《凡人修仙传》第9话 凡人风起天南【加入会员专享全集】

Adapted from Wang Yu’s novel of the same name “A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality” published on www.qidian.com of China Literature Wang Yu A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality-Where the Wind Rises Season 2 Episode 1 Immortal Ascension Assembly Dong Xuan’er Elders of the Seven Sects Xu Country Nangong Wan Masked Moon Sect Duo Baonv

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Urgent! One disciple is needed for tending the herb field. 10 Spiritual Stones Adapted from Wang Yu’s novel of the same name “A Mortal’s Journey to Immortality” published on www.qidian.com of China Literature. The copyright is owned by Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd

Bid farewell to the past And embark upon my journey While I’m young Leave the ordinary And look for freedom Stay low And avoid The hustle and bustle No one knows The hidden tricks My determination forever remains Let the deceptions go in vain With the weapons Held in my hands and my heart No evil spirit can hurt me Take a trial alone and burn my blood One more glance of that familiar face Let go without worries From now on, the world is my home The sky is no longer out of my reach The power of being magnanimous and cautious The magic of all extraordinary encounters Thousands of years in a flash I broke open my way Who’d understand The obstacles I overcame Hope we’ll have a chance to meet again Cultivate in the mortal world Nothing I see Really matters After all, ordinary is not mediocre Cultivate in the mortal world After all, ordinary is not mediocre On the way to the Great South Meeting, I returned to my hometown I witnessed my little sister’s wedding and saw my long-lost parents The mortal world and the cultivation world are two parallel lines that never intersect I knew it could be the last time I saw them Xiaoshan took me to the Great South Mountain, which was a secret gathering place for rogue cultivators I exchanged the elixirs I refined for quite a few useful tools But I also met some troublemakers Looks like the cultivation world is also full of danger Dear cultivators, the meeting of this year will be hosted by our Masked Moon Sect Before we get the Immortal Ascension Assembly started, we’ll test your Spiritual Roots first The cultivators who pass the test will be qualified to enter the seven sects Later, there’ll also be a martial arts competition The winner will be rewarded by the seven sects That Elder looks so young! Don’t even think about it! She’s already at the Core Formation You are way out of her league! Better yet, don’t even meet her eyes! Dong Xuan’er Water-Wood double Spiritual Roots Pass! You stupid loser! How dare you fight me over it? It’s okay to fight for the Spiritual Ball But it’s forbidden to kill people! Fire-Wood double Spiritual Roots Pass! Earth-Wood double Spiritual Roots Pass! Pass! Failed! Failed! Pass! It’s not your turn yet! Xiaoshan, come on Mutated Spiritual Roots of Wind System Pass! Mutated Spiritual Roots? So many hidden talents came this year! Water-Earth double Spiritual Roots Pass! Boring! It’s such a piece of cake for me! Punk, are you terrified? You must have horrible Spiritual Roots! He’s such a narrow-minded person How come the cultivation world is filled with people like that? Give him the ball Water-Earth-Fire-Wood four Spiritual Roots Failed! One with False Spiritual Roots came to the assembly? How shameless! There are all kinds of freaks out there! Alas! Gold-Wood double Spiritual Roots Pass! This is the last cultivator who passed the test for today Looks like the show’s over today I guess misery does love company Xiaoshan, the Immortal Token is too important to me. Sorry that I have to hide it from you The sects prepared a lot of prizes for the competition There are Spiritual Stones and cultivation techniques The winner will also be rewarded with the Foundation Establishment Elixirs Cultivators who want to participate in the competition, please get on the ring of the sect It’s a one-on-one competition The more rounds you win, the more prizes you’ll get Yan Lei is here for a challenge Who will accept it? He’s from the Yan’s family! Why would the Yan’s family join the competition? The Yan’s family? Who are they? cultivation family in Xu Country They focus on tool refining and formations They may have weaker cultivation base, but they can still win relying on their magic tools and formations Even the Yan’s family takes part in the assembly It’ll be quite a show this time! Besides Spiritual Roots, a cultivator’s strength also depends on magic tools, talisman, formations and elixirs Use everything that’s available, plan ahead and build well-grounded power! It seems like the best way for me! Xiaoshan, I learned so much from you You are welcome, Han He will lose What a shame Stop! Stop! Fellow cultivator, I’m not skilled enough I yield! Get up, bro That’s so brutal! How cruel! How could he hurt him so? Looks like the cultivation world is dominated by the law of the jungle! He already yielded! You should’ve let him go! What a cruel world! -This person also wants to