Travel to South Africa – Kruger Park and Cape Town

Thessaloniki airport where are we going? to the warmer climates we are going to Johannesburg and then to Kuger Park and this is how our trip starts with a night flight from Thessaloniki to Johannesburg after a 10 hour flight, we finally arrived in Johannesburg and here is our driver waiting to drive us to the hotel Johannesburg is Africa’s largest city just arrived in our hotel with the electric fences it’s like we entered a prison of high security we don’t have jet lag because we are at the same time zone let’s go check our appartment. It’s 150 square meters we stay here with €28 each Johannesburg has more than 3 million people it also has onen of the highest crime rates in the world good morning Natassa! good morning! I’m making coffee morning girls! where are we going? to Kruger Park waiting for our driver Good morning Yianni! we started again we are not morning types! we have breakfast at 6:30 in the morning the driver will pick us up in an hour and we have 5 hours drive we’ll go see tha wild animals Eh? Filio? Kruger National Park is the biggest wild animal park in the world it has the size of Peloponnese our mission is to see all BIG 5 animals we are being welcomed by two elephants palying later we spoted female lions sleeping and a yound male one lion is the biggest feline on our planet an adult male one can weght more than 250kg Gnous are known from the stampede scene from The Lion King the stripes on Zebras are like our fingerprint no Zebra has the same stripes with another one just arrived at the lodge

it’s amazing! Everything is beautiful might be a bit dusty, but it’s very green the safari was awesome we’ll stay 4 days here, 3 nights beautiful this is our first dish, butter soup buon apetite Yianni, do you like butter soup? really nice good morning! it’s 4:15 in the morning good morning Yianni! it’s 4:15 in the morning and we woke up to go on a safari to see the nocturnal animals. Which ones? the ones that stay late at night going clubbing? yes! and this is how our second day of safari begins we see two Impalas playing together and right in front of them two wild hogs Hyenas are felines eating dead aminals and they are of major importance for the African ecosystem Giraff is the world’s tallest animal females live in packs with only one dominant male they are vegeterian felines with a height of 5.5 meters and a weight of 1,350 kg we see giraffes giraffes I didn’t see anything a few moments later a big surprize was waiting us a unique experience we will never forget from the distance we could see many elephants coming in the beginning we thought they were 100, later 200 at the end we realized we saw more than 300 elepahnts elephants of any size small, average and massive our guide who is doing this job for 13 years he told us we had never seen anything like it we consider ourselvs lucky for the experience we experience something unique

we are surrounded by 200 elephants crossing the road we are all in awe unique moment magic! thank you! well worth the money spent for this trip leopard or simply panther is a carnivorous feline was hunted heavily for its fur but nowadays it is protected by the law we arrived in the lodge and in our garden we see a giraffe open the way to us! we are twelve hours doing safari, full of dust Liana and Natassa want to get wed here we need a shower ASAP we have seen 4 out of the BIG 5 so far we haven’t seen a Rhino yet, let’s hope for tomorrow I see a Rhino everyday he is Pumba! that’s how they call him in the local dialect come kitty! what are you eating Liana? beef with rise and sweet potatoe it’s very tasty merry Christmas and this is how our third safari day begins hippo is one of the biggest felines on Earth during day time they live inside the lake and at night time they go out to eat their plants this is how Christmass in the Savanah look like with wine and good people in the savannah unfortunately, the time has come to say goodbye

to this beautiful place we stayed 4 days, 3 nights we had a great time unique experience Bongan and his family were amazing thank you very much we are going at the airport to fly to Cape town we are 8 hours inside this mini van ok 5 hours and I’m sitting next to Liana! I’m a hero! you are a sweet gorl the flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town was a 2 hour flight Hello from Cape Town! We just arrived at the guest house a guest house is like a normal big house where they split the rooms into rooms and rent them separately we arrived in our room in Cape Town good! we have never stayed at a place like this all in one room I’ll be at the toilet while you are sleeping we’ll find the solution watch here is the toilet and here is the bed good morning Cape Town is known for its port the unique flora and for 2 geographical landmarks Table Mountan and Cape Point It is the most popular tourist destination in the country good morning from Cape Town we are at the Table Mountain, but we won’t go up because of the weather it’s extremely windy, so we’ll try another day we took the double decker bus to explore the city the tourist bus, that I normally don’t like but Good morning from Cape Point Africa’s southernmost part we’ll hike up there until we reach the cape of good hope after there it’s just ice what’s over there? it’s the Atlantic at the distance? Antarctica at the very distance over there? a light house and behind it’s the Indian Ocean behind us? it’s Greece

Thessaloniki Thessaloniki specifically Cape of Good Hope is the world’s most famous cape it is at the south of the African continent but it’s not the southernmost point as most people think we later stop at Boulders Beach this is where the rare African penguin lives good morning! good morning don’t take us like this last day the room is untidy do you want me to cut this scene? yes why? because the room is untidy is this your last day? Yes! Imagine if I drop the towel? are you happy going back? Would you like more days? I would like some more days Ah! My girls! at this point we say goodbye to the girls and we continue for three more days in Cape Town we are at the Botanical gardens of Cape Town we enjoy a beautiful day in the nature and later we’ll go at a concert with my cousins we are at the concert we’ll see Goldfish a very popular act here at the stage over there cousin wants to add something !@#$% you didn’t expect this we are doing picnic right before the concert begins we came here to try the most famous bubbly wine in South Africa white, rose, red we’ll try them all because we can Yianni, which one you think you’ll like the most? the white one this is the first one and the dryest one nice eh? we are still sober, don’t know until the fifth we might sing you are going to be walking weird in a bit what do you want me to sing? number 4 He is already singing! Cheers! this is the last one! this is the first out of three wineries we’ll visit the day starts in the best possible way going with my nephew to the beach

ready? ready to dive 31st of December Yiannis feels cold the Atlantic is expremely cold the water temperature is just 10 Celcious people wear wetsuits even in the summer the water is even colder in the summe than the winter I’ll get in, I won’t miss the chance last day of the year! perfect Yianni is it cold? Not at all! The sea is burning guys! It’s incredible everyone come to Cape Town for New Year’s Eve we gather at a friend’s house to welcome 2020 this is my slice and I believe it is going to be the lucky one and 2020 will bring me luck what are you doing at the back? no way Ihave the lucky piece of cake are you sure? yes let’s find out who is going to win the lucky coin at this point our trip to South Africa came to an end thank you for travelling with us and until the next one! Happy travels