a man he created man after he made the earth he put man on the earth and he did all these things for man so man was the central figure right he everything that God did was for man so when he placed man in the garden he didn’t he didn’t do this for the animals he didn’t do this for any of the other creation just man was made in God’s image and so man was the one who commune with God and you know of course she know God came down and talked with man and visited with man every day but in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 it talks about the fact that man was made in God’s image and there is no other creation it was was made that way so it’s very important to remember these things so we we cannot misunderstand why Jesus came it was to buy back the that I just told you we were made in the image of God okay so when we fell and we were cast out of the garden then then we needed a redeemer we needed help so all the revelation that’s that came you know after they were out of the garden including all of exodus Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers Deuteronomy all that of the they call it the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Bible oh that is a redemptive process it’s a it’s a part of Revelation starting to work up to the it’s types and shadows of Jesus Christ so God used the law to present our need to us so he he showed us our inability to keep God God’s law he showed us that he showed that we cannot keep his law that we cannot do the right thing and so we had to have all of these these laws in place know when Jesus came he said listen you can fulfill all the law if you do these two things if you love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your strength and if you love your neighbor as yourself this fulfills all the law okay so what was he saying there what he was saying there is is if you will put God first and if you will will consider your neighbor above yourself that you will not do anything wrong in your relationship with God or with men so you wouldn’t need the law we wouldn’t need police officers we wouldn’t need judges so we would need the judicial system we would be able to function without that because we would be self governed because we’re God governed so the Spirit of God when he came on the day of Pentecost he was reinforcing what Jesus had done so he is an enforcer of the Covenant the Holy Spirit is so in your finances God says listen I want you to give back a tenth because see we wouldn’t honor God with everything that he gave us because we’re in a fallen state so the tithe was made for and see so God in it told people to do this so that they would continually honor him with wealth because you can get to the place where you seek after wealth and it becomes your God and so God was just using this to keep people straight and clean so when it came to the New Testament Jesus didn’t do away with the tithe what he did was he said you should you should continue to tithe

when they were talking about they were tithing the even the herbs in their garden the Pharisees were but but they were forgetting to take care of people and love on people and so he said why don’t you keep the the former but do this the weightier matters of the law like loving your neighbor and taking care of your parents and things like that why don’t you do all those kind of things as well and so that process of of God revealing himself it got to the place when Jesus came he fulfilled the law but see now we have to live by the Spirit we have to live in fulfillment of what God’s heart is that does not change Malachi 3:10 talking about the tithe you see the tithe is still the Lord’s it will always be the Lord’s it never was horse and so this is a this is the way it is I know that a lot of people have a hard time with this but the tide was never yours it will always be the Lord’s because in this fallen world we need help we need to be able to release a portion of the finances that come in the portion of the of what the increase is we need to be able to release that so you you understand it we need to turn that back over to God because it’s just like the Sabbath oh that’s the same thing God knew that if he did not create a day of rest that man would work himself continually for seven days in a row every week so he would continually work because of the fact that we’re in a fallen state we work by the sweat of our brow and so God had to create a day of rest because man needed help because he would just work himself straight through the week without rest so it’s a fallen state of this world so you can understand this because Jesus came and yet we’re still in a fallen world so our salvation was in our heart our salvation was in our spirit so now we have to work this out through our soul and through our body because our spirits saved so we know what to do and what is right by the Word of God and by our spirit but we have to discipline our soul we have to discipline our body and so God is helping us through our finances he’s helping us through our workweek by giving us a Sabbath by giving us the tithe to help us to do the right thing so that we don’t get caught and we get stuck in in this world that is a fallen world with Satan being the god of this world you know God is not in control of this world he’s in he’s in control of those who love Him and serve him his people but he is not in control of this world we need to pray constantly that he intervenes in the situation’s down here on this earth so in in in the process of Revelation you know a deeper study with this you see this in numbers 18 verses 17 through 32 in the New Living Translation it says however you may not redeem the first born of the cattle sheep and goats they are holy and have been set apart for the Lord okay so right here there’s there’s language here that even some of the livestock is gonna is going to be set apart so you they’re to be used for the sacrifices in your spirit sprinkle the blood on the altar and burn their fat as a special gift a pleasing aroma to the Lord the meat of the animals will be yours just like the breasts and the right thigh that are presented by lifting them as a special offering before the altar yes I am giving you all these holy offerings that the people of Israel bring to the Lord they are for you and for your sons and daughters to be eaten as your permanent share this is an inter eternal and unbreakable covenant between the Lord and you and it also applies to your descendants did you hear what was just said here so what was happening was is people were bringing their sacrifices to the tabernacle into the temple later and that was the tie they were giving their offerings to the Lord and the Lord said that’s holy but then the the attendants the priests and the Levites they were allowed to have a portion of that that was what God used to give them their pay and their food and the provision so that’s what Malachi means is it bring in your tithe into the storehouse that there may be food food within the house so it’s to provide for those who minister in the house of the Lord so this process is not just about giving to the Lord but so then the Lord says this is your permanent share and he’s giving that to the people that work in the ministry so it’s very very scriptural to bring the tithe in and to provide for God’s house – to run things and to pay