enter the Yellow Maple Valley. -A piece of cake! -How troublesome! I’ll go take a walk Xiaoshan, those rogue cultivators don’t seem to be nice people You gotta be careful. Don’t trust them Okay Xiaoshan! Participating in the competition won’t do much for me When the assembly is over, I’ll take the Immortal Token and go to the Yellow Maple Valley to try my luck Wan Xiaoshan? Xiaoshan! Are you alright? What happened? They are really bad people! They poisoned me and tried to rob me! Such a strong poison! Who did this to Xiaoshan? Rogue cultivators like you two are our best prey! Hand over all your belongings! We’ll spare your life! Stop the nonsense! Then you can go to hell with Wan Xiaoshan together! It’s a pity that Taoist Priest Qing Wen escaped He should be the one who was behind this Xiaoshan, you were my first friend in this cultivation world Too bad that we can’t go further together I’ll bury the secret about my family with you. May you rest in peace! Back then, Doctor Mo brought me on to the cultivation path while I knew nothing about it And later, it was Xiaoshan who showed me the beauty and cruelty of the cultivation world Cultivators appear to be capable and immortal -Compare to them, -Sir the lives of the mortal are brief and insignificant But the cultivation world is also full of danger There are also good and evil People would also cheat each other To survive in this cruel world, I have to make myself stronger by all means Fortunately, I got the Immortal Token from Monk Golden Light With the token, even if I have poor Spiritual Roots, I can still enter the Yellow Maple Valley This is the official beginning of my cultivation journey Fellow cultivator, how may I help you? My name is Han Li I have an Immortal Token for the Yellow Maple Valley I haven’t seen this token for a long time Get on the boat Thanks You can call me Martial Uncle Wu The token is a rare item You were lucky to get it I guess your ancestors must’ve had a special connection with our Yellow Maple Valley We should welcome you We just recruited some new disciples Follow me I’ll introduce them to you Get on board Martial Uncle Wu What’s that place? That’s the main hall where the Sect Leader lives You’ll go visit him soon Our Sect Leader is a kind person You can go to him for help in the future That’s the Imperial Flying Technique! So fast! When can I do that? Every disciple of our Yellow Maple Valley can get a flying tool like this I envy them! So fast! This is where you live Everybody can get a set of items before going in The items include a Yellow Silk Shirt, an Azure Leaf Magic Tool, a set of Fundamental Techniques, a set of Fundamental Formations, one Fierce Sun Sword, one Cold Moon Saber, and a storage pouch You can fly with the Azure Leaf Magic Tool Imperial Flying Technique! As for the storage pouch, of course, you can store your stuff in it Remember, this is a very important magic tool for a cultivator But you can’t store living beings in it Low-rank pouches are not able to recognize its owner, so you’ve got to keep it well Otherwise, all your skills will be gone if you die And all your stuff will belong to the others Look over there That’s the Teaching Hall, where we teach new disciples fundamental techniques If you need help with your cultivation, you can go there for instructions Of course, you can also come to me at any time Look that side That’s the Hundred-Opportunity Hall You can come here to receive tasks from the Valley and earn Spiritual Stones Now, we’ll arrive soon So quickly! We are here already! It’s like a fairyland! Please go register your names in the Hundred-Opportunity Hall And then you’ll get a designated room After that, you can familiarize yourself with the Valley Yes! Yes! Let’s go! Come on! Han Li, please stay You have the Immortal Token, which allows you to get a Foundation Establishment Elixir Here you go Take it It’s crucial for your foundation establishment You’ve got to keep it well Many people covet this elixir Thank you for your advice, Martial Uncle Go ahead It’s said most of the disciples have to try many times before they can build a foundation My Spiritual Roots are poor One Foundation Establishment Elixir is not enough I got the formula for the Foundation Establishment Elixir from the Great South Meeting, but it requires a lot of rare herbs to refine it Herb Field?! I may be able to find the herbs there And it’s a secluded place, where I can cultivate without distraction Looks like the medicine knowledge I learned from Doctor Mo will be useful now! Escape from the mortal world No need to ask about the long way home My tranquil mind settles as still water Yet there’s a universe inside Half a life has gone by Don’t linger on the old times Wish I could reach the stars With just my bare hands Light a beacon Guide me to the answers of all beings Illusion or emptiness Who took my soul away Let me live a life filled with ups and downs and feel the power of love and hate Forget about the confusion and obsession I’ve already seen clearly every bit of it Who can open the door of enlightment for me Easy come, easy go. Just smile, we are all mortal