for things and – and to share it with the priests or the Levites are the ministers as we talked about this day but this is my point is is that the wording here is it’s an eternal and unbreakable covenant between the Lord and you and it applies to your descendants as well so these things have been set apart so that’s why that Tod is so important see it runs things in the house of God down here so it’s very important that you do this because God’s looking out for for for ministers and people that will work in the house of God and there are their bills to pay there sell things so part of your supernatural finance and and being delivered in the financial realm is just doing the things that God says so God didn’t create the tithe after you know he didn’t create the tithe and then create man he created man and then he created a tithe same with the Sabbath he didn’t he didn’t create the Sabbath and then make a man to fit into the Sabbath to do the Sabbath know he was helping man this is all to help us so the lord the lord said this – this isn’t an allotment he said I’m going to share it and this is going to be your allotment so he said as for the tribe of by your relatives I will compensate them for their service in the tabernacle instead of an allotment of land I will give them the ties from the entire Land of Israel so do you hear what’s being said there is is this is a process that God set up to take care of his house and all the attendants so the tithe is very important even in the New Testament because it’s just a process of the economics of God it’s just the way God does it you see he doesn’t need your your money he doesn’t need your livestock he doesn’t need anything from you he just wants you but he knows that this is how he can have you if you continually give a portion of it then it keeps you on the right focus not seeking after well you’re giving back to God and you’re honoring him and you’re acknowledging in all your ways is so getting getting further into this in 1st Peter chapter 2 verse 5 it says come and come and be his living stones who are continually being assembled in a sanctuary of God for now you serve as holy priests offering up spiritual sacrifices that he readily accepts there Jesus Christ so now in the New Testament we are all considered priests and kings we’re living stones that are being built up into this body into this building and we serve it says here right here we serve as holy priests offering up spiritual sacrifices so I insert that in here to show you that now we are considered the priests as well and Levites as children of God and we have an inheritance because of the covenant we are beneficiaries of everything that God has however we still have the fivefold ministry of the church that Paul talks about so when you look at the the scripture verses that Paul talks about in Ephesians chapter 4 and you talk about the the fivefold ministry of the church the Apostle in the prophet pastor teacher and evangelist and when you look at the people that are involved in the church and helping with with all the daily upkeep and the the bills that come in for having buildings and the Casa de does it electricity and things like that and then when you have outreaches you know you you you want money to come in to that place so that you can turn around and help people on the street feed people clothe people you provide programs these all the all these things are costing money well money coming in from the tithe runs the whole thing and that was what God intended from the beginning and so it doesn’t change in the new testament we still have bills churches still have bills ministries have bills you want to do missions work you want to support missionaries as a church well you can send money over that’s been collected it’s coming in through the tithe and offering so this whole idea that the Peter says now we are a priest and we are Kings and it’s still right not only to receive tithes but to give tithe so it’s not it’s not diminished in any way so I wanted to just really emphasize something here that I saw that I think you’re going to be interested in it’s in a book of Revelation chapter 20 verse 6 I’m reading from the New Testament let’s see the New Living Translation it says wonderfully blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection the second death holds no power over them but they will be priests of God and of the Christ and they will reign as kings

with him a thousand years and so here this idea is that we continue on forever and we are always going to be priests and kings we’re always going to rule and reign so don’t you want to participate in that kind of a thing right now because that’s what God’s intention is we’re to rule in rain down here as priests and kings and so we actually should be involved in the house of God we should be in actively involved in supplying what it takes for the house of God to function which means that the work must have a building the work must have a place where the tithes can come in because we need to support what God’s doing on the earth and it takes money on the earthís if this is not something where God reigns money out of heaven it’s not a supernatural thing where he prints money and gives it to you no the money is down here and you have a portion of it and he asks you to give a portion of that back to him but see it’s to run things down here so God hasn’t done away with tithing the Holy Spirit is showing us that it’s just a way that we function down here in this fallen world we can overcome but how we overcome is is that we supernaturally give the tithe into the storehouse and God says listen if you’ll do this I’m gonna open the floodgates of heaven so that you will not even be able to contain what blessing is going to come to you isn’t that exciting and so he’s gonna rebuke the Devourer for your sake in Romans chapter 5 verse 17 it says for if by the trespass of one which is Adam death reigned through the one much how much more surely will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in eternal life through the one Jesus Christ and so the idea here is that we’re supposed to be reigning through Christ we’re supposed to be ruling and reigning with Christ now with that in mind the world system is not based on the kingdom of God the world system is based on Lucifer who is a rebellion rebellious one and he is stealing from people he’s a robber he steals kills and destroys so the idea here if you would start to look at the tithes and offerings and things like that as being being the very very thing that you do towards God as being the way to unlatch yourself from the world and from the world system God wants to supernaturally provide for you if you give him back a portion that gives him permission to start to move in your life in a greater way because you’re honoring him with the firstfruits you’re honoring him with a part part back so it’s really spiritual warfare it’s warfare actual warfare when you tithe and you give offerings because essentially you’re saying I’m not going to depend on this world system I’m going to trust God when you do that God comes in and he can cause you to obtain wealth to to process through the house of God and then it’s distributed for the financial freedom of others who are in the ministry so the gospel can go forth without hindrance because the money’s coming in and it’s being distributed to those who are in need all over the world so you know when you get wealth you it’s not just for you it’s so that others can be taken care of as well so in Luke 11 42 it says what sorrows await you Pharisees for you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens now listen to this but you ignore justice and the love of God you should tithe this is in the New Living Translation Jesus said this you should tithe yes but do not neglect the more important things now that’s New Testament in red Jesus said it he said don’t don’t neglect the weightier things in love it you should tithe so he wasn’t doing away with the time he was saying you need to also start to focus on what he said here was don’t ignore justice and don’t ignore the love of God so those two things were weightier if you can do those and tithe then he said you are doing the right thing this is an amazing thing and I don’t understand why these things are not not mentioned more but the Holy Spirit is saying don’t ignore justice don’t ignore the love of God but yes you should continue to tithe that’s what the Holy Spirit saying through this study so then then you have another one that it totally dismantles the argument of

Toddie and that is about Melchizedek now remember that Melchizedek was a person who does not have a birth certificate does not have a death certificate he was instant tuted as king of salem which later we note became jerusalem okay so this king who no one knows where he came from no one knows where he went he was coming out one day and met Abraham after Abraham had done a war with the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah and it’s interesting he tithes to Melchizedek so Abraham gave a tenth of the Spoils to Melchizedek now the interesting thing about this is is that Moses wasn’t even born yet when this happened so how did Abraham know to tithe to someone and this guy was not even instituted by man he was a supernatural king that was over Salem and Abraham tied to him before Moses was given the law on the mountain of God so tithing was even before the law so it’s not even the law it was instituted before the law so I bring this up too as well so not only did Jesus say continue to tithe like we just read in Luke but now Melchizedek in Hebrews chapter 7 he was receiving ties from Abraham before the law so there you have another one that that doesn’t say well that’s Old Covenant that’s all law you know the law well no no Melchizedek was before the law and Abraham knew to give him a tenth why did Abraham do that and why did Melchizedek have have the wine and the bread waiting for him then that which are the implements of communion and he was presenting this the the implements of communion just like we do in the New Testament when we eat bread and we drink wine that’s what Melchizedek gave him so this is this is like a prophetic act that was done through Melchizedek and Abraham who is our Father Abram is a father of everyone and so we’re in this covenant this new covenant that is beyond the law but yet we don’t do away with the law the law is fulfilled because we walk in love we walk in the spirit and we we understand that God is not doing away with things that are how cleanness he’s he’s wanting us to be helped and that that idea needs to be continued continued throughout our whole life is is that that idea that he’s trying to help us he’s not taking us and restricting us once again I’m just gonna read this in closing it’s Malachi 3:10 through 12 it says bring all the tithes into the storehouse that there may be food in my house and try and test me now in this says the Lord of Hosts if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that there will be no room to receive it and I will rebuke the Devourer for your sakes so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field says the Lord of hosts and all nations will call you blessed for you will be a delightful land says the Lord and I just want to finish with that that that that this promise is the same God that that gave us Jesus Christ that gave us the New Covenant this God wants to open the windows of heaven for you and I really believe that you should reconsider if you have a problem with tithing you really need to reconsider the scriptures that I just read to you and you need to go ahead and watch this over again this teaching so that you can be established in the truth that God wants to open the windows of heaven over your life he wants to establish you and he wants people in other nations to see that you are blessed by the Lord hey thanks for joining me stay tuned for the next session